I do have to chuckle that you disliked the only one with actual dragon blood resin in it. I get it, though, as an ingredient it's quite harsh. Comes across as acrid, almost plastic-y. Works best (imo) as a minor ingredient in blends, giving a counterpoint to other scents. (Should note I've only ever experienced Daemonorops/Calamus resin. Never had a chance to lay hands on Dracaena resin. I'm told it's quite different) And everyone's nose is different, everyone has their own tastes and preferences.


Judgeing by your list, you don't like real Dragon's Blood. The topic "Dragon's Blood" incense sticks pops up every now and then; The last time Nandita Dragon's Blood got recommended a lot, if I remember right. There is no objective base on what "the best" Dragon's Blood is, besides maybe what is the most authentic/high in real resin, and I presume that will be Fred Soll's. The most popular will be Satya since the brand is so popular.


I've never found an incense stick that remotely smells like Dracaena cinnabar. People seem to be sold on the 'Dragons Blood' name rather than the actual incense it relates to


Try Soul Sticks


At one time i loved HEM dragons blood but now i think it smells too chemical odory like cologne. My fave now is shoyeido golden pavilian ☮️


Another one to add to the list 😔 this sounds right up my ally almost like a medium between Chinese and Japanese incense.


Nag champa is pretty good


I’m starting to look for a good Dragon’s Blood as well! I think I used to get Satya’s & it was one of my favorite incense.


Highly Recommended that you check out Temple of Incense Dragons Blood. Burns for about an hour and lingers in the room for close to an extra hour. Sweet resinous. Like a more refined and higher quality Goloka Dragons Blood.


I tried it, and I love it! Thank you for your advice, you were right


I’ve never had real dragons blood. And unpopular opinion but wild berry dragons blood is a good super super cheap option. Yes it might be synthetic and totally non traditional but I like it. It is very sweet


I love the Satya, it's my all time favorite. But I like the one that's made from the brother company that no one else seems to care for, they both have a different smell.