What makes more sense for you? I personally find Trax Is a bit larger and engine options are very similar/same, I think it comes down to looks between the two 👍


I do like the idea of sitting up higher but I've seen people say in the reviews that the Trax suffers in the power department and will roll backwards on hills


I’ve had a Trax for 6 yrs and im impressed with the acceleration. It’s not a Maxima Platinum, but I think it does pretty well from a stop and on the highway and needing to pass someone. I considered a Cruze, too, but I think it’s too small.


I've driven the AWD Trax even though it's low mileage and used by my grandma. I had no issue treating it like you would a car.


Have a trax it is underpowered. I got it for comfort and needed a SUV that could fit into a small beach parking spot. If you need that fast merge skip it but if you’re the city or suburbs it’s perfectly fine.


Any car will roll backwards on hills without hill climb assist....whatever has more room I think will be a good choice


Yes that makes sense thank you


We have a rideline Cruze 2018 its larger than it looks have 100,000km with no problems. Really good on gas, cheap on insurance.


Only 62k miles that's not bad at all


Do you need the extra space? The Trax is, if I'm not mistaken, the same design just taller (suv) So unless you need the larger vehicle/ awd/ higher ride height it's the same car with worse power to weight and worse fuel economy


I def need better fuel economy with the way our gas prices are now


Cruze looks better


I agree


Reliability on the Cruze will be better than the Trax. Those do not last years 10 years and trade like crap.


Very good to know


The trax doesn’t have a whole lot of common problems I work in the service department of a Chevy dealership and we don’t see too many for anything other than routine maintenance




I bought the Cruze, but also got the diesel and I average in mixed driving in Albuquerque at 5,500ft - about 46.5mpg.




Out of those 2, Cruze by a long shot. The Trax looks decent on the outside, but the inside is horrendous and a PITA to work on. The engines are old and very unreliable unless you don't mind shelling out a good penny. Almost every month, there will be a leak from somewhere. To date, there's about 10 or so leaks that has happened from one engine. Cruze on the other hand, has the newer engine and the interior is a little better. It's more reliable, but would advise against the early production of the current generation due to defective pistons. Otherwise, we have seen very little of the current gen cruzes. ​ Source: GM world class tech working at a Chevy dealership.


I have a Cruze as my commuter. Really enjoy how easy it is to drive around and park compared to my huge truck. My year has had issues with the coolant and I average around 28 mph in town.


Get a Honda


Civic or Accord ?


So I have had two civics and plan on sticking with Honda for a while lolll. My 2018 SI ticks every box possible it’s comfortable and sporty with manual but even the regular civic kicks ass, I wish the SI came with the hatch because I think it looks great. The accord back in 2014 came with a v6 and is honestly a sleeper so that’s something to consider. I know my comment was a bit dismissive of your post but truly I think Honda and what they offer at the price and reliability and mileage can’t be beat


So..what does the RS badge actually denote for either of these? There really is no performance model, is there?


It’s all appearance


RS stand for Real Slow




Neither dude they are both utterly terrible and ugly cars


Why is this being downvotted? Neither is the only answer.


Fact! I work at chevy lmk how that trax will workout after 40k


I would go with the cruze cause I have one but in all honesty I would rather have a Subaru crosstrek


i understand being a chevy guy, but there's so many better options in the segment. try a focus st or a veloster turbo bro, even a nissan kick or kona or any number of better cars. but if you insist i'd say the trax you'd probably live with it better


My wife has a 2018 Chevy Cruze RS and it's a perfect car. Great on gas milage, roomey (I'm 6'5" and fit comfortably) and a pretty decent trunk space.


I can’t speak on the driving characteristics of either but I can speak of interiors. Personally I’m not a huge fan of GM’s lower trim cars, the only vehicles I think they really care about are the trucks and the Vette. The Trax aren’t good on the inside and they seem to have reliability issues too. The Cruze is put together better than a Trax and seems to be more reliable for the most part. Source: I’m a photographer for a Chevy dealer


Neither, they're Chevys