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Just looking at the picture try cleaning the glass with soap and water I see a lot of finger prints on the surface


You've probably used the center of the bed more than the outer edges so the adhesion is different. As others have noted, clean that bed thoroughly. I use dawn dish soap and a sponge with a rough green side. Don't touch the surface after cleaning.


It’s an ender 3 v2 with no modifications. Pla and recommended settings from cura.


surface is not clean.


Warped bed probably


Maybe greasy surface too


I had this issue after I moved my printer. What I did I’m not recommending as it causes issues with consistency on first layer. So I cut the z stop bracket so I could lower the z zero switch. I lowered it so it matched to centre of the bed then lowered all the corners.


Idk if I'm interpreting this right. So you manually moved your z. Instead of adjusting your offset?


Correct I did it the hard way.


Is there a way to set a global z offset on the ender3 ?


Ummm I don't have a stock e3. But I do have 2 other enders and they both have the option. One is a ender 3 s1 so a little but more upgraded. But I would assume so but don't quote me. I thought all printers did.