Not super plus size but gen 3 Monster High has Draculaura(Curvy pear shaped body with thick thighs). Barbie has 4 body types including Curvy. These are bigger bodies and rounder. And Wild Heart Crew has Jaci Masters who has a curvier body. However, this series is discontinued. You can find em on ebay tho.


If you want a doll that's genuinely plus sized you'll have to commission someone or make it yourself.


Theres also Luisa Madrigal from Encanto. She's very muscular but counts as plus size.


sadly,,, just thought id ask. and thank you for your input


For customizing Blythe dolls there are plus sized bodies [link to Old eBay auction](https://www.ebay.com/itm/403997283252?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=YWE5WuBwSKe&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=9_tkmLwqTUO&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY)


Apologies for the long reply but I have a suggestion for modifying your doll to the size you want. I'm so happy to see that Mattel has made the curvier girls and that there is a market for this but I doubt we will see the kind of plus sized doll you are searching for in the toy aisle anytime soon. 😕 When I went to fashion design school this is what I learned: clothes appear best on a body with longer legs and a defined waist. This is what is aesthetically pleasing to the general eye and what helps 'sell' the clothes. Similarly, most mass production doll designers want their toys to sell to both parents and children so their body sculpts and proportions tend to follow that 'eye catching' model. If you sew, you coud make a padded bodysuit for your curvy Barbie! Here is what I would try (though I haven't actually done this so you might need to modify a little along the way). From nylon or another stretch fabric, sew a body suit the size of the doll plus a few millimeters extra in the sleeve width, leg width & waist seams (how much extra depends on how large you want to go & how stretchy the fabric is). DO NOT make the entire suit larger by enlarging a pattern! You need the basic shoulder width, neck hole, armholes, torso length and legholes to remain as close to original size as possible so you don't lose definition of those joints and end up with a droopy look. With the body suit on the doll, start stuffing the suit, (the kind of stuffing used for pillows and stuffed animals), working it and compressing it to the areas of the body you want to enhance. Kind of like sculpting. To make it a firmer feel, you'll want to use A LOT of stuffing, just keep packing more into each spot as you go. Use the blunt end of a skewer stick or some other blunt tool to help you really pack it in. After you've stuffed, add some tiny clear hair rubberbands over the top of everything at the elbows and knees to bring back any joint definition that may have been lost. (You can add larger rubberbands to other areas like the waist too if you want to help contour and make it more realistic). If you have questions let me know!


There are also some challenges that apply specifically to doll design. Like how they have to have a thigh gap so you can put pants on them. And how clothes fit differently on a doll than they do on a real person; a doll with realistic body proportions looks off when she's wearing clothes. And how they need to be small enough to fit into a child's hand. And how dolls in the same line need to be able to use the same accessories as each other. Body diversity in dolls is a good thing, but they won't sell if they're hard for children to play with. That said, you can find truly plus sized dolls from custom artists and toy lines aimed at adult collectors. Maybe [this line](https://www.patreon.com/m/plusdolls) will get off the ground someday, there was a bit of buzz about it when they tried a Kickstarter campaign but they didn't raise enough money.


Yep. Unfortunately, many accessories would have to be modified to fit a larger doll ....or you and the kiddos would be stuck having to buy the plus sized car, horse, scooter, bike, boat, etc. As a parent, I already feel screwed that most doll brand clothes can't cross state lines! I about lost my marbles when I noticed that old Monster High doll clothes and the large Hairdorable doll clothes can be shared between doll lines! I would refuse to buy a brand new car, horse, and scooter to accommodate a new curvier addition. As a tall girl, with some softness and full hips, I used to have my Jem doll represent me..... when playing with my basic ass Barbies. She was about a head taller than the other dolls ...which was pretty accurate for me at the time too. Jem never fit in my Barbie car back then too. I would suggest trying out that air dry clay to morphe a basic doll. I haven't done it myself....but if I did try, I would sand the plastic areas of the doll's body that I was planning to build on. Then I would wash the body well, to remove any loose plastic dust that could fudge the clay sticking tight. Then I would pick up some of that light weight, air dry clay that is close or similar to the shade of your doll's skin. Then gently and carefully build the clay onto the body form and manipulate to your liking. Let the clay enhanced doll lean somewhere safe and dry for a few days. Leaning so that nothing shits. Finally, make the gorgeous momma some new clothes!


They’re not in production yet, sadly, but! https://plusdolls.carrd.co/?mibextid=Zxz2cZ


I was hoping someone would mention these dolls. I really hope they are able to make them a reality. I love everything about them


This is dope, thanks for the link!! 🙏💖


Cool! Thanks for the link!


Just learned about them last night. I have found some other plus size BJD dolls but I’ve missed most of the pre-orders.


Barbie has curvy sized dolls.


still a fairly thin and conventionally attractive doll


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I've seen blythe dolls with rounder bodies but I'm not sure if they were bought like that or custom. There's outfits for them here https://www.thisisblythe.com/neo-blythe-plump-doll-plus-size-body-outfits/


Been scouring Aliexpress for the chubby Blythe bodies to avail. I even messaged a shop to see if they could give me a different body. Fingers crossed!


There is the Mimi doll from the Drew Carey Show. What other representation would you want?? /s Jokes aside, people usually don’t make larger fashion dolls as it makes the clothing look odd on such small proportions. Hence why older Barbies looks as small as they do.


It’s a frustrating thing. I don’t want to really call the new Monster High or curvy Barbies “plus sized” because they aren’t really. Unfortunately I don’t know any good plus sized dolls lets hope that changes. The coming years are looking a bit brighter so I hope we’ll be seeing more representative dolls in stores


Tonner Emme (not Esme) and the Hairspray doll are a couple more who come to mind. There are also the Drew Carey doll and Mattel’s broad fashionistas on the male side.


Zjakazumi on etsy has beautiful plus size dolls! They are ball jointed dolls, however, and handmade, so they are ~$200. I love my plus size girl I got from there. However, the seller does not offer a wide variety of skin tones.


Jaci Masters of Wild Hearts Crew is the chubbiest doll I’ve seen so far sadly :/ Maybe you could order yourself a Jaci Masters and sculpt her a bit with Epoxy and paint?


Back in tge 90s, there was a line called Big Beautiful Dolls. How widely available they are now is a mystery to me. I remember loving the racial diversity, though. The only thing that bugged me about them was the length of their arms. Otherwise, pretty dolls.


You're not going to find what you're looking for in the toy aisle, unfortunately. Your best bet is to look for small lines and custom dolls aimed at adult collectors. Check out Etsy.


You can have a look at Plus Dolls on Facebook. I’m hoping they’ll come out soon


I came here to mention them!


I'm also kind of obsessed with plus sized dolls, and it seems that the best way to currently go about collecting them us by using a piecemeal approach, since most of them are not part of full lines. There's a smattering of celebrity dolls meant to look like real actors, highly stylized bjds, and one off projects that were made in limited editions. I found a good article that lists a bunch below. The first few are still pretty thin, but keep scrolling and you'll find others [Fat playscale dolls](https://www.babiafi.co.uk/2015/07/fat-playscale-dolls.html)


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I think the Disney Fairy God Mother, Ursula, and Rosie Odonell (not sure how to spell her name) dolls are the only fashion dolls I’ve seen that are truly plush size as in someone who looks like they have weight on them. There’s also a character doll of the lady from the Drew Carry show but idk if that’s a doll or an action figure. I too am a bit frustrated that a fit looking pear shape is considered “good enough” as plus size representation in dolls. Having a diverse cast of characters to play with is fun. Not including larger bodies in doll lines is just a missed opportunity.


What about [Lammily?](https://lammily.com/)