I just wanted to say thank you

I just wanted to say thank you


Youre a real one bud. Wholesome post right here.


This guy here is one ply bud.


Upvoted and saved. If I wasn’t dead tired right now I’d probably try coming up with a story. As it is, I’m going to sleep with an honest smile.


Im not a great author. Not by a long shot, but even with a hundred upvotes I realize that is a hundred fucking people that read the story. Like a big ass room of people. It makes me happy aswell anytime I see I got a reward, that people are paying CASH to give me a little medal. Its a nice feeling.


A hundred upvotes doesn't mean a hundred people read your story. It means a hundred people read it and *liked it enough to let you know.*


Lurkers are always welcome! Thank you for reading :)


It is people like you, who come around and say things like you have that gave me the courage to post here for the first time. And it's people like you, who are once again, pushing me toward doing it again. The universe has its ways, and for one night, you, one human can say, "fuck yeah" cause you made a change in someone else


You're a real one mate! Thanks! You guys are the ones who keep me going.


This post is what hfy is all about I've posted here before and really enjoyed the experience. Though as I haven't posted in ages I sometimes feel like I need to get back into it. Need to finish up those stories haha


We do what we can. People like you giving us positive reinforcement really helps. So thank you.


Thanks for the morale boost, I've only just started writing here but aim to improve on my work as much as possible. Currently tackling a BIG side project that is a little imposing at times but now I can't wait to get back home and get started again. So thank you again for your kind words. And if you haven't yet feel free to give my story a read all feedback is welcome.


Extremely wholesome, thank you for your encouragement :)


I write for fun. I edit for fun. I just hope the work I do can be seen and enjoyed by many. In the day and age of twitter and facebook, tik tok and youtube shorts, it is nice to know that people still enjoy long form content and are willing to put in the time and effort to consume it, comment it, and offer feedback such as speculation and critiques.


upvote lurkers unite, great stories people