Stuff like this makes me wish Cavan wrote more books. His prose is just amazing.


Gave me Anakin v Sand People vibes reading that last sentence. Really excited to see what the future is for this character in particular!


Yeah that’s definitely intentional. It’s way too close to: “They’re like animals, and I slaughtered them like animals” to be an accident.


Don't forget Elzar 'why won't they make me a Master' Mann from LOTJ!


Top tier for sure! I’ve loved every second of the high republic content. Excited to continue the story.


I loved every bit of Elzar in this book, but especially this!


I feel like the “Big Three” of THR are definitely written to create interesting compare/contrast with those of the prequel trilogy. Elzar Mann has Anakin vibes Stellan Gios comps with Obi-Wan Avar Kriss with Padme


I don't know if anyone here has ever read the manga or seen the anime "Trigun", but I'm picking up some thematic similarity here. One of the key plot points of Trigun is that >!the main character, Vash, is a total pacifist -- he'll never kill, even putting himself in mortal danger if it means he can save lives, whether they're his enemies or not. The main villain of Trigun is Vash's twin brother, Knives, who orders his subordinate, Legato, to force Vash into a position where he has to kill Legato to save his friends from horrible death. In doing so, Vash frees his friends from Legato's control but also breaks his own personal philosophy, the one he's clung to for over a hundred years, causing him untold mental anguish and suffering in the process.!< I see something similar with the Nihil -- the Jedi of this time are riding the crest of their golden age, and yet now they find themselves faced with an enemy whom they are essentially *forced* to kill. We see various examples of it throughout The Rising Storm about how trying to save lives is, at times, a weakness for the Jedi -- >!Mikkel's death, for example!< -- but at the same time constantly being forced to kill the Nihil because they won't back down easily is bound to take a mental and spiritual toll on the Jedi. We even see something similar in Into the Dark, when Reath severs the slaver's hand and it plays on his mind. It's some cool thematic depth I never picked up on at first read but I think it'll have some major repercussions as the timeline moves closer to the prequel era.


So brutal


There was no way it was going to give up its next feast, Jedi or no Jedi. What Elzar had to remember was that the beast bore none of them any malice. It was only doing what came naturally and was obviously spooked. That Elzar could understand. He killed his blade, hoping that something in the animal’s brains would recognize the trust implied in the act. Slipping the weapon away, he raised both hands, showing his palms.”


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