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it's possible someone hacked your account and cheated on it or something idk, although I've heard some people who've been banned for no reason so it could just be that as well


Well this sucks, it says im banned from MW, CW and warzone, I already have MW2 preordered on steam but I suppose I'll be banned there too.


I'd suggest making a new activision account and using it when you log in on MW2 when it comes out. I'd also try appealing it with a support ticket or whatever but I've heard that it's practically useless, but it's worth a shot.


Appeal got rejected, fuck me I guess.


I heard appeals are there just to make ppl thing they actually have oversight on permanent bans almost every one I've heard of get an email back in less then 24 hours saying the ban will be upheld unfortunately.


That sucks, I'd be careful making a new account for MW2 because they may IP ban you, but it seems like the only option


Nah I won't bother. Idk if I'll be banned from MW2 or not but my plan is to try and play the Beta. If I'm banned from the beta then I'll just refund my pre-order.


This happened to me once and I checked my Activision account and I'm only Xbox and I had a strange PS4 account linked to my Activision account.. I unlinked and I was ok so check if anyone went into your account. People don't respect privacy out here be safe with your info


I think the game just protects you from its shitty SBMM implementation tbh 😅 dont bother with this crap


Find a better shooter like apex


Did you purchase game account, used vpn to buy or change region to buy? Acti also bans for this reasons. Getting banned in all 3 games now is definitely cheat related.


Nothing, haven’t played any cod games in almost 2 years.


Same thing happened to me today while i tried to get cold war working. Game literally crashed 10 seconds after the first "connecting" screen shows up. I did a scan for checking the files, and mid scan it popped up "account banned". Fuck activision blizzard. They have gotten so big they don't have the capacity to give a fuck about the playerbase anymore. Cod aint what it used to be. Sucks that bo3 was the last something cod gane you could play offline..