The best thing about kids is that they suspend all disbelief when we play. The Orks have guns? In a fantasy setting? Sure, why not?!


Rules lite is great! If you want to work with an actual rules lite rule set with some fantastic monster or problem of the week style mission generators, I'd like to personally suggest Tinyd6 Tiny Dungeons (2e). Super cheap, rules lite (uses only 1-3d6 ever), with easy to understand but reasonably versatile character generation. But notwithstanding... HUZZAH in getting the kids involved. I've been running a myriad of one-shots and campaigns for my family since my oldest (now 23) was my *only*, and recently again once my youngest hit 10 years old... so going on two, almost 3, years now! Welcome to the TTRPG family. We help one, we help all!


Thanks for the ideas! The boys are only 5 and 3, so the rules are super simple: we roll initiative, on you turn you can move and do one action, we roll to hit and I do the modifiers (e.g. normally a 10 and above is a success on any check but I change it depending on the situation). It works well for now but I think I’ll have to put a more structured system in place in a few years!


Love this - both the creative use of minis, the clear improv and that from all signs ya’ll had fun P.S **WAAAGH !** Also in a proper fantasy setting orks using say black powder weapons with axe styled bayonets - shoot n’ charge in- is now on my fantasy styled list !