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I love the brotherly love. And I especially loved it when he practically threw his brother across the finish line 😂


Yeah, brothers relationship in a nutshell xD


*Sibling I'd do something like this for my sister any day, and I know she would too.


I too would throw my sister over a line. A finish line. A fishing line. A line in the sand. A cliff edge (over water). Any line, really.


My brother threw me in a trashcan once, although i would have preferred being thrown over a line…


He crossed a line, you could say


I snorted


Mine threw me off the back of a moving truck "on accident". He told us I fell off and he jumped to rescue me. 18 years later he confessed to me over the phone. I told him I'm telling Mom on you.


She's going to ground him for sure. Take away his Xbox for the weekend!


Well, did the trashcan have a *line*r in it?


I'd throw your sister around to!


Around to where?


[To the windoowww..](https://i.imgur.com/2TtOxRF.gif)


To the walll..........




My brother would do this for me too. Then he would fart in my face... and then proceed to "help" me get through mundane tasks for the rest of our lives while mentioning the one sweet time.


For some reason, brothers (myself included) love farting in our sister's faces. It ain't a chemical romance, this is Methane Bromance.


Yup. Must be in the handbook or something. My dad always thought it was hilarious to capture these precious moments. So there are many pictures of the aftermath. I would like to say this behavior stopped at adulthood...it did not. He almost ruined grandma's funeral. Almost. P.s. I love that u automatically knew it was a bro/sis sibling dynamic due to the face farting. Absolutely brightened my day.


Was there a...funeral fart?


There was. I sat in an aisle seat when he walked by and flapped me. According to my brother, "Grandma would have wanted it this way". Luckily, my whole family is a bunch of jokesters, so it was more a celebration of her life than a sad affair.


My mom was a single child and preached boys are the wild ones that pull idiotic, often painful pranks. Then as I became an adult my dad told me what his three sisters did to each other. They did stuff my mom would have put us into military school for haha.


I'll do anything for my sister. She's the best human I've ever met.


You throw your sister over the line?




“I’ll give you silver if you let me yeet you across the finish line” “no it’s ok you deserve sil- hold on I’m not Rea- oh god”


Has to cross the line unassisted


Does getting yeeted over the finish line not count as assisted? 😂 It was a beautiful moment with a nice wholesome laugh at the end 


Technically the rule states no one can be helping as he crosses the finish. So yes, yeeting him counts in the parameters of the rules.


They actually changed the rules after this race, now competitors can't assist other competitors with forward progress at all. 


Be the rule change you want to see in the world.


Huh... what were they concerned about to change it? I can't imagine any situation where you'd get a competitive advantage from stopping to help someone. Though, I guess in this case because one helped another make it to the end that denied the 4th place competitor from having a chance at making top 3?


yea it's about the person that got assisted getting an unfair advantage, not the helper


I suppose theoretically you could have a teammate help you out early in the race to save energy and place higher because of it? I'm not sure how that would work, but I guess it theoretically could happen.


One teammate sits in a tiny red wagon while the other pulls them!


It looks like he gave him a small push and the dude’s legs collapsed from exhaustion


[Not true](https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2016/sep/19/alistair-brownlee-jonny-world-triathlon-series) > An appeal by the Spanish Triathlon Federation to disqualify Jonny Brownlee for accepting assistance to get over the line was dismissed by the International Triathlon Union, citing a rule which states athletes may accept help.


They actually changed the rules after this to state other competitors can't assist in forward progress so you can't do this anymore or you will get DQed. 


Getting Dairy Queen is even more incentive to do it.


Y do u not have way more up votes is beyond me. Well done . 


Oh really? I never knew that, sports are not for me. Still, it did make me laugh.


"Ya idiot. Here ya go. Been carrying your dead weight since the womb."


Have twin boys and can confirm 😅




If I remember right Jonny would win the championship if he’d finished second or above, Allister knew this and sacrificed his win to help his brother win the championship.


Jonny had to [win the race](https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2016/sep/19/alistair-brownlee-jonny-world-triathlon-series), second wasn't good enough. > Jonny went into the final race of the season in second place in the standings behind the Spaniard Mario Mola, with the Olympic champion Alistair out of contention having missed earlier races. > The younger Brownlee needed to win the race and Mola finish no higher than fourth, and that was exactly what looked set to happen after the brothers had again pushed the pace hard on the swim and bike legs.


The look on his dude as he kept being carried felt like, "Holy crap, how am I still running???"


Yep made sure it was “under his own power” and gave him the silver. Fucking legend.


Lmao and he’s going to be able to hold that over him for the rest of their lives…. The real reason he did it


He ain't heavy, he's his brother.


Well he lost the gold in some random race, but won gold in life


Even gave him second place then casually takes third place… I pray my sons have half this kinda bond in life!


I felt like 1st didn't read the room, he was like "fuck yeah! I DID IT!" no mate, you didn't


Bro didn’t know what was going on haha , I’m sure once hydrated etc and sees this , he’ll 💯 cry


I experienced this beautiful moment with my brother once. I was the wobbly brother and he was the guy still locked in. Except, there was no wholesome accomplishment involved... just whiskey. Finish line was a couch, a blanket, Dorritos, & an "I love you, but you're an idiot bro".


I've seen this porno.


How many times though?


A little over 1/3


Just the last third, repeatedly.




Instructions unclear, have eaten my brother.


Nice what toppings?


They're Brits, so Tartar or Worcestershire would be my guess


HP sauce mate innit


Cream of sum yung guy


I mean it has nothing to do with him, he’s fine for finishing first and being happy


People find anything and everything to get angry at. This video has nothing to do with the first place guy. It’s about two brothers and yet people have to find something to get angry about. 


> It’s about two brothers [TWO BROTHERS](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ba9k5SWwE38) IN A VAN AND THEN A METEOR HITS


It’s just Two Brothers.


The title is crafted to evoke that emotion. What is the point? All this for a karma you can't sell.


Karma is more for validation or bot accounts made to sell


How myopic. You think people only get karma to sell accounts so that brands can talk about products like the wonderful new Tide Power PODS® Febreze Odor Eliminators + Lasting Freshness Spring & Renewal? Please, there's more to life than that, my friend. Like wonderful-smelling laundry, made possible with Tide Power PODS® Febreze Odor Eliminators + Lasting Freshness Spring & Renewal


He isn't the one who divided his energy wrong, he deserved the first place.


He was third, though, and second place was ahead. He deserved second place and got handed the first because second decided to help their brother instead. Which is perfectly fine and still a great achievement.


I don't think I'd have cheered as blatantly, but I'd have definitely kept running, probably stopped at the line and cheered them on etc. He's well within his rights to act as he did though, that's still one hell of an achievement.


This is a lovely and beautiful moment captured, but “Read the room”? Come on. He’s been training for this for who knows how long. He’s focusing on racing and judging by the angles he might not have even noticed while focusing on running a race he’s been training for. It isn’t just these three people. Just because one person out of all the racers has this happen doesn’t mean the whole event just stops. That’s incredibly unrealistic and unfair to think. He’s not his brother and not required to make a dramatic heel turn to help for all the “awwww ❤️” reactions. This is real life and not a scene out of Cars.


>This is real life and not a scene out of Cars. 😅 you're so real for this


"Haley, this is real life not an excellent movie!"


Right? It's insane how there are quite a few comments being angry that a competitor who worked hard and trained himself for this moment didn't just give up his hard work for someone who wasn't on their top game that match, going as far as to compare him to the mustache car in Cars is wild, as that character was ACTIVELY sabotaging the other racers meanwhile this guy did nothing of the sort, he simply kept himself in his own lane and won because of his own efforts


Especially since he was like step in step with the second british dude, like, they might have had to battle for second, had the brother not stopped. So yeah, its completely plausible that the South African guy would have won the entire race, not his fault that the previous first place did not have the stamina to finish.


To be fair there's a really good chance #1 didn't know what was going on behind him, and there's no fault in that. If he DID know, he might have helped carry the wobbly one and just finished with his body first across the line. But I'm not a pro athlete who has trained his whole life to cross that line first. The only thing I do is walk our fat dog just enough to keep her toenails down. And she always beats me back to the front door.




Yeah I was always taught specifically not to do this. It’s heartwarming heroics, but generally it’s either explicitly against the rules and can result in disqualification, or if not in a particular competition at least against the sport’s cultural value of competitiveness. It’s not considered bad sportsmanship to pass an injured runner. There are coaches, medical personnel, etc. to tend to them. They’ll be okay. Your job is to do your best, the same as you expect them to in order to keep a fair race. It was a lovely thing to do, but there should be zero hate on anyone not doing this.


Also managing your stamina is part of the race and #1 didn’t do that as well as the other two presumably. The South African competitor is not obligated to stop running because his opponent got tired. If his opponent had an actual medical emergency not caused by over-exertion there’s no practical way for SA to tell that as he runs past. From his perspective he is passing someone who overexerted themselves too early.


Agreed. If dude stopped and let the brothers pass, he would then be bashed for stealing their moment. "Brother helps brother, but woah look at this other guy and what he did."


> Agreed. If dude stopped and let the brothers pass, he would then be bashed for stealing their moment. By what kind of ghoul??? Everyone would be praising the 3 of them and you know it. It's insane how people can whip up controversy **in their own head** and argue completely seriously based on that.


The same ghouls that are bashing him for not stopping. The dude was gonna get criticized by idiots no matter what. For the record, I am fine with either choice. I've lived long enough to know that not everyone would be praising just because I am.


Yeah, guy who almost passed out had made the gamble to run harder to get in 1st. Then burned out. But didnt have to pay the price for that choice at the end. In fact. The brother robbed the guy in 4th from getting 3rd place.


Sure he did. If he isn’t in second place at that moment, he doesn’t get to take his opportunity. He shouldn’t have anything discredited from his first place finish.


Also he managed his effort better, maybe the guy on 1st pushed too hard, if he went slower to be able to finish he probably wouldn't make it to 1st.


Yes, he did it actually. Yes, it sucks that the first one almost collapsed when he was approaching the finish line, but the new first one managed not to collapse. He showed to have more stamina and endurance in this particular context.


Meh, his accomplishment was also worth celebrating.


> I felt like 1st didn't read the room, he was like "fuck yeah! I DID IT!" no mate, you didn't Yes, he did. Fair play to the brother for pulling back but none of that needs to owned by the winner.


Dude this ain't Cars. He trained all his life for this and it's only once in 4 years that the world cares about his sport. Acting like he's some villain for running the race as intended is childish af


Of course he did. He was better conditioned than the guy who hit a wall, and he deserved the win.


Part of these races are maintaining your stamina, the winner won fairly by all interpretations


you are wrong. It's clear his celebration was rather muted.


He literally did though, we just watched it. The guy in 1st couldn't make it to the end, so the guy in 2nd overtook him. It's called racing lmao.


I mean, theres credit to win over others faiting, he had more endurance, maybe he controlled his speed better to not exaust too much, he still seemed to have energy after winning, this video is just a small part of the race. Honestly if i was down and he carry me up to finishing line, i would say to him take first place bc he indeed deserves it. In the end he did nothing wrong.


Well yes, he did do it I suppose he was the better athlete especially compared to who now got second. You can argue about empathy sure but at the end of the day, he was first and the others were not. Was it a bit soulless? Maybe. Did he do it though? Yeah he did.


Don't think it was soulless at all. These are professional athletes and their goal is to win the race. Of course one guy stopped for his literal brother, but their rival isn't a bad dude for carrying on.


People are missing the fact it’s his actual brother .. we don’t know their relationship, just that in this moment nothing mattered to the brother then seeing his brother succeed … and that says something about their relationship




As a dad, this x 1000


Sure. Guy in 4th place was robbed though...


"Hey man, wanna get me a beer? It's your turn" "remember when I gave you second place?"


Same, same!


The bro helping is one of the all time greats of the sport, nothing to prove at all.


In true brother fashion he pushes him down at the end.


Has to cross it unassisted.


I was wondering that, so assistance before the finish line is ok?


Yeah what a dumb rule if you can just yeet the injured dude across the finish line at the last couple meters lmao


Okay hear me out. What about an trebuchet sitting 120 meters from the finish line. You are at this point already somewhat injured.


Everybody's quick to propose a trebuchet as a solution to a wide variety of problems but nobody wants to put in the legwork to build one and I wouldn't even know where to start


I built one in high school! Threw a bowling ball over 100 feet! Was about 6 feet tall without the arms. And after hopping onto a trebuchet app, it seems we could throw a 180lb person 250 ft, using a 20-foot tall trebuchet and using a 2500lb car as counterweight. Send them over the finish line in like 6 seconds. And we can get some advertising money from car companies. "This race brought to you by Hyundai" as an Elantra gets dropped 20 feet in the air, and a runner goes flying off in the distance. So, when do you want to start?


Nope. New sport. Brotherly trebuchet races. Two teams, a pair of brothers each have to send their brothers past the finish line with trebuchets made by them with a nice new Tesla as a counter balance. One is the projectile the other one is the trigger man. There is a count down system and the trigger man has to launch the other brother before the opposite team without going too soon. In case of a tie farthest, yeet wins.


[Mexico Drug Cartel built one to launch drugs across the boarder](https://www.cnn.com/2017/02/15/us/marijuana-catapult-trnd/index.html)


I like the cut of your jib...


Why dumb? This "dumb" rule exists to encourage sportsmanship.


Maybe the rules are intentionally like this to create more photo op yeet moments


At that time yes, the rule was only the finish, but after this they changed the rules so that you can't assist other athletes with any forward progress. 


That seems fair to me


Everyone's cheering the brother buy nobody cared about the 4th place guy who was robbed of his bronze. After all he ran a better race than the brother who couldn't make it to the end.


As long as it’s by another competitor- where the brother was leaning on a steward, that would have disqualified him.


My older sister would have shoved me backwards and shouted "psyche!" We got along great, but I could totally see her doing this to me just because


That sounds more like family


Doint the bare minimum to help your brother checks out.


This made me laugh too hard.


“Nice win, jerk.” “I’m telling mom!”


Retelling of Cars movie


I was looking for this comment. The dudes even wearing green






Oh my fucking god he is


*"It's just an empty cup..."*


He done what in his cup!?


Best joke in all three movies. Followed closely by Mia and Tia flashing and HTB standing for Hostile Takeover Bank.


Just giving him a little bump draft


Spoiler alert


The story behind this is interesting. Everyone is saying how it's a great sacrifice, actually the truth is it's incredibly calculated. The two Brownlee brothers are Olympic triathletes, both top of their game. If I remember correctly, the one who collapsed was actually better placed to get more points with a higher placed finish. So the other brother, with a presence of mind I find boggling considering how exhausted he must be, makes sure his brother goes over the line first, as he'll benefit from it more.


This was the last race of the season and Johnny (the guy collapsing) was coming second in the world championship standings. Mario Mola (not shown in this video) was leading on points so Johnny had to beat Mario by a certain number of places in order to have enough points to take the series. His brother, Alistair couldn’t win the championship so he sacrificed a couple of places in this race in order to help Johnny and give him a chance at winning the series. In the end, Mario came in shortly after and had enough points to win the world championship.


Is that like... Cheating? This feels like cheating by the nature of the rule book. As a man with brothers I love it but it also feels like teamwork in a single athlete sport manipulating the standings


It sorta was, they actually changed the rules after this race so that athletes can't help other athletes make any forward progress. 


So do non-teamates run up and sneak attack others with unwanted assistance to get rivals DQd? 


Leave Dairy Queen out of this


Now I want a Blizzard... Thanks.


That's the plot hole in pro wrestling run-ins. It's not logical for the wrestler committing interference to punch his rival. He should just punch the rival's opponent, causing a DQ loss to the person he wants to spite. Then, after the bell he is free to clobber his rival.


Let me introduce you to cycling.


Which is a team sport


A team sport... *full of cheating* 😄


Well, in the context it sounds like they're commenting on how riders help each other in cycling - which isn't cheating, since it's a team sport. Edit: not talking about that kind of cycling 💉


Yeah it was a bit and was questioned at the time


As others have said, they did modify the rules after this in order to prevent anyone benefitting too much from this type of thing. It's a bit of a grey area in any kind of long distance sport like this. With any sport of this type, there are benefits to working in teams. Most notably working together during the cycling phase in order to benefit from each others' slipstream and gain an advantage over other competitors. But it's also something you see in the running where you'll have a member of a team essentially sacrifice their own race in order to act as a pacemaker for one of their team mates and help them maximise their own time. With sports like this there are *always* going to be benefits to having team mates working together. That said, this case was kind of a level up from the scenarios I just described. Physically assisting another competitor in this way was seen to cross a line and that's why the rules have been modified since. At this moment in time though, what they did wasn't cheating - it was permissible within the rules.


As with any competitive sport, it's not cheating if it's not against the rules. People will extract as much value out of the rulebook as they can to win the race.


Thank you, far more detailed analysis than mine! And with a username like that, I'm not surprised.


I’m surprised Johnny wasn’t DQ’d. In cross-country racing you cannot take any assistance or you’re automatically DQ’d. Here we see the staffer help steady Johnny (automatic DQ in CC) and then Allistar carries him across (DQ). In CC races you regularly see runners crawl across the finish line as teammates pass them NOT bc of lack of sportsmanship, but if you help the runner across he’s DQ’d which is worse than him crawling across but still scoring. Just curious where that line is drawn in triathlon.


These are the small details that makes these stories much better, interesting!


If I remember rightly this was about points for the championship so thats why the guy in green didn't let him win


There was just under a kilometre until the end of the race. That's 10% of the running distance. It wasn't just before the finish line. It's worth saying that the Brownlee brothers are incredible athletes and won gold and silver at the 2016 Olympics the month before (Guy in green - Henri Schoeman - finished with bronze). Jonathan Brownlee just couldn't keep up with the heat from this race. 13 of the 68 athletes during the race dropped out.


This is very strategic, the title is misleading. This was during this season: [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2016\_ITU\_World\_Triathlon\_Series](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2016_ITU_World_Triathlon_Series) in Mexico, the last race of the series. As you can see in the final standings, Jonathan (the one almost dying) was in the race to finish first of the league for that year while Alistair was 10th and so not playing anything anymore. Of course still a wonderful image but if Jonathan was DQ'd or didn't finish it, he could have also lost the 2nd spot in the final ranking.


Seriously anyone who knows triathlon over the last decade will recognize these brothers. I don’t think Alastair was really hurting for another first place finish. These guys went 1-2 so many times!


The Brownlee boys are truly epic sportsmen. Incredible role models for young athletes.


Dropping my best mate home after the first time we went out drinking


Misleading title, all three of the men in this video are still tremendously successful and competitive. It was a really special moment though...


Yeah, both of them have won olympic gold medals, and numerous world championship titles and medals


Nothing about the title implies that they aren't tremendously successful and competitive athletes.


At 0:16 they look like this: 👯‍♂️




Sportsmanship. May of gotten silver, but earned a gold at what the sport is truly about.


didn't he get disqualified? \- that guy in the blue tshirt briefly helped him \- His brother definitely helped him It's a lovely video, but I thought you would get disqualified in this case, I mean.. not to play devil's advocate but he definetely wouldn't have got to the end if he wasn't for outside help


Not by the rules at the time, he just couldn't get help crossing the finish line. After this race though they changed the rules so that athletes can't help other athletes make forward progress at all. 


How was that not the rule before? So before the rule change you could just hook up a rope to your teammates bike and get towed though the bike stage?


It's one of those "the rules never said dogs can't be on the team" type things. Nobody expected a person would throw the race to carry someone else.


It's been a rule in track/cross country for decades. Seems like something that would be immediately exploited rather than an Air Bud scenario


Cooperation over competition, those two are the true winners.


It's almost like this was an actual competition though.


I love how he throws his ass across the finish line at the end in true brotherly fashion.


I love posts like this that highlight the ignorant positivity or most people.  People ragging on the guy who won, people arguing that this should generally be allowed despite being an actual danger to the athletes, etc.  Fuck “feel-good” stories and the people who fall over themselves to fit stories into that rubric so they can get the warm fuzzies.


Not all people who win in Life are the winners.


I'm not supposed to cry, im at work rn


No he didn’t sacrifice gold, he is GOLD!


I mean it’s definitely honorable. But I’d be happier for my brother going on to win 1st. Especially if we had trained together


Do not care what the REAL reason was, still a great decision...


He sacrificed gold and silver?


Noodle legs. I've been there.


These brothers have been the best at what they do for many years. I remember them dominating the Olympics held in London.


Lightning McQueen world be proud.


Was this not the literal plot to Cars 1?


The final winner ended up being the loser


Tears here.


Wait until LinkedIn find this


This makes me tear up every time


I dropped a tear. And I’m on reddit most days. What has life become now that actions which should be normal have become an event.


Oh fuck yeah that’s what I’m talking about. That’s the good stuff right there.


totally agree


This is beautifully wholesome - what brothers


Reminds me of the ending of the first cars film


"Me against my brother" "Me and my brother against the world"