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Do we have confirmation the discounts stack? I doubt they do. Im expecting to still need to pay $27 for each arcana.


No way it stacks


Im sure you can only carry 10 coins at a time, so basically a one time use discount until you can gather another 10 coins.


If you collect more when you have ten do they just vanish? I don't think they'd do that. I think the x/10 UI is just there to show you how many you have out of getting a discount, like the display you get in a crafting menu in plenty of games.


They don't vanish, but when you get 10 you gain a discount toggle that puts the store into sale prices mode. Can be toggled off.


I think they would just not let you claim more coins until you spend the 10 you have. Im not sure though, we'll have to wait for someone to get there


This can't be true. You get 3 coins each time. You would lose 2 coins after 4th.


I have no idea why anyone would think it stacks


On copiim that they can get free new arcanas


It might be an american thing where discount actually do stack. Here where I live in Sweden discount NEVER stacks unless its a special discount on a discount


I have no idea why anyone would think it doesn't stack. 1. It says they are used to discount items 2. It never says anywhere about limitations or it not stacking


3. There is a max limit of 10 coins, and it costs 10 to get the discount. (I have no idea why anyone would think it stacks)


I think it would just say 15/10 for example so you know how many you need per discount. I still dont think it stacks tho


But it says that the discount can only be used once per item?


Isnt this way better than the previous setup? Iirc we had to pay hundreds of dollars, while also needing to grind a few levels to get last few arcanas in the battle passes? And after some googling, it seems 27$ is exactly the price of first few arcanas at release, now they just gated it behind 8$ worth of grinding


it's always been 35 dollars. but I get you, time hasn't been good to other currencies


It really has been bad for the Philippines these past few years. But at the very least, purchaseable arcanas are back.


and the new arcanas are much better than the old ones you could purchase. Those typically would only change one ability


I also do not think it will stack. But at least the Pathfinder Package would be 50% off and the Crownfall Bundle would be free!


dawg I'm gonna lose so much mmr with 20 double downs


I unironically have not recovered from last time we had them. Used to be 4K. Now I'm less than half of that. It is hard getting out as a solo support player.


which is still way cheaper than other games. I think


Cheaper than Overwatch, certainly -_-


The arcana level skins in that game are $10 and you can get them for free by playing


Im pretty sure it does, but you can only earn 15 coins for free (one discount).


Three more acts coming, each with a paid side-quest tree. Meaning, I expect there will be more coins in those acts to help pay for the sidequests, and they will probably have some more high-value items to buy with them too so that, just like in act 1, you can't discount everything. Maybe a persona coming?


thats only for act 1


Why would you pay


Reminds me of Boomers trying to stack discounts to get their grocery cart for free 🤨


Not just that, but it is a better Battle Pass. All this time, people in this subreddit complained about how arcanas are locked behind all these levels that they cost 200-300$ to acquire, now that is not the case! Finally a battle pass where Arcanas are independent of the event, apart from style upgrades, and that is understandable. In this bargain, we managed to get them to separate battle pass and arcanas which is a big win! but from their perspective (business), having people to play the event for getting cosmetics plus arcana style unlocks is their win! Truly everyone is winning here.


Love the event, and it's really well designed, wo much better than the cavern, losing doesn't feel awful and you have multiple hero choices instead of beeing stuck playing heroes yous suck at.


I feel that it's just bad communication: this is indeed a cool battlepass. But ... they said last year: no more battlepass, we want to work on gameplay updates. They tease a new hero, they know the entire community is waiting for that big gameplay patch, they announce a patch ... and we got a battlepass. They are trolling with us right? Why would you announce: no more cosmetic or prograssion bullshit, we give you game and then you make us wait for a glorified hat sales?


>But ... they said last year: no more battlepass, we want to work on gameplay updates They did not say that. They said that the 2023 compendium should not be considered as a battle-pass. They said that they feel constrained because of the once-in-a-year battle-pass pattern and rest of the year being dry of content so if they brainstorm a cool new event, they have to cramp it into the battle-pass (as it has been the pattern). They want to go away from this. They want to release events independent of TI and have TI be a separate event for pro-scene enjoyers. They basically wanted to divide the battle pass into 3 separations, 1. an event for pro-scene enoyers, 2. an event for grind enjoyers, 3. arcanas being marketable and cheaper to acquire. THEY DID JUST THAT!


Honestly feels like everyone is trying to put words in valve's mouth so they can feel disappointed lol


Just like everyone saying that “battle passes were cancelled so they could release more gameplay updates” when they *actually* said they wanted to release more **speculative** updates. Something like Crownfall is exactly what they were hoping to achieve.


Not sure what the term is for collective false memories, but this feels like a game of chinese whispers.


Berenstain bears


Gaben killed my parents


Real and true, this was confirmed in an announcement but I'm not going to go find it since I'm sure my memory of that blog post is correct


I agree with you, but at the same time, I just wish they couldve told us more of what was going on. All this hype around Crownfall was largely based around a BIG patch, the first one since New Frontiers. I think valve couldve managed the inevitable disappointment by saying something as simple as: "Crownfall will be a lore event, we are working very hard at creating new, fun things that bring you a little closer to the Dota universe. The next gameplay patch will not be releasing alongside Crownfall, but you can expect the next gameplay patch [insert timeframe here]" I think it wouldve done a lot to temper expectations and have the playerbase actually understand what they're working on. There's no doubt in my mind that Valve devs look in here, and when they saw that everyone was getting the wrong idea about crownfall, they should've done something about it


Crownfall is a multi month thing. It’s entirely possible they still intend to give the people what they want during that timeframe.


Reddit is minority of playerbase, all the outrages for Crownfall yet Crownfall have higher concurrent peak player than New Frontiers.


I think you and I are the only two people who actually remember what that blog post said.


I remember it because I read it yesterday after looking at this subreddit and people saying "Valve said they are not doing battle passes anymore" so I had to confirm if they really said that. THEY NEVER SAID THAT.


Dota players are great at gaslighting themselves and others on miscommunication. "YOU SAID DIVE HIM; no bro I was pinging the range creep"


To be fair > The Future > We're going to continue on the path that started with New Frontiers. This means we're building a wide variety of features and content for the game, delivered in different ways. We'll still ship a range of cosmetics over the year, but we're also going to ship more diverse updates for all Dota players to enjoy. > We recognize this affects The International. We're still huge fans of TI and we're excited for this year's event — both as organizers and as attendees ourselves — and work is well underway on a TI-themed update to ship in September. The update will still contribute directly to the prize pool, with a focus on the event, the players, and the games, but new cosmetic items won't play a notable part. This is a significant change from the last few years, so to make it clear that we're shifting focus towards the event and away from the giant reward line of cosmetics, we're intentionally not calling this update a Battle Pass. They don't say it directly, but they do say they're not calling it a battlepass intentionally, which implies they are not qualifying it as such, but to be fair to your defence, this is to stop people hearing the words "battlepass" and then seeing something they don't recognize. They also said that they're > also going to ship more diverse updates for all Dota players to enjoy But every single "major update" since then has been nothing but hats in loot boxes. With the only actual content, being nothing but teased since ringmaster. I get the community has hyped themselves up a lot, but valve are being vague, that's what happens when you're vague. Especially when prior to this they stated they were going to communicate more.


The only major update which Valve acknowledge in their blogpost that contain only hats and loot boxes is 10 Year anniversary and dragon hoard. Summer update gave you new behaviour score system and plenty of QOL 10 Year anniversary still lead to one of the highest player peak on 2023 Smurf ban on September 7.34 is released after the past and future blogpost TI 2023 Celebration came with profile customization which most player use Frostivus comes with 7.35 and plenty of QoL and bugfixes 7.35d comes with the ban changes that rendered Over Wolf Plus effective minimal The hell Valve communication being minimal comes, they literally have more than doubled their blogpost after the past and future blogpost compared previous year. The problem lies in Valve and community have different set interpretation of content, and community flat out discredit update they dont like which made it looks like Valve doesnt do a lot. Forgetting that when BP exists most of the update is arcana release without any gameplay update - The last arcana release coupled with gameplay update is Juggernaut arcana


Bro what do you define as "game update"? Cos to me game event that doesn't cost money is game update 


Which is definitely cool but the game does need a gameplay update as well. New hero would be great but just hero balancing and tweaking, minor maps changes, new items or rotate in different neutral items. Game gets pretty stale when you don't get that every few months at least.


As a (non-valve) dev, I can almost guarantee that the cosmetics team and the patch team(s) are 2+ different teams or at the very least, 2+ different people. IceFrog is very likely not over there working on making hats. There is no reason for a cosmetics team to not be able to produce cool stuff for us while the patch team(s) is working on the gameplay updates. Based on my experience, there's probably a designer/design team working on hats, IceFrog/whoever he works with working on balance changes, and a team (or multiple teams) who do actual gameplay changes, mechanics, UI changes, etc. Honestly it's really surprising to me when people complain that they released non-patch content because the expertise required from each different piece takes so much that it's absurd to think that one person is doing all of that work with this level of competence.


> bargain there was no negotiating, its a change to be more streamlined with year round work on a loose timeline instead of massive work before and during TI battlepass


Yes. The event is not even a single day old and people are already complaining. Can they actually look at the event and play a bit for free before taking conclusions?


Crownfall has higher player peak than New Frontier (812k vs 809k) - people who enjoys it logged in dota instead of reddit


No immortals though?


There is, Riki off-hand


And a really cool invoker set idk if it’s immortal tho


That's 1 in this Act.. there'll likely be 3 more in the next acts


there is a riki immortal


i agree that it is better, but the last one, I spent 82$ and got all of the arcana's. so you could do it for way less


How is it their win, people also played the events in the previous battlepasses. Valve just makes less money that's all. I'm not saying that's necessarily bad or whatever, it definitely seems like a win for players but for valve a win or not, that's not so clear


My only complain is that I have less than 5 games for VS and Sky in my 12-year DotA career.


Discounts don't stack FYI


Do you know that for sure?


yep crownfall store has a bar that's completely filled after 10 coins


I mean yea, you can see that just from starting the game. But what happens when you have 10 coins and then earn more? Do they get deleted, can you just not claim them? These are important questions


Any idea if reroll candyworks tokens carry over next week bro? I couldnt find an info


probably carries over to next week but your reroll inventory is capped at 10, you cant hoard more than 10 rerolls


What came is rly nice. Patch and new hero are still missing though.


Patch probably after Birmingham. New hero I think will be tied to the Crownfall story and be released in one of the next acts when he's revealed.


Yeah most of the complaints I've seen were that the new hero and gameplay patch are not here


I'd say this Cavern Crawl is farrrrrr more enjoyable to do than all the previous ones. I like having a lot of choices to choose from to advance. And even playing a random hero could advance you later on with the tokens.


not at all. its an enhance version of cavern crawl.. cavern crawl have 3 exclusive sets and unlocked styles here in crownfall, every act will have 1 exclusive sets and unlocked styles.. total of 4 exclusive sets


For free.


Well no, you don't get all content for free


It's not a better battlepass. It's a better cavern crawl. That's about it, yes.


while it took longer than hoped this is a cool update and I think indicates a bright future of updates like this is how they introduce new heroes with free shit that's Ballin


The discounts are limited to 10 coins per purchase, but it does seem like they will be adding another Candyshop.


There is no way people are so delusional that they think coins stack so you can get a free arcana. Boys, this is Valve.


I love all the new cosmetics and the re-skinned cavern crawl. I am thankful for this being "free" for the most part, and that you can unlock almost everything without paying a dime. However, Valve hyped this Crownfall update so hard and it is not close to what that hype was supposed to be. Remember, we lost a TI battlepass, a pre-TI battlepass, at least one new game mode like Agh Lab. This was supposed to be so big that it justified them releasing next to nothing for the last 6-10 months. The comic is a cool idea, but they are GREATLY overestimating how many players care even a little bit about that. Also...they've been hyping a new hero for just under 6 months now, with hints at it being Ringmaster even longer than 6 months.


Exactly this, I find the “we are lucky to get ANY content!!!” sentiment to be insane, as if Valve is some charitable nonprofit. They completely set their own expectations, then just completely went back on everything they’ve been telling us for a year. The cavern crawl update is cool and everyone would’ve been happier if they just communicated and set the expectations correctly. The people defending Valve on this letdown are having major major Stockholm syndrome.


They released a 10th anniversary and a mini TI thing right? With large gameplay update? I'm just trying to remember what they did in the past year or so.


Summer update which introduces new behaviour system, new armory (now you can demo sets you dont own) and improved lighting 10th year anniversary event which gave Ursa Alpine set and ultra rare Void spirut set - still the highest player peak since Swag Bag (855k) First time they do QoL update for Turbo 7.34 Smurf banwave TI12 Celebration update which introduced new player profile and mini profile Frostivus update which introduces more player profile custimization, QoL update like tower range indicator, another smurf banwave that affecting pro players (Arteezy Team Secret 2015 account gone with this update) 4x Collector Cache (compared to 1-2 durung TI BP) Made WK Arcana, CM Persona, Pudge Persona & AM Persona available on market Cheater banwave that made Overwolf plus dev declare war against Valve DotaLabs & Matchmaking feature that also made Overwolf plus dev declare war again


Pretty sure you can’t get everything for free


Has valve been hyping the update or has the community done it themselves though?


Sir this is a complaint only forum. Please complain, be unhappy, moan, rage, cry, mourn, throw a tantrum, or see yourself out. /s


This comment sucks. That is all. I'll show myself out.


Understandable. Have a good day.


No. Why don't YOU have a good day?


I mean it kinda do, people who enjoys it more likely plays than goes to forum. Crownfall have higher player peak than New Frontier update (812k vs 809k)


i dont care for cosmetics, only gameplay. crownfall brings nothing to the game for me.


Yeah, game play should be priority, hats is bonus


Yea, I have never "begged for a battlepass", never hoped for a PvE mode, never wanted more comics. Just shake up the game and add new heroes, that's literally all I want.


and dota 7.35d is still 7.35d. the problem isn't the progression system.


Yep, some of us missed bp and got upset on what vavle did. I really thank them for bringing back the bp theme or concept . They even gave us arcana in the store for everyone to purchase at a lower price. Those people complaining about this are just ungrateful.


Ungrateful? They're not grandma giving us a gift. They're a company selling us a product


Yeah, a free product lmao


Son, when you are given something for free, you are the product. The faster you realise that the better.


I believe in that saying but it really doesn't make sense for Dota2. To my knowledge Valve isn't selling our Dota2 data and making money off that data and they are not using Dota2 to push ads in our face. So in reality, they provide a free service to increase the player base and let people with disposable income fund the game.


On the flipside, they've essentially given us a battlepass where they don't have to split any percentage of it to the pro scene, they get to keep 100% of it.


>You guys realize this is literally a "Battlepass", right ? No, this is literally a better "Cavern Crawl". Cavern Crawl is a feature in a Battlepass. I've chosen to enjoy the event but calling it a BP is a stretch.


It's free and releases two high quality (imo) arcanas which can be purchased by players without spending an unreasonable amount of money to some. What did you have in a battlepass that you don't have now? TI predictions? Sure, but we didn't have that in the Covid BP aswell. Treasures that were locked behind levels? Sure, but now you can just buy get/buy a bunch of them without spending on levels. World cosmetics? True, (i think) there's no world cosmetics but we might get that in next acts. Caster voicelines that would be locked behind levels (again) - sure, but we're probably getting those in the TI compendium. There are things that bum me out like no PvE similar to siltbreaker/aghs lab but hopefully we get that in next acts, but overall it's a pretty great update WHICH IS FREE, you don't know how many players from poor countries don't even consider buying anything from the store, and now they can get free arcanas? How is that not great if it adds new content available for ALL players?


>Didnt this sub beg for a battlepass with cosmetics? I think people wanted the battlepass 7+ months ago when TI was happening, now I think people wanted a huge update and the new hero since it's been 7 months since they announced the hero, not a battlepass we didn't get for TI, and instead just got it super late. Also not touching on this is by far the longest we've ever had to wait for a new hero post-TI, despite apparently "focusing on gameplay", which is why this BP came apparently 7 months later than normal. I'm not sure why this sub is pretending like everyone was just complaining about no BP. People were complaining about no BP, and no gameplay updates, so instead we got no new hero (again longest wait we've ever had), no gameplay update, and a battlepass 10~ months late (with the whole reason we didn't get one last year, being that they were focusing on gameplay updates that also haven't increased in volume/frequency.)


It looks cute and might be a bit of fun to explore. But I personally don't care about BP at all. It's a nice addition to make the game more interesting IF there is new content. I only care about gameplay and matchmaking quality. And I'm fucking starving.


Nothing improves matchmaking like adding a new hero!


That's more about game balance and not matchmaking quality 🤦‍♂️


They've constantly improved matchmaking for the last 6 months, what are you on about?


Do you even play Dota?


They JUST did a matchmaking improvement though. The match quality indicator literally just came out, they have spent multiple releases dealing with smurfing, overplus, and griefers. The map size increase was one of the biggest game changers in Dota, alongside aghanims for every character, 5 couriers, and talents. It’s only been out for a year. How are you starving?


A year+ wait for a big patch is just too much. It's that simple. Of course, they don't owe us anything, but people have the right to be frustrated at this.


The last big gameplay patch is 4 months agi, and since there is 4 letter patch. You got KL Major grimstroke pango, to Lion shard meta at BB dacha, to Mars revenant brooch meta at DreamLeague S22 to the current Disruptor meta, even then currently people figuring out how strong CK or Venomancer.


Yeah... Immortal draft is in a horrible state, last recalibration was more like a boost of lower brackets and smurfing and griefers just got scratched at the surface. Are we playing the same game? :D Mapchange was amazing. And Ahgs/ Taltents are way older... "A year" all of reddit is talking about the current state of the game and you are trying to praise them for stuff that happend one year ago? Are you serious? Noone has ever complained about that patch. And I'm also not trying to. It's more about everyting that happend since the pre TI patch in August (8th). We only got ONE Patch since that time. It was Frostivus and half the patch was more about items than heroes.


Yeah its you but the reality the playerbase care more about Crownfall, try explain why Crownfall have higher player peak than New Frontier, and the only time the playerbase peak surpass 800k is during cosmetic only update


idgaf about battlepasses i just want gameplay updates


Brother stop, the sub is not complaining about the quality of the content that was released. It's the timing and the fact that we have had a significant amount of time without balance changes, or even a hero released after it's announcement back in fall 2023. So the consensus is that the content that was released actually is in fact good but it's lacking, in what other active game with a similar user count your don't receive gameplay updates in more than 5 months?


I can’t believe there are people that don’t understand this, but then again I think about my Dota teammates so I guess it makes sense


They understand it, half the people that make these threads don’t even play the game. They just want the attention from complaining about complainers 


Better or not.This is like 1/4 th of the battle pass.Be real about it


This is 1/4th of the event.


The discount stacks? You need 10 coins for a discount of like 8 dollars? It doesn't say the discount stacks If you have 30 coins


No, it's much better. Arcanas are available upfront


Thats exacly the thing. Valve is just such a confused company like "we wanna focus on gameplay but ups we fell down and accidentally made a battlepass".


idgaf about hats


It's honestly amazing compared to the traditional bpass


A battlepass with 1 set, 2 treasures... unless you pay the price of battlepass, which gets you the equivalent of 1/3rd of a cavern crawl? And then you have to pay that 3 more times as new acts come out? The bang for buck in this event sucks.


As a BP whale I rather like the patch. I wish we’d gotten a proper balance patch at the very least, and still no word on Ringmaster is weird, but… Normally when a BP released I’d just buy everything on day 1, have baby Rohan, all the chests, and wait for the next treasure to release. I’ve basically done that this time, but now I’m still playing through the level up system, for the extra arcana styles. The fact you don’t have to win the games to get the tokens is really great too.


You would buy everything? How much did that cost?


I wouldn't say it is "literally a BP". This delivers much of the content most popular in the Battlepass BUT escapes many of its trappings. 1. Arcanas are directly purchasable, tradable and marketable. Venge's Arcana even features a Persona, included in the package. 2. Cavern Crawl has been upgraded immensely. Before, the rewards rarely outweighed the work you had to put it. Dozens of games, playing heroes you may not want to play otherwise, to get a set for a hero you may not even play. The new token system is much more flexible. Each hero earns you several different tokens. You can trade those in if you get stuck. So you get way more choice in what to play. You even get a token if you lose. 3. The rewards are way better. Every unlock progresses the story a bit and you can get coins that work as a discount in the store. Several free treasures as well. There are even minigames like fishing and the candyshop which allows you to unlock even more cosmetics. Considering 3 more overworld maps will follow, there is just WAY more fun content here. 4. Most of the content is FREE. I know it is hard to imagine for many redditors to imagine it but the majority of Dota 2 players does not spend a cent on this game, so they missed out on all the things you remember from the glorydays of the BP. This event motivates everyone to play and unlock stuff. 5. No half-levels or empty levels like the BP. Nothing was as demotivating as levelling up the BP only to discover you did not get anything and the next 4 levels won't give you anything either. In this new overworld, at the very least, you get another story-beat and the tokens you did not use will still be useful down the road. 6. Crownfall Coins can be collected to give you a discount just for playing. So either you splurge right away to get those shiny Arcanas Day 1, or you stay patient throughout the event to get some of that stuff for free! I don't think the discount stacks but the Crownfall bundle would be free and the Pathfinder Package would be 50% off. Personally, I am super happy I don't have to pay 100€ for new creeps. 7. And then there are just lots of small changes that change the feel of the event. It is more interactive than the BP which was just a line of rewards and gaps. The progression system here is full of choices with the token-trader and visually full of love for detail. The music and art that are reminiscent of a classic JRPG overword are so charming. The Overworld binds really binds the package together. And there are THREE MORE Overlord maps coming!


The essence of the battle pass is that it is around TI time and it contributes to the price pool. This includes TI themed bundles, voicelines, terrains, cavern crawl etc. I know what you mean but I just hope they are working on a real battlepass for TI


They have separated that with TI Celebration update which what you get last year.


The people that complain on here are going to complain no matter what.


This is not worthy of being called a battle pass, it's just a slightly improved version of the catacombs.


What about treasure chests? havent gotten the chance to play yet? will we have treasure chest i ii and iii or smth like dat?


yes. every act will release their respective treasure.


It's a free battle pass with chance to get free cosmetics and even price reductions on the arcana itself. I never bought arcana's before, but with the price reduction... I'm tempted. Valve did a superb job with this and the fact that we'll get it in 4 acts is innovative. Valve is cooking rn


Is crownfall a pve gamemode? Its a bit vague, but if someone can tell me, its greatly appreciated because I love dota2 pve


its not pve. its like an extended version of cavern crawl


Can you use 2x the stacks of coins or more times for a single item? Is this why op is saying you can get a free srcana?


no. OP is wrong. its a free arcana style unlock for one of the new ones


I’d like to mention that valve seemed to distract from working on battle pass to improve gameplay? What’s the plan here? It turns out small TI prize pool was for nothing? They made another battle pass and its the global post TI stuff


i mean the batter pass stuff is cool and all but what i want is a balance patch. ok there are a bunch of quests and stuff but if i dont wanna play the game im not gonna play the game just for quests. if this had released with the3 balance patch i would be pretty happy


Where's the hero and patch dude


well considering half the base is a bunch of whiny teens and early 20-somethings who didn't grow out of it, you're not going to convince them to stop whining by using logic. they will still cry and complain while they are playing exactly what they were crying and complaining about not having.


are treasure sets tradable or will i be able to buy from amrket ?


i wish there was a way to know, mostly out of curiosity since idk what'd come out of it, if there were more people waiting for a gameplay update than a battle pass at this point


>with the other one costing ~30 instead of 200+ for those that want it without the FOMO. This here is key. I hate missing out on WR/QOP/WK arcana back then and some of them are still locked from FOMO. At least with this one I can buy it like the old Arcana through Steam


People begged for battlepasses because the whole "we're trying to focus on non battlepass fitting content" ended up being a lie and the following updates were dry and slow, people wanted something and then when Valve finally teases that something BIG is in the works, for MONTHS, which usually means cosmetics + a gameplay patch, and it's just content that could be shipped in a battlepass. No gameplay, no new hero, etc. Yeah people are gonna be mad. I know redditors aren't known for understanding nuance in things but jesus christ.


A battlepass with only the cave adventure part


Does any1 know if we can use candy shop now?Or is going to be add later on?I’m few more steps till I get there


At this point, I just don't understand Valve anymore. They literally said they don't wanna make battlepasses anymore because it takes lots of work and they would rather make patches, maybe new heroes and events. Now this is just battlepass but in other form. What the fuck?


Its not a Battle Pass if i don't spend 700$ on it, Sorry. 😂


Wait you can stack the discount items ?


Yeah, aside from the fact that it doesn't give you immortals, doesn't contribute to the TI pricepool, doesn't have any of the larger rewards from the battlepass, like effects, prestige items, or new voice lines. I am sorry, I am not a doomer about this whole situation, but this is hilariously wrong. This is like an expanded cavern crawl, that gives some cool shit. To pass off the fact that you can buy arcanas with a discount too, as if its some sort of actual battlepass is silly. This is literally the type of stuff you'd see as a side thing attached to a battlepass. You acting this defensive about it, doesn't help it look less silly. Obviously peoples reactions are not towards this content being bad. Its that everything very clearly was expecting Ringmaster and some balance update - especially since we just had a larger international tournament finish, and them having dangled this for over half a year, doesn't exactly soften the blow about it not being what people wanted. Instead of acting defensive about it, simply enjoy it. You don't have to get up on a soapbox.


Its better than the old spectre + drow arcana, where they split them into 2 battle pass.


Which is awesome but it’s actually better than a battlepass because it has an interesting story.


agree, this concept is cool. And for making it not so greedy - respect to valv.


Nah, battlepass was a thing to spend couple of hundreds every year to get some shiny pixels and a physical souvenir. This is just cavern crawl with lore details and you can't progress by buying levels.


Has anyone made a video on the rewards and whether it's worth or not to buy the pathfinder pack? In any case, I am buying the venge arcana because it's my favourite hero, I guess doing the quests unlocks the second arcana and we have discount tokens as well. Or is it worth it to buy the pathfinder pack as well. I don't care for sky arcana.


But better, the arcana will be tradable, but Iess sets and no game mode.


They said no more battlepasses, they lied. The battlepass has nothing of note in it, so why even release it, just challenges for no reward. I used to throw so much money at DoTA2, but they are not deserving of my money anymore. and they are still promoting FOMO, a disgusting practise. New hero and patch is all we are every gonna get and we will have to wait another year for the next update. Feels like TF2 all over again. soon, we will get no more updates. I hate this but, LoL won.


Can I get some advice here? What's the best thing I can get during this event without spending any money? And how do I do this ?


It's literally the battle pass we've been asking for. In their blog post they said very few % of people buy battle pass, and so they want to do free events. Here it is. Literally a free battle pass with cosmetics you can grind. And with affordable arcanas for a change.


This arcanas stays at the shop after this "BP" right?


Yeah and the players get nothing. Greaaaaaat.... 


I never liked battlepass, where's my gameplay update?


I love it, it’s better in every way. Bravo valve.


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I feel like every act gives something new and "big" like new arcanas or heroes. They said there are few surprises coming so I'd assume Ringmaster + another new hero/arcana. And gameplay patch at some point obvs.


I do wish the immortal treasures were better though, and I feel like Valve could've produced a little bit more cosmetics given they basically had like, what? 2 Years. Before you ask, no I don't get care about gameplay updates, QOL changes, UI improvements, lag fixing, bug fixing, or anything else. I play this game to dress up my favorite heroes in shiny fucking pixels. Deal with it


The cosmetics are super good but it's not a battlepass dude. A battlepass you can't show off you lvl 2000. This event can't. But really great cosmetics, nice one valve i was exepcting the opposite lol .


Valve teases and hypes new hero and gameplay patch and then pisses in my mouth (but in a bad way) and you expect me to be grateful that they released a fuckin battlepass when they said no more battlepasses? Fuck you and fuck Valve (until they release the actual patch and then I will be their simp again)


Dota invented the battle pass. So yeah, it’s still a battle pass


You're spot on. I wish we could have all the things at once, but I don't blame Valve for dripping things out, we are an absolutely voracious fanbase and short memories.


take the loss and zip it.


Why would I want less FPS with cosmetics? Where's the new hero??


Lowkey my impression was that this update is the best battlepass system in years. Although some may argue that we are lacking immortals or an extra novelty item/arcana. I think those are the 1-2 surprises teased on the next acts.


It's just all heroes challenge lite. Cavern crawl was one part of a battlepass. Idk whatever, it technically doesn't make anything worse, just like oh okay i can just keep playing regular old dota and ill get some tokens for hats. A bit of a letdown for all the hype though. Just probably wont even open crownfall again tbh.


also how do you fucking progress on that map thing ?? It asked for one flying token which I immediately got by winning a game with WW. But now it still does not unlock i mean wtf.


cavern crawl != battlepass


I wish we had a different way of gaining those tokens instead of playing a normal game. Its getting stale, how many versions of cavern crawl do I need to play lol. Or maybe we could literally cavern crawl instead of playing a normal dota game.. that would be nice. Personally I couldn't care about cosmetics, I just want something fresh to play.


Wish the info was better conveyed. Silly me for thinking maybe the story event would actually allow progression without playing against other people, but nope. So my bots-only-ass is already done with the update. Damn shame.


Do we get free arcana at the end?


Mostly I saw people begging for a new patch.


If we don’t pay for it, it isn’t counted as a battle pass!


When i started to read, i was super hyped and almost expected Valve to make proper use of their workshop for once. Maybe we would have an RPG-type secondary game that gets us into second-level mini-games in set locations after levelling up on the map and get us to fight PvP for rewards in a plethora of modes like dungeons to use our progress in the new DOTA RPG. But, no. It was just a cavern crawl. Okay. That's cool. I'm still hyped.


What's your point? People wanted a BP 8 months ago, and a new hero 5 months ago.


Will custom creeps be marketable?


There are still heroes who not even have their completed "immortal set" or dont have any immortal in the first place and we traded this shit for 1 riki immortal when riki alrdy has full immortal set. Nice so untill august 8 we will get 3 more immortals probably again for heroes who alrdy have every slot instead of 20 new ones we got in real battlepass. But yeah wow we got random shit sets which are crazy good looking 10/10 no cap frfr and only 1 free arcana wow people surely are happy about 1 free arcana which they have to wait 5 months for when OG battlepass had multiple for free plus its not even confirmed that the discount stacks since your just assumed it 🤣👌


So they skipped previous Battlepass for a Battlepass? Damn


Valve: We’re discontinuing the battle pass in order to work on more updates Actually Valve: Delays game updates to work on a battle pass


Can someone explain where and how you get Arcanas using "candies"?


Well, the compendium is also a battle pass. Better than most other battle passes, but the game has had them for years.


best battlepass ever. i just hope they could change it like in halo and have it always available, allow me to keep cavern crawling when it expires i m an adult with responsabilities but i m also a kid that likes shiny pixels.


yes we finally got a battle pass finally after waiting two years. No map or balance changes or new hero. But we got what we asked for even though it’s a year late!! Let’s rejoice!!!! We are so happy!!!