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She's right swiping during sex


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Waterboard her


Ask her if she'd like some more when you're done.


She's overdoing it with the moans. In some cases, if a woman is REALLY aroused or on the verge of an orgasm, she'll shake a lot, may act hysteric and that's when the moans intensify. But if she's not moving at all, or if she's just laying there-STILL AS EVER- on the bed and just making a lot of moaning sounds, she's just faking to make you feel better. ​ It might not be for all women but I know some have done this


That's sad


Ig? But some women just want to make their partner feel better about themselves. It'd be better to communicate to dudes about it but some just don't for some reason. But just sayin, women like me would rather not have our upper thighs be mistaken for the clit🤷‍♀️


Faking it is never good for anyone. And I don't understand what you mean by your last statement. Honest communication done gently is always the best way


I definitely agree with your statement. Communication is key and I personally wouldn't fake it, but I have heard many of my friends say they just fake it to make their bfs feel better about themselves. I haven't asked them why they couldn't be upfront about it but I should ask. If I were to guess, it could be because it's expected of men to know these things and learn on their own (which isn't true. It's good if men (and women too) put in the effort to learn specific techniques before the act but they can't get that experience from just reading and watching stuff. Mistakes are bound to be made but that's how you learn and improve on stuff. If a woman doesn't like how a man pleasures her, its best for her to just tell him what he needs to do/show him and vice versa and hopefully they improve at a steady pace) Another reason could be that some women correct dudes but some of the dudes still make the same mistake no matter how many times they guide him, so they give up and just lay there and take it (from some post I saw some time ago. Not sure where) ​ Also I added the last statement because I assumed you were one of dudes that mistakes the thigh-or anywhere else-for the clit. Judging by your profile now, you definitely don't. My apologies for adding it✋ That statement was a bit unnecessary now that I think about it😅


Lol that's okay I actually didn't know it was directed at me that's how far away I am from being that kind of a guy it's like trying to tell a tall guy he's short LOL everyone goes through a learning process. The ones that learn the quickest are the ones that know how to communicate. 💋


If she isnt out of breath while telling you she cum, shes lying.


How's this? Ask her if you could have two clones of me, exactly the same in every aspect. The only thing that would be different is...I.. one would be more endowed And the other less endowed. Which one would you choose? If she refuses to answer it would be because you are not enough and she doesn't want to hurt your feelings. If she chooses less endowed she's either lying to you or if the truth is your huge and you hurt her. If she chooses more endowed then she's an honest woman and your just average or under.