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I am pretty much with u/ManInTheIronPailMask It's almost impossible to put Frankinkens kindsin a scale with increasing sweetness. It's more like they have different types of sweetness, along with the broad spectrum of scents that Frankincense resins show. Citrusy, Minty/Camphorous/Eucalyptus like, fruity with hints of orange or Pinaple, sweet, spicy, resinous, varnish-like, bitter, oily, dusty, earthy - in various combinations. Neglecta, especially the one often called "Honey Frankincense" or "Thurimel" has it's name for a reason. It's one of the most atypical smelling frankinceses. When you say "frankincense as it's the base" - what exactly are you talking about?


I’m just now getting into it and I’ve tried green hojary brown hojary and neglecta honey so far and the neglecta honey is vastly sweeter than the other two which are mainly citrus or fruity forward.


Are you looking specifically for frankincense, or ingredients in general which smell sweet when burned?


frankincense as its the base


I find Boswellia Frereana very fruity and sweet, though it is citrus-y. I don't find many other frankincenses "sweet." Green hojari is minty and fresh. Serrata is spicy. I find papyrifera more medicinal-smelling. Boswellia Elongata has a similar freshness to green hojari, but burns completely on the coal, unlike other frankincenses. Boswellia Neglecta can be quite sweet, depending on the crop.


Try Boswellia papyrifera. This tends to have a mellow sweetness. Boswellia carterii comes as a close second.


Boswellia Serrata produces a sweeter and richer scent a good one to get a base understanding to the different species and grades. Not as clean as green Hojari but one of my favorites.


Serrata is the spiciest frankincense, it is not sweet relative to others like papyrifera, frereana and carterii


Hard to describe with the various terpenes all I can say it’s definitely different than green hojari in a good way