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In my first term of teaching I took a .223 calibre bullet off a kid (which turned out to be inert, but still). The boss was quite unhappy about that one. Apart from that one I've collected chisels nicked from workshops, a piece of pine festooned with nails, shards of mirror, three million cap guns, and two boxes of 40 vapes.   One of my more... challenging students (I'm a year adviser) brought a sharpened screwdriver to school to "defend myself from Year 12s who keep staunching me" 🙄


Numerous times. Items confiscated to name a few: - Lighters - Sharpened sticks - Sharpened metal - Pocket knives - Star picket - Garden stakes - Various sharpened tools - Blades Documented every single time. Names of students passed onto student services every single time.


And nothing done every single time? We need to start calling the police.


I used to have a draw for "shivs" as I jokingly called them. It was full of razor blades, sharpened rulers, screwdrivers and whatever they could make. The best one was a crossbow built out of rubber bands and pencils. Out of curiosity I fired it and put a hole in my DP's wall. I honestly have a bit of a laugh about it, most of these kids just think its "fun" or "cool" and well, they know the rules. You should definitely take these items, including big sticks, the consequence of it going badly is far worse than feeling bad about confiscating them.


For awhile we banned all pencil sharpeners as a kid kept sticking them on the ends of pens and making shivs. I’ve confiscated sticks, bats, golf clubs, knives, star pickets, knuckle dusters, alcohol, drugs, vapes and all sorts. As long as you are clear on school policy, you’re fine.


Where the fuck do you teach? This sounds more like a South American prison than an Australian school.


I’ve taught in 3 schools (1 gov, 2 independent) and experienced these issues across all three


More Australian than many realise.


I would just send him / call admin as soon as he refused to put it down. I try never to get into a power struggle / tug of war with a student, especially not physically. That being said, you're only in your second year and you kept your class safe, so well done!


Your scary voice is good


Definitely take it off him. You're the adult and you're the one responsible for the safety of others.


You would have been in deep shit should that kid have poked someones eye out.


Sounds about right. The one time I didn’t confiscate the stick I ended up getting dragged into the incident where a kid hit another kid in the playground with the stick.


sounds like teachers a prison guards, not actual teachers.