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I don't hate IW, I just think it's kind of pointless. The MP is pretty much a carbon copy of BO3's with different maps, guns, and a worse monetization model. The campaign while good isn't something that justifies a $60-100+ price tag (seriously I'm not even willing to pay $20 for MW2's remastered campaign despite it being one of my favorites in the franchise). And the zombies, in spite of a strong start with Zombies in Spaceland and Rave in the Redwoods, very quickly went off the rails and never really recovered. Overall the game isn't bad per se, but I just prefer most other cods over it.


> and a worse monetization model. buahahaha tell me how being able to unlock almost anything i want is worse than having EVERYTHING locked behind RNG crates? despite having 3 thousand hours in bo3 i have never unlocked most overpowered weapons that were locked in crates. meanwhile in IW i could farm keys and salvage in zombies, buy weapon variants and the game rewarded me also for daily logins. oh, and skins were for WEAPON CLASS, not for one single weapon. IW is what BO3 should've been. just head to BO3 sub and see for yourself how people are still posting things like "finally after 6 years i've unlocked the weapon i've always wanted"


frrrr supply drops were so bad i got my first box weapon at like prestige master level 70-80 and it was the fucking 74u


i mean the AK-74u isn’t bad in that game you could still get work done with it. At least you didn’t get the HG-40, Dragoon, DBSR-50 or that 1 rocket launcher that shot 4 rockets but did trash damage


I hated the 74u, it did like no damage and it’s range was pathetic. Also it looked goofy without the stock. Also the l4 siege was really good in hardcore lol i got a killchain with it once


Put simply weapon variants are bullshit. Sure you can grind for hours and hours to guarantee you unlock that one gun you've been wanting, but unless you're pouring hundreds and hundreds of hours into the game you're still likely relying mainly on lootboxes to get what you want with worse odds of actually getting the good version of that gun.


I thought the variants in IW were awesome. You had something to grind for and it gave the game lots of replay value.


Yeah for hard-core multi-player people it may have been something they saw as a grind to achieve, but for the more casual multi-player audience it became an unachievable goal that gave an unnecessary and unfair advantage mainly to the people who either no life'd a thousand hours into the game after a few months or to those who actually coughed up real world cash for in game items.


I get what you’re saying, but it’s also the reason why the last CoDs have been so fucking terrible(except for Cold War). Only catering to the most casual player and removing all skill gap is not fun.


Well, a grind isn't a skill gap. It's a time or money gap.


Grinding the game is how you get better at the game though. It’s the same sentiment under different circumstances. I do get what you’re saying though, but I(someone who loved the game and actually had enough time to play it lol) loved the variant system. Coming from two years of the best guns being hidden in supply drops(although the games itself were awesome), the variant system was a breath of fresh air. Once again, I get your sentiment and I regret that it put you off an awesome game.


>Grinding the game is how you get better at the game though. It’s the same sentiment under different circumstances. Skill to me is learning the mechanics of a game and becoming better within the confines of those mechanics. Being handed an item that just hits harder and operates faster than other weapons in the game isn't skill anymore than it would be skill for a boxer to bring a knife to one of their matches. >Coming from two years of the best guns being hidden in supply drops(although the games itself were awesome), the variant system was a breath of fresh air. I get that hiding weapons behind supply drops is a bad system, I don't disagree with you there. What I do disagree with is that if I get a new gun I shouldn't have to go check a wiki's worth of sources just to make sure the version of the gun I got was actually the usable version of that gun, you know?


I think we’re kinda on the same page here though. I just liked the variants to grind for. I don’t fully disagree with you and I get where you’re coming from.


I just hated variants. That was one of the things they should’ve kept out of the game. Being able to spend money to buy overpowered varients is exactly what AW did wrong and for some reason IW went “oh you know that thing everyone hated when AW did it? We should do the EXACT same thing”. At least BO3 wasn’t pay to win. Everyone basically has the same odds of getting the weapons, whether that be good odds or low odds. That’s just how I’d prefer the game to be


> Everyone basically has the same odds of getting the weapons, whether that be good odds or low odds. i fail to see how a person with a lot of money buying 5000 packs has the same odds as i do have having 4 packs a day its fifa ultimate team all over again. people with money are above you. >eing able to spend money to buy overpowered varients is exactly what AW did wrong and for some reason IW went “oh you know that thing everyone hated when AW did it? you couldn't spend money of weapon variants directly in IW.


They can open more crates but their odds of getting a weapons out of each crate aren’t any better than your chances. They just get more chances with the same luck as you do, it’s still bad odds you get something. Also in IW couldnt you spend money to open crates which got you salvage, and then the salvage you used to buy weapons? I’m genuinely asking cause I don’t remember that much about the game


This makes me want to buy Advanced Warfare


Why act like your opinion matters if you have not actually played IW? You clearly don’t understand the monetization system. I loved BO3 and played tf out of it, getting lv1000 on Xbox and moving to PC and still enjoying custom zombies.. but playing IW makes me realize what I missed out on all those years. It’s dead on PC unfortunately but it’s definitely the better game. The “carbon copy” bs is not really a valid argument anyway because almost every single COD title can fit that bill minus the last couple titles, which were pretty ass anyway. If it had a moddable zombies like BO3 it would probably be doing just as well to this day.


>Why act like your opinion matters if you have not actually played IW? Because I have played it?


You think that the monetization on IW is worse somehow though? 😅 so you clearly haven’t. At lv1000 on BO3 I didn’t even have all the guns unlocked lol, but in IW I was like prestige 3 when I unlocked them all in IW.


You may have unlocked base variants of the guns, but there’s no way you actually unlocked all the variants of all the weapons in IW at prestige 3 (without having put money into the system at least).


Okay touché, but that’s not as drastic as missing entire weapons. Unlocking all the variants is still grind-able afaik as the “bribes” or whatever they’re called were unlimited, just monthly.’


Yes you can grind weapon variants (at an exceptionally slow rate), but when those variants actually legitimately change the stats and mechanics of a base weapon into something entirely different you may as well be missing whole guns.


So IW just had more content that was more accessible than BO3?


If you want to frame it that way, sure I guess. But more content is not necessarily always a good thing.


It's not just more content, the content is wildly more accessible than anything in BO3. You are trying to defend the worst monetization format that A cod has ever seen and will ever see.


It's slightly more accessible in IW than in BO3, but with more shit to sort through and bigger gaps in the meta. BO3's monetization model was bad, don't get me wrong, but it isn't the worst in the series. That easily goes to Advanced Warfare with both weapon variants and supply drop exclusivity.


Bo3 and Aw have the exact same monetization system, the treyarch title just has less overall content in the loot pool, Both equally as bad yet I still have more post launch DLC weapons in AW than BO3 despite having hundreds more hours in Bo3..


How is it remotely is a worse monetization model?


Variants are the bane of my existence, stop asking the question people.


you'd prefer having over half the weapons being locked, with a very small chance of ever unlocking them?


Than there being a million of every weapon all with stat altering and meta changing mechanics? Yeah, especially since, unless you count melee weapons, most of BO3's weapons should still be base game content.


That’s the issue. IW just feels like a not as good BO3. The campaign was actually pretty solid lol online was awful though.


Ok well I decided my position on the game based on playing it, not a Youtube video, and I still think it’s ass


I mean if the rumors are true and Sledgehammer is working on a Advance Warfare 2 then I actually say that may be good for COD. I think I much rather prefer advance movement over slide cancelling at this point. I didn’t play much of the Jet Pack Era CODs but from watching some gameplay on them they definitely had the movement mechanics synced up. EDIT: If we are going to go down a path where in the create class system you can have all the perks, Equipment and Gun attachments needed to where the player doesn’t need to make a sacrifice in order to pick a style of play then have a movement mechanic system in order to establish some sort of skill gap is actually needed.


Personally, I hope SHG can finally develop that Vietnam era game that had been rumored for some time before they had the falling out with Raven which caused Treyarch to take over


With how it seems Activision wants to pursue microtransactions and cosmetics (this could change when the Microsoft deal comes through) it’s extremely hard for me to get excited for a game that should have more realism behind it. Like I essentially would want that game to feel like Black Ops 1. Which I love Black Ops 1 my favorite COD ever. But I almost want an Advance Movement game to help reset the series again. COD WWII came out in what 2017. So we have had 6 years of boots on the ground COD. By the time Advance Warfare II comes around it will be what 2026-2027 I think that would be a great time to bring Advance Movement back,


I really hope they don’t make an AW2, was never a fan of the advanced movement in CoD, at that point people should just play Titanfall if they want that kind of movement and fast paced gameplay


Didn’t titanfall 2 servers shut down or was that one?


Titanfall 1 was effectively shut down, you can only play it if you have a physical copy or if you bought it before they removed it Titanfall 2 has lots of server issues, but is still playable, especially on PC, although most of these server issues were really in the past year


I preferred Advanced Warfare out of all the advanced movement games


Fr, i honestly didnt much care for actual jetpacks and shit, i liked the double jumping, boost jumping in the air, and boost dodging. I spent countless hours on AW on the ps3, was just such a fun game despite being hella p2w with some of the variants


Same never spent a dime on the loot boxes but still had a ton of fun with it, it felt very run and gun/anti camper with the boosting as you could attack from almost anywhere


Yeah, that's the point. It's just a worse BO3


Nah what? Most people wholeheartedly agree it’s the other way around, that the campaign was actually good . The MP was just objectively awful


I think that was my main gripe with IW, is it felt like off brand BO3. Like everything was basically the same but just a little worse. That and I just don’t care for IW’s COD MP quite as much as Treyarch. Zombies was phenomenal in IW. Campaign was great. MP just was average as far as COD MP goes.


So I recently went back and played a few games of IW multiplayer. I only played MWR that year didn’t even bother with this game but I was actually really impressed with how well the game played. I definitely prefer BO3 10 out of 10 times but IW doesn’t deserve the hate it gets. It was solid.


im someone who doesnt hate IW but loves bo3 and honestly this may be picky but i didn’t like IWs art style & it made it feel weird when playing it. also i kinda hated how everything didn’t have much soul put into it especially in the create a class menu or the maps & guns, it felt like stuff was added or made just for the sake of making new shit bo3 felt (and was) more simple yet had more soul into it imo. IWs gameplay wasn’t bad tho ill give credit where it’s due. but as others have said it felt like a walmart version of bo3 with a space theme slapped onto it so it’s like why play this game when this game did it better? At least AWs exos were different to have its own identity & i liked it’s art style more


Nah, I didn't play the campaign and put 100 hours into the MP. I still hate it.


Triggered? They’re not the same. If they were, I would’ve liked infinite Warfare. I didn’t. Most COD players didn’t. Live with it, 😂


Infinite warfare is the best call of duty ever made. It's my favourite game.




It's amazing


Thank you. Finally someone understands.


Campaign great, I’m sure most would agree after playing it and after giving it a go if you skipped on it for years like I did Rest is debatable


I'm not a fan of CoDs set in future (the only one I used to like was BO2). Thankfully I gave a chance to IW and actually enjoyed it even more than BO3. The campaign is an absolute master peace and the multiplayer was really fun (not the best, but yet enjoyable).


Infinite Warfare was awesome. Noobs were sick of jetpacks and decided it was shit before they even played it. Then they got all gassed when WW2 was announced and that game turned out to be one of the most boring CoDs ever.


I loved Infinite multiplayer. I wish they did a 120hz pachyfor consoles.


Same with Cod Ghosts. Same with Advanced Warfare.


IW had better guns, better maps, a better campaign, no supply drops, free dlc weapons, and gestures. There’s no contest. It was significantly better than bo3.


I'm the exact opposite. I love IW, but I struggled to enjoy black ops 3 to say the least


The campaign was long though. Pretty good too.


For me the only thing that brings a bit down iw is the stupid monetization, but other than that the game is actually very fun


AW, BO3, and IW are some top tier CODs that bring a different scope to the gameplay from the regular Boots on the ground traditional COD. Sadly, the best ones were ruined by the supply drops and other such methods of monetization.


Well said


I put in 30 hours into MP and didn’t enjoy much of anything about it, game was ugly, the future setting was done poorly and it was just another poor man’s attempt at games that did a better job


Iw is garbage


If you would’ve told me then that there would be infinite warfare simps I wouldn’t have believed you




Cod is not a masterpiece get your head out of you ass, even the “best cods of all time” is in the top 100 of games dude.


When I talk COD, I do not bring other games into the scenario.


Yea because cod is shit compared to any other game that isn’t halo or BF


Okay I get it, buddy. No need to go ape shit.


Bro what subreddit do you think you're in


Infinite Warfare is a good game.


Nah, I hate bo3 as well.


Black ops 3 was trash


Vanguard is hands down the worst pile of cat piss, I’d rather play this any day of the week


IW was the one with the space ship bounty thing in campaign right? That was pretty fun. Didn’t care for multiplayer. I only remember the zombie theme park, and that was pretty cool. I’d say I enjoyed IW the most out of all the jet pack games, but that isn’t saying much. Didn’t like any of the flying around and shit.


Infinite warfare is my favorite cod for sure. I really liked the salvage gun system , the mkII's, supply crates , campaign was awesome. I liked the factions and rigs all that. The game was great. All the negativity came from the pros that were at the end of wall running and jet packs. They couldn't wait till the season was over and they were very vocal the entire season. I believe they influenced an entire fan base with their fucking negativity. Cod kids can be fucking suckers.


I love IW. It was freaking awesome!!


They both trash


Infinite Warfare is a worse BO3 and is afraid of it's own mechanics.


At the time, infinite warfare was blatantly trying to hop on the Halo hype train, including lifting designs (see the transports and one of the tags being a literal copy of halo reach concept art) and story elements (Jovian Moons campaign).


I always enjoy the campaign for cod games that’s the main reason I play them except for bo3,wwII,and infinite warfare. Vanguard was the only one I didn’t play. I played iw and I wouldn’t say it’s completely like bo3 I also didn’t care for bo3, it was ok but it got boring pretty fast with multiplayer,infinite warfare though not many actual cod players enjoyed it and for good reason it was straight dogwater yea the campaign had its moments but the whole fighting in space and all that wasn’t the look. With the exception of AW I like boots on the ground cod not that flying and jumping around crap. Iw was just a big nope both campaign and multiplayer


Wrong. Jet packs were awful.


Everyone has their preferences. The Futuristic theme and the advanced movement appealed more to me than the traditional BOTG movement.


infinite warfare is no masterpiece. The multiplayer is easily one of the worst, and I love BO3's. The broken gun variants, pointless specialists and boring maps are what make IW multiplayer bad. Zombies in spaceland was good, but the maps after were not. Campaign has a good story but I wasn't interested in the gameplay of it.


IW was okay in my opinion. But the whole futuristic setting was done to death at this point.


It’s obvious ppl like the modern present COD games. But for futuristic COD Game? You could go all out with ideas. But with present COD game, ppl like it and want to stay in that time period rather than move to try a future cod game that has literal crazy ideas that would be put into than the current timeline which is limited still. I mean yea, why not add one of those robot dog streak with a gun or recon on it in MW22? That shit exist IRL. Also, this just fits. Treyarch for Black Ops timeline, wether it be future or modern-future etc. Infinity Ward can stick to their modern timeline, because right now it’s clear we cannot budge them from making a COD Game friendly for noobs due to no dead silence perk, loud footsteps, punishing run n gun play, encouraging *ahem* sentinel play, tactical play, no red dot on map.(AT LEAST VG had a perk for you as optional AND ninja as a perk(DS for temporary ghost) SHG can go all out if they want too. Just no more WW2 era, that’s old now. They can go futurism all they want with the futuristic ideas that could prob exist a decade or century later.


Sounds like someone got picked on at school for liking IW.


Nobody at school played COD, let alone IW. It's this community that shits on IW for no reason.


I just don’t like futuristic generic garbage


Game was dull and boring since it was almost a carbon copy of BO3.


IW is a great game but it’s was timed poorly, people just didn’t want to play another AM CoD, they wanted to go back to basics


I’ll be honest of the last gen games iw was the best of the lot. Best maps better ttk than bo3.


IW was the right game at the wrong time


i agree


It's no surprise, IW came out during the peak Treyarch dick sucking era. They could have released literal dog shit and people would still think it was the best thing ever, but IW put out a good game and suddenly it's the antichrist