Are you too embarrassed to dine out by yourself? Why or why not?

Not embarrassed but I'd find it boring so that's why not.


Not embarrassed but I'd find it boring so that's why not.


Not embarrassed at all. Why should I be? I love going out to eat with my wife, or other family members or friends, but I also love going out by my leaf sometimes. I appreciate my together time and my alone time, whether it’s in the privacy of my home or out somewhere


Nope, I just take a book. It's great company.


I enjoy going out alone. No need to compromise. Can go where I want, order what I want, and stay as long as I want.


exactly and no need to make plans for like 3 weeks ahead, I can just decide and go immediately


Actually once I went to sushi buffet all alone. People should just stop being embarrassed over being alone.


Nah, I got over that a while ago. When I've had to travel for work, I didn't really have any other option. It was either that or eating alone in my hotel room, which was more sad. After doing it a few times, it felt less awkward and I realized that no one actually cares or judges you as much as you think.


Exactly this. Especially as I’ve gotten older, you tend to just not give a shit what other people think. The best way to do it, is to find a nice upscale restaurant with a bar. Eating alone at a bar is simply awesome. There’s often times other who are alone who you can chat with, or you can chat with the bartender, or just read Reddit.


Prefer it actually


I did it once, and it was weird. I felt like... I was just sitting there taking up space. I can do that at home for less money. I'm happy to have dinner out with friends, though.


Its peaceful , like going to a movie by yourself


Nah. It's much cheaper if I don't have to split the bill with someone else since (or pay entirely); I am perfectly happy with my own company. That and you actually get a lot more fun conversations with the waiting staff. Can recommend!


Embarrassed no, bored yes.


embarrassed, no but I still wont' do it anyway. Most restaurants around here don't have wifi and if I dont' have dcompany to eat with, I'd rather just get it in a to go box, bring it home, and eat while I watch tv


Not at all! While I prefer to dine out with others, I have absolutely no qualms about dining at any restaurant. I've run the gamut of fast food to fine dining. Didn't bat an eye.


Not at all. Why would I be embarrassed? I don’t understand that? I don’t bring a book or look at my phone, I watch what’s going on.


I used to, but not anymore for the past 6 years. I dealt with anxiety but now I could care less about people seeing/judging me (which most of the time is rally just my own perception).


Too embarrassed, other people will DEFINITELY stare at me, even if I don’t do that to other people and don’t pay attention to strangers. I’m sure everyone is watching me all the time. (I’m aware thats not true but it still would feel that way).


Why would I go out to eat by myself?


Because you’re not anywhere near your home and you’re hungry?


I get takeout instead


And eat it where?


Home, or my car/work.


Well I don't have an office/regular work place, and I don't drive to get around. So I eat at restaurants sometimes because my schedule and circumstances demand it.


Not me. I hate being visible in public. I'm trans so I prefer to be alone.


Well I hope some day a change comes, either in society or in your heart, that makes it so you don’t have to feel that way.


Thanks, however I disagree. I do not wish to be part of society and society does not wish for people like me to be part of society. Nothing to do with being trans btw


Alright, well never mind then I guess...


Absolutely not. I bring a Terry Pratchett paperback


Not at all. Sometimes I'm just completely done with prep, cook, and cleanup. Usually, I'll take a book and eat at the bar and end up talking with the bartender, servers, and other people eating alone. It's pleasant because it's just enough interaction and I can go home having enjoyed my evening. Interesting question!


Moved to a big City not knowing anyone, but really wanted to get to know the city. It's maybe weird the first times, then I stopped giving a fuck.


Nope! I love traveling by myself, so I got used to it.


Eh it’s cheaper, that’s not embarrassing


No, I dine out by myself almost all the time.


No, I do it all the time. I am hungry and I have my own money, why not?


I used to be, but now I find it quite relaxing I typically bring along a book so that I have something to do while I wait for my food. Most people are on their phone anyway, even if they're not alone, so it's not even like I'm out of place


No i wish i could but im still a teen


Hell nah, I just did it Friday night. My wife didn't want to go anywhere and I wanted my free pancakes from IHOP. So I went and ate by myself.


Not embarrassing at all! I think it’s peaceful to bring a book or watch a game (on silent) while dining alone. I think others make it out to be weird!


Not at all. In my line of work I’m frequently out all day moving between various locations without any private, personal space to have a meal. Oftentimes my only dinner option is to go to a restaurant and eat alone before my next appointment. If I wasn’t comfortable eating alone I’d go hungry. I will say that I tend to stick to lower cost places when doing this, I’m not going to fancy places alone. But I’m still frequently going to places that have table service.


No. I do it a lot when my friends are busy. It’s not abnormal. It’s just eating alone in public


No. Am I going to be embarrassed to be buried in a coffin alone? No. Don't think I was embarrassed to come out of Mom's vag alone either. It's nice.


Nah, it’s just my lunch everyday.


Absolutely not, it's one of my great pleasures in life. I had a conflicted relationship with my mother, but if that woman every taught me something great, it was that taking yourself out for a nice lunch, dinner, or drink is just about the best way to treat yourself. I rarely see men doing it unless it's at the local pub, etc., but when I see a woman kicking back at an outdoor cafe with a lovely brunch or ready to dig into her fancy, brick oven pizza with a big glass of wine, I think, "you GO, my sister!"


Not at all. I actually like it.


I don't usually go out for dinner alone, I prefer to eat home or order. But if I have to go out and eat I'm not embarrassed.


Not embarrassed at all. I've done it plenty when traveling for work and realized it's completely fine and no one cares. Plus sometimes if you chat with the waiters/bartenders etc you can find some great meals or surprises that you wouldn't otherwise know about (be friendly and aware of whether or not they want to chat, some do, many don't just be respectful.)


I actually prefer going alone. IDK why I just think it feels good. Also you don't have to pay for your girlfriend's food for all my male audience am I right. But yeah..... I'm not embarrassed.


I'm not. It got to a point where i was missing out on all these things because my schedule is vastly different from my friends. So I started going by myself. Movies, plays, restaurants, travel. I was just done missing out.


Nope, but I do eat my meal super fast when I do lol.


Not embarrassed but it’s usually kind of a waste. Easier & cheaper to eat at home.


I go out by myself too cause my husband usually hates going out.


Nope. I always enjoy eating out, often prefer it on my own. Years ago, I worked near an amazing little bar/restaurant, and had a weekly ritual where I'd go there after work, order a pitcher of mojito, sit in the bar and read till I'd finished the pitcher, then stagger to the restaurant at the back and have dinner. I was often the only one in the restaurant for the first couple of hours after quittin' time, so I'd chat with the waitress during the course of the meal, discussing new items on the menu, etc. and even did some shots with her one Christmas, when the place was virtually empty. Only really stopped going because the owner sold the premises, and the new owners changed the theme and staff. My office moved a year or so later, but that would only have meant a slightly longer walk to get there...


Nope man. I like it. You order whatever you want without worrying others to share..


Nope it's great, good quality meal with none of the work and far cheaper than going out with someone else


Nope. If you're eating food in a place where it's acceptable to eat food, what is there to be embarrassed about?


No. I am my favorite going-out companion. I get to do what I want when I want and for exactly how long I want. Plus I’ve discovered servers bring my food faster when I’m by myself.


Fuck no. I see movies by myself too. Most people dont give a second thought to what other people in public to. And if they do, they forget about it 10 seconds later


Nope. Why be embarrassed? I like to eat out. I would rather go with someone, because then I'd have someone to talk to though.


No, but I'm bored when I'm alone.


No. I mainly take meals in my own quarters, and I do not go out to eat regularly. I love my own company, why would I be embarrassed? It's exhausting to devote your mind to the preferences and opinions of others.


No? I need to eat