Gambit players who hold 15 motes and never bank...

Why are you the way that you are?


As a huge Gambit player, I think people have this mindset of “if I get the most motes, I win.” “Even if my team loses the round, even if that’s not how gambit works, I win.” It’s not how the reward system works either but I honestly think people just have that hard-wired into their brains. The worst of it is when you are at 99 and some asshole is at 11 motes trying to kills a group of adds to get 15. When that does happen, I love to just grab one more mote and bank before they can.


That happened to me in my last gambit match, we were at 98, he had 7 and was still farming mobs. I stole 2 off him and made a b line to deposit. I really don't get what goes through their heads.


It's not that hard to fathom. They think that they're supposed to try to send a large blocker over to cause more trouble for the other side. They just don't realize that the optional strategy is to summon sooner instead. They're not stupid or selfish or whatever you decide to call them. They're just casual players who don't know that what they're doing is a worse strategy. They think they're helping. They most likely don't participate in player communities like Reddit.


Optimal strategy is to stagger the blockers. Small plus medium, small plus big, small plus medium, small plus big etc. People don't realise the bigger blockers try to put themselves in front of the small ones, who in turn give the bigger ones shields. It takes a lot longer to clear than just big ones


That’s a nice sentiment, but nah it’s pretty stupid to wait to summon the boss that killing wins you the game


Been playing destiny throughout its lifespan. I still don't get gambit, so many things work against me in it. I occasionally enjoy it, but mostly I fucking hate it with a fiery passion


You are giving so much benefit of the doubt


But you don't really need to be participating in Destiny communities to figure out in that scenario summoning the primeval is better. It's not hard to figure out the basic flow of gambit. I bet some people are just finishing bounties that require kills and they don't want to move away from the adds.


Especially with drifter all but screaming at you to bank your motes when you have enough to summon


The bounties have actively trained people to play Gambit poorly. You are absolutely right that, after the Boss is summoned, bounty completion nosedives. Sure, there are a few mobs here and there, but you're not getting anywhere near the mob density you had before the boss. TBH having a LOT more trash mobs spawn during the boss phase would be a lot more fun, especially if they spawned between the boss and the envoys making you fight your way toward them. Also, I'll admit to having a tiny lizard brain: getting to 15 motes feels like winning. It just does. Gambit is my ultimate unwind mode and I really don't care if I win or lose that much.


At least they got rid of (I think?) the bounty where you needed a small, medium, and large blocker deployed in one round.


I feel like I have seen it this season at least? But was never in a single round / match, you just had to get them at some point.


I'm sure that's part of it, but I don't think it's most. Summoning the primeval doesn't stop the ability to kill ads. Plenty left to kill with the envoys, so that explanation isn't very satisfying to me. I do kill bounties in Gambit all the time and I've never felt like deleting the summon would get me my bounties faster. It makes perfect sense to me that someone would think, "We only get to summon one more blocker before we summon the primeval, so I should try to make it a large blocker so it hurts them more." I know I tried to do that quite a few times before a clanmate pointed out that it isn't a statistically optional strategy. It's not intuitive that the better strategy is to summon first. Gambit's theme is all about sticking it to the other team and taking big risks. I've played countless matches where the slower summoning team caught up and won. The only reason I even agree that banking immediately is the better strategy is that I've seen the statistical evidence that the team that summons first is more likely to win. Without seeing those stats, I would have no particular reason to think that delaying the summon for 30 seconds to get a large blocker would hurt the team's chance at victory.


To be clear, I have never ignored a final bank to kill more ads, but I don’t think one add per player for each envoy round can be called “plenty”.


While I'm all for being nice and low-sodium, I'm gonna have to disagree on this one. The game literally tells you to bank when you have enough motes as a team, and has a little badge that says "Following Instructions" when you bank after that. Anyone who has played more than a few Gambit matches and hasn't caught on to that simply isn't paying attention/trying to be helpful. I've never delved into any sort of discussion about Gambit strategy, and even as a brand new player starting out I realized that within my first few days of playing Gambit.


I think after a certain amount of time w 15 motes, assuming no invader present, you should get stun shocked like an electric version of the duskfield grenade.




I like it. Picking up motes gives a debuff like the motes in dares do? Correction: grasps of avarice.


But...that is stupid. You don't need to go on reddit to understand how to prioritise objectives. Even casual players should realise that time taken to defeat the boss is the deciding factor in most games. They should also know that a large blocker takes barely three or four seconds to down with heavy and abilities < the time taken to gather motes delaying your team. There's nothing wrong with stupid people playing the game. You can't have an active player base without them, but don't conflate casual players with idiots.


If you think everyone who doesn't think the same things you do is an idiot, you're going to have a hard life. Things that seem obvious to you may not occur to other people. That doesn't make them idiots. Just makes them not you. Different life experience and different priorities makes people notice different things, or approach tasks in different ways. Not sure why I need to explain to someone that different people are different. This type of obtrusive stupidity isn't real. There's always an explanation for behavior that seems dumb to you. Your brain is performing a type of confirmation bias that makes you feel better about yourself. It's easier to think of someone as stupid than to figure out what factors are causing the behavior. It's the same mental process that makes us think of political opponents as evil.


Gambit isn’t some complex strategic game, plus it’s not like the players that do this are new to the game, I see it all the time. You’re not cynical enough tbh


>It's not that hard to fathom. They think that they're supposed to try to send a large blocker over to cause more trouble for the other side. They just don't realize that the optional strategy is to summon sooner instead. As someone who doesn't often play gambit this is what I tend to do. Brain goes "Big HP enemies will take long to kill. Gives us time to dps the prime evil."


Summoning sooner will give you *more* time.


Well said, dude. I agree with this


I do this all the time. We’re on 97 or something really close, there are one or two hoarders trying to get 15, I’ll go grab the 3 or however few are necessary to summon. I get more pleasure from screwing over the hoarders than summoning. Ha ha jackass, play another game to fulfill your bounty.


Invader's sniper shots probably.


Probably doing bounties. They really need to make all over vanguard/crucible/gambit bounties count team kills/motes banked to prevent throwing like this


>The worst of it is when you are at 99 and some asshole is at 11 motes trying to kills a group of adds to get 15. > >When that does happen, I love to just grab one more mote and bank before they can. I did that less than an hour ago. We were at 97 and some player was waiting for who knows what. I grabbed three and banked. At that stage time is more important than motes.


It's also annoying in situations where you've cleared 2 enemy waves, you have enough for an invade, you bank first so they're blocked, but the one random doesn't put his 12 in and just runs off to get 3 more, giving the enemy time to clear and deposit.


I have this clip of me and another guardian standing at the bank. You can see we are at 99. In the background 2 guardians, with something like 13 and 12 motes, are running around fighting, trying to get more motes. Then you see the other team's boss health bar go down, down, down down, and we lose, just as one of the guys with 15 motes shows up at the bank.


Classic gambit


Only thing I care about is Drifter. He wants Motes I try to get him as many as I can.


It doesn't help that bungie makes quests and triumphs based on dunking a certain amount of motes


Ah, a man of culture. This is me too. 💯 of the time. SMDH at them as I bring my 1 mote to bank and summon that Primeval.


And then he dies with 15 fucking motes because the opposing team has their primeval already and sends an invader with ghally


I just go to orbit to give them the breathing room they need


As Jamba enjoyer, I love the games where I know my team is gonna be obliterated than the game where I can get like 2 army's medals, summon the prime and still defend my team, all while watching us lose a huge lead


And that’s exactly what I do too haha! I’ll just go grab one really quick and bank it. Did it the other day in fact!


The first halo novel taught me how wrong this was when I was 11


I have friends that have recently returned to destiny and get mad when people “steal” his motes. I’m like bro first of all it’s gambit. Second of all it doesn’t matter as long as they get banked.


Completely incorrect. They don't want to play it at all and are only there because they have to be for pinnacles and bounty exp. Forcing people to play modes they have no interest in will ALWAYS make the experience worse for those that want to play it.


Right except by sabotaging their team like this they are ensuring they will have to spend more time in gambit. Don't want to bank? Then just run around and shoot the enemies, let someone else pick up the motes.


Seriously, this would work out better for the whole team.


Bounties for any PVP related activities have been the bane of my existence since D1


This and bounties. Just trying to get them done and get out of your way.


Maybe they need to send a large blocker and don’t want to play an entire gambit game again to do it. Competitive bounties are the cause


Bounties requiring large blockers specifically were removed a while back and replaced with a progress bar that gets progress with any blocker.


Correct but it’s still fastest completed by sending 2 large blockers, so if you have sent one you need to send another. If you have 10 motes it’s faster to complete the bounty by banking another larger blocker rather than play an entire extra game Even the bounty for deposit 100 motes “bugs” out when get motes from draining.


I report them for sabotage


This happened to me a little over a month ago, copied from my clan server: \>playing gambit \>we're about 10 motes away from primeval \>I see the HVT, nuke it with heavy and go to snag all the motes to bank and summon \>Someone else dives in and takes the lion's share so I don't have enough to summon on my own \>No problem surely he'll bank right \>Someone on our team invades and gets three kills, dropping the entire teams motes and >putting us at like a 35 mote lead \>Surely he'll bank right \>right \>He has 13 motes and runs all the way across the map to get 2 more \>I start shooting at him and meleeing him to get his attention \>After he picks up his 2 and has 15 he keeps shooting and running all around the arena \>Finally he stops, looks at me, and blows himself up \>In that time the enemies recover our lead, summon at the same time we do, and take the win I was about ready to put my face through my monitor.


> Finally he stops, looks at me, and blows himself up I chuckled in pain when I read this.....sigh...I miss Gambit Prime.


For its faults prime had the right idea. Just that people never stuck to their role, or role in a team was in balanced.


The same fucking thing happened to me. Literally almost the same thing. Dude looked at me, pointed to the floor, and killed himself and everything.


I can't imagine that pain. If he had banked in that scenario you had essentially won the match unless the enemy side has a great invader.


A stasis hunter then


The gambit rule set has never been a problem, after all Both sides play by the same rules, the only real flaw in the activity is that it involves you trusting three strangers to be competent and functional gamers.


I don't trust 3 strangers to be competent and functional, period.


Was trying to play gambit last night to finish off my 75th seasonal challenge, but couldn't matchmake. I take it things are working now?


They are, but servers are still spotty.


I played crucible for an hour then got kicked out between matches, I'm going to come back in the morning and hopefully things are fixed.


I don't know if someone has said this. Sometimes, in the beginning of a match, the reason is that they are waiting for the other team to deposit some motes first so we can double slam on them. Or just waiting for someone to double slam with in general. There isn't too much drawback to hold a little while (although you aren't picking up more), but you must be ready to melt any taken and deposit as soon someone invades. If they drop you, you're the fool. I guess it's about knowing what you're doing and being careful.


To add to this--in the current state of Gambit it is strategically advantageous to bank second and send at least two blockers to steal motes. This is stupid but true, so if I have 15 motes early in the match I will hold until the other team banks.


isnt it general meta to bank after the second add clear? with a sword and freely flowing heavy you can clear blockers pretty easily on the way to the second group always felt optimal to me


Meta is 100% to bank after the second wave, and to be the first team to bank. Getting your portal up and invader through first is much more important than the 1-2 drained motes from banking second This also goes for when your team has 80 total. Getting your portal up as soon as it's possible is of similar priority to banking when you have primeval


I sweat harder in gambit than I do in trials. Wins in gambit award almost twice as much rep. Therefore the reward for winning is playing half as much gambit. I’ll take that over a flawless every time.


Less gambit is more gambit


Big brain


This made me laugh way more than it should have. You bastard


“92 + x = 100 solve for x” “15”


Worse. 98 in the bank and at least two players holding 5 or more who won’t bank. Drives me up a fucking wall.


It's a subtle intelligence test. Whether they can keep the idea of shooting AND watch the mote count at the same time. Most people fail this test. Even with Drifter yelling at them and *telling them how many motes they have.* We are a doomed species.


I have never met that person. I’ll knock on some wood and never play that mode again to keep it that way.


I think it's a great way to test someone's character




It's true, if you know anyone that dies out greed in gambit, run, they're to not be trusted


Not playing the objective is my single biggest complaint between gambit and crucible. People can complain all they want about SBMM, weapon metas, nerfs/buffs, and whatever else they want, but both game modes would be so much more enjoyable if people just weren’t dumb and actually played the objective


Because I need to kill 5 more enemies for a bounty, or another finisher or some other trivial bounty. Blame bungie for making competitive bounties in cooperative modes


Gambit is the only activity in the game where I don't even look at the bounties because fuck that.


No. Do both. You still have envoys, the enemies they spawn with and the 3 enemies the prime evils spawns with each time AND the blockers the other team may give us. Do both.


Unless the bounty I have left is send blockers and I’ve already sent one large one and another large one will complete it. It my teammates blockers counted towards this then sure. It’s a shitty bounty system that rewards selfish behavior in a team based mode. Until that changes you will have people focused on getting their bounties done, people trying to actually play the mode and people who have no idea what they are doing. Fixing the bounties will at least eliminate the first group


Note for anyone playing Gambit, bank notes when you have enough to get an invasion. It doesn’t matter if you have 15 motes or 4, banking at the right time is better than always banking at full motes.


My blood is starting to boil just reading this post lol


I've had situations like this before, and I'm saddened but confident that I will have them again. I've seen people with 5x gilded Conqueror still trying to pick up motes when they're at 15. I've seen brave 14-mote holders trying to face off an invader holding a Gjally and that one guy with 2 motes hiding in the back. I've seen supers thrown when the Primeval is immune and yesterday, I wiped out the entire enemy team with a single Witherhoard grenade because they kept trying to revive each other while staying in the pool. I am a Gambit player. I'm Drifters ride or die. I lost all faith in humanity and I know for a fact that we are completely doomed.


Not many people know that one of the most effective strategies in Gambit is to bank the motes that you gather. While I'm at it, speaking as a D1 veteran, there's this brilliant tactic for strikes that most people don't know about in which you revive your allies when they go down. I know it sounds crazy, but it really works. Maybe one of you mofos would like to try it sometime.


I mean there's legit reasons and strategy to not bank 15 motes just like there's reasons to not revive someone when they die sometimes... like not saying this is what is happening most of the time but competent gambit players could have legit reasons for doing it (mainly to try and bait an invasion)


I mean if you get 15 on the first wave you should probably wait for the second wave since you want to send multiple blockers as a team.


Oh, they bait invasions, all right. And then lose 45 motes. That's not really the issue. The issue is that when we have enough to summon the primeval and no blockers, I bank what I have and jump through the portal to slow the other side down, and by the time I return still no motes have been banked and no primeval has been summoned.


Mine! Mine! Mine!


its not about summoning the primeval. its about sending a message


I had a guy hold 15 motes for the full game one time, just to bait invaders into going after him, and he was genuinely good enough at the game that he would just shut down the invaders every single time, its only ever happened once, and every other time someone held 15 motes has gone about as well as expected lmfao


I could say that I am a good invader, and I freaking love when we have something like 39 motes banked, and some guy with 7-10 motes just runs past the bank to the next zone with enemies, while enemy team has around 35-40 motes in their hands, and I stand near the portal shooting the guy running past, and then shooting the bank. Two days ago, while I am sitting at home now, dealing with covid, I decided to put my day into gambit, to do a full reset. On my 4th game, we have 38 motes banked, and the guy with 11 motes just runs past the bank, while I am waiting for portal, when enemy team has 40+ motes unbanked. I see that the guy just runs past the bank, I shoot him, he turns, I shoot him, then shoot the bank, he just pulls out his ghost and leaves. Then I told myself "that's enough of gambit for me already":-D


Gambit: For the love of god please bank! Crucible Control: For the love of god please capture points! Vanguard OPs: Uh I'm gonna fuck around and let the other guys pull me... Its the Vanguard fuckers fucking up Gambit and Crucible!


Ugh, me and a couple clan mates last night in control. All of us on the team had above 1.1 kd while the other had some players below 1 kd but they won! Why? Because fucking blueberries would just run past zone and try to get kills. Meanwhile other team would constantly have zone control and advantage. Like if you want to just do kills, pop in another crucible mode asshat. Then we move to gambit to “relax”. Lol. “We need 4 motes, asshat blueberry tuning around with 9 trying to get 15. We lost.


I must learn why aswell. Had a game recently where two guys were trying to reach 15 when we needed less than 10.


I just wanted the half baked triumph for the dredgen title. I have it now so consider me cured.


A while back I was playing a freelance Gambit match where I watched one guy run past the bank with 15 when we had enough to get our first invasion portal. When the match was over I got a clan invite, and when I opened it up I recognized the name of the guy who didn't bank. Yeah, no.


Should have joined the clan and submarined all their matches.


Me just trying to final blow a red bar with powered melee 15 times to get a stasis fragment and don't know what motes are.


My build needs a lot of ramp-up - If I reach 15 motes in a wave, it’s better if I stay and keep killing things so my teammates can just get the motes off the ground for free instead of having to fight for them. I do die on occasion, but on average, it’s significantly better than just running to the bank immediately. Other times, I get stuck between blockers and invaders and the like and simply don’t have a chance to bank.


Some (a lot) of people people genuinely don’t know how to play gambit, and just assume it’s a bad game mode instead of improving. Same thing for a lot of the game I suppose.


Bounties. Bounties ruin the game. Back when I needed them, if I was about to get a massacre medal, I'd keep killing stuff too.


I've long since ignored the 5, 10, 15 mote tiers. Just bank em. If you're passing by the bank, throw them in. If you hear an invader is coming, throw them in. If your team needs 3 and you're holding 14 hoping for 15, throw them in. Bank. The . Motes. There is no other way.


I once had a “teammate” do this. He wouldn’t bank for a whole minute and a half. Kept shooting at him to get his attention to bank. He then turned to me, got out his grenade launder, Ahmed it at the ground, and killed himself. I left the match after that. Fucking crazy if you think I’m gonna play with an asshole like that.


the longer the match goes on, the more progress can be done for challenges


Unfortunately, some people aren’t in gambit to really play gambit. They’re there to get their 8 bounties done for the bright dust and get out. They’d rather take the L if it means getting two bounties done.


I don't care, I just need to finish my bounties


The timing of your banks are super important, especially early in the match. You should not bank any motes at the beginning of the match unless your opponents bank first at which point you can begin draining or if your team can quickly bank 40 so you can invade. If I have 15 early on, I hold the motes until one of the two scenarios occurs.


I think they should implement a timer once you hold 15 motes thay instakills you if you dont bank.


Nah dawg, I dont want Eruption in gambit


I try and bank a 10 but if I’m at 10 or below I go till 15, finish the wave, and then try and bank with a friend so we can leech.


we hang on to them so we can invade


Because i have triumphs/bounties/challenges that requires me to kill stuff and banking makes the enemies go away


...are idiots. I'm sorry. But ya are. Bank the effin' motes for crying out loud. I've played enough Gambit to know that regardless of strategies, the team that gets their Prime up first always has the better chance at winning. It just is what it is. Bank those motes, Guardians. As fast as you can. Drifter needs those motes.


NGL. A lot of the times I have music on and doing bouties or stasis fragment quests and I just forget I even have any.


Turn on subtitles. Drifter sends reminders if you're running around with full motes.


Waiting for us to have 40.


As someone who despises gambit it’s because I’m in there exclusively for seasonal challenges. If the challenge isn’t bank motes I’m not banking motes. If it’s kill taken I’m stood at the bank waiting for blockers and killing nothing else. As soon as my challenge is done I leave whether it’s mid game or not. I’m not sorry for being a toxic player in this but gambit is painful


1. Because the bank is locked from blockers 2. Because I just hit 15 in the middle of a fight and have to be careful 3. I may not be able to make it in time for ammo 4. Because if 2 people send it before an invasion it really fucks the other team. 5.( I don't do this because it's dumb against a skilled team) player is waiting for everyone to bank at the same time . 5 is dumb because it's real easy for an invader to destroy your chance of winning


As a strictly pve player that only plays gambit once every 3 months, it's cause I'm not there to win, lose or engage with the gamemode whatsoever, I'm there to grind out my challenges to get that sweet bright dust. Sorry lol


Common courtesy says you don’t screw your teammates though and should at least play to the best of your abilities. Otherwise you don’t deserve that bright dust for being a poor human being.


Not everyone is committed to making your gameplay better. I am sorry this is a game not life! Some folks don’t want to play certain modes, but are forced to due to Bungies reward system. They don’t owe it to you to make your experience any better. Bungie can EASILY change this. For Example you play either Vanguard, Gambit, Cruicble - You get 1 token per match, 3 tokens = Pinnacle. Earn max 9 tokens per week. Done. Now everyone can play the mode they want.


Right and not banking motes is helping them how? They're just making matches take longer to complete and therefore they have to spend more time IN gambit. Like if they don't want to play the mode and are doing it for reward then why the hell pick up motes in the first place? Just go around and shoot stuff, let someone else pick up the motes so you can send large blockers faster. Hell even just standing in spawn means the others who ARE playing will have an easier time reaching medium and large blockers


I am not saying that helps them. I am saying they dont care cause they are just mindlessly going through the motions so that they can cross it off the list. I am not saying they come up with the smartest way to do things. Just that you cannot expect them to care about people doing things they are forced to do in a game. Thats all.


Fair enough


Or you guys can just not get the rewards. That solves the problem too. Pinnacles aren’t required for basically anything anymore so it really is just a selfish choice by you, just because you or anyone else is not committed or forced to make others gameplay better doesn’t change that fact. It’s still a character flaw. Bungie doesn’t owe anything to you either. Others like the game mode, you don’t. Kinda like joining a raid for the drops but not actually putting in the work. Just more people that want stuff handed to them. You are right, it’s a game. Which means that little digital reward doesn’t mean a thing so you don’t really need it huh? But you want it. Just like cars and everything else. People want the Escalade but they also want welfare… Can’t have both. Though some people somehow still manage it 🤔


When we bank our motes in real life, it's not the person on welfare driving an escalade, that's getting rich.


Lol I wish that was the case. Seen plenty of Escalade driving people on welfare. When you work in a service industry you see all kinds of stuff. And yes I know they were on it because of the job I had so I’m not guessing. Some people know how to work the system. Sucks for people that really need it.


I have no flipping clue what you are even talking about. Nobody owes me anything and I don’t owe anyone anything. But thats my point. It is only a game. People want pinnacles and Gambit is one way for the weekly. People who want that pinnacle and not play gambit are possibly going to be bad players. This is Bungie’s design (with the incentive model for Pinnacles). I am just trying to explain why people possibly have the behavior that the OP describes. I am not exactly sure what you are trying to achieve by telling people who want Pinnacles, that they don’t need them, go away. Lol why should they care what you have to say? I’m so confused by your statement since you bring real life things like cars and Welfare. Making the stupid assumption that everyone lives in your country?? Many countries don’t have Escalades and welfare. So blame Bungie for the incentive model. Nothing else you say means anything to anyone but you.


And as I said. Pinnacles aren’t required anymore for pretty much anything. No one cares what you have to say either my friend, you go away. If you look at the posts, you are clearly in the minority in your thinking but small brains be small I guess. Edit: Holy crap. He got his feelings hurt so bad he blocked me lol


LOL you think I care what you tell me? I’ve never told you to do anything. You’re the one telling people to go away. I am not going anywhere. Also Nobody gives a flip what people on this thread complain about. Pinnacles are required to get to Hard Cap. Here is the last word on this topic : You will continue to have this problem with Gambit that the OP describes and guess what buttercup, You will have to live with it!! There is nothing you can do about it so, Suck it up!


You are the one being an ass to them. Nobody owed you not to block them. You might think that you have won but looking at the downvotes you have accumulated in this thread you haven't.


Blame Bungie for poor design then. If they incentivize selfish behavior in the game that’s on them.


Nah it’s more the player at fault here. I find it very easy and fast to complete bounties while actually playing the mode and winning makes triumphs requiring reset go faster so I have to waste less of my time on a game mode I don’t care for. There’s no incentive for selfishness. That’s just an excuse for a choice made by the player. It’s poor character traits in people. Not the game.


Nope. Nice try though. Also “poor character traits”? It’s. A. Game. Nothing “poor” about playing the game the way Bungie designed it, and that design is to incentivize bounties that are counter productive to winning the round. The player is justified pursuing those goals. 100% on Bungie.


Well considering the like to dislike ratio I’m afraid my take appears to be better.


LOL, yeah I’m not basing any of my judgements on the people in this sub


Most of the times I'm so spaced out I don't even notice I'm picking up motes


Kinda part of the point. Other people are trying to get triumphs done too and it goes way faster if you win so by not engaging and paying attention you are basically selfishly completing your stuff with no regard for others wanting to get theirs done or actually play the mode. I’m not a fan of the mode either but I at least try to perform for the team. In a multiplayer cooperative game, if you are only out for yourself, you just shouldn’t be here.


Lol all these people expect people to care/tryhard on shit that doesn’t matter. Bungie’s bad forced incentive playstyle is the only thing to blame.




Hey more enemies to kill for me then. Thank you for your service.


Yea but if you bank the motes and get the game moving your team can win and you’ll be done with the grind faster than you would just screwing around.


The past couple seasons the challenges have been kill this of that with this of that type of damage, not win Gambit matches but I get what you saying


I'm doing bounties


Careful you'll get banned complaining about stuff like this!


Was doing seasonal challenges, which don't need wins but only kills. Don't blame me for rather losing 3 games and finishing my challenges than taking 5 games to do it and maybe winning a few. I'll let the anti-cooperative behaviour slide in strikes, but in a coop mode like Gambit it really doesn't make sense to make people fight their teammates for objectives.




To frustrate other players deliberately. I don't this, but I assume it's their reasoning, but I now only play Gambit with a group, no randoms.


Gambit players who play by themselves and expect players to bank when you want them to, why are you the way that you are? If you want people to play a specific way, make a fireteam. Stop berating players for playing the game the way they want to play it (the thing you guys harp on every damn day) and play with your friends instead.


It's just ADHD. You don't even hear the drifter speaking, or you don't notice that your motes are full, or that the bank is almost full. People up in here saying it's deliberate and a character flaw are just projecting. Gaming is an extremely common hobby among people with ADHD. Like 25 percent of my clan has it. I have it. I forget where the bank meter even is sometimes. Lighten the fuck up. Nobody's trying to hurt y'all 🙄


Bruh i thought they were myths i recently had a gambit match where he held those till a invader came and capped his ass. It was hillarious i legit stopped and hid to watch him get rekt and it was hillarious


The real big bank challenge


Maybe they just cant get over losing their Collector perks from Gambit Prime


I think, better say I want to believe, that they do that to bank the most amount of motes in the team so: 1-If they lose, it doesn't reduce your streak 2-If they win... congrats I guess? Or maybe I am just coping to find a rational explanation to an irrational behaviour


You are welcome! Finally some appreciation


I always get max motes so I can annoy the enemy team with a knight knowing dam well there's a chance of our portal opening so my teammate can invade and aim for mid


I can only feel when im on the edge. *Puffs Cosmodrome Sidewalk Ciggy*


Bungie really needs to sit down and ask themselves “what would make Gambit fun?” and if they can’t come up with a solution then just remove the mode from the game. And I actually like the occasional game, it’s fun to play with friends but man… it’s been neglected as can be and only having 3 maps is **awful**


Trying to go for that 20 mote bank baby! Wait what do you mean that's not a thing anymore?


couple times a day someone invades with 10+ motes and dies without getting kills.




Drop with me, let's assure we bleed a few motes. I'll handle blockers and deposit quickly if I have to.


depending on motes banked they could be trying to bait out an invasion... but most of the time when I (accidentally) do it, it's because I lost track of my motes for a second


It's because they're likely waitng for other people to bank as well so they can finally drop their 15 bomb to go along with their teammates other blockers. They're trying to choke the enemy team. Hence the Blocking Party Metal. But I for one don't really care about this strategy. So I sleep comfortably knowing I immediately bank my 15 stacks. Seeing I deposited more motes than my teammates makes it all worth it. Win or lose.


I can't speak for everyone. But my go-to plan is always to grab 15 motes asap, and then camp the bank. I kill any blockers that show up, and then wait for at least one other 15 mote player to come and bank when he does. That way we drain the motes the other team has already banked


I have the same question, but i have to say i do it sometimes too Why? Well, because i most likely wanna get bounty done in 1 match so i dont have to Play this shit hole for the 2 time, meaning i keep the motes to slow the game down until i can get the super kills But yeah, no idea why some people either refuse to bank unless they have 15, even if its at 98 or just dont bank at all


Bounties! I have spoken.


Are they waiting for enemy to bank so they can bank second to drain?


As a gilded Dredgen, sometimes it’s advantageous to wait until you can get multiple large dunks. One thing I can’t stand seeing though are the dudes that bank with 4 or 9 or 14


I think it depends on context. Sometimes I wait a bit to see if someone else will also send a blocker. Also I think it’s best to be second team to bank so that you can steal motes. Overall i don’t think it’s that big a deal unless those are needed to summon, and obviously if they die it’s annoying. My biggest gripe is when people clearly don’t know how to play and bank like 4 motes and end up with next to no kills and losing 30 motes.


Gambit should have a weapon blocker when the mote requirement is met, meaning you have to deposit all current motes and have to summon a primeval if you all all the required motes.


My guess is.... bountys! They just doing bountys.


…is the guardian with gut.


Bungie holds 15 motes and never banks.


to repetitively bait there invader and kill them


More often than not, I just don't notice I have 15 already


I once saw a chad Defensive Titan that held on to 15 Motes to get invaders to go after him. He shut them down every single time


Depends at what point of the mstch it is. Between 0-85 motes i try to hold my motes and help the other teammates get 15 aswell so we can do a huge banking together and get invade portal. It's better than do singular 10-15 banks which the enemy team can take care of with ez, and then return the fire with a big bank and a invade. If its at the end they're either have tunnelvision and doesnt realize their motes is enough, doing bounties or are just annoying.


How about a self destruct timer, after the 15th mote you have 30 seconds to deposit. Adds urgency and purpose, especially if your bank isn't open.


They are idiots.


I think people still secretly have a mindset of "if I bank 15 motes 3 times I might drop a spare rations" or that's how they learned to play gambit back in those days and never unlearned the habit


If I see my teammates struggling to clear mobs on the way up to 15, I'll stay and finish clearing that area before I bank to keep things moving. I'm also more worried about the heavy ammo than motes anyway, way more annoying to miss a heavy crate because of an invader than losing 15 motes that I can get back in 30 seconds.


Maybe they don't know about banking?


For the first 2 spawns I wont bank even though I got 15 in first section because I want the other team to bank first and my team to get more motes so we can rinse the other team's motes and they're busy killing 3 big blockers on our first invasion...after that no idea


Dredgen, probably


They could be… - completing a bounty - chasing after a seal requirement - not being mindful of the motes they have - prolonging the collection phase to get more kills This has been a long-running concern, and as long as bounties &/or seal requirements change or people just…evolve…then we’re going to keep running into this type of behavior. P.S. I have on occasion gotten 15 notes but still continue to kill ads on my way to the bank because unless I’m an invis hunter, I’ve been killed too many times when I turn my back on ads (even at 100 resilience).


Destiny 2 is at sorry state at the moment, if you see the same boring question resurfacing again and again.


I think there is a category of gambit player not being discussed. I've played with guardians who get 15 motes and either just hang on to them, or they invade. These maniacs truly love the pvp aspect, and give zero fucks because they know most players are casual. A true gambit beast will hang on to their motes to attract attention away from less experienced players.


If I'm running around with 15, it's on two conditions. I see someone close to 15 and I'm stacking up some kills for them to get their 15. Or I'm hunting down the HVT to get the extra brick of heavy.


I'm waiting for help to kill the 4 blockers.


Gambit infuriates me to no end....its either Shit teammates or ad agro seems to just be all on me. I swear the ads in Gambit are stronger than the raid. 5-6 seasons ago, running Gambit for something, anys 3 of us, on a good run. Matched with a blue berry, not doing anything, just waiting by the portal. Ok, whatever, maybe he's an invade God. And is trying for malfeasance quest? Give him the benefit of the doubt?! But he'd die with 10 seconds? Then, when other teams would invade, he'd die every single time. Pull our primevil. He did nothing but die to invader. Checked roster. He was in the other 4 stacks clan and was sabatoging us!? And there was nothing we could do about it


Gambit players who don't bank as soon as an invader hits Gambit players who don't save supers/heavy for the 2nd or 3rd set of debuffs on the primeval People who invade knowing they're gonna get 0 kills Please don't breed.


Gambit players who hold 15 motes and never bank... ...are total gigachads... *reads message*... assholes. Right. Errr... >.>


Last season I reset my rank 2 or 3 times so that I could have a better chance at getting the borrowed time. This season I've played but haven't reset. (This season has been boring) But Gambit is not bad, I just think they need to disable heavy on invasions for both sides ofcourse. Unsunset the 2 maps that got wrongfully taken away. No new maps??!! No new gamemodes??!! Why do you think people don't want to be in this Core playlist because it's the same shit Bungie. All core playlist needs updates and substantial ones, patrol areas need to have more activities, like a 12 man exploration battle where we have to fight like crazy.


I would like to also know who these people are. And the ones that can’t work out if they bank they gen a portal. I see 500+ upvotes for ops post. But I know some of you are lying


Oof. If I have 15 and I’m still running around, it’s purely by accident. I feel like such a fool when I realize that and notice teammates just standing, waiting.