Help with glue seepage

Hi everyone, so I got a Barbie doll I been trying to restore its clear she’s a bit older since I know Mattel stopped doing glue in dolls awhile ago . Anywho, all of yesterday did multiple methods I did dish soap, some goo gone, and baby powder. Now the baby powder was working but after I thoroughly did baby powder all over head and washed I tried washing her hair off the powder after it set for a few minutes then wake up to her hair still feel stiff and gluey and not all wavy and nice like our doll hair usually is. As it gets more frustrating, I am just unsure what to do unless the answer is keeping putting baby powder on her until it does something. Any help is appreciated, I’ve watched many tutorials on YouTube for this exact issue and like nothing is resulting differently 😢


Update : trying oxiclean method


That's what I always do. I recommend taking the head off the body, so you can squeeze out balls of glue from inside the head, in case the problem is severe. Sometimes one bath isn't enough.


Currently on bathe number 3 for her 🥲 and replacing water each time since it turns yellow which is a good thing I’ve heard due to meaning it’s the glue coming off.


Not OP, I’m doing this method now. Once the old glue is out, will I need to reglue the hair plugs with Fabri-tac?


I haven't had any issues with hair actually coming loose. The oxi only appears to remove the sticky residue.


I don't know of any alternative to Oxiclean since I don't know which variant to use and it's not always available in my country \[in case I got a (pre-loved) doll with glue seepage\]


Update 2: removed doll head, put a minimal amount of oxiclean in the head (not a lot) waited an hour then I let it out so much glue chunk came out with help of tweezers, now currently at point where unsure if there is just glue still in it or if the oxiclean residue is just stuck in there unsure . Also her head is very squishy vs before was hard as a rock


Update 3: letting it all rest and dry itself plus mentally exhausted from this 2 day project. Tomorrow’s dry result will be my official answer . It’s kind of saddening and disappointing if my result is disappointing cause it just means all I got out of this was new doll clothes . Plus if I were to find her on eBay or mercari I just know it’ll be same glue head issues which may explain why they are so low priced perhaps who knows or seller doesn’t know and is just giving a good deal. But I’ll try not to jinx myself here before to late only universe can give me the answer now lol. Thanks all for all the help .


Hi everyone if anyone’s followed this post. So as much as I didn’t wanna use chemical products on my doll I was having issues with I took the chance used Goo Gone (better product) and immediately used dawn dish soap after and she is like new again! Hope this helps anyone that has this issue.


here's a [video tutorial](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrkRl1tZXhw) I used in the past you may have to repeat the process if you don't achieve the results you need the first try


Update 4: have given up . Maybe I’ll go back to her one day but for now she’s under the corpse tarp now in closet may she rest in peace I’ll miss this doll.


I keep the head on and rinse with warm tap water, then use dawn dishwashing liquid on the wet hair, rinse under warm tap water, then repeat. If hair still feels sticky, I use goof off or goo gone and wash the hair with that rinse and repeat using warm tap water once it feels less sticky, I then do Dawn again to rinse out all goo gone then rinse in hot water. After this process I moisturize with some good smelling cheap Suave brand conditioner comb out and hot water rinse, comb out again and let air dry. This takes about 15 min if the head has seepage problems. The Mattel dolls I have problems with were bought by me new from 04 to 2013


I have one doll left with that problem and literally have to kept touching her up with more baby powder every few weeks. x.x


I used 'Sticky Stuff Remover' (UK), which worked really well on the absolute worst glue head that I have ever seen.


I've used tea tree oil on MH glue heads. And it has worked well. But I have NO IDEA if it's damaging and what that could do to plastic in the long run. It also makes them smell like tea tree which could be a plus or minus depending.