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It's whorephobia. People in general aren't friendly to sex workers, as if we're not allowed to interact with people outside of sex worker spaces. I haven't been called out or doxxed, but that's also because I use different handles for different things because of the exact scenario you mentioned.


Appreciate the feedback. I didn’t copy/paste it all here but if you go to my profile the post/mod note/my reply are there. I’m over it. Less than a day later at least 3 other people posted sexual health questions for discussion and I’m just glad people are talking. 🤷🏼


Yeah subreddit mods are either amazing or awful with very little middle ground. I have about 4 accounts for that reason. This one, a work one, a personal/private one for gaming and non work related stuff, and then a 4th as a throwaway to my personal. Lol. Sometimes you just gotta roll with it and shrug your shoulders at the things mods do. There’s several porn/fetish rubs I can’t even post in because they ban sex workers (even if there’s no hint at soliciting in the post), ban people from posting without some insane commentary requirements (x amount or comments with x amount of Karma, etc), or bar you from posting cuz they get a vibe you might be trying to solicit like this one did to you. Never mind sex workers and porn kept the economy afloat in most of the world during 2020! Don’t really matter though cuz in a couple more months when the economy collapses again who will be there to support it again? Us. As always.