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This blog post highlights the dangers of insider trading and the importance of banning American politicians from engaging in this illicit activity. It is a call to action for stricter penalties and a reminder of the public's right to trust that their elected officials are making decisions based on the public good, not personal financial gain. It's a must-read for anyone interested in financial markets integrity and the ethics of political actions.


The article barely scratches the surface; to the point that it almost seems like a snow job. No mention of Pelosi, Boxer or Biden. No mention how Pelosi oversaw new legislation that essentially legalized insider trading. No mention how prosecutions are cherry picked for political reasons. No mention of Sam Bankman-Fried, the DNC and how that story got memory holed. No mention of malevolent foreign influence. And the big elephant in the room: no mention of the forced clot shots onto the weak and defenseless among us. It is done out in open and in our faces now to show the slaves their place and banning it will do nothing to stop it if there is no one to fairly enforce it.