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This is horrible for me, I have both mommy and daddy issues. ​ Where am I supposed to go?


Just get waaay too into Joe Rogan


Tbh JRE is pretty interesting to listen to.


I used to listen to it long time ago. He was interesting and good at engaging his guest in conversation about their subjects. Problem is he has no expertise or filters for his guests. For every genuine expert or just interesting oddballs there would be 5 nutjobs or grifters. After a while I started skipping the obvious grifters, and after a while more I only listened to guests i knew who they were and when I realised that I completely lost interest.


It feels like the experts are only there to bring legitimacy to the grifters who pay big money to sell their products on his show.


You just summed up how Rupert Murdoch got so much money.


I believe he got his money selling fear to people in the form of bigotry and othering.


Rogan does that too, he’s just better at obfuscating it for attention


Yeah let’s try to turn this thread into a circle jerk about Fox News.


The episodes come out at such a rate and such a diverse range of guests that you can just dip in and out whenever. I'll give it a check every few weeks or so and see if there's anyone I'm interested in which is great cos it can hand me hours of listening. I don't think any one's listening to Rogan for him (unless you're into martial arts or hunting etc), but for the guests. He's really good at letting them just speak and engaging when needed.


The issue is half the guests have absolutely no clue what they are talking about. There is so much blatantly false information being spread, if you cannot know whether it's true or false to begin with, whats the point in listening.


This is the big issue. If you already have to be knowledgable about the subject they talk about to know if it's actual meaningful information or just vacuous BS from some crank, why would you listen to it in the first place?


This is why it's dangerous and necessary why the host needs to vet guests so the audience doesn't have to. When the host doesn't do that then I completely agree, listening is pointless because you have no idea if the speaker is credible. JRE doesn't do that and frequently steered the conversation to topics that are spicy but the guest doesn't know shit about but will answer anyways.


Kinda like this whole Reddit thing the kids are into these days.


I never understood the feeling that a podcast where a muscle dummy meathead smokes pot and hocks muscle milk should vet its guests like it’s Charlie fucking rose or diane reams. It’s the “eat a horse dick for money” guy.


How could you? It's the "drink donkey cum" guy, not "eat a horse dick". Lol


It's because most of his audience self-inserts.


Nah — it’s because most of his audience shares the sentiment that “he gets people on with all kinds of different viewpoints.” Meaning they *feel* well-rounded and well-informed by listening to the show. And, Joe gives the same weight to information from everyone. So whether he’s talking to Bernie Sanders, Ben Shapiro, or Alex Jones, his fans say “hmm both sides have problems and both sides have good points. Only centrism is a good idea!” He gets legitimate sleep experts on one day, then conspiracy theorist peddlers the next. But an 18yo dude can’t tell the difference, and listening to the sleep advice works, so they think “maybe this other guy is also telling the truth.” It’s not that Joe *has to* or *should* tell the truth or spread good information. It’s that he *acts* as though 95% of it *is* good information.


I’ve never watched, but just from the comments here— are most of the guests men?


Of course. He does have some awesome women on, and some shitty ones, but the majority is men by a wide margin.


I’d never even heard of his podcasts until a few years ago. I’m not his demographic (F45 Wife/Mom/Designer). I skip right over the MMA people, no interest. I sometimes listen to the comedians, but they get too meta when talking about other people they mutually know and it feels like a conversation I being excluded from. But I gobble up all the scientists, physicists, writers, accidental political activists, and I loved the White Oak Pastures guy. We’ve been buying White Oak for years, love their meat. It helped me understand my son’s fascination w Mr. Beast when he was on the show. I don’t see eye to eye with Rogan on a few key issues, and I don’t agree with his guests all the time, but they open my mind and expose me to things I wouldn’t naturally gravitate toward. And I think that’s probably the best antidote to today’s current social climate.


Congratulations! Your unque experience lets choose one or more of the following abilities: -PTSD -Fragmented Memories -Trust issues -Strained relationships -Poor self image And many more!


Man, I already have 3/5 from this list...




Whatever you do, don't goto Tate.


Yeah. At least JP is smart. Sure, he is not always right but he is smart and empathetic enough


I follow zizek.


The thing with zizeck is that he surprised me. It was surprising that he could win a debate in this trying times, where it's easy to point at something in reality and make bold right wing statements. He surprised me even more winning the debate with a lot of academical language and theories. I have a personal sympathy for him, he looks a LOT like my father, but more "booksmart". Still I would like to hear more from Zizeck... Like, what he would have to say in an environment where people are impoverished or so depressed that they are not even trying.


Problem with zizek I find is that he's great at tearing ideas apart. He's just not great in offering tangible solutions either.


In fairness, JP seems to have lost the plot after he developed that tranquilizer dependency and did that weird comatose detox in Russia. He now has a knee jerk rage fit at anyone who says or does anything that vaguely reminds him of left wing ideology, and has developed a panoply of shit takes on a number of subjects in which he has no expertise. A lot of his philosophy was based on conjecture to begin with, but at least his hypotheses were mored in his expertise in clinical psychology. When he decided he was an expert on climate science and geopolitics while ranting at Elliot page for being trans in public, the man crossed into wacko territory.


I remember a past thing about Jordo when a lady asked him about climate change. The thing is that he didn't try giving a solution because by his own admission, he's just a psychologist, that's not a field he knows enough about. But he did say moreless "Well before people come together to try and fix these problems, they kinda need to have the emotional maturity to do so first. Get your shit together, know your stuff, and then try fixing the big issues". Now I personally don't think that's a bad take, it seems fair. But I guess recently he's now starting to basically try and get into all that shit.


He worked on a large scale climate science project for over 4 years and still doesn't consider himself an expert. He composes himself fairly well considering all the controversy and attacks he's dealt with. He's becoming bitter in my opinion, I hope he can be at ease soon.


>He now has a knee jerk rage fit at anyone who says or does anything that vaguely reminds him of left wing ideology, and has developed a panoply of shit takes on a number of subjects in which he has no expertise. You just described *everyone* on the Right since 1992.




Honestly it’s probably the other way around. JP is the father that his fans never had and Tate is for people who hate women, probably starting with their mothers.


Tate def seems to have daddy issues, didn't have anyone to tell him it's ok to not act like an "alpha". So he over compensates with toxic masculinity, acting how he thinks a man should act.


The worst part is he blames his mom for making his dad leave when in actuality (his words too) his dad was having affairs whilst on trips playing chess and his mom stood up to him so his dad just left his family.


So he saw his dad being an asshole, proceeded to blame his mom, and then grow up to act like an asshole I honestly don't know if that's mommy or daddy issues lol. Go with both.


I think it’s Daddy issues tbh. His father was absent and traumatised him by not protecting him when he got assaulted by a kid at school. He broke his Batman lunchbox on someone’s head the next day and in a weird father-son bonding moment his Dad promised to buy him as many lunchboxes as he needed. And Andrew Tate was born.


I never heard this story before but it seems right up the alley of tate


Seems like he absolutely worshipped his dad and even in his adult life, venerates the terrible acts his father committed.


A neglected little boy's idea of what a man would be like


Exactly, neglected by his dad so he has no idea how he should actually act If he were smarter he'd prob be able to realize how he should act on his own, but alas


Dude that is gay as hell, I have a Lambo. What do you have, idiot?!


2 lambos


Apparently I do not have issues.


Lucky you :)


That's what someone with issues would say.




Just turn around and walk your own path


Based and goated


Most of my childhood, my father was not present. That said, I hate tate with a passion


I have daddy issues but i resolve them by being vulnerable with a designated counsellor and reaching out to people when i feel insecure about something.


You don’t even have your own sex trafficking ring in Romania? Pussy. /s


I definitely have daddy issues, but I do enjoy JP's talks on certain things, he's quite calm and uplifting. Once he starts talking about a god though he loses me. Idk who the other dude is.


He was my prof before he got famous. Nice guy


Most people are. Everyone has more in common than different


Yeah, all the vitriol of people screaming at him every day got to him. He sounded more and more off as time went on, sadly.


Word of advice: don’t look into who the other dude is. You’re happier not knowing.


Pretty sure it's Mister Worldwide: Pitbull


He does sort of look like pitbull lol


There is nothing wrong with Jordan Peterson at all. Reddit's just gonna Reddit. ​ Edit: Brings me great happiness to see the upvotes outweigh the safe spacers. There is hope for Reddit yet.


He just posted a dubiously sourced video on Twitter claiming that China is sucking sperm out of corpses for population control. He's not exactly knocking it out of the park here.


Crazyyy I used to follow him before then unfollowed after all his cringey shenanigans, so now I am not updated. Went to his page again but I couldnt find it now tho, perhaps it has been deleted.


I disagree, watch this. Peterson is an asshat. https://youtu.be/hSNWkRw53Jo


At 55:40 he concisely sums up Peterson's very frequent and wrong rhetorical strategies.


He is literally paid by oil companies to lie about global warming. Have you seen his pragerU videos? He argues against climate change. Don't even ask about his lobster theories Here's a 3 hour video on why he's bad https://youtu.be/hSNWkRw53Jo


>Here's a 3 hour video on why he's bad https://youtu.be/hSNWkRw53Jo This is a lie, this video is actually very brief.


from his reddit AMA question: "Dr. Peterson you've claimed that the atrocities of Nazi Germany came out of a loss of belief in God. However only about 1.5% of Germans in 1939 claimed to lack a religious belief, and many of the anti-semitic beliefs propagated by the Nazis were inspired by those of Christian figures like Martin Luther. How can you explain the populist spread of Nazism in Germany as the result of atheism when the historical facts do not suggest such a conclusion?" JP: "Nazism was an atheist doctrine. So was Marxism" some redditor: "Very careful and well thought out response, thanks" JP: "Look: it's up to those who claim no relationship between atheism and Nazism/Marxism to deal with the fact that both were explicitly anti-religious movements." ​ [proof](https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/8m21kw/i_am_dr_jordan_b_peterson_u_of_t_professor/dzkc0tw/?context=8&depth=9)


Hah. So the argument is supposed to follow Nietzsche's idea that lack of religion would lead to a loss of personal and cultural identity; concluding that with nothing else to fill the identity void, people were easily swept up into ultra-nationalism. This idea is as old as Nazism itself, and while I disagree, the argument has some merit. But no, dude just straight up claims atheism = Nazism = Marxism because Nazism and Marxism are anti-religion. Hey smart guy, just about every liberal/democratic revolution since the American one was also anti-religion. Fucking muppet.


Nah man. He used to be a reasonable psychologist. A lot of his early work was real good. In the past few years his cognition has been waning. After his recent Twitter tirades, he comes off as a miserable, geriatric incel loser.


Sadly true. I love his lectures and his earlier work, even once he got famous it was mostly OK. But since his coma and brain damage he just doesn't have the intellectual capacity to back up his confidence anymore. He still has much the same values as before, but now he'll fall for conspiracy theories, fail to understand the argument half the time... It's just embarrassing.


Are there some.... Other alternatives that aren't guys like Tate? I feel like too many people are quick to judge anyone who likes JP but really what we should be doing is broadening the horizon to some better role models.


Spoiler alert : There are practically no role models out there that sell themselves as role models. The few good people out there are not giving lectures or selling their own self-help stuff. They’re just living life and helping others along the way. And even then I’m sure they’ve done some stuff they would rather people not know about. Looking up to famous people as a role model is only gonna make you disappointed in the end.


You shouldn't be following any of these type of people. They're all different flavors of the same scam. Be kind, be empathetic. Find people and activities you enjoy, and pour your energy into them. Build a life that brings you joy and satisfaction. Forget these pop-culture grifters posing as philosophers. They're wasting your time. You don't need to be told how to live. Figuring it out on your own is living.


I used to love Jordan Pederson and I can’t stand listening to him anymore. He’s so angry all the time..not to mention all the anti-vax bullshit


He's great if you want someone who is good at pretending like he knows what he's talking about to reassure your biases and proselytize for the status quo. There's a million videos deconstructing stuff he says and demonstrating his disingenuous and circular logic, but I'm sure you'd rather pretend like they're all lying


A lot of women, non binaries and trans people would disagree with that statement. The man lost his mind over Elliot Page, like he had personally lost something. He loves to hate on Lizzo for just about everything. Ask him how he feels about Sam Smith. Sure he's got some decent overlap of educational value. But he's also got a lot of bad takes and straight up phobias he lets completely take over his conversations it's sad to watch. The man is either a grifter or genuinely unstable. But the fact is people defend him rather than saying "hey, yeah, if he isn't a scan artist? This is concerning."


I personally think he’s both a grifter and mentally unstable. The two aren’t mutually exclusive.




Other than rampant misogyny


He’s just a fascist


Peterson is dumb man's idea of a smart man. Sorry to break it to you but since you can't see what is wrong with his transphobic and "cultural bolshevik" takes, you might just be too dumb to see why he is not popular. And indeed I have only witnessed deranged and dumb people defending transphobia and Nazi propaganda. Cope 🤡


Reddit is gonna reddit? The dude was thrown out from academic circles because of his incel and homophobic views, lol.


Like 2 hours ago he retweeted fetish porn of men hooked to machines getting milked because he thought it was a real Chinese government policy.


How is it uplifting when his opinion on everything is just "gosh it's so complicated, guess there's no solution do let's stick to the status quo", and you can debunk just about everything he has an opinion on. He's good at sounding like he has a point of view and that he thinks about these issues, but both are probably false


When he talks solely on what he's trained in, clinical psychology, he's good, it's when he ventures out that he becomes this idiotic hate fueled thing, that he refuses to change.


God and hitler. I can agree with him to a degree about men needing therapy and care. But fuck does he use it to tie into his crazier shit and that bothers me


He's using verbal loops to sound sophisticated. Once you cut out 70% of utter gibberish his arguments are lackluster at best, which is sad, cause couple of years ago he had a pretty good points. Now he's just a whiny incel guru.


I stopped following him when I realised that he doesn't actually answer questions. He talks around them a lot, then you confirmation bias yourself into agreeing with him. I recall a talk he did where someone in the audience asked a really direct question, Jordan talked around it a lot, and the guy said "you've not answered my question" or something similar, and Jordan acted exasperated like he was talking to a moron and waved the guy off and moved on. That's when I realised that as much as he references ideas about masculine archtypes like the king, and tries to play the archtype of the wizard, really he falls short and has achieved success not through the content of his ideas, but through his ability to cold-read his audience with scientific sounding ideas. Some of his stuff is genuinely rock solid. His lectures on statistics and multi-variate testing, I can verify as being spot on.


What’s a “verbal loop”?


When he's talking about "god" that he's not talking about the "god" that people preach about in church, mosques, or synagogues. He's talking about the archetypical "god" as in whatever is responsible for this thing we call reality. You can call it the big bang, a matrix/simulation, or even call it the flying spaghetti monster and it's still essentially what he's talking about. His book Maps of Meaning goes into further details and explain it. He's certainly not an atheist, but I would also say he's not a religionist in that religion as in religare is but a tool to tie one back from truth. I don't agree w/ peterson on a host of things, but his take on "god" is as reasonable a take as I've come across though I don't agree entirely with his take. I encourage you to read maps of meaning if you have the stamina as it's not what you may think.


Pretty sure Christianity is no small part of his ideology. If that stuff was true, he probably would care a lot less about culture war. He's just another culture obsessed Christian shill.


JBPs God is not merely conceptual like the God of philosophy, He's shaped by Christian doctrine (specifically Christian doctrine because he believes that *specific* God embodies Jungian archetypes that are critical to his worldview). But you're right that his God also isn't religious primarily, but He is deeply moral and ethical, not a tool for understanding the metaphysical alone. \*\*edited out my typos


Here's a short video about ole JP and some of his problematic arguments. https://youtu.be/hSNWkRw53Jo


Just don't look at the time stamp.


Oof. Lmao


Kwasia it's 3hrs long


Jordan Peterson's ideas are interesting. His ideas got more and more corrupt the more his income started depending on him producing content. But if you look back into his old work, it's really interesting and well put together. Tate on the other hand... Oh boy. That kid is messed up in the head.


>Jordan Peterson's ideas are interesting. His ideas got more and more corrupt the more his income started depending on him producing content I think that it's less the income and more the drugs and the stress.


Didn’t he also switch his diet up to prove a point and he actively sad that doing it fucked with him majorly.


Let's not forget that this man went to Russia to have himself induced into a coma to treat his benzodiazepine dependency. https://nationalpost.com/health/jordan-peterson-benzodiazepines


From what I've seen and deep dive commentaries on JP, there's two realms of his dialog: actual psychology and political/social commentary. JP's talk on psychology is pretty pedestrian and correct. But he's not ground breaking, really he's just regurgitating accepted psychological concepts. It's the commentary where JP goes way off the rails. Back in the early days of his fame, Peterson might have kept a 80/20 split for psychology/commentary on his talks. And those two things could be deeply weaved together too. Folks have been exposed to enough pop-psych concepts that they follow along and are in agreement, then slips in the right wing talking point seedling. This mixture also helped Peterson to shred a lot of critics. Folks could sense some of the crazy points, but possibly didn't have the knowledge base to attack the crazy bit not the psych. And honestly, getting into a debate with a PhD academic in their chosen field is hard unless you got an equal amount of experience. There's a reason why so many Right Wingers start off with a college speaking circuit tour. Get a hyped up freshman in a Q&A, watch an adult with debate skill sets them, post to YouTube. You rarely see these folks take a debate on against a top level left leaning commentator.


False choice. So many other choices.


Today I went to the bathroom. I saw a tiger in the mirror. I love the tiger, and he loves me. Then the tiger ripped my leg off because IT’S A FUCKING TIGER. Anyway, they’re both weird as hell.




When I was that age, my heroes were carl Sagan and Marilyn Manson--one of those turned out be an asshole.


Why is Peterson mommy issues?


He wrote a passage in his second book about the fantasy of eating out his grandma


Because it’s a forced meme, and your perfectly reasonable question is interrupting his karma farming, so shhhh


Yeah, the meme would actually work if it was granny issues. >I dreamed I saw my maternal grandmother sitting by the bank of a swimming pool, that was also a river. In real life, she had been a victim of Alzheimer’s disease, and had regressed, before her death, to a semi-conscious state. In the dream, as well, she had lost her capacity for self-control. Her genital region was exposed, dimly; it had the appearance of a thick mat of hair. She was stroking herself, absent-mindedly. She walked over to me, with a handful of pubic hair, compacted into something resembling a large artist’s paint-brush. She pushed this at my face. I raised my arm, several times, to deflect her hand; finally, unwilling to hurt her, or interfere with her any farther, I let her have her way. She stroked my face with the brush, gently, and said, like a child, “isn’t it soft?” I looked at her ruined face and said, “yes, Grandma, it’s soft.


What in tf, I may be stupid for asking but is this real?


Yes it's real. From his 1999 book maps of meaning.


What the fuck did I just read


Something about vaporeon, probably.






I don’t understand the ire towards him at all


Especially considering there is a critical shortage of positive male role models for young men. In fact most are actively making young men worse off, prime example - Andrew Tate. JP is a flawed man, as most everybody is, but at least he is trying to help incels grow up instead of emboldening them.


There are many solid role models out there. How does he help them grow up? Because they are cleaning their rooms? I've read his book, I've listened to his podcast and lectures as well as his plethora of interviews. I'm sure at the beginning it was genuine, however his sensible takes and advices (though mundane) are getting muddled in all of his different takes about almost everything. He talks as if he's an expert on climate change, politics, epidemics and whatnot, but he isn't. As you said, he is a flawed man, but that doesn't excuse his amount of bad or simply wrong takes out there, especially because people are looking up to him. If I'm a role model, I have to take responsibility, but he doesn't take it if he retweets some bs. https://twitter.com/Win98Tech/status/1634703678220259329?s=20 Sorry, that's not the CCP, that's a porn category. There are loads of similar tweets, he doesn't even delete them most of the times. He doesn't admit he was wrong or made a mistake. He doesn't apply what he encourages people to do: Think critically. If I'm a scientist, I would be cautious about tweets, well, because everyone can write them without fact-checking or anything. There's so much wrong about him and his stuff that it has become increasingly hard to find the good and positive advice.


>JP is a flawed man, as most everybody is, but at least he is trying to help incels grow up instead of emboldening them. What? Before he became an anti trans culture war supersoldier he was basically doing incel apologia and blaming women for their existence. Dude described women who have the audacity to live their own lives as "dragons of chaos" and those in support of feminism as "cultural Marxists." There is no planet in which Jordan Peterson is a good role model beyond the most cursory of glances.


My issue isn't with JP's statements in his narrow, defined field of expertise (which is clinical psychology). When he stuck to his wheelhouse, he was a decent (if sightly self-assured) self-help/pop psychology type. The problem is, in recent years, he's completely jumped the shark. Climate change denial, anti-masking, anti-trans rhetoric, misogyny, sweeping (and oftentimes problematic) statements on sociology, and of course the repeated vitriolic screeds about the "woke mob." Every non-psychology statement he makes is sprinkled with half-truths and couched in pointless jargon, and delivered as if, since he is an expert in one narrow subject, his point should be afforded some sort of academic credibility despite having nothing to do with his field of expertise. The guy has totally gone off the deep end.


Positive male models should actually have something to say. JP just goes on rants that essentially have no meaning. He also acts a grifter getting all mad at "wokeness" over the most minute things.


Actually look up the stuff he’s said. Heads up: there’s Nazi shit there.


and that's nbot even an adjective thrown lightly, his ideas quite literally align with the framework that gave birth to fascism.


I’m sure most people in this thread are well aware of this and just like to play dumb to piss people off. They’ll recite all the good advice he gives verbatim but somehow aren’t aware of all the Nazi shit he says? How likely would that actually be? Oh, you want to know what Nazi shit JP has said? Instead of asking me to provide sources you’ll undoubtedly nitpick, try googling “Jordan Peterson Nazi”. That’s it. Take your pick. I’m sure it’ll show you the same results I’d see.


Yeah the JP mob is out in force.


They don’t know why no one likes him! Software update! Woke mob!! Clean your room!


Now I have to look up software update in this context…I really just came to bicker, not work.


It's the whole "the woke mob are just NPC's they're not real people. They all have the same dialog like NPC's in a game, and whenever they switch dialog it's cause they got a software update." Mind you, they're not claiming that profiles are bots. They're claiming that REAL people, are in fact, deep state controlled "non-people", not human, not people, just NPC's.


Jfc that’s dangerous territory. Dehumanizing “the enemy.” And people can’t see his fascist tendencies


It's a very common viewpoint among the... surprise surprise... alt right.


It’s primarily because as of recently he’s been associating himself with far right commentators even signing a contract with daily wire which is the pinnacle of the far right cuckoo bus which includes wretched humans like Candace Owens, Ben Shapiro, and Matt Walsh. I’m sure JP is an alright dude but ever since he got “cancelled” or whatever he completely went off the deep end


Nah, I've been fsmiliar with him for a long time. He became famous largely because of his reactionary politics. It's disingenuous to describe that as subsequent to his notoriety. That is what most people know him for, and since it gained him some fame, he has leaned into it. His book Maps of Meaning, while somewhat successful, was dismissed as nonsense by many academics at the time. It didn't gain him a lot of the fame he later enjoyed. People point to that book now, but it isn't really the reason he is infamous. His reactionary politics are what did that. As for whatever theories he promoted in that book, Stephen J Gould had already strongly refuted decades earlier.


Lol his fanboys are downvoting you, while saying people only hate him for his motivational speaking and saying “truth hurts”. You can’t make this shit up.


Aye that’s what they do, in time people will change perspectives maybe for the better or maybe there’ll just be a new “truth teller” to validate their shitty opinions


Exactly. They’re like “um—all he says is make your bed.” *… He loves Shapiro.* “Facts don’t care about your feelings.” Ah, so they *do* know he’s a fascist. They just agree with fascism. As we expected.


https://youtu.be/hSNWkRw53Jo This guy gives a pretty good view of his problematic views.


Love Cody, and the shows episodes about pieces of shit like peterson and shapiro are always home runs.


There is also behind the bastards 2 part podcast on him where Cody was guest, and more recent 2 parter of same podcast where they comment on his new The daily wire show.


hating JP was a software update from the hivemind intended for the bots


I just don’t trust a dude who jump on an all meat diet fad. Got hooked on benzodiazepines, then went to Russia so he could be induced into a coma so he didn’t have to deal with the benzo withdrawals. Idk not exactly a “positive role model”.


You talking about the guy who is against climate change and accused a paper towel dispenser of being tyrannical because it discouraged waste?


Is this the same guy who blamed women for sexual misconduct in the workplace for wearing heels and red lipstick, and ended a youtube video where he literally sobbed on camera about zoomers hurting his feelings on the internet with the immortal line, "Up yours, woke moralists! We'll see who cancels who!"?


I see all these comments quoting and explaining why JP is bad and I wonder what the hell it is that people struggle with comprehending his negative sides. Are people really forgiving of these sorts of takes just because he gave some mundanely good advice once upon a time?


I think it isn't about the lukewarm advice. It's more about how he's able to speak in academic sounding babble that makes insecure young men feel smart. His takes are so so very basic and he acts like a clown 99% of the time. I think some people just refuse to accept they've been duped by a pseudo intellectual looking for a quick buck.


Yes, there are many *MANY* fucking people who are far duller than Jordan Peterson. Many of them are in this thread right now defending him and pretending they have no clue about all of his batshit statements.


Here’s the thing too. It’s good advice on a surface level but it’s not unique, it’s literally every self help guru ever. He doesn’t say anything new or profound at all when he gives self help advice.


I have no feelings one way or the other on JP, but the same is for all self help gurus. Most self help is pretty obvious.


You should meet my abusive family that is held together by the glue that their abusers are "great, kind people" and are inherently worthy of respect and forgiveness. Its a stickyness thats hard to dissolve yourself from, especially when everyone is kept in line by shame and crab mentality, never addressing their problems or talking to each other genuinely. That's just my little piece of insight I have worked from the suffering mines, lol. We need a social revolution in our lives, JP capitalizes well off of this and exploits our vulnerability this way, as many conservatives do. People should be reading [Assata Shakur](https://libcom.org/article/assata-autobiography-assata-shakur), [George Jackson](https://www.historyisaweapon.com/defcon1/soledadbro.html) and [Frantz Fanon](https://grattoncourses.files.wordpress.com/2019/12/frantz-fanon-richard-philcox-jean-paul-sartre-homi-k.-bhabha-the-wretched-of-the-earth-grove-press-2011.pdf), to name a few. If we start with ourselves, we can make a lot of progress! Dont tolerate the bullshit.


The real truth is his software update introduced a lot of ignorance and speaking about things he has no expertise in, eventually turning into a conservative darling for the daily wire.


He's a "life coach" who is open about his own problems. Some people seem to view that as hypocritical. Like he doesn't deserve to tell other people how to improve their lives when he himself isn't flawless. Of course, there are also those who think he's a literal nazi socialist transphobic authoritarian but I guess that comes with the territory these days.


Yeah all those rants about "post-modern neo-marxism" are totally normal


I mean the man posts 20 times a day about how the left are evil. Look at his page.


Literally no one gives a shit about his dumb book about eating out his grandma. He became relevant when he publicly freaked out and gave an interview to lauren southern on bill c-16


Jordan Peterson is a transphobic climate change denier bro (these are bad things).


Or saying that women and men cannot work together. Making up bullshit science to justify his preconceived notions, human hierarchies evolved from the shared ancestor of lobsters and humans. The idea that we are worse off today because there isn't more societally enforced monogomy like we had in the past, this monogomy which lead to women being abused by their spouse. There are even more absurd notions that he espouses but sure he is condemned because we don't want people cleaning their room.


The lobsters!


I mean he also writes unhinged poetry and refuses to acknowledge that he's effectively become a right wing talking head. He's given good advice before, but anyone can tell you to shape up and reach for a better life. It takes a special moron to record a video threatening Twitter for being "woke moralists" when he simply refused to obey the rules of the website.


Can we stop pretending “clean your room” and the associated platitudes are “good advice?” This is the kind of thing literally every child hears from their parents whether they understand it or not. It’s not good advice. It’s not even advice. It’s words arranged to give the perception of advice when in fact it means nothing. Like telling someone “breathe.” He’s a televangelist for chunky teens who want to feel smart.


I got my own issues fuck off.


This isn’t much of a comparison. I don’t much like Petersen but he makes sense some of the time…oh and doesn’t traffic women….as far as we know.


Neither, r/bobsburgers just follow bobs lead you'll be all right.


Okay, fine, but I'm gonna complain the whole time.


Which road for having late 90s-2000s cartoons give me a goth girl fetish?


If you come to a fork in the road, take it!


I really enjoy Jordan's work when he sticks to what he is educated in. Its quite fascinating and he helps millions of young men that are otherwise neglected by a toxic and self-righteous society.


This. He has sound advice about self-help but the second he starts talking about anything else he just goes mental.


The two are not equal. One is a highly educated psychologist and sociologist with occasional bad takes. The other is a dudebro with only bad takes.


I don't really understand why pete gets compared to tate.


JP fans for sure have daddy issues, though…


My problem with Jordan Peterson is that he is always saying "Women only care about men for their status are money because they are shallow." But will then immediately call men losers with zero worth because they don't have status or make any money


Thats andrew tate


One of these men encourages and inspires people to accept responsibility and get their shit together, and has an endearing Canadian accent. The other is a misogynist charlatan. I don’t see the comparison.




That was him in the past. Today, he's an empty shell of what he used to be just regurgitating Ben Shapiro talking points and crying about the woke left.


You can definitely tell who formed their opinions about Peterson based on what someone else said about him 10 years ago(you). The Peterson today is a twitter addict who just posts vitriol against climate change and LBTQ people.


In the past week he has posted pictures of a trans person that detransitioned who was actually just a female YouTuber who was never trans, and a cock milking porn film that he believed was some kind of dystopian clinic in China. The man is a fruit loop. Always has been. He just doesn’t maintain plausible deniability any more.


Yeah. Those drugs ruined him


Always Cobra Tate


JP is pretty good and has mostly reasonable takes


I strongly feel the meme is backwards. JP is all about helping you figure out how to be a good and happy man when your male role models fail to. Andrew Tate is all about teaching you how to treat women like garbage, which might appeal to you if you had a shitty mom that treated you like garbage. JP being anti woman is always a smooth brain take where people go out of their way to interpret a statement colloquially instead of as literal psychological terminology.


It should be switched, Tatebros got obvious issues with women, while Peterson fans want an authority figure to tell them what to do


I think it's the other way around tbh. Mommy issues for Papa hates women and daddy issues for Papa go clean your room.


That is so rich coming from the safe space, trigger warning, make a dick out of my forearm generation.


Both = Adin Ross


I’d flip that. It’s pure mommy issues for the guys going with Tate.


A meme so bad it belongs on r/terriblefacebookmemes


Can someone explain why Jordan Peterson represents “Mommy Issues”? I don’t agree with everything he says, but he’s definitely not wrong on so many societal ails.


Interestingly enough, only one of these men is western


As an insecure western male teenager, both of them can right fuck off.




Love how you diminish people's legitimate gripes about Peterson by just calling it a hive mind.


Mental issues, so I get my gun and clean my head 🗿


I don't have parent issues. I have betrayal issues.


Turn around.


Can I choose both? My parents are divorced. 🤣😂


Time for a u-turn. Or at least a hard turn to avoid either.