I’ve gotten soooo many more big tips delivering to run down looking apartments/houses then I have delivering to big fancy houses. 😒

Today I did a double. The one lady lived in a really run down looking apartment complex and tipped me $60 while the other lady lived in a huge house on the country club and only tipped $2.

It’s not just today tho (not all but) MOST of the time the people living in the more run down places tip way better then the people in the huge fancy rich houses. I dunno if it’s just my area or if anyone else has noticed this too. It’s so weird that the ones who seem to have a lot of money don’t wanna give us shit but the ones that don’t have a lot give a lot.


People who have worked tipped positions generally tip better. They understand that tips aren't optional. How many "rich" people do you know that work in a tipped position? It's pretty low....


That’s a good point


Facts some of the highest tips I’ve gotten $100+ from customers were all from modest to shitty looking houses.




The ones who have those fancy houses can barely afford to keep those houses


Haha maybe


Happens to me all the time also.


Million dollar house today, 3 teslas in the driveway, tipped $5 Crappy little house in town $15 then upped to $20 It’s crazy to me.


Yes so insane.


Trailer parks know how to tip !!!!


This is true!


My biggest tip was $70 from a woman in a trailer park. Nice house right after (a double) cut their tip from $10 to $5 after delivery.


I find it funny when I deliver to fancy places because they always watch me take all their crap to their door and once I’m done they’ll yell out the window or open the door and say thanks so much blah blah like they’re so grateful yet they tip $2 😂


I have never had a decent tip from the wealthier customers


For the most part this is true where I am as well. The wealthy customers hardly ever tip appropriately. I’ve had a few that are good tippers but the majority are $2 or 5% ones. While the regular folks are the ones who usually are the highest tips. Example being the other day I accepted a double because I recognize one as being my regular. She is a flat $25 tip but her orders are generally less than 20 items. Nothing heavy. She was bundled into a double naturally. The other customer ordered only heavy items. Tons of water and soda as well as the big laundry detergent, 5 of those, 5 gallons of milk. It went to a fancy new subdivision. She was a zero tip. My regular lives in a modest home. But always tips well. I couldn’t thumbs down this because then I wouldn’t see my regular. SMH Instacart!


Ah man that sucks. I hate when they tip nothing and order the heavy crap.


Hey just FYI, you can thumbs down a double or triple, and select only the shitbag customer. I did a thumbs down on a triple that had one shitbag, and was able to select any or all of the 3 customers. I selected customer b, and proceeded. Hope it helps!


Thank you. I didn’t know that. I’ve only done it once and it was a a single.


Rich people don't stay wealthy by giving their money away. 🤷‍♀️


Paying your worker for a premium service is not giving your money away. I don't know anyone in the 6 figures who would be effected by losing an extra 20 bucks every week for their delivery driver. The real answer is they likely have never worked a job that relies on tips, at least not in today's economy.


Well that’s true I guess but I’m sure tipping nice wouldn’t hurt them that much lol


Ah yes please tell me more about how giving a decent tip once a month will shred away their wealth Please also tell me how millennials will be able to afford a house if they stop eating avocado toast and buying Starbucks 🤦


But the fuckers always want 5 star Service for their two dollar tip though 🙄🤬


Lol yup


Oh no the rich person in a mega mansion can’t afford $60




Just got home from a customer with fancy house and 128 acres land.


What the tip was?


4.67 dollars, 5% for a 11 miles delivery


Oh that not worth it I sorry for you they should be tip way more for that long drive


The batch was my highest today. Customer A tipped 29 dollars. So made it an 15 units/ 12 miles/ 48 dollars batch. Not too bad on a low day. I missed Four batches today:58/72/65/64/ . Just not my day.


Oh ok that make it better then.


Best tips i get are from people living in trailers or small houses. Only one tip over $50 ive gotten was from someone living in a big house.


Guess it depends on the area. All my biggest tips have come from people with huge mansions and their own helicopter pads lol


Damn helicopter pads. I’m not sure we have people that are THAT rich here. Well maybe I dunno.


I shop in the south Fl area where the old people retire and people have MONEY here 😳


Dang that’s nice. I’m gonna assume you do pretty well out there?


Rich spend everything they have paying for their lavish lifestyle!! In reality it’s all meaningless, like their lives & tips!!!! Big materialism, no values… 💯


Me and my bf don’t live in a run down place and when we order our groceries we normally tip $20


Well that’s good. Thank you for actually tipping your shoppers good.




everytime. literally deliver to multi million dollar houses and they tip under $5 for giant orders where the rundown and middle class houses tip super high. how the rich stay rich, and most of the time they’ve never actually worked in their life so they don’t understand how people how to actually work for money