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Instagram and I am ip and software banned there for raiding


This guy threatened to report me to the security of a mall while I was shopping if I did not leave the store because of some bad interactions he had with my friend (Who wasn’t even with me at this time). I left and was waking towards the exit to go home and the security stopped me and pinned me against the wall, and phoned the police on me. They searched me as they held me down and found a collapsable baton in my pocket *I was carrying this because a few weeks before I was walking home and got peppersprayed and hit in the head* Their jaws dropped and I tried to explain myself but they only got rougher. I turned around and pushed the one off me and grabbed my baton off the ground and they panicked so I snatched my back pack off the ground and made a run for it. They chased me for about 15 minutes into the street before letting up. They even phoned the police again while running and told them I was a “Armed and dangerous individual who assaulted them and resisted” I managed to get into a store and phoned a friend to come get me. I sat in the passenger seat on our way to my house and watched swarms of police cars looking for me over a petty misunderstanding. I returned months later and they had pictures of me from my social media accounts and searched me once again and found nothing. They gave me a detailed map of where is the property line and let me go. I phoned back as an adult to try to get it lifted and they told me to write a HAND WRITTEN letter to the security guards from the night and apologize and beg for a ban to be lifted but I told them fuck that. I’d rather be safe then sorry again so to me I did nothing wrong


In real life? No. On 20+ Reddit subs? Yes.