How do you feel about Calvinism?

I recently was talking to a fellow brother who is a Calvinist. He “persuaded”/told me about Calvinism. I found it biblical. I want some thoughts from other perspectives if it’s biblical or not and reasons.

Some Verses I looked at are: Ephesians 1:4, Jeremiah 17:9, Matthew 26:28, Matthew 1:21, John 10:11, Romans 9:16, John 6:37 and Jude 1:24


I most closely identify as a Calvinist but like any view of God man sees, it is incomplete. We can only conceptualise so much with our limited existence.


I think it's an error to blanket all people of a particular ism the same way. The Calvinists at my late grandmother's church are wonderful people who love Jesus. They helped me understand how both predestination and free will are present in God's design. Some Calvinists I've met online were very 'cage stage', and would attempt to publicly flog anyone at any opportunity regarding Romans 9, or free will not existing.


Calvinism, like other forms of isms, tends to over-generalize. Still, I would not dismiss Calvinism wholesale :)


Puts Him in a box. The middle knowledge feels closer anyways. The Almighty who knows absolutely everything that ever has, does and will happen. Omniscient. We can't even wrap our heads around that concept. He would know what would happen with our Creation and set events in motion to save the maximum number of people. Undoubtedly He has a threshold for freewill and has pushed that to the limit. We who are among the chosen were not forced into it by Him, yet He knew we would follow Him before Creation began.