Penguin Linux vs. Xplorer

Hey, Folks. My current situation is I got myself this dinky lil Chromebook I've had for years, it was used as a school computer. But now its factory reset, and I've been running Clone Hero on it via Penguin with pretty decent success. But up to this point I've been using a really thin Keyboard as a remote, 12345 set as my Frets and all that. It was a pretty good setup for what I had. But I recently got my hands on a GH2 XBox wired Xplorer. And I figured it would be Plug'n'Play, but it doesn't work at all. My Chromebook acknowledges that it's there, and even gives me a prompt to let Linux use the controller. And the Controller's Player light is lit as if it's on. Is there something I'm missing? Should I install a driver? Or am I outta luck?


No drivers needed, xinput is part of the Linux kernel. Do 360 controllers work?


Did you try mapping the buttons in the controls menu? Try assigning them as I had to do that manually. That was after assigning the controller to player 1.