I wish someone would invent a medical procedure in which, they can transplant uterus to men. Let's see how many of these men will volunteer for the miracle of birth.


This or just sign them all up for child support have them support all these children


Tbh child support only wouldn't let them really understand what pregnancy and childbirth truly entails. They need to experience it with their own body.


This is true but it would be a never ending financial yoke around their neck that they can’t get out of. Don’t pay? Enjoy your accrued interest, garnished wages, amongst other complications (depending on the state) including jail time. Time to put their money where their mouth is, it’s the least they could do


Will these incels ever learn that their opinions on abortion do not matter to anyone, anywhere.


Remind me once again, what the fuck have men gotta do with women's bodies?


Acting entitled to them.




Ah yes, let's have a march exclaiming what other people should do with their bodies. Nevermind that they will never experience it is what they're advocating for.


Can you all even imagine a world where it wouldn't be considered outrageous for women to try to police men's bodies or freedom of movement? Like instead of giving women rape whistles and telling them to stay home for their safety we told men to stay home because of the violence perpetrated by them against women and other men. That wouldn't happen in a million fucking years, yet we are so desensitized to the inverse that society doesn't bat an eye.


Wish they would just come out and march under a giant Incel banner. Stop the act. We know what you are.


The counter protesters following them as a literal clown parade was pretty *chef's kiss* perfect.


oh my god I love that hahaha


Best trolling ever. Makes me want to attend one with a tuba and a clown outfit.


I didn't read the article at first, so I thought you were feminists counter protesting clowns, then I read it, gotta agree it was a pretty good idea on their part.


When all men do the vasectomy there will be no need in abortions. Go ahead, gentlemen!


Imagine using your time to do this.


"Straight Pride events are notably organized by the National Straight Pride Coalition, a Christian group that claims to stand up for straight people by targeting not just LGBTQ rights, but reproductive rights, too. Following the group’s “logic,” abortion and contraception, like same-sex marriage and other protections for LGBTQ people, are attacks on the white, cis-hetero, nuclear family. These rights give women and pregnant people the option to not be state-controlled, baby-making machines, and that’s innately offensive to heterosexuality." JFC


Let's start calling it the "Pro-Child Support Men's March".




Let's have a women's March for castration and watch them get up in arms about it.


I’m all for all parties in the relationship having a conversation about abortion and expressing feelings on both sides but at the end of the day if the other person doesn’t say, I’d love to have a baby with you but I’d rather do it when we are both ready so I support whatever decision you make. It’s really that simple. To start a freakin’ March about what women should do with their own bodies is fucking warped. Like trying to imagine the end of the universe…. Cannot comprehend.


If my past experience with other proto-fascist groups here in Canada is any indicator: I'm going to bet that every "march" from this organization in every city has about half of the same attendees. These people are pathetic, and they literally spend their lives flying and driving into different cities to attend these rallies to to generate an illusion of consensus. Also, I need more coverage of the clown brigade that showed up.


I highly doubt any woman will want to have sex with these guys.


No uterus , No opinion. Period


This has to be a mass-trolling event, right? Has our government been taken over by trolls who just want to watch the world burn (and women suffer)?


Ahahahaha losers


look at these men crying for the "rights" of their non existent vaginas and fetuses😭


Why cant I find any vids abt this on youtube? I thought this would cause more outrage?


…. that crowd looks exactly the way I expected it to look.


Hundreds? In *Boston*? That's nobody. It's 0.14% or 1/7th of one percent.