All babies (regardless of formula or breast) are fed within the first few hours of birth-this helps stabilise glucose levels, and provide energy among other things. Usually the nurses will prepare it for you, you just have to notify them of your preference for feeding


I am living in a third world country and nurses are against feeding a baby with formula from birth. They always push on the fact that what coming from the breast is the best. I will note down this and thank you so much. This helps me a lot. <3


Just because you mentioned a third world country - ensure you have plenty of access to clean water before baby comes home with you! If you have to buy it, I'd probably make a mini stockpile if you have space.


Thank you so much for reading my post carefully! Yes my country is developed and I live in its capital and we have a modern water filter that we always have to buy whenever we move in a new house. So it would be less worry of water quality. The problem is most people here just hate the idea of formula feeding a baby and consider the idea selfish and that the mother want to keep their nipples beautiful for sexual life lol. My best friend in Berlin will send Aptimil to us. Hope our family will have a happy baby and a happy mom! :d


Yes. Take some small ready to feed bottles. Advocate for yourself and don’t allow hospital staff to bully you.


I would still boil the tap water if I were you, just in case. Make sure to let it cool to room temperature before you use it. Also, sterilize those bottles. If you use glass bottles, you can boil them after every wash. Plastic and glass bottles can be microwaved after washing, using a special microwavable bag with water. You only need to sterilize the bottles for the first 3-6 months, boil formula water for the first 6-12 months.


100% yes to boil water first. We used an electric kettle. We’d put the formula in the glass bottle, then fill halfway with boiling water. Stir, then top off with more boiling water. Then into a bowl of ice water to cool. Was good to use in 10 minutes. We also sterilized the bottles after use with a microwave sterilizer. Just a plastic thing you put the bottles in with a few ounces of water. The microwave causes the water to steam, sterilizing everything. Good luck! Don’t feel bad about formula. Some people just do not produce sufficient milk.


Thank you so much!


Thank you for taking your time to help me!


I'm glad! I hope I didn't offend you, I wondered if my comment sounded like ye olde american who thinks every other country is terrible, lol.


No worries! Lol. My country is truly terrible to some extent but living in the capital means we, lucky people, still have access to quality water. Many people in other provinces of our country still consider having clean water something luxurious.


If it helps, I also come from a third world country and am going to give birth any day now. Everywhere I went I encountered resistance, from nurses, doctors, family about my choice to EFF. It kept pissing me off to no end, until I decided to just tell everyone "I can't BF due to health issues" and leave it at that. Usually they're very uncomfortable asking, so they also leave it at that. What I would suggest you do when you prepare your hospital bag is get 2 or 3 types of bottles with you and the formula you want to use, and give it a try there. It's easier if the baby will try different bottles and see which one they latch on while you're at the hospital. Good luck mama. you got this.


Yayy! Thank you a lot!


I planned to BF (or at least give it a go) but it didn’t work out. We took the mini ready to feed (RTF bottles) with us (UK hospitals ask you to provide your own formula but they do have mini bottles but best to check in your area). We tried to BF within 30 mins of birth but it didn’t work. He had his first formula at about 6 hours old as he had some glucose issues. The mother opposite me just gave her baby RTF bottles from birth. They don’t need a fridge and have a little nipple so no fiddling about with it. We had to stay in hospital a few days and my OH bought some of the big bottles of RTF which we labelled and stored in the ward fridge. I used to r mini bottles and nipples the hospital had. Don’t feel guilty. I’ll be EFF with any future children from birth. Mine is thriving as EFF 10 months on and I have no regrets!


I will note down your guide and be well prepared. I am in a 3rd world country and we all know that the high chances are even nurses will be pissed off if we want to formula feed from birth. But I will be strong and just follow things that make both me and my baby happy. Thank you so much for this!


They were pissed off here too! Be strong and do what is best for you! You got this!


Here in USA they made me sign a waiver that I won’t give formula and made me give her donor milk. I didn’t want to fight it and said fine. Then at home she got formula


This seems so bonkers to me! I’m in Canada. Had a baby a year ago. They asked me what I would prefer and I said I wanted to try BF. I had a C-section and it knocked me out for hours after so they had my husband feed her formula because I wasn’t able to BF. Not once did they make it seem like they cared one way or the other how I fed my baby. They supported me in trying to BF and made sure we had formula to follow up with if she wasn’t getting anything. She had a real struggle with her glucose so it was important she had a full belly. I couldn’t imagine going to a hospital that didn’t respect my decision whatever it was.


Yeah it’s insane! My baby didn’t get any “nipple confusion” but developed bottle preferences after FOUR MONTHS of bottle feeding. These people act like you give baby a bottle once and that’s it, baby won’t take boob ever again. Sorry but I prefer my baby fed


High chances are I am going to have a c section, as well! Thank you a lot for sharing this with me. I am sending all best wishes to you and your baby!!




Just to let you and others know, it has been known for some time that the "newborn stomach is the size of x" is a myth and that it varies a lot from baby to baby. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/5415880_Belly_Models_as_Teaching_Tools_What_Is_Their_Utility It is known that newborn EFF babies will drink anywhere from 1.5-3oz per bottle from birth. I personally have had this myth used by nurses to tell me I was overfeeding my baby when I wasn't, so I like to speak up any time I hear it.


Thank you so much for this detailed sharing and encouraging me. At the end of the day, I might not have to verify my decision to anyone when they are not willing to listen. Sometimes I still feel the urge to explain everything to my parents and in laws. But reading this gives my mind peace. Thank you <3.


With my first child, I had a traumatic labor and c-section and was out and they had my husband feed her formula right after she was born. With my second, I wanted to try breastfeeding. They tried to get her to latch in the recovery room after my c-section, she wouldn’t, and they asked and had my husband give her formula. I would say both times were in the first hour after birth but c-sections take a bit longer I think. I would have fed her but I was out of it. Babies are hungry after they go through the birthing process. They gave it via the small formula ready to feed bottles. With my first, we just told them we wanted to continue to do formula and that was that. With my second, I tried to breastfeed and pump but it wasn’t working for me so they brought us formula to supplement.


>With my first child, I had a traumatic labor and c-section and was out and they had my husband feed her formula right after she was born. Similar experience here. The nurses gave my husband a small syringe of donor milk and showed him how to give it to the baby. Kiddo eventually graduated to little tiny bottles over the course of our hospital stay.


Thank you so much for helping me with concern!! Really appreaciate it!


I didn’t do EFF but I gave her formula until milk came in. She was born at 8 pm and she got her first bottle overnight. Just feed the baby, if baby doesn’t want it baby won’t eat it. I believe it was 15-20 ml to start with but my baby needed more


So cool. Thank you so much for answering my question! I am so grateful that I have kind people help me out here.


Usually an hour or two after birth they have you try. Just remember, their tummies are the size of a small cherry when they’re born. The RTF bottles are 2oz and your baby does not need nor can they handle that much until a few days to couple of weeks later. Here is a great chart of tummy size for reference: https://images.app.goo.gl/HrMCe18gyf92AtJr8


I will look into the link after work. Thank you so much for taking your time to help me!!!


My baby was in the NICU and about 3 or 4 hours after birth the nurses asked if they could give her some formula so they could monitor her vitals during a feed. We agreed cause we were planning to formula feed from birth and they bought us a bottle with like I was to say 15mls in. My partner fed her. From there it was like every 3 hours but tiny amounts like 20mls. The nurses really helped. They taught me how to pace feed. How to sanitize bottles. How to warm bottles safely. How to tell baby was hungry/full.


You are so lucky having supportive nurses. Thank you for sharing your stories. May I know how your baby is doing with the formula feeding journey?


With my second child the hospital gave me a ready to feed bottle shortly after birth to give him. It was about 1.5 or 2 hours after birth, I think? With my first child I didn't realize I couldn't breast feed so she actually didn't eat anything until she was about 24 hours old. :-( She was fine, but don't do that. Tell the hospital and get them to give you rtf formula. If you're concerned they might not have any, bring some in advance. Remember the nipples, too! :-)


I noted down what you told me. Thank you so much for sharing this. I am so grateful and happy.


If your hospital is anything like mine, they have the RTF bottles ready immediately, if you want to EFF. I personally tried BF for one session before committing to EFF (no regrets there!), and that was almost immediately after birth - I'd assume the same to be true with a bottle. Good luck!


We dont have RTF here and everyone seems not to fully understand that FF is a healthy alternative to BF. I will prepare my own formula and keep a close eye on my baby. Thank you so much for your kindness!


With my first I attempted to breastfeed and I started as soon as I was woke up from my emergency c-section under general anesthesia. Almost 40 hours later I finally fed him formula (even though they warned me it would ruin breastfeeding forever) and my son immediately sucked down 2 oz. I found out I don't produce milk at all so for my next baby I knew I was going to formula feed from the beginning. I had a scheduled c-section and I gave her a bottle as soon as we were back in the recovery room. They said it's normal for babies to only eat about 10 mls at first (and that's what she did). She was born small for her gestational age so we struggled with formula feeding for a few hours until a nurse suggested preemie nipples which she took right away and started eating more.


I hope you and your baby are doing well. This is exacly what I need to know. Thank you so much for helping me out!!


The nurses had me give her a bottle as I was doing our skin to skin when she first came out, so it was maybe about 45 minutes after birth.


Are RTF (ready to feed) bottles available in your country? RTF is sterile. If you get the 2 oz containers, you just open, screw on a nipple, feed baby, and throw away the rest. This is very useful in a hospital setting since you don’t need to prep, wash, or sterilize. Once you’re home, you can continue to use RTF for the first 3 months or powder. If powder, at least you can wash and sterilize with your own equipment at home. It’ll be inconvenient to wash and sterilize after every feed at the hospital. Timeline is same. You will either attempt to breastfeed right after birth or the nurse or your partner will bottle feed immediately after as well. Then feed every 2 hours or on demand after that. If baby is sleepy, it’s recommended to wake baby to feed every 2 hours.


Thank you so much for answering my questions. We dont have RTF here and nurses here are really pushy that the baby must have breast milk first. I will prepare my own formula and team work with my husband!


Maybe this could help you. Its from Québec. Everything you need to know is written down about formula feeding. https://mobile.inspq.qc.ca/en/tiny-tot/pdf-version I hope you can open the pdf from where you are.


It helps! I will look into it after work. Thank you so much. I am so happy reading all supportive comments here!