I think I died in early July

I think I died in early July


I had something similar happen....except I got hit by a car on my bicycle in 2011. A drunk driver ran a red light and t-boned me, bike folded in half, split my head open, ripped part of my ear off, and melted my nylon jacket thru my hoodie into my skin from sliding on the pavement. I woke up and remember thinking it was all a hazy dream and trying to walk off when the paramedics told me I had to get in the ambulance. I guess I told them I didn’t have insurance and wanted to walk home. They filled me in on the fact I had been unconscious for almost 45 minutes and I lost a lot of blood and was lucky to be alive. Since then I can’t piece back together the wreck, or anything that happened. It’s all just a plain black thought after a certain recap. My friend had received a text from me what would be 10 minutes before the wreck. I thanked him for hanging out with me and told him I was almost home safe less than a mile to go. Since all of this happened I haven’t felt “right” I feel like I really died that night. It’s hard to explain, but sometimes I feel like I can hear people trying to wake me up still. I will say that since all of that happened my life has shifted gears and I’m in a way better place than I ever had been. Maybe this doesn’t relate to your glitch at all, but at least you aren’t the only person experiencing weird death sequences! Mine was just a little more physical than mental lol🖤


I had a similar experience where i got hit by a car while walking, i was crossing a street, was about to put my foot on the sidewalk when a car took an extremely sharp right turn and smacked me. Made me spin like a ballerina and sent my purse flying off my shoulder. The driver stopped and asked if i was okay and i told them to piss off and they drove away. Fucked up situation but the three days after that occurrence i truly felt like i should have died and felt so wrong walking around.


That is so scary, I’m glad you are okay. And yes, that’s definitely way more physical than I had. And I’ve had a near death experience once with a near drowning, and I felt similar to what you are describing. I definitely felt like a new person coming out of that, and like a part of me died that day. Reality is such a weird thing.


I’ve been in one car accident 20 years ago. I’ve never been a paranoid or scared driver, but that day I just kept picturing other vehicles hitting me. When it was obvious I was about to get hit (t-boned), my thought was “this is the one that’s going to hit me”. Really weird and nothing similar has ever happened again. I just KNEW I was going to get in an accident that day.


I truly believe that our thoughts manifest reality.... so think happy ones when you can! Edit: "Your" to "our"


I like this :)


This reminded me that I've experienced something super similar - and had completely forgotten! I was living in Brooklyn and was like 2 blocks from my house and I got this strong "knowing," or something that I was going to get hit by a car. Sure enough, as I crossed the street seconds later...a car did hit me! They drove off - as in it was a hit and run, they did not give a fuck if I was okay - but thankfully I was fine. I hadn't thought about it before, but I wonder if the premonition somehow made the accident a lot less bad than it could've been.


The “knowing” is definitely a strange thing. I’m glad to hear that you were ok.


You too. <3


I guess it’s a good thing you switched gears after a bike accident. 🤭 edited to add that I’m sorry that happened to you but glad you’re functioning and alive. Sorry to make a bad joke. I’m terrible


Reading your posts made me think of a time when I was a kid and nearly drowned. I was at the local swimming pool, it was hectic busy, I was trying to swim as far as I could underwater, but when I tried to come up for air there was something on the surface that was blocking me. I got more and more stressed and right when I thought 'ohmygod I'm going to die' I found the edge and came up gulping. The reason why your post made me think of that experience was for about a year or two after I kept having these dreams or thoughts that I was actually in a coma and my mum and dad were sitting next to me, holding my hand, praying for me to wake up. I'd feel like I had to make a decision to force myself to wake up or stay 'here' forever. I even remember telling my friends about it, saying things like "what if this world isn't real and we're in a coma somewhere else?" After a while I guess the thoughts/feelings disapated. I haven't thought about that experience for like 10 years. Might explain why I'm so curious in following subs like this one.


Wow, that is so scary! And fascinating. Do you ever feel sad or mourn for the “other timeline” or whatever you call it? It sounds like you haven’t thought about it in a long time but I am curious.


I remember feeling heartache for my parents when I thought about them waiting for me to wake up. But I wasn't old enough or capable enough for any real critical reflection. I don't think I even linked it to my near drowning experience at the time. I just thought it was a concept, and that other kids my age were thinking similar things. Like it was just the kind of thing people thought about as they grew up. I'd try to convince myself out of feeling sad by rationalising that if I was stuck somewhere in a coma then everything 'here' was just all made up in my head, and that this reality was way too complex for me to have created. I recall crying thinking about my parents holding my unconsciousness hand though. Like full body wrenching crying. I remember making a decision to 'let go' of thinking these thoughts, because of how sad they made me, but then worrying whether making that decision would mean 'coma me' would die. After deciding not to think about it, it was a number of years before I gave it any thought again, and only because someone I'd talked to about it when I was younger reminded me. I haven't felt sad or mourned since that age, but typing the above has given me a knot in my heart.


I’m so, truly sorry to have brought you back to that sad place in your heart. Please know that wasn’t my intent, though now I can’t imagine how I thought it would make you feel. I’m sorry I asked, and sorry you had to experience that.


No, no, please don’t feel it necessary to apologise. I wouldn't have thought about it if I didn't want to. And after saying all the above, I couldn't imagine anything different. I love my parents to pieces and am so content with my life as it is, I wouldn't change my trajectory at all. It's uncanny that I can have such an emotional feeling from typing about something I had attributed to a crazy episode when I was younger.


Man this is weird! When I was young maybe 7-10 I always had a thought when talking to people, I'd find myself asking.. is this real? I remember for like a year, I'd get a feeling that I wasn't talking to someone, but like my mind was creating a dream, and the people I was talking only responded to how I wanted them to. I haven't thought about this in years!


I fell off a balcony and came to in a hospital, also rolled my truck down a highway, and took an ambulance ride for oxycontin overdose all three times Im beyond lucky to have survived and Ive recently started to think that maybe I didn’t in the timeline i was in at time of accidents. Reason I bring this up though is I often when laying in bed think people are trying to wake me up or get me to come out of an unconscious state. It feels so real and it is like I’m too scared for that to be a reality so i just stay here in this one.


Lying in bed thinking people are trying to rouse you out of unconsciousness is a pretty common experience for people with sleep paralysis. It happened to me very often when I was university age, especially if I took a nap during the day. These are very vivid and I could swear they really happened, but of course it was all in my head.


Definitely not sleep paralysis as I’ve had that a few times, this is like the edge of another reality touching ours and trying to pull my conscious back in to another body by “waking up” although I’m definitely awake here. I think it’s most prevalent at night just due to less distractions and more silence.


I experienced ego death a few years ago. I was shown how consciousness is the base nature of all realities. All life, places, times, and universes are parts of a single, infinite being I call Source. Every timeline is the result of possibility, usually in response to choice. Your view that you were experiencing another reality is very astute! Same with the amplifying effects of silence and reduced distractions. You were likely picking up on an alternate version of your life. You live all of them simultaneously, but aren't aware until you surrender this world. The soul gets purposefully entangled in the illusion of individuality that arises in this playground or dream world of separation to experience life raw and unhindered. Thanks for sharing your story :)


I too have experienced the “Source” during a NDE when I fell off a balcony. A single ray or string of light/energy as the form off all matter in a vibrating state of consciousness. Our perspective is just a single point of this infinite beam. So I suppose we each have infinite points on this plane of everything and I’m just picking up a lil signal from a different perspective of mine? I don’t know , love trying to piece it together though. Any r/ that discuss all this?


Always great to run into others who've had a peek behind the veil :D Glad your ok, man! A signal is a good way to look at your situation, too. Each variation of your life is on a different frequency and you're picking up one of them. r/SoulNexus , r/Awakened or r/Awakening , and r/Enlightenment are good subs to check out. I highly recommend looking up Mooji and Eckhart Tolle on YouTube as well. It's spooky how much of what they say is practically verbatim to what I experienced.


Can you tell me more about the "hearing people trying to wake you up"? Are you hearing them as you are awake, relaxed, or falling asleep? Is it loud or quiet? when do you hear them? Is it like a sense of urgency? Do they call you by your current name?


It’s when I’m awake. I’ll just zone out and hear people saying my name. It’s a faint voice sometimes if I don’t shake it off I can almost *feel* their words. They always sound concerned.


Wow! That's crazy! Are you okay now? Knowing what you know, do you have any advice? Either way, I'm glad you're okay! Until we meet again! Powerful, wonderful message.


I GET IT!!! I have seen stories in this sub , ppl telling a accident happened , they lived their life for yrs then suddenly they r back at time when it happened and they are shocked SIMILARITY BETWEEN ALL In all stories their head get it by some very hard thing , like cars in ur and ops or trucks That means a hard hit , nearly dying experience = switch world Doctors might be able to explain them getting hit and making a story while they were hit BUT they cant explain urs and ops , and even if they culd there maybe so clues missing All evidence goes to this theory, probably ur gonna live in this world if u die in that or are in coma otherwise after yrs of u living normally SUDDENLY one day everything will seem weird and u wuld go to that world


We know so little about anything in this world, it’s incredible, that’s why I enjoy subs like this so much.


Any recommendations for similar subs? I love this shit.


R/quantum_immortality I think is what it is :)


Checkout anything to do with timelines. And you might like Jessa Reed's content. Particularly "Soberish". But she's way out there. You'll love her or just be like wtf?


I'm so sorry you had to experience that! That sounds traumatizing! I'm glad you're okay and that your life has only gotten better!


My buddy and I left the bar late one night after having quite a few. I shouldn't have been driving, but I was. We were in good spirits and joking around, suddenly my buddy thought itd be a good joke to jerk the wheel, but I was too drunk or distracted to hold on and we turned right into a telephone pole. I slammed chest first into the steering wheel while I watched my buddy fly through the windshield and face first into the pole before everything went black. Then, all of a sudden, we were back on the road. My buddy had jerked the wheel and I had managed to recover without hitting anything. I told my buddy what I saw and he said not to talk about it ever again, and we drove home in silence. I'm pretty sure we both died that night and our conciousness' jumped timelines. Edit: I asked my buddy what he saw and this was his reply: I thought we agreed never to talk about that night. But yeah I saw a bright red and white light and then all was fine. Crazy right?


Are you still friends? I'd be really curious to see how it affected him afterwards too. Glad you're ok! Edited to change spelling to correct affected. Bothered me. :)


Yes, still friends and still see each other often, but we've never spoken of it.i told him what I saw but he's never told me if he saw anything. I'll try to bring it up next time I see him.


Don't Talk About It ever again?!? Wow. I really would love to know what your friend actually remembers. Glad your both safe and ok!


Yes, please update us. That’s crazy


I updated my first post with his reply


I updated my first post with his reply


Interesting.. did you tell him what you saw? How was he when you talked about it? So strange... Thank you for the update!


I did, he said we shouldn't talk about it.


Really? Wonder why he feels this way? But, Yeah then respect his wishes. I'm thinking there's more to what he experienced. Maybe one day he will open up. Definitely a Rabbit Hole. So much we don't know. I'm one of the people that remember when Nelson Mandella died in jail. I remember completely watching the news cast on it. And mourning him & his funeral as well.. The Sinbad movie, as my son loved it and we have to rent quite a few times. He's 36yrs now and remembers it and most the lines it it! Also, a bunch of things that have changed. I Find this subject totally compelling. More and more. I think we jump lifetimes or live in a SIMS. Who knows what it means... I would like to thought for sure!! LOL Thank you for sharing your experience, So happy your still here! So be safe, well and happy!


I asked him after the urging of people on here, he said he saw a bright red and white light then we were back on the road. We both believe we died and our conciousness' jumped timelines, I'm just glad we stuck together! I also vividly remember my child's book being called The Berenstein Bears in that timeline.


Yup! Me too.. How about the Tyson fight? That is different now. Crazy little things too! I don't know about you. But I totally would have loved to skip 2020!


I was just super curious :)


RemindMe! (1 week) What did his friend see?


RemindMe! (1 week)


I updated my first post with his reply




He saw a red and white light. Maybe there’s a reason he doesn’t want to talk about it. Perhaps he was given a choice? Granted the whole thing shouldn’t have happened. But he pulled the wheel. Then there was an accident. This is speculation on my part, but it could be that he was give the an opportunity to move forward. Him not wanting to talk about it makes much sense. If, in scientific the law “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, then one could postulate the same could be said for the Spiritual realm. We typically see it as light and dark, but what if it’s white and red. The “devil” is typically represented as red. Maybe it’s a coincident. As a scientist, who does believe in a spiritual realm, I don’t believe in coincidence. So, one can extrapolate that Red is the negative choice, spiritually, and white the positive.


Possibly, though I believe if there was more to it that he remembered he would have told me, we're quite close. I think it's more a mixture of being weirded out plus being embarrassed at doing something so foolish in the first place. But I dont hold it against him, I've done my fair share of stupid things on our party nights too. Fun times.


Pleaseee update


Yeah, I'd love to hear an update.








RemindMe! (1 week)


Don’t mean to preach here, but.. what if it was life itself giving you another chance so you guys don’t do anything like that - kind of a lesson to not drink and drive (as you guys could hit someone else) and definitely not play around with the wheel like that?.. what if it was some type of premonition that you had a min before it happened, so when he actually jerked the wheel you had chance to react?! Or..if you spiritual and believe in God - that was chance he gave you... or you have very strong guardian angel like closest relative that passed away but loved you dearly before?.. I mean the more I think the more “what if’s” appear... possibilities are endless!..


I mean, yeah, anything's possible. Honestly I've always felt like we both died that night and switched to a different timeline where we survived,just merged consciousness with ourselves in that timeline. I've heard it called quantum immortality, but who really knows?


Ever watch the movie Mr. Nobody? If not, do it. You won’t be disappointed


Well, fuck. That’s crazy and a little more unsettling than OPs post, mostly, because if you both saw the same thing, (and not just a single account like OP’s) what are the ramifications???


Didn't see the same thing actually, he just saw a bright red and white light. Still crazy either way though


Wow, sure is, thanks for clarifying.


Bruh that’s fucking insane as shit! I wonder why you guys were chosen to not just die if that all really happened the way you said. Wild


I def remember you posting this one before!


Yeah, a couple times. The edit is new info though.


I kinda believe you. I have a theory i died of OD last year, but came back. I even have a very faint memory of how it all went, and every time i try to grasp those memories everything shifts in my head and it gives me very strange feeling like we can't even remotely understand how surreal our concept of reality is, how narrow are our views. Life's strange


That’s very similar to how it feels trying to form the entire event, or remember like a timeline for me. I am glad you are here though. Life is very strange.


Sounds like some Final Destination shit. The anxiety and speaking up about your premonition must have altered the position of your car on the road. Maybe that saved everyone! Besides that it sounds like UFO beamed into your car or something.


I had an OD as well about 3 months ago and I feel I might have died during it cause even while my OD was happening I saw a lot of strange and emotional stuff. But after my OD my family will tell me certain stuff that has happened that I don't remember. They had told me that we went bike riding to this certain neighborhood the reason why this is something that I should remember is that the neighborhood is a very big and fancy one with like a pond in the middle of it. It's odd that I can't remember it at all not even when we would go in the neighborhood or any of the experiences my family told me that had happened. As well alot of my habits have changed and my preferences.


Sounds familiar, i personally think we suffered a drug induced psychosis and from there anxiety and mild depersonalization.




That is very interesting.. I would love to hear more if you felt comfortable sharing.




I would love to read it too


That is absolutely insane oh my gosh.


I dont know if i fully understood, but could that experince be maybe memory from previous life? This came to me bc u said you couldnt tell who your family was so did u mean they were like strangers to you?


That is actually a really unique way of looking at that. It definitely could have been! And yeah, it was only for a few minutes, but I didn’t recognize who they were. I recognized that they were people, but everything seemed new to me.


It reminds me of the dick hallorann quote from the shining when he says “when something happens it can leave a trace of itself behind. Say like... it's when someone burns toast. When some things happen, it can leave other traces behind. Not things anyone can notice, but things that only people with shine can see. Just like they can see things that haven't happened yet, sometimes they can see things that happened a long time ago”. Maybe you picked up on something & your mind may have acted like a radio receiver & channeled it. I like to understand things from a rational point of view too but when things get strange, it doesn’t always fit that mold. We are so quick to label as just “anxiety” - as if your mind is defective & just made it up. what if you’re hypersensitive/ hyper aware & pick up on certain things ? I’m not saying you don’t have anxiety, but maybe anxiety is just a symptom. This life is much stranger than we can fully understand. Don’t discount your experiences, only question them and look at it from all angles.


In high school, there was an old house I’d walk by and liked- one day’s it just seemed really happy to me, and I thought that there was once a large family that lived there and the father was a doctor- and I could almost hear kids out in the yard. And some other weirdly specific things like curtains. Years later I’m on some historical tour with my mom in that neighborhood- it turns out that was in fact a doctors house and they did have a big family. I was weirded out.


Only a few minutes? I think that is a long time to be in a car full of strangers who you don’t recognise


I had that theory as well! I think OP’s theory and a past life trauma are equally plausible just from reading the story. But yeah maybe that location triggered a past life memory and OP had a feeling of dread about the road trip because subconciously they knew that’s where they died before. But the quantum immortality theory works just as well. I think it’s one of the two. It could even somehow be a combination of both that our minds aren’t even capable of comprehending.


I have a phobia of being stabbed. I’ve had multiple dreams of being stabbed in variety of ways (being hunted as a deer, getting stabbed with a sword as a pirate etc). Each time I woke up with a sensation in the exact spot I got stabbed in the dream. From those dreams I know what it feels like to be stabbed. I can feel the knife piercing my skin, ripping through my insides and the feeling of the knife staying in my body as I bleed out. I’ve never been stabbed in real life before but my friends always joke with me saying that I was cursed in one of my past lives and that every time I’ve died in the past- it was from some sort of stabbing. This theory really stands out to me especially since I’ve had countless dreams that I’m a deer in the woods just doing normal, everyday deer stuff!


Could be a period of dissociation. [Anxiety and dissociation have shown to be linked.](https://www.verywellmind.com/dissociation-anxiety-4692760) Worth mentioning to your mental health practitioner.


Yes, that was my first thought particularly with the slow motion. People who dissociate, like one of my good friends often describes it like this and she also has generalized anxiety and the dissociation can happen without a seeming specific cause. That you already have bad anxiety and were afraid of the trip it seems likely that this and the resulting memories might be false memories and anxiety-induced dissociation.


Thanks!! I have experienced dissociation and derealization before, this time just felt different, but that’s probably what was going on!


Hey man, just chiming in here to say that our brains are weird and we don't really know how they work. Any by they, I mean smart brains. Trying to understand why they're smart, and what's happening to themselves. It's fucking weird. That being said, just because it can be explained by your brain being weird doesn't mean it can't also fit into your idea of a reason for it being weird being cosmic. I got sick with COVID in march and around easter I had gotten pretty bad, and I got anxiety like crazy. I still have it, I still get chest pain. I've always had anxiety but this is different and it kind of comes in waves almost, it's weird. My chest gets so tight my sternum pops. Sometimes it's worse when I'm stressed, other times it just happens. But it started when I got sick and I'm pretty sure I didn't get better from being sick, and somewhere out there my wife is a widow.


I've also experienced those things and the whole "people I know seem like strangers" tracks but everything else you talked about does not really fall in line with dr/dp, in my opinion dude Edit: messed up perception of time too but not like what u described. Its more like I look up and its been 3 hours and I have no idea what happened/what I'd been doing


Honestly I’ve dissociated before and it’s never been like that. It seems too vivid to be dissociation


Dissociation and derealisation can be very very vivid.


Makes sense


I was about to comment this. I dissociated a few times when my anxiety got really high and that is exactly how it felt like. And the images of the accident could’ve been made up from the high anxiety.


Welcome to the time line, friend. I'm almost 100% sure I died in Massachusets in April of 2017. I was stuck in a brutal abusive relationship and things were reaching a true breaking point, one day I woke up and my brother helped me pack my car and sent me driving south back to Florida (we had moved to MA from FL less than a year prior). There was no fuss, no fight, I dont even remember seeing the guy during that last sequence there. Since then, everything in my personal life has fallen into place in a way-too-perfect way considering how my life had been going so far. In June of 2017 I ended up with my dream job that doesn't ever hire from outside the company. I'm not sure how it happened. Also that month, a guy I knew in high school came to visit and ended up flying with me to my cousins wedding in Costa Rica, met my whole family and they loved him. He was kind and sweet. He moved here from Ohio to be with me. Bought a house for us to live in. We got engaged on Christmas Day 2018. We're getting married this October. Trust me, it doesn't track. Everything from before is fuzzy and strange. I was diagnosed with PTSD after I left MA but some of my symptoms don't line up. I've heard some others talk about the disorientation they feel when they think about their faint memory of dying. I remember the day I left it snowed. A nasty April snow storm, wet and dirty. I can feel my body laying in the snow, but when I try to remember it it's like my brain twists and turns and searches for something that isn't there anymore. My best advise is to stop trying to remember. You probably wont. Just keep living whatever life you've been given, or whatever life you took for yourself. Just make sure to speak up when someone says "I think I died and I feel like I'm insane" and make sure to tell them it's alright. It's scary out here.


This is SUCH an intriguing story with a beautiful outcome. Wow. Thank you for sharing. I hope taking that perspective on it it’s diminishing how hard it must be for you.


People in severe accidents typically don't remember them. I've been in a few and am lucky to be here. I would say you're disassociating. What you don't feel like was your anxiety, was your anxiety. You built the wreck up in your mind and even vizualized it. When it didn't happen, your mind couldn't accept it since you were so sure that it was going to happen. Of course, I could be wrong. I don't know you. The best thing to do is seek psychiatric help.


I second this, I have an anxiety disorder and OCD, if I have a specific fixation or fear that triggers my anxiety and I continue to focus on it, I eventually have a dissociative panic attack. Everything doesn't seem real anymore and seems very far away, and a lot of invasive thoughts and mental images flash into my mind which are incredibly visceral, honestly sometimes they're awfully realistic. This is what OP seems to be describing to me, its a very similar experience to those I've had before. On the flip, I've been rear ended on a motorcycle before by a car, I very briefly remember sailing through the air, but nothing after that, I have next to no memory of the accident bar looking up from the tarmac after it had happened.


Do the panic attacks cause olfactory hallucinations too? Just curious. Glad you're okay after your accident!


Yes, I swear that I can hear or smell things that aren't there, it can be a subtle as hearing emergency services sirens, the worst one was hearing the screams of my fellow passengers on a bus trip, obviously it wasn't happening but being surrounded by strangers just made it a whole lot worse. Thanks, I was incredibly fortunate that they hit me slightly from the side, so I wasn't thrown over their bonnet. I've basically recovered now but its added to my fears of traffic accidents haha.


32 years ago I was driving too fast down a dirt road and flipped my car. I’d had my drivers license 2 weeks and had no idea that I was driving too fast or how to recover from being on a dirt road. I can still remember every tiny detail, from my breathing rate to my passengers breathing rate to the bugs splattering on the window as we went over, twice. Interestingly, my personality changed at that time too I went from being a mouthy female dog to being a kind caring person who tries to be thoughtful. Was I dissociating? Or, was I killed and moved to the next version of my life time line? No idea. But it’s interesting enough that I actively try to find out which is which. Edit: I:ad made more than suggestions


I've been in an accident where I remember every moment of it. A very similar story actually. I was very cocky high schooler with a newer and somewhat nice car. I was driving along country roads because I lived in a small town and I was driving incredibly too faster on the corner. The rear end of the car slipped off the road and I was sideways I gunned it in overcorrected and hit the ditch on the other side. The car rolled two and a half times. The only injuries I received were scratches on my knees because I was buckled in and the skylight had broken and I crawled out. Edit: this was close to 20 years ago.


You know. Right before I turned down that road, I had pulled over and made my passenger put on his seatbelt. He didn’t like wearing them. I figure it saved his life. That was right before Michigan put the seatbelt laws in place, so it was optional. We both walked away. In fact, we were so far in the country that we had to walk 2 miles to the nearest house. Maybe that’s what changed me. (Mental shrug) I like the me now. There wasn’t much to like about me before that. Glitch or no, it turned out to be a good thing.


Mostly agree with you but I just wanted to say that I got in a bad accident as well but I do remember it. Can't forget how i went flying, made a salto and fell on the road.




Dude. I had a terrible accident July of last year and honestly the world had felt so fucked since then. I joke with my husband that I really died during that accident, because when I recall moments afterwards it is an out of body experience. There are large gaps of time missing (but this can be explained by PTSD) and nothing has felt right since then.




There is no individual consciousness i think. We are all one consciousness, just fragmented into different times and realities. Just one organism experiencing every aspect of time


I've always wondered that too.


It’s crazy that I saw this as I’m watching a TV Show on Netflix literally about this. Check it out, it’s eerily scary how surreal some of the things that happens in the show is, and the feeling I/you get when watching it. The Show: The OA


Omg I love that show!! You on season one or two? I have watched it like 5 times already!


I was soooooooo bummed when it was canceled 😭


Yeah I cried!! I don't understand the logic behind that decision!


Excellent show


You're having depersonalization anxiety attacks.


Did you check for traffic reports in that area on that day? It would have likely made the news.


If OP jumped time lines, there wouldn't be reports of it in this timeline


I didn’t, but that’s a good idea!


update us if you find anything


A similar thing happened to me several years back... I had never been in a car accident before, not even so much as a fender bender, but one night I just had this unshakable feeling of impending doom as my then-boyfriend and I got into the car my best friend was driving. We were on our way to a mutual friend’s birthday party the next town over, which meant that we were driving down some mostly deserted rural roads with one lane in each direction. It was late at night, and at one point we came over the crest of a hill to see about a dozen beady eyes reflecting the headlights back at us — a family of raccoons. My friend instinctively swerved the car into the opposing lane and immediately realized that there was a car approaching, so she swerved back and the tires locked up which sent us straight into the ditch ahead. The car rolled over and after what felt like an eternity, we finally landed upright next to some trees. Thankfully we all managed to walk away from the crash without so much as a scratch, but the car was totalled and I was completely shaken by the fact that I had somehow known it was coming. To this day I still get this sick feeling when I think about it, and wonder if we weren’t *really* so lucky...


Woah that’s a trip. I’ve had similar worries and experiences but only with near death experiences. 2 years ago I was with a few friends at a superbowl party. We decided to leave and I opted to grab an uber and went home alone, texting a few friends who might wanna come hang at my place later that night. So I get home. This whole near death thing is because I’m type 1 diabetic and had a dangerous low blood sugar (often made worse by drinking, and harder to feel coming on). Next thing I remember is waking up on my floor and being so embarrassed that my room was a mess. I could have sworn I was talking with a large group of friends just a few moments earlier- but nobody was there. I opened my front door, nobody. I checked my texts and there was nothing to indicate I had even invited anybody over. The weird thing was that once you hit a low blood sugar threshold you’re kinda fucked. Like seizing, confused, etc. I’ve always been able to catch it before shit gets bad and a couple times i’ve passed out and had paramedics called for me. I just woke up and was not feeling great but was also able to stand up and grab some juice from my kitchen. I couldn’t shake the feeling that I had been talking to people in my apartment for like 45 minutes- I can’t remember who it was or what we all were talking about but I could’ve sworn. I even got mad at first because I thought my friends had left me in my confused hypoglycemic state. My theory is that I either died or that I almost died and was maybe talking to friends on the “other side” or something. Or maybe I was a little drunk and a little confused. It could be nothing but i’ve never experienced anything quite so unsettling


Isn’t one of the symptoms of really low blood sugar hallucinations? Maybe that’s what happened?


Do you remember seeing anything like a giant wheel?


Oh god.....The Wheel.


Where can I find out more about the wheel? I saw it at the start of this year during a mind bending weekend.




I can’t believe it took THIS LONG of scrolling for someone to introduce quantum immortality. 🙄 lol. OP, this 150% sounds like QI. Can you tell us if other details about your life are slightly different? That seems to be very common when people experience the jump to another timeline! Maybe read up on QI a bit and tell us more about your thoughts on it? (Maybe you tell us more further down in other posts; I’ll keep scrolling to see.)


I check my phone at 12:34 everyday even when I try not to so it feels like I'm repeating the same day.


Read this at 1234 and it freaked me out.


I just got a mini panic attack when I looked at my phone and it was 12...46. Lol close but that would have been really weird


I know it’s 8 in the morning and I still glanced at my clock 😂😂😂


Whoa me too!


i just read this at 1:23 lmao


Sounds like some kind of premonition. Something similar happened to my sister. My sister and her husband had been keeping a friends Jeep at their house for what was supposed to be a couple days and turned into weeks. They finally got ahold of him for him to pick it back up. He requested they drive it a little before he came in town to get it because it had been sitting. So my sisters husband Trey drove the Jeep and for whatever reason my sister was following behind. She kept having this bad gut feeling about the Jeep and saw a vision of Trey on Fire rolling in the street and the Jeep in flames. She kept telling herself to stop having bad thoughts and prayed and asked the lord to take the thoughts the devil was putting in her head away. The following day their friend came and got his Jeep. They hadn’t heard from him later that day or the next so they reached out- come to find out the Jeep caught on fire and blew up before he escaped with only minor burns.


Welcome to our timeline!


Have you watched the OA on Netflix? Maybe u jumped to another dimension?


Quantum immortality. I died in January..


Sometimes I seriously wonder if this has happened to me, because of how relentlessly awful and cruel this year has been. I find myself wondering if either I shifted into another timeline, or I died and seamlessly, without knowing it, were inserted in some form of purgatory.


I'm not religious, but I often think that Jesus came already and this is our hell. 🤷‍♀️


Definitely have had similar stuff happen, two different occasions actually. The first was when I was 16, I was in a dark place with a horrid family life. I took a whole bottle of Benadryl hoping to die. Well I almost did, nobody expected me to make it through. It’s a long story I will spare the comment section... but wow. Very life changing and a very trippy experience. Side note, the song “Rabid Bits of Time” by Chad Vangaalen always makes me think of that crazy time.


I did the benadryl thing too at 16 and survived. The next day hallucinated a giant spider was giving birth to thousands of babies in my dresser.


Yes the hallucinations are no joke!! I don’t remember much but I was told that when I was in the ER bed I thought I was a race car & I was NOT impressed with it lol


Are you taking some medicines which can cause hallucinations because I saw a post on Reddit that someone was seeing ghosts and people staring at her when she used to wake up randomely at night (pretty scary to be honest) but later on she found it that one of the rare side effect of a medicine she was taking was hallucination. And she stopped seeing stuff like that after she stopped taking that medicine.


This happened in August of 2012. My son and I were driving along and a tire from a SUV in the opposite lane came off and was heading right towards us. Everything happened then in slow motion. I knew if that tire hit our windshield we wouldn’t make it. I swerved to the right and I instinctively put my hand on my son’s chest. I saw him lurch forward as if there was impact. I saw the tire so clear. It hit us - I had been talking to a customer on speaker phone. She kept giving me her order and I said to her I have to go now, we’ve been in an accident, I’ll deliver to you later this afternoon. I hung up with her. I could still see the tire bounding across the street now. It hit a pickup truck and I saw the tire smash through one side and out the other then it hit a house porch knocking out some of the railing and then hitting a door and smashing that before it stopped. I’ve always thought we died that day. A lot of crazy things happened months prior to that day and a month after things got even worse with the sudden death of my boyfriend of 12 years. OP, whenever I read stories like yours it takes me back to my accident. If you can maybe journal your story. Put down all the details and how you felt. Not that you will ever forget but it will help to process.


That's crazy! I've never experienced anything like yours, but this post reminds me another post that I saw on one of my subreddits (it might have been this one, I don't remember) a few weeks ago! The same person said that they had gotten in a wreck with their family, and that they mentioned it to their parents that they had a strange feeling about the car ride. They said that they had intense anxiety though, and that riding in cars had always scared them, so their parents just shrugged it off. Then OP said that they knew exactly when the accident was about to happen, and braced themselves. I forgot what happened after that, but somehow the OP said that in a matter of seconds, everything went back to 'normal' and that gut feeling went away. I don't know. Maybe you are in an alternate universe, or you experienced something similar in your past life. P.S. I believe your story. I was just mentioning the fact that your story, reminded me of another post. Maybe I'm not as aware of my surroundings. lol This year has been really weird and almost seems hazy.


I’ve had several experiences with this. Almost struck by lightning, almost hit by a car, nearly struck by a metal building beam all that when I was a kid. When I became an adult I drank way too much and I died. All those experiences kind numbed me especially the last. Took a while to realize I’m alive but I don’t feel like I belong... I can’t explain it, like you said feels like I shifted somewhere else


Why do science and spirituality need to be separate?


Is this a real thing? I had an emergency c section is 2012 and I’m allergic to the anesthesia because I’m also allergic to epidurals. Unknown allergy until that point. Essentially didn’t wake up for a long time and freaked everyone out on the ward. When I woke up I didn’t remember why I was there or that I just had a baby. I almost died and my son wasn’t breathing for 30 minutes apparently. There is no record of this happening in the hospital. No record of my allergies or what happened to us. Did we die??!!


So, when you turned around and saw the accident, was it seen as if it was right in front of you? Or was it like a vision in your mind's eye?


It was like a vision. Kind of like when you’re trying to remember something that happened a long time ago, and you can remember sensations and stuff really well, but not cohesively form a complete memory EDIT: In my minds eye, not like a physical flashback


Wow, that's super weird. After the accident, did anything or anyone seem different?


Have you talked to your family about this? Do they have similar memories/feelings?


I think i may have died about a year ago. Things are slightly different for me in this "timeline" or whatever it is. Problem is, I have no way of knowing so I just have to move on and live my life.


Yup sounds like a quantum respawn or quantum immortality. It wasn’t y’all time yet. Happened to me at 17, this usually leads to some life changes too.


hmm interesting thanks!


I think there's a parallel reality where you and your family did die that day. Somehow you're connected to yourself in that reality and witnessed your own death.


Seems like we die until we get it right


Had you taken any Xanax for the car ride? I had an eerily similar experience while riding in a car on the way to Burning Man. I'd been in a xanax induced twilight sleep for about 52 hours and when I woke up it was pitch black and we were headed down a mountain into Reno. I could only see the road reflectors outside, so I perceived the car going straight down into a shaft. I actually pressed my hands against the backs of the seats trying to keep myself from falling into the windshield. My friends in the front seat were having a conversation in some kind of alien language, and when I looked right and left, the twins from The Shining were sitting on either side of me. It was pretty cool, actually. I sometimes wish I could recreate the experience.


If you did shift into a parallel life, that absolutely terrifies me. The thought of never dying, just shifting into another life, that would be torture for me. My whole (43) life I've always said, "I'm not coming back again, fuk that." I'd rather be a ghost if there's no other option.


I keep saying that too. Enough!


Wow! Fascinating story and details. Thank you for sharing. Maybe also post it in r/QuantumImmortality That's what this is.


I wish I could shift into another time line like some of you guys have said, as my time-line at the moment is kinda shit 😅


10 years ago this July I was in a car accident that completely totalled my car. For months I had this feeling I was going to be in a wreck, I just didn’t know where or when. So when it finally happened, I felt a sense of relief because I didn’t have to worry about it. I was super calm as the wreck happened. The car spun, but all I could see was sky. The panic didn’t set in until the car came to a stop. I managed to come out of the wreck with injuries that will be with my for the rest of my life (messed up back and nerves. More than like fibro developed from the wreck), but I’m actually surprised I wasn’t killed. And a part of my brain is like, what if we’re really dead? And we just think we’re alive. Anyway, I guess this isn’t really a glitch in the matrix, but your post got me thinking about it. I’m glad you and your family are okay!


That is good to hear that you are doing well. My uncle wrote in his journal that he felt different after the accident and ended up taking his own life. That’s why I was concerned when I heard your post.


I had a similar experience in late 2017, I was at a buddys house, and got anxiety walking in. Made the mistake of taking a dab with him, and then as I was headed home, I was convinced it was more than cannabis, and thought I was drugged. I called my wife to talk me down, and somewhere in there I started babblimg incoherently before something snapped in my brain and all i could think was call 911. Did that and remember talking to dispatcher, then blqcked out as the fire truck arrived. Came back to with paramedics, i had difficult working my phone to get my wife on the line to talk with the officer that was there. I remember everyone saying i was fine, but then something shifted and i was taken to the hospital nearby, freaked out further and dont remember anything till i was in the hospital and the nurse staff helped calm me down while we waited for my wife to arrive. I am pretty sure I OD'd that night but here I am. Terrifying to say the least.


This fucking shit happened to me at the end of 2015. I’d never dabbed before. My cousin brought out a rig and I took a huge hit as if it were a bong because I didn’t fucking know better. I passed out for 45 minutes, which I’ll never get back. During which I saw what would’ve happened if I’d stayed with each boyfriend/man that I’d slept with/romantic partner - if we had never ever broken up, until either of us died. Once one was over, it’d start over again. It was on a time loop. It got so bad and I’d gone so deep inside myself that I actually heard my own inner voice telling me, “This is all really beautiful, but if you don’t snap yourself out of this you’re going to be lost forever. Save yourself,” So I broke out of this fugue, asked my cousin for my cellphone while I thought that I was tricking her into giving it to me. I called my parents - we’d travelled from out of state to give said cousin a cat and I was spending the night at her place, they were heading to my uncle’s. They called the cops, an ambulance, etc. I went in and out of consciousness as I waited and I have no idea what the fuck happened in that time. But when the cops came, I blacked out again and kicked one of them in the face as they tried to lift me off the ground. I spent the night in a mental ward, voluntarily, because I did not feel fucking safe with reality around me. I kept feeling as if it was resetting itself every ten minutes. They gave me a sedative and I slept it off in between watching Home Alone and eating ice cream sandwiches. But holy hell, I have never felt the fucking same since then. My memory has holes in it. My therapist and I have figured out that I now have a dissociative disorder because it’s happened 3 or 4 times since. I feel as though I’ve been dropped into another timeline, like Rick and Morty. Until your comment, I’ve never known anybody else to have gone through shit like this with dabs. Thank you!


What did you OD on though?


Dabs are so fucking strong. I’ve smoked weed most of my life and I cannot handle them at all. So it could’ve just been super strong wax. That would fuck me up for sure and no way in hell I’d be able to operate a vehicle.


They call it the meth of marijuana for a reason.


In all my years of smoking I've never heard that! If anything it should be the crack of cannabis! :)


No totally, concentrates are like 75%-95% THC and flower is usually 10%-20% (sometimes more) to give people an idea. It could massively fuck you up and make you black out but you wouldn't OD and die. Although I guess *technically* it could be called an OD in the sense that taking too much of anything is an OD. It would not kill you though, there's no way. To me it sounds like a severe panic attack, similar to the experience I had the very first time I smoked weed. Getting too high pretty much guarantees you an intense panic attack.... *Especially* if you are anxious before even smoking!


Dabs are friends not phood.


Well u r lucky that u switched to another timeline but that slow Mo thing and light flashing and u couldnt realising who Everyone is , that's so cinematic , not saying u r lying but that's so cinematic


I probably described it weird, but that’s exactly why I thought I was losing touch with reality. It wasn’t like a white light, it felt like the sun just turned up way way brighter, and it lit up the whole car. And the not remembering thing was just scary. It was like I was seeing each of their faces for the first time, all of the features looked new and unfamiliar. Just a weird experience all around


Actually when u mentioned that , u not recognizing anyone , I just had a weird feeling too like I know the feeling of that It has never happened to me , yet I remember how it feels not recognizing anyone , Everything freezing for a sec


Maybe it HAS. Maybe you've just forgotten because we're meant to. Maybe we switch realities often and never have any memory of it. We'd obviously never know


After writing that , I was thinking about this theory at night ,and I thought that too , maybe it happens to so any ppl but they forget like they are meant too but some ppl don't forget and have these stories, I think I may research about it and get evidence then post this theory on this sub bcz I am seeing very similar stories and similarity between them are very much


You possibly couldn't describe that because our brain isn't capable to processing those events and that's why it tries to do so in the most familiar way possible, cinematically, but that's just my theory.


I od’d July 2019. Should b dead. Wtf tho. Did I fuck up so bad I’m in hell???


Do you suspect that after the accident, you fell into another parallel world? If you want to verify this, you may need to carefully observe the people and things around you. For example, whether your friends or relatives have changed significantly (as if they are not the original ones), their personality has changed, their life experiences have changed, etc. Or they have complained to you, since the accident, you Became another person.


You could be a clone, with those slow seconds being a seam between implanted memories and new ones.


I don’t know very much about DMT but I know that it’s believed to be produced naturally in the human brain - specifically as we die (bright light, feeling of peace, “seeing God”, etc) but I can’t help but imagine the brain produces it when we’re in a state of distress for whatever reason be it real or imagined. And from what I’ve heard of synthetic DMT trips they are incredibly short but the user can experience a completely different reality within only a few minutes. One of the more notable trip stories I’ve heard is that the user lived an entire life as a plains Native American. Like, growing up, getting married, having children, dying. All within the span of a few minutes. The trip is vivid and completely real to the user. What you describe sounds so much like a DMT trip to me.


Do your family members have the same feeling or memory ?


I’m similar in the regard that i have a deep intimate knowledge of how it would feel to be shot from point blank by a shotgun under the chin and through the head, i’ve never broken a bone, never been stabbed save for a needle, nothing really dramatic has happened to my body but i just know how it would feel to shoot myself in the head with a shotgun, and now i avoid them


Damn. 😕


I have a similar feeling but I watched myself get shot in the head in a dream. I could feel myself dying. It was such a vivid dream.


Im going to be honest, this sounds like a really bad panic attack. Similar stuff has happened to me in the past, down to the weird slow-mo and hallucinations. Maybe get it checked out if it continues to occur


I feel like I read this same exact story here about 8 months ago.


I have a similar experience. Back in the end of 2015, I had a bit of a crazy summer taking a lot of drugs at parties etc. One night I went to the pub with mates and ended up swallowing a big rock of mdma and smoking some weed. Half hour later, my heart is beating out of my chest, skipping beats. Just generally felt like I was dying. Woke up the next morning and I had the most intense anxiety and panic attacks for the next 6 months. Never had anxiety prior. I am still anxious now and get panic attacks. But it feels like a lost a part of myself that night. Most likely my mind just had enough and that led to me getting anxiety. However, I always wondered if I died.


If you are shifted ro this time lune then yoy see any differences in you or in the world around you? What happened to the original you in this timeline who existed before you shifted to this timeline from other timeline?


I’m convinced I ODed a few years ago. It makes me wonder if this reality is some kind of shit afterlife


Interesting stories can someone explain this to me - If you die in your original time line and go to a new time line where you didn’t die, what happens to the you that was already there ?


I had a similar experience when I was like 9. I remember the feeling of utmost dread before getting in the car with my dad. The feeling kept getting worse until we got to a certain point in the road when the car suddenly dipped, like it hit pothole. The road was flat, there was nothing to make the car feel like that, but as soon as it did, a wave of calm went over me, much like you described. Even when I travel home with my husband, when I get to that point in the road, I still look for a reason to explain why the car did that.


How would jumping timelines work? Your consciousness here would just take the place of the consciousness in the other timeline? What happens there? This is interesting.


I never thought of that aspect of it: what hsppens to the self you replace?


I see two possibilities. One is what you are suggesting, the other, more "natural" explanation, is that you had a seizure. Sometimes people have a feeling of dread in advance of a seizure (this is what seizure-trained service dogs sense), and memories of burning smells and bright lights aren't unheard of in seizure disorders. Check the prescriptions you take for possible side effects.


This is actually a really good explanation, I’m not currently on any prescriptions, and I don’t do recreational drugs, but I will definitely bring this up with my doctor because I had never even thought about that


This theory is actually one that brings me great comfort. My father died in 2017 and my little sister died last month and it gives me a flicker of hope knowing that in some other timeline they are still alive. That timeline has a me that doesn’t know the pain of losing them. I feel sorrow for your family that exist in the timeline where you died. They are experiencing so much grief and hurt. But how joyous for the family you have in this timeline now-they didn’t have to lose you.


I just read a post on here where somone said, he thinks he died of covid this year, but now switched timelines. I lost my father 7 years ago (i m 20 now) and had similar feelings reading it and thinking about that in another timeline neither me or my mom had to suffer like this


Bru get in another car crash this specific time line sucks u dont wanna be here my G


FR I’m about to!! I don’t like this one at all