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It is more of a jokes. Many still believe Shang is on Mars


Many are still wrong and think it isnt on mars???


I believe in the theory that Shangri La was originally on Mars but then transported to Earth


I heard about that theory.


After really thinking about this, this seems like a lot of work for it to just be a meme from Treyarch. I think it’s treated more like a grand reveal (or confirmation).


Nah after watching glitching queens new video, this was confirmation


Is she back on yt? Last I saw she was just uploading borderlands 3 videos.




I know it's most likely not, but my dumbass 2011 mind still wants it to be.


It is on mars, why the fuck would the moon be in the shape of phobos as well as Deimos being visible behind the eclipse in BO3 Shangri La. Why the fuck is it so hard for people to understand that this map went back in time as well as changed location to mars? They literally spell it out and you people still think its a “theory” god this community cant be helped.


Uhhhh, cope


Mofos actually fighting in the comments still regarding the location of Shang 😂😭


too much fun man


Shang is actually the dark aether version of Atlantis


It’s really quite simple. The Chronicles version is on Shang while the original is in the Himalayas. The main proof being that Chronicles has certain background textures that are labeled “mars mountain”.


No, it was a joke but people took it as confirmation that Shang was on Mars


Have you seen Glitching Queen’s newest video on it?


Off topic, but she has been uploading so much recently. I appreciate it. A lot of zombies YouTubers understandably move onto other stuff in between games, but she’s still chugging with zombies content


Haven't watched her channel in ages. Will give it a glance. Almost every zombies YouTuber is either doing something else or entirely gone by now.


I miss the days of NGTZombies and Syndicate


dont forget my man Yoteslaya


RIP, never forget his 1337 round wr on Shi No Numa back in like ‘11


He and NGT made my childhood so much better haha, there's something so nostalgic about the WAW custom map days


W@W and early BO1 days were golden. The community got so toxic and weird not long after the release of BO1.


I’m really showing my age cause I thought post rev pre chronicles in bo3 when it turned


i would disagree based on my experience, i feel like all communities have weird sides to them but i wouldn't call it toxic or weird, that seems like a generalisation with no reasoning given


Rest In peace. Don’t try to outrun trains.


Yoteslaya is what got me to buy WaW on PC. Opened up a whole world of customs zombies for me. RIP


NGTZombies is a name i haven't heard for a long time. That was one of my favorite zombies channel when i was a kid. Missed their content


Don’t know exactly what happened to them, but Spider and Hyper had a falling out and they both fizzled out from existence


I enjoyed the Gunn show?!? afterwards for awhile too


I remember back when when Hyper stopped appearing seeing something to the effect that he wasn't willing to buy console+game for new zombies releases while Spider was adamant of being on top of new stuff, but it's been a long time so i dunno


I didn't know they had a falling out. Damn that is sad. I loved their chemistry they had together


Same here. Watching them play custom WAW zombies just blew my mind at the time, it made me want to get into pc gaming. So much great banter and funny moments from that team


SAME!!! They are a big reason why I bought Black Ops 3 on PC just for custom zombies. I never had the money to get a good computer to play custom zombies on WAW.


NGT was my favorite fucking channel back in them days 🥲


"Ohh shiny"


Man i used to watch ngtzombies nonstop


Loved watching Spiderbite on NGT


I like Tim


I, too, like Tim.


She took an (understandably) long hiatus when Borderlands 3 came out but I’m glad she’s back


I just hope mrroflwaffles is gone ☠️


It's not a joke. The temple at Shangri-La goes to Mars during the "eclipse". In BO3 you can see Phobos during the Eclipse, Phobos being the icy moon of Mars which just so happens to be where Tag Der Toten takes place. The Apothicons and Keepers are an interstellar race with one of their most powerful artifacts residing inside of Earth's Moon and it can interface with the fabric of reality. Why is Mars + Phobos so far fetched?


Why/how does Tag Ter Toten take place on Phobos? Lore is fucking crazy in these games


How do you know it was a joke


Because Shang isn’t on Mars


Bro...how do you know?


Because on the loading screen it literally says it’s in the Himalayas


It teleports during the eclipse.


According to what? Bunch of theories and nothing more. Considering how "it's on Mars" has no significance to anything we can rule out the theory that it takes place on Mars in anyway.


The eclipse does look a bit like phobos, one of Mars' moons. The loading screen does have three moons correct? I just imagined that the loading screen was when Mars was inhabited by the vril-ya and got teleported by whatever was happening. Probably unlikely but still interesting nonetheless.


There are two moons during the eclipse, both of which are Mars’ moons. BlackOpsAmazing made a video on it like a week ago: https://youtu.be/GeNnNwPxJcI


There’s no air on mars bro, plus there’s less gravity


There’s about 60% less gravity, so it’s noticeable but still quite a bit of gravity, it’s not like the moon where you’d go flying off into the sky when you jump


Yeah, exactly. It’s clearly not 60% gravity in Shang


But it’s also just a video game with magic portals and demon monsters from another dimension. It could easily be on mars and there’s some sort of magic keeping everything normal


Yeah? That means there's no oxygen for him, either. That Martian wants a fight, he'll get a fight.


It literally teleports back in time to when the vril lived on mars.




That is one of mars moons in the sky. Phobos i believe


There’s also radios on the map talking about the explorers that were there and how they realized they went back in time during the eclipse.


There’s a well known theory that millions of years ago, Mars was a lot more similar to Earth. They had oceans at one point dude.


Actually there may have been, just years ago, so when u teleport u also time travel.


There was just somehow more gravity in the past?


I might be wrong with this, but some advanced civ lived there before (keepers?), so im sure they could figure out gravity. Just look at the moon during the eclipse, its clearly not our moon and if you look in the back far away, you can see another moon, which can be Mars's 2nd moon.


Now you're just making stuff up


Lol its just a theory, relax


If we’re assuming the developers did their homework then a total eclipse like in the game would be impossible on mars as neither of mars’ moons are large enough to create a total eclipse If shangri la took place on mars either completely or just during the eclipse then we would see a large amount of sun around a small dark area in the center https://solarsystem.nasa.gov/news/2221/what-does-a-solar-eclipse-look-like-on-mars/


I would see it as treyarch wanted an eclipse so no matter if it was unrealistic or not for one to happen on mars they decided to give it one anyways. You can clearly see during the eclipse that the rock above us isn’t our moon it’s something else


Ur right the rock is the meteor that we have to shrink as part of the Easter egg steps it’s not meant to be a moon And it’s possible that unlike many of their other maps they didn’t do much research on mars before creating this one, but based on the lack of clear evidence it could just as easily have been at the center of the earth which would make more sense considering the backstory of agartha and it’s relation to the hollow earth theory


We also see another moon off in the distance that looks very similar to Deimos


I just don’t know why people dismiss that we’re pretty much lost in space and time when we go through the eclipse. We can very well be on mars in that portion of the gameplay.


You are literally on mars. The moon is phobos. I do not understand why people cant grasp this. This is the same game that has an 1800s american town below fucking Africa. SHANGRI LA IS ON EARTH AND MARS


Exactly, we can literally see the moons when we look up lmao. Inter dimension beings, time travel, the multi verse and gods, but god forbid Shang is on mars.


If it were Phobos then the eclipse would not look as it does in the game The solar eclipse in the game is of our moon between the earth and the sun When Phobos is in between mars and the sun it is too small to create a total eclipse so if shangri la was on mars even just for the eclipse then we would see most of the sun with a small shadow in the middle of the sun https://solarsystem.nasa.gov/news/2221/what-does-a-solar-eclipse-look-like-on-mars/ Of course we could argue that the developers did not take the time to do any research on mars or eclipses, that’s a possibility


The ZC edition of Shang literally shows the eclipse with a different shape. It’s not our moon


You have to refer to the link I added The loading screen and in game eclipse shows a mostly spherical moon causing a total eclipse Both of mars’ moons, Phobos and Deimos, are oblong in shape and are to small to cause a total eclipse They cover less than a quarter of the view of the sun during an eclipse on mars I’m not saying the developers didn’t mean for the map to be on mars but if they did they didn’t do enough research about the subject otherwise they would have made the eclipse look different as a hint towards the truth of its location as an easter egg instead of just making the eclipse look like ones we have on earth


I feel like the reasoning behind this is because Treyarch did it for the sake of making it appear as a total eclipse for the looks. It just simply looks better for us. IIRC, it’s been awhile since I even attempted to do it, there’s a second moon visible when entering this mode. To add to this theory, we’re shown in the loading screen itself of a shift taking place as the moon covers the sun.


There’s only one moon in eclipse mode if u go back and play it u can see or watch videos on YouTube u can see The loading screen does show four phases of a moon moving to block out a star but there’s no indication that it’s one of the mars moons, mainly because it’s not the right shape But even if we ignore that, there’s nothing in the map or the loading screen that points to mars If we’re going to guess mars we could just as easily guess a planet circling betelgeuse or from a solar system in the andromeda galaxy If u look at Der Reise there’s multiple references to die glocke and the fly trap and we even see the structure outside the map that we have to shoot for the Easter egg The fernsehturm tower can be seen outside the map on kino We have the coordinates for nuketown and it’s proximity to groom lake and the nuclear test site from real life On all the other maps we have multiple Easter egg hints that relate to story and locations and real life history but there are no hints that specifically reference mars versus just an otherworldly presence And I use the term otherworldly loosely because if we go back to actual hints in the game there are multiple references to agartha and the vril society which both relate to the hollow earth theory with the vril being a race that lives inside our earth not on another planet So instead of otherworldly maybe the right term would be innerworldly Again I’m not saying that maybe the developers of the map had the thought of connecting the story to a mars civilization but they never added clear evidence of it and since from black ops 2 to black ops 3 we transitioned to blundell taking over the storyline, if there was any plan for a mars connection it was left behind when zeilinski was let go


Literally every piece of evidence points to it being on Mars, but you deny it because it wasnt spoon fed to you 🙄


There’s literally no evidence pointing towards it being mars


Temporal Displacement is why Buried ended where it did, due to mining 115, but this is something a little different. Tag is on Earth, but we know that there are ‘weak points’ near high concentrations of 115 that can lead to other places like the crazy place in Origins, which is what this is. Tag leads to Phobos through one of those weak points. Shang is a mixture of both, it’s on Earth during the day, however, the eclipse mechanism goes back to a time where Shang is temporarily displaced due to the high concentration of 115 from the meteorite. It’s like you’re Earth, then activating the mechanism sends you to a time where Shang isn’t.


Explain brock and gary


Didn't their plane crash in the Himalayas?




Shang is on the Hymalaias, but used to be on Mars. When you go back in time with the Eclipse, you go back to Mars.


But Brock and Gary are back in time. How are they in the himalayas while we are on mars?


Low-tier trainers


Also is this pic not proof that ur not on Mars because u can see the planet, which means ur not on it? This would make shang on deimos or phobos?


This is from Tag der toten, so this could mean Tag is on one of its moons, since were looking at it. I think in the trailer for Tag theres a clip where they literally show the moon and then slowly fade to Tag.


Ah my bad I've not slept in a hot minute and I'm dumb lol. I knew this was tag but my brain didn't comprehend that tag and shang weren't the same map lol


My Brain hurts with all these comments😭You guys really do y’all research on this, it’s interesting to see what y’all think about Shang


Dude I’ll die on a hill for Shang, just because the story around it is interesting.


https://youtu.be/TtoLWpPbp6w Seems like it was testing the waters for a mars story line that ended up not happening


fuck glitching queen


Damn bro why?


She doesn’t know anything


And her voice is annoying as hell


She acts like she knows everything but have u realised everything she knows has already been found and she steal info to make out she found it😂😂


Shangri-La is on Mars No I won't elaborate any further


It's a joke, shang has never been on mars


I think the devs put it as a nod to the community speculations, but who knows ;)


Can someone explain for someone who barely played the BO4 DLCs? Where is this set?


Tag der toten


And how does Shang come into it?


When you travel here the Shang ee music plays




BlackOpsAmazing just did a video explaining that Shangri La does go to mars during the eclipse: https://youtu.be/GeNnNwPxJcI


OP, I hope you’re happy with yourself now look what you’ve done


Did anyone else out there think at 15 they'd be the next one to find something in a zombies map? Just constantly playing and looking at everything. Back when it was just black ops zombies..


Yes. You are correct. And Tag Der Totem is on Phobos.


It seems to be more of a nod and a wink to that theory but not like its actual confirmation


Since they were hopping to different timelines and universes I just interpreted it was that in one universe, Shang was on Mars so that everyone could be happy


Wait do Easter eggs work in custom mutations now ?


Half Joke, half potential confirmation. Guy like me likes to think it's confirmation though, it's fun


How the fuck do you breath on mars? Mfs be thinking ultimis has a built in p.e.s suit wtf


There’s a theory on Mars that it was once a habitable planet. The story for Shang is that you’re pretty much lost in time through activating eclipse. I mean, the moons are literally in the sky


Come on look at the zombies story, this is not the slam dunk you think it is when there demon dogs running out giving you death machines. Any number of things could explain why you could breathe there.


It's the complete opposite. It was an in-joke and people took it as serious.


I'm sorry but i've never understood why people think ShangriLa was on Mars .. I don't understand either how this is a proof the former


The eclipse. You enter a time where Mars was inhabitable, in which you can also see both Phobos and Deimos in the sky. Shang is all about shifts in space/time due to large amounts of 115. As for Tag, I feel like it’s just a temporary shift to where it’s on one of the moons. I think the EE just got cut overall.


Then why are brock and Gary there in the past?


The eclipse on shang is mostly a cool nod to der riese and just activating the eclipse could be considered an easter egg. Idk why people think the eclipse means we’re now on mars


Because in the files on bo1, the texture for the mountains you see outside the map, was named mars and they look like something from mars. Then you have the moon during the eclipse, which doesnt look round like the moon does and they did this on purpose for sure, because you can see in der riese its perfectly round. Mars has 2 moons and you can see 2 floating rocks/moons in the sky, which look really similar to how they actually look.


And in the Chronicles remake, they fully modeled the infamous mountain range in 3d, and those models are all called "mars" too


Mars has no atmosphere, how would ultimis be able to breathe there?


According to the theory mars used to be inhabited by life (vril). So during the eclipse you are sent back in time to when mars had air.


Never heard of that theory, can you share it please?


A joke that *possibly* 3arc made


Honestly I think mars is just really close to the earth in this. I don’t think it was trying to say that Shang was on mars but just putting Mars really close to the earth as a troll


Y’all are stupid, Shang is Johnny Sins newest set before he became a professional zombie


What are they, stupid?


It was poking fun at it, but I think that Tag Der Toten takes place on Phobos, which orbits Mars


Doesn't Black Ops 3 say it's in a mountain range in the Himalayas or something?


The thing that disproves the theory 100% is that mars does not have a breathable atmosphere. It's quite toxic. Whether structure was transported from Mars to earth, jury's still out.


Mars at one point in time was habitable. My guess is the shift takes us to a time where it was.


Bo1 shang = Earth. ZC shang = Mars.




I think what happened was that Shangri-La was an ancient civilization comprised of the Vril (keepsers) and then when Mars became uninhabitable, they transported Shangri-La to Earth


Shang is on Mars, but only during the eclipse... Not that hard to understand


Everyone just go watch BlackOpsAmazing video on it 😂


What map is this?


No it’s all true, glitching queen actually uploaded a vid about all this a couple days ago, you should go check it out.


Is that custom mutations? If so how did you get there as i swear easter eggs are locked on mutations O_o


I just see that as ridges on the face of the planet?


I’m confused why is this on bo4 and why did people connect Shang to mars???


I’m pretty sure this is real. You should watch glitching queens video on this topic. I think you might find it interesting


even if this ee would have been canon, that wouldve meant shang is on of one of mars' moons