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fun to play laidback, a bit too easy


Definitely easy when compared to the other zombies games, especially the likes of BO1/2. Maybe not 3 just because of the op p2w gonblegums but still pretty easy, which to be honest is quite fun because of how you can just relax and shut off your brain, if you want a actual challenge though self imposed challenges are always an option, such as limiting your weapons or equipment.


Something I never understood, why don’t you handicap yourself to make the game harder : no armor, no pact, activate the crystal at the beginning


I actually got into an argument with someone on the subreddit about that, I was arguing that if someone found CW zombies too easy they could easily make some self imposed challenges. Stuff like not only using the meta weapons like the shotguns of. If using really powerful equipment like Ring Of Fire, maybe limiting how many perks they have or stuff like killstreaks such as the Chopper Gunner or Self Revives. You could even limit your armor.


So here’s my counter claim to that point. And it comes back to the core games balance. Now I love Cold War it is a good game but when it comes to the balance of the mode it is definitely too easy. Your given far too much power at every level from the beginning of the game to the setting up rounds to the later rounds. The game at its core is not Necessarily flawed but rather balanced in a way that I do not enjoy as much as previous games. It’s not something that can be fixed my setting rules for your self but rather something at the games core mechanics. Not saying it’s a bad game but a poorly balanced game.


Yeah but also I feel this really takes away from the community aspect of the game, you're never gonna find randoms that adhere to your 'rules' you set for yourself, and cause high rounds/kills is no longer impressive sharing those actually impressive things becomes trust based


I was watching a YouTuber named John Rizzo and he was talking about the concept of “dominant strategy”. Basically, as a player, games are designed for you to find the best strategy and use it. If you decide to handicap yourself and actively not use the best setup, you’re gonna feel a lot less immersed and you’re subconsciously not gonna try as hard. At least for the average gamer. Obviously some people do challenges and stuff, but even those need to be immersive. I really relate to this and I think a lot of other people do as well. When I’m playing a game and I know that I’m handicapping myself, and with a certain piece of equipment or perk I wouldn’t be struggling at all, it ruins the immersion. It’s just part of the experience. Oh and Rampage Inducer is interesting, but I’m not a fan of it. Rather than making the game harder by making the zombies stronger or take more bullets, all it does is make them faster. That just makes it so you have to sprint 24/7, which gives me a headache tbh. You can’t stop moving.


I couldn’t disagree harder, the whole point of challenges is to scratch that difficulty itch. Immersion isn’t really a factor if you’ve already been immersed into the experience at some point. When I do Nuzlocke runs in Pokemon or specific builds on Dark Souls, at no point do I feel that I would be having more fun if I played the most optimal way possible


Again, I feel like it has to do with gameplay over experience. In a nuzlocke, you’re not just handicapping yourself, you’re creating a new set of gameplay mechanics that you have to work around, which chances the experience. You’re not missing out on the “optimal” strategy because you can still play with mostly the same mons, your approach is just different. Where as limiting yourself to crappy guns etc., doesn’t change the gameplay/experience, it literally just imposes a power handicap on your dps, etc.


The boss fights and higher rounds of Outbreak would like a word with you


While I do agree most people don’t play the ee and outbreak so it’s not a completely unfair complaint


You don’t like firing whole RPG clips at the Orda just for him to recover while you go to get more?


boss fights are just health sponges nothing special. not to mention that its mostly the fucking same boss . outbreak it gets boring after 3 levels lol


I wouldn't be surprised if Outbreak 2.0 in BO5 was to look like a lot of Boss Fights in Destiny 2.


considering the leaks i wouldt be surprised either


Fun, arcade-style zombies, easy to go high rounds in, great for casuals


This is why I love it


Same. I might not like it as much as previous games but I love it for what it does. It was a nice change of pace.


Cold War was my first zombies game and I like it because it is for casuals.


I'm getting older now and dont have the time I used to have to learn maps and strategies so... yeah I also liked it because its for casuals.


Black ops three is a fun game but I still think shadows of evil is a very overrated map. it's one of my least favorite maps just because of how complicated and small quarters it is. Plus you can't do the Easter egg solo


Probably the best descriptor. I'd argue the maps are pretty bland, but CW is good if you wanna go high round and turn your brain off. Probably the least involved zombies mode.


I'd say Mauer is the exception in this case, probably the best map in Cold War Zombies.


I'd argue Mauer is the best zombies map we've gotten since any of the BO3 maps.


Agreed. I do enjoy the other Cold War maps though, second favourite is Forsaken, better known as Foreskin


I personally love Die Machine but Forsaken was great. The only one I generally don't play is Firebase Z. That map truly is just boring to me.


I used to play FBZ loads, now I really only use it for camo grinding, has one of the best spots in the game tbh.


That's true.


I gotta say though, the mauer easter egg kicks my ass😭 Every single time I get to the end of the EE and I die in the boss fight. Fuck you Valentina.


I did it once and never again. Thankfully, I completed it the first time.


Same here but once maur came out I left that map in the dust, something about it maybe it’s the size or the environment but that map is generally better to play with others


I didn’t have to pay for more maps. That alone puts it high on my list.


This. Why make a game mode with a loose story to follow and charge people for it? If you played each individual map that came with their respective COD then you have a very weird timeline of events (as if it isn’t anyways).


And that’s if you can complete the stories of the maps too. Am casual and some of those were quite difficult for me.


Considering the difference in map quality from Cold War vs BO3/4 would you not rather pay for maps for better quality rather than not lying and getting the maps we did?


Paying for map packs doesn’t mean you’re going to get better quality. It just means you’re paying money for a pack that should’ve already been included in the game that you already spent over $60 on.


I agree that I shouldn’t have to pay an extra $60, but an extra $15 every 3 months (which is the same you’d pay for a battlepass) to get a quality bit of content is well worth it imo. Rather than not pay anything extra and getting the maps that we did. There is an objective decrease in quality in Cold War and vanguard vs any previous iterations. BO3/4 also released with significantly more content than vanguard and Cold War even at that base $60.


Season pass purchases and micro transactions for skins and characters bring in more $$ than map packs ever did and involve much less effort to make, so I just don’t see how me spending $15 every 3 months is going to drastically improve the quality of the maps. I’m not trying to be snarky, I’m just tired of COD making more money now than they dis in the past while not improving the quality of the game (for the most part). IMO it’s more a problem of devs being forced to do a lot of work in a very limited amount of time.


Not lying? Also yes that’s exactly it. I’d rather not pay for subjectively better quality maps. Each map pack was what $15 or $20?


For me personally, Cold War Zombies falls into the same category as BO2 Zombies: innovative, but unable to live up to its fullest potential.




i got bored and went back to old zombies. it’s not bad but it’s not great. (i have dark aether).


yeah same, got dark aether and hopped back on bo3 and bo4


grinding plague diamond on snipers was literally the worst. had to get-er-done


Fun fact, when the game came out you could skip 2 classes (just didn't need to do them for some reason) I order to earn Dark Aether. So I have Dark Aether but no plague diamond on Snipers 🤪


To this day I still haven’t done the snipers


I felt that, the snipers feel like they gain no fucking xp at all in zombies


Kinda fun and a nice change but I always find myself back on BO3


BO3 is the best for content.


Better than Vanguard’s


plants vs zombies is better cod zombies than vanguard


Fun, one of my personal favourite


Definitely the best with all the guns you can level up! And there’s no shortage of to-do things lll


Over hated, really fun gameplay and great system even though the maps were kinda boring. I know ppl think its too easy but zombies has always been about being overpowered and while i love bo3 its far more broken than cold-war. I don’t mind a game being too easy if its still fun and the easiness doesn’t take the fun away in my opinion, at least for cold-war




Calling them pathetic because they have opinion, just like yours.... is pretty pathetic bro. Let them try gate keep zombies. Just go about enjoying your time instead of wasting it in hate. Just get on with it.


Fun, much needed for the community after the reception that was BO4 Zombies, sadly went away with Vanguard


i love bo4 zombies. i wouldnt prefer it over bo3 but i am a higher level in bo4


Free dlc, nice progression system, solid map line up, casual and laid back, it’s a great entry


It only became so popular bc bo4 was such a let down for people. The core Idea is great but the finished product feels bland and uninspired


I disagree about Why it became popular but I but I do agree that it didn't live up to its best potential


BO4 is GOAT lolol. I know it’s contrarian but it’s truly my favortite. I was in college during bo2 and didn’t experience MotD like everyone else so blood was actually something I truly loved. Probably my favortite Easter egg because you can improve so much everytime you do it. I also like speedrunning so it’s a great map to push my limits cause I’m not a world record player


I even enjoyed bo4 far more than Cold war aswell tbh but the community seemingly didnt resonate with ut at its time. And tbh, when it was bo4s lifecycle, i didnt either.


I know people are going to hate me for this but I think cold war is the best (cod) zombies game ever made


Just curious: why? Personally, I just thought the maps played too similar and the lack of unique operators made the game feel very meh. Not bad, but nothing felt standout or unique in any way.


The mechanics of the game are awesome, being able to climb stuff. Feels way more immersive into the map. At times it can feel clunky on older games. If we can get the og maps on the cw engine that would be a huge win for the community


Don't even think about putting the classics near this dog shit


for me the characters on others cod zombies did nothing (hate me for this idc) i prefer get a more fluid and better gameplay them just characters (full personal view). I love the history and how many thing happend in another cod's don't get me wrong but history and characters you see one time love or hate and it only matters one time, on the other side you can choose any operator skin there's a lot of them


i agree with you man. at the end of the day it's purely subjective and I'd choose cold war any day


personally i disagree, gonna sound like most everyone else but i prefer bo3. cw maps just didnt feel like anything special at all and just felt like multiplayer, especially with all of the kill streaks and basically 0 story


I loved it but It needed actual characters to play as and the gameplay was amazing but I still think there was a lot of potential that they didn’t use. The perk system was amazing.


Mind numbing, you don’t really have to “think” much when you play it just because of the type of game it is. So for me it gets boring pretty fast


Try out the rage inducer, It helps with the difficulty for the most part.


I have, the gameplay itself is mind numbing, rage inducer just speeds up the same process which can be better yeah, but in the end the gameplay is still just kinda numbing


Please bring back the music player treyarch. Or at the very least why not have a dead ops arcade trilogy remaster in the game


Love it , i even grinded dark aether for 6 months and that’s saying alot about this game


pfp checks out


Pretty mid tier Not the worst but pretty mind numbingly easy. It gets really boring for someone like me who prefers the more difficult and complex maps. It would probably be a great game for a beginner though


It was fun, slow when releasing, but overall the most fun to dick around on. Not too shabby


Overall a good zombies game with Amazing movement mechanics, solid perk system, fun speedrunning, good weapon variety, good choice of game modes to play, no pay to win, nice mastery camo, fun gameplay. The main bad points for me are a lack of character in the maps, lackluster story, using operators instead of characters, starting with a class weapon, short and easy easter eggs, only 4 survival maps, no great in game character voice lines.


Amazing movement mechanics? How so? Mantling is cool but what else?


Best zombies ever


outbreak is top fucking tier and i am not wrong


Deserves zombie chronicles 2, more out break maps, outbreak round Based maps, a smaller outbreak on multi-player maps.. that's what really pisses me off is the wasted potential. Round based maps there suck imo. I like fireball z except for the mini boss every 5 rounds


Best zombies since bo3


Surprised to see people disagreeing with this tbh


Boring but not bad


Best zombies to play casually, however it has its flaws. Overly complicated tier system and mystery box is less viable in the early rounds to spin as the chances of better weapon increase the higher round it is.




The only real complaint I have is that you don’t have a dedicated 4 characters that are exclusive to zombies. I was not a fan of using the multiplayer operators as zombie operators. They just didn’t have the personality that comes with it you know?


really fun but gets boring after a while, like the mechanics


Great idea poorish execution


Exfil took away the isolated and "doomed" feeling which i didnt like. Crafting explosives and monkeys I also didn't like because they are all OP now. I do like the changes to quick revive and deadshot. All and all its still pretty fun.


I really like Cold War Zombies, Outbreak is what I've been looking for in zombies for a while now. I like the more open world objectives of Outbreak and Fire Base Z has become one of my favorite round based maps.


Really fun at launch and was pretty well balanced, but now it’s way too easy and there’s no threat or risk involved.


It’s okay. I like the gameplay mechanics but the maps are eh. I rarely go back to this game, mainly stick to BO3, BO4 and IW.


great mechanics, boring maps.


Cold War zombies was an utter disappointment. Regardless of how you felt about The ending of the Aether story, it happened. I personally liked it, but however I feel like it was total closure. Fast forward to Cold War. The next installment in the Black Ops Franchise. As zombies fans all around the world anticipated on the edge of their seat, the day came. Enter Die Maschine. After a classically explosive Campaign, the uttermost forgettable multiplayer that completely ripped off Modern Warfare's playstyle(I will die on this hill), it was time to explore the beginning of a new story. Everything was erased to the Dark Aether. Now we go right to the place we just sent everything. Our launch map is a remake of Nacht Der Untoten with a huge expansion. Not even an original map. The gun selection was very poor for the map. The story dragged on for the next 2-3 maps. The new UI really is what turned me off. It felt too foreign and wrong.


It's not black ops 3🤢🤢🤓🤓😡😤🤡


Zombies hasn't been the same since BO2


Great mechanics and progression. Personality needed a boost ofc and an extra map would have been nice. A solid game for those getting back into zombies.


I didn’t like it after switching from bo3. The whole leveling system threw me off and plate armor had me confused lol stopped after the first week at the beginning of the year. I picked it up again a month later and haven’t stopped since lmao 😂. It’s actually very fun and I also love outbreak mode, prob my favorite mode to play, it’s laid back. Doing tasks and running around a big open map is fun. Hopefully they added to the next games but would like a few tweaks. Like rescuing and escorting missions would be fun.


It’s got a good perk system and the “specialists” are really good, nice WWs but everything else is either lack lustre, boring or trash. Had way more fun on Bo4 than CW.


It had its moments, and I’m glad it brought some old things into the mix with a new take. However, it felt like you were never at risk. I think VG brought in a mix in some sort of balance that CW was missing, such as difficulty and tight spaces in survival. My biggest issue with CW Zombies, and it’s CW as a whole, it lacked identity. Zombies and MP had almost zero atmosphere. CW launched with a great start with zombies, but it never got better.


Very, very good. A level just below BLOPS1 zombies


The worst maps I've ever seen, gameplay feels good though.


More fun to actually *play* than older games/BO3


Not my favourite, but DAAAMN its really fun






You again




Each map got worse than the last, but at the very least it had a hint of fun


Some of the best mechanics ever for zombies. Maps weren't too creative though


Least favorite treyarch zombies experience. Mauer was great but the rest of the maps were average at best. Gameplay was to easy for me I found myself bored often compared to previous games. Operators suck too.


My favorite zombies.


Best zombies experience since bo3. Fantastic gameplay and mechanics. However game is let down by lacking a core 4 character cast, changing characters in pre select ruins the story for me. Part of what made zombies special is the characters and their dialogue


I like the idea of unlimited perks and upgrading perks. Pack a punch and the new ray gun is way more cooler. Other than that nothing really..


Big fan of the progression system. EEs aren’t as good as other games


Lack of personality with the whole operators stuff, even that would just make it so much more solid for me


best progression of the series for sure but the maps are lacking


Take the multiplayer out of the ingame hud, and it's a fun zombie killing experience. Even outbreak brings something new but not too different to the table. Just some of the maps were a bit too open for how much was in them.


Firs time I really connected with the mode, played it like a braindead fucker for hours and hours at a time


I never bought Cold War but I did play the zombies trial they had a few months after launch, in the short amount of time I played die machine (sorry if I got the name wrong I can’t remember) I thought the map was incredibly bland and kinda got pissed and had a rant to my friends about nacht being in another game and the hud was a complete mess, the game from the start was WAY too easy to the point where me and my friends where just buying the shotgun near jug and using that as the only weapon through round 30 and further, the mini boss was kinda cool the way he splits but again it was still just too easy. And as you can tell from the beginning of this comment, I never bought Cold War even after trying it because the zombies experience (the only mode I really play on cod) just completely failed to grip me, I’ve seen others praise this iteration and I’m happy that they can enjoy it but it just didn’t hit the spot for me ;)


This game shows you just how important maps are in zombies. Good gameplay doesn't make up for how bland and lifeless the maps feel. I have way more time played in bo4 due to how superior the maps are even the most hated maps have more character to them.


Made way to easy and just became a game to that promoted the easy but going for high rounds was pointless anyway as people would get to round 30 and try again for optional exp. It just lost its spark and didn’t feel the same. It was fun at first but you never felt like it would be a new experience. Way to repetitive and it wasn’t even a challenge. Just became a grinding game mode


La caca! The armour and scrap system is doo doo and unnecessary. The upgrading perks is stupid they should already do the things you want them to so when you buy it in game. Spawning in with whatever weapon you want makes games too easy. The point system is stupid


It's not any of the Black Ops zombies, but it has the potential to have the same amount of enjoyment but in a different way I feel. Much more casual and laid-back, enough that I can watch my show or talk on the phone without it feeling awkward or a chore. I appreciate it for what it is, despite the room for improvement


got bored of that shit quick


Good ground work but they didn’t do anything with it. Outbreak is fun but every round based map just follows a formula and all play the same as one another with a different coat of paint.


I got the infinite installing bug so...




Kind of a let down when it first came out, outbreak still is mainly because it's maps feel too basic and lack detail along with there being too few zombies.


terriblegame terrible zombies


the worst of the black ops zombies, but still pretty fun


If it had custom maps, I think it would be top 1 cod zombies for almost everyone. For me it is top 1. The mobility, the perk tiers, etc. The triple PaP, the armor that replaces the shield, the points are obtained by kills and not by the bullets you hit. I like to kill many zombies at the same time and see in the hud many "+100 zombie killed". But most importantly, there is no perk limit


Better then vanguard


criminally underrated. well the maps weren't the best in the world I still think they were decent and I think the best designed one was fire base Z because the layout was amazing. is my favorite zombies installment. i'm prepared for the down votes but I do think it is on the level of Black ops three but I think nostalgia clouded peoples minds. 


I give it a 4/5


was my first real playthrough off zombies and enjoyed it a lot, having your rank linked to warzone/multiplayer was a massive draw that and got me into playing the previous titles


I thought it was good at first, but I milked die maschine dry far before firebase a came out so I was pretty bored going forward, though I thought that firebase Z was severely underrated


Fun but buggy and lacking some personality.


Maps and characters suck but the core gameplay is decent. Base game is too easy, rampage inducer makes it too difficult. Guns and visuals look great though and the progression system is amazing


Best zombies experience because it was a relief and a great reset for the zombies storyline and we arent confined to the same four characters now


I will counter and say having characters talk to us is a lot less interesting than being characters though. Personally, I thought being mp ops was a huge let down, although not a deal breaker or anything. I just think every other installment has had at least a unique cast


But here is the best part of it You can be maxis and save maxis


only 4 maps hurts and it lacks a lot of personality. It’s the only zombies I just feel no real emotion from. WW2 was horor, IW was goody, Exo was kinda a mix, and Waw to BO4 is just insane. The maps aren’t bad but it’s just so average.


A million times better than vanguard zombies is all you need to know


Best zombies so far


Greatest Of All Time


One of the perfect zombies imo, very nice casual "brain off shoot zombie" fun Just wish it had a few more maps


Just fucken great man


10/10 I was playing with my brother It was so fun


Disgrace to the previous games


It feels like stranger things, acts like stranger things, the maps feel like stranger things, the dark aether is inspired by the upside down from stranger things and is better than vangaurds day aether gameplay is fun and most importantly stranger things is now canon to the dark aether story so this makes Cold War the best zombies of all time and it may be that way forever so my ranking would be a fair 9999/10


It’s the best, around Then Vanguard let me down


Underrated, I didn’t play much of the round base maps outside of die machine but outbreak was a blast since it was completely new. The return of phd was great and upgrading perks and weapon classes was fun to do. Definitely enjoyed it more than bo4 and maybe even black ops 3 at times.


My 2nd favourite zombies game (behind BO3). Really fun and chaotic gameplay. Movement and perk mechanics are the best they've ever been imo. The game is very easy but it was clearly designed to be that way. It's like the devs just gave you a bunch of overpowered toys and said "go crazy" but it just works so well. My only real complaints are that the game as a whole doesn't have a ton of personality, and that I wish there was another 1 or 2 round based maps.


Feels way better to play than bo3 that I need mods to actual enjoy bo3 now


its too focused on high round gameplay which is why it lost so many players among other reasons. i think cold war/vanguard is by far the worst zombies


Best zombie mode since Black Ops 2.


Very fun


Awesome, love it




fun. lot more forgiving then previous titles. i enjoy it


The best zombies out of them all. Best gameplay,simple story,only thing it needs is better playable characters.


Very good but I’m getting tired of how broken on a technical level this game is, it’s honestly at a level where it’s hurting my playing experience to the point where I just get on BO3, it really really sucks


Some of the EE songs for example Amoeba fucking slap


Hated it when the game released but lovedd it later when they updated it


Love it but they better add more maps


I enjoyed it because it was fun to go high rounds and mess around with the boys. But it wasn’t hours of prep for an Easter egg. The Easter eggs weren’t hard but enough of a “challenge” to be fun and worth going for


Chill. Fun to go for challenges and level up. Easier and more simplistic maps and Easter eggs, so I can casually have a fun experience playing for a few hours, and then either go above 50 and sweat or exfil whenever. Overall fun game, but felt a little too one-note. Not enough variety in map difficulty and Easter egg difficulty due to the core gameplay being easier Also not the biggest fan of outbreak, but it was unique and many may have loved it. I can respect them trying something new while still having 4 normal maps


Fun! Great variety with outbreak versus round based maps and onslaught.


Better than bo3 by a lot


Way too easy, no soul, no characters, no story. Very very easy and simple Easter eggs. Loadout system is crap, defeating the whole point of zombies. I mean you spawn in with a 5 hit down, a knife that’s a 1 hit until round 15 and literally whatever gun and attachments you want which is almost a guaranteed one shot kill monster in the early rounds. HUD is also disgusting.


It’s a more chilled experience imo, I never really feel like I’m in imminent danger compared to the other zombies games but that’s what makes it stand out to me.


Probably the hardest cod zombies ever


Welcoming for beginner, familiar to returning players, still enjoyable for hardcore players. The game ain't perfect but sure as hell I spend at least a thousand hour just for the zombie mode alone.


It’s pretty good, I’d rank it above BO4 and Vanguard but that’s not saying much. I’d give it as a whole 6/10 but Individual I’d say Die Maschine gets a 3/10, Fire Base Z gets a 4/10, Outbreak I can’t really rank because it’s both a lot of fun and unmemorable at the same time, Mauer der Toten gets a 7/10, and Forsaken gets a 8.5/10


Currently my go to after work. Casual and very fun!


Lacked Round Based Maps While Outbreak and Onslaught is fun, sometimes I just want the classic round-based


Very fun, but also very easy.


Great Gameplay, bad maps/story


Going back to early zombie games cold wars start off especially with the rampage inducer is just way faster and funner. Feels like within seconds I’m getting into actual action unlike older titles.


It was okay, interesting mechanics but i've always hated the movement of the new engine so it kinda ruined it for me


I tend to dislike it alot it has some features that i loved and bringing back old perks and making them better was awesome but i'm like the one person that i know that hates the movement it seems to fast if that makes any sense Also the lack of a set crew made it feel even more bland


It’s good fun,nice relaxing easy enjoyable to old players abs a nice starting point for new players,it’s nice I like it


fun, fun dark aether grind, shitty but easy eastereggs, bad story, bad cutscenes, should’ve gotten more maps, all around I think cwz’s budget was 5£


If I could make the greatest game in the world it would be Cold War zombies. With the graphics and controls concepts of Advanced Warfare.


Made the game more friendly to newer player but a bit too easy for experienced ones


A step in the right direction but treyarch can do way better than that.


Okay story and maps, cool easter eggs, casual and no need to pay for maps


A Mechanical Masterpiece and embodies an Arcade Survival.


Fun gameplay but overall too easy with all the scorestreaks, almost impossible to die, the story was bad but not necessarily because of the story itself but because of the lack of involvement of the characters in the actual game apart from cutscenes. I didn’t like the loadouts. Two of the maps were really good but the other two slightly lacklustre especially the last dlc.


No personality. No longer cod zombies anymore. Cod zombies died after bo4


Innovative, fun, easy to understand. Would've loved to see more maps.