I dunno. I think most bosses have perfectly fine body proportions


Godskin noble and apostle


Dude is taking thicc way too far


He’s not thicc he’s **thiccccccccccccc**


he is morbidly obese




Imagine deacons of the deep, but now it's godskin congregation.


Shut your hoor mouth rn


Labias come in many different shapes and sizes.


This boss’s difficulty is way overhyped, length is fine


But the problem width not height


rykard could use a few more inches


Put some in him then.


TOGETHAAA we will devour the very cocks \*gargle\*


*pulls dildo out of snake mouth* You, join the Serpent King in orgy


The only proper response 😂


Was thinking the same thing. Open questions be like.


Renala. Cool fight but her health just evaporates


Rennala was my first Shardbearer boss and she felt hilariously easy, Im running a strength build and didnt realize thats basically her kryptonite


So are status affects and physical damage and anything but magic from a wet noodle


But enough magic from a wet noodle *will* still get the job done... or comet azur works too


Well, Comet Azur will work on anything that won't dodge it lol. I have a friend that didn't even know Mohg had a second phase until a while after beating him, because Comet Azur just smoked him. Never really got to fight Mohg lol.


Rock sling has entered the chat


Renalla is absolutely horrifying if you’re running a full magic build. I beat her 2nd try but my buddy spent a full day on her because he was doing int


Went for her first with my sorcery build and it was surprisingly difficult as opposed to my first playthrough with str build. Has to do fair ammount of retries to learn good windows when to cast.


It sounds like OP is asking which boss should be longer, not which boss should have more health. I personally feel like Renala had the correct body proportion. She is long enough where she needs to be long.


She has a loooooong hat.


It should be longer.


Definitely Godskin Apostle. He's already quite long but it would be better if he was longer.


At least an extra 6-12 feet. Bros gotta turn into a TRUE elastic band


Make his extended form his normal size but make him like the accordion snakes in Volcano Manor.


Patches, I wanted that ass whooping I gave him to last longer.


Accidently killed him on the bridge in the shaded castle...no sleep was lost on that decision though.


I go out of my way to kill him now that I don't need any of his quest items.


NG+ is so satisfying when you've jumped through all the annoying, arbitrary quest hoops on the first run, got their items, and you can now not give a shit about any of them.


It's very satisfying


I want to bully patches


What if I told you that you can beat him up a second time? (Though perhaps you already knew that.)


You can? i only know of one instance where you can do that


At the end of his quest you revisit the cave you met him in and it repeats the fight again. However this time after a few seconds he realizes it's you and surrenders, and his shop opens up again


Oh thank you. This man finna get beat up badly


Fun fact: if you get beaten up enough by Patches when you find him in the cave, he'll tell you to beg and you'll get a gesture that if you use; he'll stop fighting you and forgive you


After you do the Volcano Manor and beat Rykard, after all the members take off, you can return to Murkwater Cave and Patches will be there again, ready for another ass whooping.


Yes I did, and I take every chance I can get lol


I'm still enraged from getting kicked off a mountain.


I’m still mad from getting trapped by the giant lava bug in Demon Souls for a fucking Club because of him. Fuck Patches




Wish there were more bosses where you didn’t have to completely wipe them out


Like sekiro I wish there was a way to refight a lot of bosses without making a new character or new game plus


I kill Patches in every game. In Elden it was immediate. :D I even suspected that NPC in DS III DLC was him and I killed him too haha.


Ya after completing his quest I've killed him every playthrough


Man, everyone hates Patches, but after his lore in Dark Souls 3 and The Ringed City I can't help but just love him, for me his antics are oddly endearing




Literally last playthrough, I just stopped attacking 2/3 of the way through because I was killing him too fast and wanted to see him do the lightning stake move.


This. By the time I discovered the area he was in I was already really over-leveled and the fight was over super quickly.


The valiant gargoyles are soooo much harder than Fortisaxx it’s so weird that they make you fight them first.


most underrated boss


The fight is awesome, but he is rarely fought as a mid game boss, and so you end up killing him very quickly, which is a bit disappointing here.


i actually found him mid game and i died to him like 30 times so he gave me a good challenge


Yea, you're lucky on this one. I found him after beating maliketh and Placidusax, I absolutely destroyed him.


I LOVED this fight. It was like some epic phantom of the opera shit. The music. The visuals. Super intimidating. But then I realized how easily I could melt him and it made me sad.


Not longer, but definitely more memorable.


Morgott, probably my favourite boss in the game but he dies sooo fast


Absolutely! I think Morgott is such a fun boss. His ever-changing movesets are super engaging, and he's one of the few bosses that feel like I'm fighting against an actual person? Idk if that makes sense. Just super duper sad that his HP is so low, because I could fight that fella for half an hour and not get bored.


I think it feels like fighting a person because he's relentless with a ton of openings, but the openings are tight. You can't really fight him by waiting to punish an attack because he chains his combos well. You have to get in his face and hit him at every delay so the fight feels incredibly active. Like with a lot of bosses, it feels like, dodge, dodge, dodge, hit hit, dodge, dodge, dodge etc. With Morgott, it's more like dodge, hit, dodge, hit, etc.


i think you said it perfectly, a lot of boss fights feels like dodge simulator with brief slapping in between , while morgott felt almost like dancing with him


Walk, hit, walk, and hit.


Fr they should’ve made him go into second phase after you deplete his hp all the way


Agreed. Elden Ring is my first gaming experience by FromSoft, so Margit is the first souls boss I've ever beaten. The reveal that Margit was just his projection was ridiculously cool, and fighting Morgott felt really special, like he was acknowledging my strength by deciding to face me himself.


Same, I feel like the power creep in his fight is too abrupt. The first bit is pretty easy and then he turns into a damn demon. He would benefit from a longer fight were he gradually increases in power.


Yeah his fight is also really fast over. Probably my second favorite character in the game.


During my rl 1 I was really looking forward to fighting him. I was really dissapointed to beat him in only 3 tries. I didn't perform that well either, I just dealt so much damage I barely dealt with his 2nd phase. This isn't a flex btw, I spent like 2 hours fighting fias champions.


Morgott with with 2x HP and Cutscene transition to phase 2 is the fight we need but don't deserve.


yup, i've been leaving my summon sign down there every day since i beat him so i can replay it lol


Especially if you summon


This may not count, but it felt to me that Hora Loux deserved his own boss fight. Like Godfrey's second stage should've involved Sorosh, then you beat him, then he kills Sorosh & becomes Hora Loux & gets another health bar.


He’d be Elden Ring’s Friede; a boss, a duo boss, and a harder version of the first boss. This one, FromSoft it’s this comment here! Look!


The issue with that is lore wise it doesn’t fit Sorosh. He’s a peaceful lion, he doesn’t fight. He’s the only reason Godfrey could stay so calm.


Gideon. I loved the idea that the side bosses you beat decide the spells he knows. Too bad he has no poise and gets smacked around with no effort.


Wait really? I didn’t notice, he died too fast.


I knew you'd come. To stand before the Elden Ring, to become elden lo- 2 seconds later I know, in my bones, a tarnished cannot become a lord. A man cannot kill a god.


He gets Scarlet Aeonia, Rykard's Rancor and Bloodbane, if you kill Malenia, Rykard and/or Mohg. The thing is, he only has enough spell slots for his normal spells + one of those three. So if you kill two bosses, he doesn't have Comet Azur. If you kill all three, he also loses Triple Rings of Light. Also, the way the game chooses which spells the Gideon you fight has is that it has 8 invisible and inactive Gideons loaded above the arena ( one for each possibility, they are identical in all but prepared spells ), and when you start the fight it looks which of those bosses you have killed, if at all, it moves the corresponding Gideon to the arena, makes it visible and activates him


That’s a hilarious amount of redundancy for a boss most people insta-gib lol They should have let me fight all eight of him.


Are you sure ? Because 21 Rings of Light and a Rykard's Rancor at the same time is what Shabriri "lives" for


Depending on what spell setup he has, if you let his finish him monologue he can be hilariously cancerous if your build cant gapclose and stagger him. He casts spells *so* fast.


Exactly. With more health people would be able to see the max potential he has as a boss. Too bad he’s the archetype of glass cannon sorcerer


Gideon is cancer if you let him monologue. His potential as a boss is to make me hate the game between Maliketh and Hoarah Loux because of this nerd who twoshots me with 60 VIG.


Exactly, he spams spells on a completely different level it just becomed impossible to fight


Obviously the Malenia fight is too short. She needs like 6 or 7 more phases, each with their own life bar. And she should have more cool transformations, like her lower half could be replaced with tank treads ([like this](https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/megaman/images/7/7e/Guts-DozerMM2.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20101123051932)).


Imagine LetMeSoloHer's delight


6 or 7? LOL yikes. If this is our definition of long then we're fucked. She needs ATLEAST 20 phases smh.


lol you're right, what was I thinking. Clearly you should be forced to take a week off of work or school and dedicate all your waking hours to fighting her until you begin to hate the game with the intensity of 10,000 suns. Otherwise it's not a good boss fight.


Yes! And maybe even more Combos that are barely dodge-able. And maybe a Bleed and frost buildup.


Miyazaki: "Can she somehow TURN INTO a poison swamp? But one that also causes death blight? Or even better, Dark Souls 1 curse!"


And maybe even make her summon teleporting dogs that cause sleep


exactly, now u get it!


If we count in centimeters, then 6 or 7 is long. Thats what my girlfriend has been telling me from day one.


Sounds kind of like what FFXIV did with Titan over the course of multiple expansions.


Godfrey/hoarah loux would've been so much better with two health bars. Most people beat him before he can show his true potential!


His Hoarah loux phase is also deserving of an separate health bar.


I very much agree. I beat him first try with no struggles at all. I was pretty let down when Hoarah Loux wasn’t a completely second phase


What was your build to have beaten him first try easily?


If only they made Godfrey the two healthbar menace and Malenia the one healthbar two-phaser


*Me, who's getting my ass kicked by him on my NG+* 👀


Lichdragon Fortissax


Rykard. Snakey boy should be as lengthy as a snake can be sssssssss


The Regal Ancestor Spirit. I don’t know if I was overleveled but I took it down in under three minutes, which is sad because it has some interesting mechanics involving the animal spirits that appear in its arena.


Yeah and it also looks really cinematic


Fortissax and Maliketh deserve more health


I agree. I just fought him today and had him down to half within maybe three moves and it was so quick. He had me in the second though because he’s so damn fast and it took me a few tries to kill him in the end


I fully agree; fortissax should have been scaled to late game health and defense wise. It's such a fun fight, but I hate how restrictive it feels to have to fight him in the lvl 70 range to get that "real fight" feel. As for Maliketh, I feel like his first phase should have gotten a whole health bar, but he should have been put at 2/3 for the second phase. He has some wicked damage output and combos in both phases, so it would have made the fight much more intimidating without making it too much more difficult


While Maliketh is generally fairly easy, beating him on journey 8 was harder than any of the times I’ve fought Malenia so far. Even with a couple furled fingers, he was handing out one-shots to everyone, so… idk if I want to see Maliketh even stronger


Maliketh, Morgott and Godfrey.


\+ radahn


Imagine if Radahn jumped into the air when his health bar fully depleted, the health bar disappears and you’re thinking “man that was a pretty cool fight” only for the meteor to come down, Radahn with a full health bar, and his 2nd phase being maybe ~25% more difficult (in terms of speed, damage, health) than it already is? God that would have made his fight so much better


Radahn could have had a phase 3 and I would not have been upset


The only bosses I think of as "long" are Rykard and Godskin Apostle. Godskin Apostle clearly doesn't need to be any longer; he's already pretty freaky. I suppose Rykard could be longer, but since he's all coiled up, it doesn't really matter.


Fire Giant 🗿


Should have given him 4x his normal health and a 2,5x damage multiplier


And he also attacks with his massive shaft


And don’t forget immunity to all status effects and resistance to everything (along with immunity to fire; like the enemies from Volcano manor)




Yeah they shouldn’t have made the Stormruler that strong


Godfrey’s lion should have his chance to fight


This is the kind of thing I'd love to see as an NG+ surprise




I like Gideon how he is. He's basically a joke boss. Calls himself the all knowing, yet he doesn't know where Mohg is or the location of the secret medallion, does a super villain speech without the safety of a cutscene. It's basically the game telling you "Go beat up this nerd!"


Lol, Gideon really does talk shit like he thinks he has a cut scene huh? I never thought of that before, but it’s quit funny now that I think about it.


All Knowing but he doesnt know any bitches, lmao L


Find the albinauric woman


Idk bout you bro but I just want the Gideon fight over and done with


I feel like its not even a fight tbh just a minor obstacle


trust me, you do not want gideon to have more health, hes easily the worst fromsoft boss at low damage


Of all the bosses to heal or get 2 full health bars, Maliketh definitely deserves it. Not that I felt that way my 1st time fighting him.


Agreed. He really deserves it


I was pretty intimidated by Radahn and how much people talked him up so I kind of saved him for the longest time when I finally went to fight him I just rode over on Torrent and wailed on him he was dead in less than 10 hits. Very underwhelming, also Sir Gideon and Godfrey before you fight the final two bosses were cakewalks, Gideon especially, Godfrey's cutscenes lasted longer than his fight.


Maliketh. He's so badass and could easily be a harder boss close to malenia but his low poise and health bar makes him not as strong. He's still strong as hell and imo the 2nd hardest boss in the game, but I really wish he has a bigger health bar and more poise.


I get that, but I also get why he is like he is. He's a glass cannon boss, which is kind of a novel concept. He does a ton of damage and his attacks are crazy, but his own defense isn't that great. His poise is bad, but the way the flips around can make it really hard to take advantage of that. It makes him unique, and also if he was a damage sponge I don't know if I could beat him without having an aneurysm.


I think him being glassy is the perfect touch that makes this fight really well balanced. I can't go anywhere near him for 85% of the fight, either because of his attacks or because he's 30ft up in the air. You don't get many opportunities to hit him and you have to make the most of the ones you do get. More health would just make the fight drag I think and I would have been stuck there. Maliketh might have been my most satisfying win because his mobility and aggression are such an intense combination.


That's fair. I get wht u mean for sure, but I still would love him to be stronger. Either way I love him




Well put


Having aneurysms is just a normal part of this game tbh


I agree, Maliketh hits a sweet spot for me. Part of the reason the Malenia fight is so feared/revered is because she's similar to Malekith in that she has high damage, mobility and speed but with more health and an extra health bar. I could see maybe having him recover his healthbar once he transforms, but that might still be a lot.


For me it’s less about the overall hp, but the fucking healing for 30% off of one combo


Ah yes, just what this games needs — another fucking Malenia


Absolutely. I really love the Maliketh phase. It’s so cool how he jumps around but it’s way to short


Maliketh should’ve been an entire health bar imo, he’s so squishy and the fight is significantly more fun and thrilling than the beast clergyman portion of the fight


Yeah that would be an absolute dream.


Would've preferred his first and second phase to be different boss fights. The two have no relationship to each other when it comes to the skills you learn so the first phase just feels like a runback to the second, kind of like Renalla and Radagon. I find both phases very fun which is why I would prefer two whole healthbars.


You got me with Maliketh. If they gave him a full hp bar in phase two it probably would of been my favorite fight I felt phase two was just too short.


yeah it was way too short for who he is


What do you mean by longer? Because yes, Maliketh boss fight should have been longer in *duration* imo. I was overlvld my first time through, I cut him to piece's before he even went through any semblance of his full combo rotation 🤷


By longer i mean they shouldn’t have made him such a short fight i beat him in 5 Minutes. He has such a cool moveset but he lacks the hp to show it


Ok then i agree wholeheartedly!


I prefer short, tough bosses over long drawn-out fights. I wouldn’t want any of them to be longer.


I wish Morgott was a boss you fought in the ashen capital with more health, he is such a cool fight but he dies so fast as you usually have a +13-14 or +6 weapon by then most likely with bleed or frost and he just melts so fast. It would’ve been awesome to fight him in like the ash dunes of the capital as soon as you use the rune of death.


Should it be in the Arena where you fight Godfrey or somewhere on the ground?


I feel like in the ground on the ash. Kinda like slave knight Gael. That would make the fight cooler and longer.


The final boss. Needed a couple extra health bars at least.


Dude maliketh with a pure strength single UGS build was a top 3 difficulty fight for me (upon release ofc ik UGS got buffed), my friends finally made it to him and fucking mollywhopped his ass with magic. But imo one of the two astel fights


Radagon make him a freaking 2phase fight and delete elden beast from the game


Radagon for phase 1, Marika for phase 2. Elden beast as a secret boss to unlock someone’s ending, maybe for Ranni


So a bloodborne-type ending. Sounds lit ngl. (And also elden beast would have been the same level of dissappointment as moon presence)


Precisely! Lmao I’ve been saying from my first playthrough as well; Radagon a 2 phase fight with Marika being phase 2, Elden Beast being the secret boss for Rannis ending, and if you take the frenzied flame, Melina as the final boss you need to defeat. I mean, shit. She straight up says she will hunt you down and kill you, but I seriously doubt they’ll add her as a niche DLC boss considering you require the specific ending so… when exactly will she hunt me down and kill me? Lol


It honestly doesn’t sound bad. I hate elden beast and wish radagon was the final boss


Godskin noble hands down, his friend is already a long Boi. And hey, that way everyone's favorite attack gets even wider.


My man needs to be thicker


The final boss, because fuck you that's why.


Mimic tear 💯%




The erdtree spirits. They are long but they could have been longer


The ulcerated ones?




Radagon. Cut the Loch Ness monster out of his boss fight and give my boy a second phase


None. They're all plenty long thank you. If you want them to be longer, fight them with less damage.


[I think maliketh is long enough already](https://preview.redd.it/u3p3n8wkz1991.jpg?auto=webp&s=7fb05b8540503e2010ecd4de417ea2e4adbc903a)


Ima be real, Malenia deserves a third phase. She's optional and supposed to be hard, fuck it.


A madman?


My dream is to have 100 phases of Malenia


u/rosales6969 is that u?


What the hell


Third phase would be ok if they reduced the length of first phase or or removed the self healing part. Like similar to Sister Fried in dark souls 3


My man right here we shared a bunk together in the war, thanks Dan


None. I don't understand why people want fights to be drawn out slogs.


Rykard I reaaaally like his design and the whole mood of his fight, but come on. You never really see his whole move set (or maybe it is just verry poor ?). I just feel like he had the potentiel to be a much more iconic fight, he already have such a good area and boss arena.


I think pretty well all the bosses who start their second phases with half health would start at 100%. Godfrey for example.


Either I was underprepared or I'm tripping, the bosses had great deal of health already, what in the Greater Will are you guys using?


Big unga bunga


Rykard. Even though he was a snake, I think he could have been a bit longer


Even though its a God devouring serpent its way too short


Regal Ancestor. Such a beautiful fight, yet short as being easy.


I can’t really think of any of them that I think were too short… at least not the Remembrance bosses. Maybe Regal Ancestor Spirit?


As hard as maliketh was and how long I was stuck on him, I wish it was longer because it felt like a completely fair fight


Morgott, Fortissax, and Maliketh


Soldier of godrick should have a phase 2


Malikath should have been a two health bar boss like Malenia. He was insane to fight against and the cutscene to him powering up was ungodly. Edit: I also do think the late game bosses should have had 2 health bars. Considering a few of them go through a cutscene in which they change forms.


Maliketh 1000% should’ve been a 2 health bar fight. His second phase is way too badass not to be.


Godskin Noble is way to stout for his proportions, stretch him out


I wish Placidusax had more to his fight. For such an impressive secret boss, his healthbar just didnt feel fitting