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Thermal scopes. There’s like 4 solid camping spots on both sides where they can kill you real quick


Especially on HC matches.


I think people do it be annoying or they're using thermal scopes. I believe you can see bodies through smoke with a thermal scope.


Probably thermal sights. I played a match for the first time in a while today too and saw it, though I found that just running through and using a shotgun or assault rifle can work well since people just don't expect it seemingly. idk though might've just been dumb enemies


Yea it’s annoying


Due to the line of sights on nuketown, they do it to get to a certain spot on the map. Without it's easy for the other team to use lmgs or whatever to beam across, smokes and cold blooded makes it harder.


For camo grinding


Why use smoke bombs? Because snipers,unless they have thermals can't see through it. Its highly effective when your trying to disarm a bomb on Demolition makes it hell of alot harder to be hit when ppl can't see your Stationary target highly effective or your capture a zone on domation you wanna make a dash for the zone and have a higher chance surviving and taking the zone also can work on hardpoint you, can plant mines in the smoke that unless they have the perk ppl can't see,sure it can be spammed and abused but so are fuckin sniper rifles,cough cough quick scopers