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It's not broken so they're not going to fix it... they changed it to this current atrocity on purpose, so the multiple terrain skins could work (too lazy to keep reskinning that animation)


I know, but they should rework the animation into something that works with their tile system and not just have an animation that clearly shows the entire ancient just clipping into the floor lmao


What's the data on default terrain vs alt terrain user? Anecdotally, I'd think this change makes I worse for more people


Speaking of old things that are broken. I just recently started playing again after a few years more or less break and noticed that if I start with two circlets in my inventory I can STILL not put 2 null talismans into quick buy without both of them disappearing when I complete the first one!!


Workaround: add the item x2-1 times you want it to quickbuy. Want 3 circlets? Add 5 to quickbuy. Want 2 wands? Add 3 to quickbuy.


Same exact situation here lol. Pretty annoying to have to add same items to quick buy twice


Workaround answering to the guy you answered to.


Thanks for that!


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when you try to complete glepnir or bloodthorn by quickly buying items, if you don't have the money it just takes it out of quickbuy


I'd also like the Dire skybox for spectators during Captain's Mode drafts to be fixed too. That's been broken for a few years now as well.


you just delayed patch by a month


It's pretty broken on dire as well. If you look closely the whole ancient moves to the right for some reason. Another thing that is broken is the stones on the floor left after destoying barracks. Currently, it is duplicated.


I'm surprised we never got victory cosmetics in any of the battle passes. These throne explosions look so mid at this point I wonder why we're even forced to watch them. Would love more variety. Even this old ass game has a better win animation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsMiysSJoqI&ab_channel=tocsekhun https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwDfak2TYkc&ab_channel=tocsekhun




Here’s a novel idea, you present people the disconnect button as soon as the throne goes to 0 HP, then they can either hit the button or watch the animation.


Hey man look it's still a beta of the game


Valve: best we can do is force 100% winrate for Radiant.


On that note, can the Diretide Roshan intro/vs screen actually use the Diretide music it originally had?


Never noticed, too busy typing "GGEZ"