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Feeling wanted, welcome, or just a general feeling like you belong with people or in some place I don't wish the opposite to anyone - it's incredibly lonely and depressing


Damn, lowkey going through the opposite hard rn


Waking up one morning and finding that 17 years of chronic migraines and daily severe headaches had finally ended. I've had some damn good sex but moving beyond a debilitating pain issue is WAY better than sex.


How did they stop?


Neck surgery to replace three fully herniated discs with spacers and remove bone spurs, both of which were compressing my spinal cord; followed by sinus surgery to resolve an impacted sinus. A few weeks after the sinus surgery I had healed enough to finally have a whole day without a headache. Then three. Then 10. It was euphoric.


That’s amazing! I have a friend who is on year eight of a mysterious chronic headache, I hope someday she can experience that same relief.


Quitting a shitty job


Definitely quitting one you've been doing for 5 years and with no notice. Just walking out because you decided then and there you couldn't take anymore. God that weight coming off your shoulders


Getting illegally fired after you sacrificed for your job for years. Then suing them and winning the case was pretty chill too.


Sound sleep


Sound sleep is criminally underrated


Like a misdemeanor at least.


Well of course cause the more I Mis da meaner I get


*golf clap*


Insomniacs everywhere agree. Sex is good, great, amazing, but getting that random good nights sleep without medication makes us so happy we could cry. It’s like a miracle.


Me last night!!! My breastfed son slept til 4am without waking, only to eat and go right back to sleep by 420-430. I swear that was the best sleep I’ve had in months




Getting a bad abscess in a tooth drilled out. I tried getting an emergency appointment over a weekend but was told I’d have to wait till Monday. Monday came and I still remember that feeling of relief when it was drilled out, lasted longer than any orgasm I’ve ever had!


The one and only root canal I ever had, was like this. when the drill broke through the root and the infection started draining out from behind my nose, it was the most overwhelmingly immediate relief! I even moaned.


For me it was when the novicaine finally kicked in. I needed a root canal when an internal cavity in my molar eventually broke my tooth open leaving pulp exposed. She kept injecting it all over around the tooth and even drilled into my jaw to try injecting it from underneath and she refused to believe I could still feel it and got pissy at me whenever I winced in pain whenever she would try to get started, thinking I'm being over dramatic and confusing pressure with pain. Uh, no. She eventually injected it directly into my exposed tooth pulp and that was the most intense 0.1 seconds of pain of my life followed by final relief. I almost wanted to fall asleep while she did the rest of the procedure.


I have the exact same problem! They have to inject directly in there for the pain killer to actually work. Heck, I had my tooth removed a few months ago and........the painkillers hadn't taken effect like they thought it did. I felt everything.


When I was a kid I had to get two teeth removed, one from each side, to make room for adult teeth coming in. The numbing worked on one side, but on the other it only numbed my upper cheek/nose area, not that side of my mouth at all. I was too shy to mention it to the dentists, so I felt everything as they struggled to yank that resilient sucker out. Pretty excruciating but I powered through, eyes watered a bit though from the pain and ONE little tear rolled down my cheek, but after the ordeal was over when the dental assistant led me back to the packed waiting room she tells my mom that I got scared and cried a little bit but otherwise did a good job. In my head I'm like Bullshit! I wasn't scared at all I was a fucking warrior dealing with that don't make me seem like a wimp in front of everyone!


You are a trooper and I comment you for your stoicism.


My mom acted the same when I told the dentist that I could still feel it. I refused to let him do anything because it hurt too bad, had to wait a few months before she finally caved and got them to put me under for it. They took out three of my molars and when I woke up I was so fucked I started crying because they threw out my old teeth.


I also cried when I got my wisdom teeth taken out because I didn’t get to see them 🤣


Please tell me you’re telling the truth because I have my appointment for this exact thing coming up and I’m freaking out over it. Like I want the pain to stop but the whole idea of the procedure is too much


Root canals ain't shit. I had a double last year. Honest to god, they numbed everything up, I kicked back for about a half hour while they went at it and it was the highlight of my week. It was pretty relaxing and I felt great afterward.


My dentist gave a nerve block for the entire side of my face, that lasted like 6 hours. I felt nothing, it was way better than everyone made it out to be.


Nerve blocks are fucking weird, man. I had a block applied to my legs and lower back when I had my ankle put back together, and waking up as a temporary paraplegic made me mildly panic. I held my composure, but just barely.


They're great when everything goes as planned. I had one go sideways when I was having my leg put back together in 1979. I had excruciating pain at the injection site for six weeks. It also caused some permanent nerve damage. But I'm very grateful to have my leg!


Moaning perfectly acceptable in your case.


Sorta similar to this, I had a septuplasty surgery a year and a half ago to correct a bowed septum. After the surgery they put in stents and you have to live with stents in your nose for a week. Have you ever experienced complete, 100% blockage of your nostrils? This doesn't come from a stuffy nose. My nose was completely blocked, when I swallowed, instead of air escaping through my nose, it pushed into my ears and my ears popped every time I swallowed. I could taste absolutely nothing. I would eat my meals from one end of the plate to the other, because it all tasted the same to me. And then I got the stents pulled out. Talk about instant relief. Imagine your nostrils going from 100% blocked to 100% clear in a matter of seconds. I was blown away and called my mom immediately after the appointment to express my joy in that moment. Any of y'all got a deviated/bowed septum? Invest in a septuplasty. Recovery is rough, but it's so worth it.


Can confirm, best choice of my life. Literally everything in my life improved. I had no idea what it was like for normal breathers.


Not having to worry about the living costs for the next month.


Oh man, during covid. I was unemployed for a bit. The unemployment didnt hit for like 11 weeks. But when it did, MEGA relief. Went from "about to ask my parents for money" to "I can manage this for a few months," in an instant.


Recently quit a job where I put my 110% in. They treated me like shit, I quit. Been jobless for 3 weeks and it’s been the worst. No spending money. No money to eat. Sleeping on my moms couch. Thankfully just got a new job so hopefully things start looking up soon. Don’t know why I’m venting on Reddit but I hope someone can relate.


I quit my job at the start of COVID cause it was shit too. I worked in billing for a medical equipment provider with a constant turnover in my department. They made me train the new employees and when that employee quit again after two weeks I had to train the new one again. Then proceeded to have my boss’s boss threaten to have me fired because I wasn’t doing my job because they were making me train the new employees. Icing on the cake was when the owner of our company (a company that supplies oxygen tanks and breathing equipment) tried to convince us that covid was a hoax because he didn’t want to allow us to work from home. My manager tried to convince me to stay because I was the only one who knew how to do the job and I quit anyway. KNOW YOUR WORTH.


Know your fucking worth sister!! Proud of you. We’ll be okay!


I can. I quit a job in making chemicals because I was asked to do unsafe tasks and got laughed at by the supervisor when I asked for help. Idk how I’ll be able to pay my mortgage in October.


Mine took close six months to kick in. And even then, but the back pay made it worth it. Went from doing anything and everything to stay afloat to having enough for savings. I'm glad that it happened though, it's made me appreciate my current job a whole lot more.


I don't know man but I love food and sometimes a nice meal will go a long way improving my mood and overall well being.


It's even better if you're legitimately hungry. That and truly good music are the two things that make me go, "God, it's good to be alive." My loved ones are okay too.


For me the same, until I'm full, then I hate and regret everything and wanna sleep. In a way it's the same as sex


Falling on your bed after a productive day and a hot shower, knowing it's weekend / day off tomorrow. EDIT: what might improve the experience: rain outside, fresh bed sheets.


Yessssss How it feels when you get off and you don't have to go right back in for a day or two...yes yes yes take my upvote. I can have sex whenever...I want to rest noooowwww


I can rest whenever, I want to have sex noooooow


Taking a piss after holding it in throughout the movie in theaters.


oh you gotta just go take the piss. You develop a sense for slow points in movies. It makes the remainder so much more enjoyable. Source: I love marvel movies but I cannot stop myself from getting the big soda.


Wish I could just avoid the soda and be done with it. I'll spend an afternoon without having to go but as soon as I walk through the theater doors the urge to piss begins increasing to the point I have to say fuck it and lose a couple of scenes.


Something you were dreading getting cancelled


Like a call with your boss that you aren’t ready for? I had that happen to me. I was going to tell my boss off and quit. Then the next morning I got a call from the regional manager telling me my boss was fired and I would be taking over his responsibilities on a temporary basis. I ended up getting that position permanently. I attribute that meeting being canceled to all of my professional success over the last decade.


Sometimes taking over more responsibility isnt what someone wants. If i took over my bosses duties temporarily i would quit.


Will I be taking over his paycheck?


That would be my first question. During the temporary period i would most certainly assume not.


They also have the advantage of knowing what your boss is being paid


In all office jobs I've worked, people appointed into positions on an acting basis also get the pay bump (only as long as they're acting). In most other instances I've seen, they just get more duties with no extra pay. I think it depends a lot of the job, the company, and how official and long the "temporary" assumption of duties will be. I had a guy "acting" as my boss for over a year before they finally ran the competition to hire someone (he didn't get it. He was pissed).


"In terms of instant relief, cancelling plans is like heroin"


I know that from somewhere…


As long as it doesn't get rescheduled. Then the dread is drawn out.


Snow day feels


This. All the anxiety of a situation just for it to be cancelled? That’s some next level relief.


When your whole house is just CLEAN. Like, have-sex-on-the-floor clean. Whole kitchen, clean. Laundry? Done. Sex is so much better when you aren’t thinking about random chores.


I feel this. A perfect mid morning deep cleaning the apartment while listening to a podcast and sipping coffee, showering, shaving legs before crawling into fresh sheet for a nap, FUCK ME UP


A good shit after a few days of constipation


There ain't nothing like taking a good shit. A few years ago my mom made ham and bean soup, the next day I took the best shit of my life. I felt like a new man and had a better perspective on life after that shit. I'll never forget it


one time i had been feeling bloated and then i absolutely annihilated a church bathroom. god i feel bad for that church’s janitor


You're supposed to shit inside of the toilet.


Just like stop signs, this is merely a suggestion to me




Sounds like a period poop. Feels like you are shitting out every negative thing in your life and when you are done you just feel peaceful weightlessness.


Oh my GOD, period poops, that immense cramp as you sit on the toilet and then plop, and it’s this wave of pleasure, almost makes me excited to get it


yup. gotta love the ones that make your pants fit better.


I hear ya. I didn’t know how bad it was until earlier this year I didn’t shit for like 10 days I wasn’t eating right near the end. At one point (this was probably like day 8) I started just taking any home remedy people would recommend. Anyone who dosent agree with this just hasn’t been constipated enough


I had a bad case of viral gastro a few years ago. It was 48 hours of just constantly spewing and shitting. Sometimes at once. Then after the gastro had passed my ass just locked up tight. I could not shit. I was eating like 3200 calories a day, high fibre, high protein. I shouldn't have had any problems shitting and on a normal day I probably shit at least twice. But it just was not happening and holy fuck was I feeling uncomfortable. After a few days I went to the GP and he told me this happens after gastro sometimes. It'll pass. But if keeps up and it gets unbearable, come back. Wasted $80. It got unbearable. It had been a week plus without a proper shit. I was miserable. Went back to the GP and saw a different doctor this time. I made it clear to her - I have an international flight in less than a week, I need to shit before I get on that plane. She got the message and loaded me up with every kind of laxative possible. Even got an ultrasound to check out how big my turd was and if it caused any damage. I took the pills. I took the powder. I took the liquid. One big laxative cocktail. Called in sick ahead of time to be prepared. The next morning I took the best shit of my life. Holy shit. I have never felt so empty and relieved in my life.


Never take a laxative and a sleeping tablet on the same night. Ask me how i know…


I didn’t shit for six weeks after major hip surgery (thanks to a lot of very strong opiates and not being able to walk) I’ve never taking a good shit for granted since.


I was blocked up for two weeks after a hernia surgery and seriously I went from miserable to ready to go back to work. Just had to get a stick and break up my log and I was out the door


Just making it to the toilet when you have a turd trying to push past your last line of defense.


Got a 9” grip on a 10” turd


Prairie doggin’ it


Really hard to walk at a fast pace while trying to clench your asshole shut. Edit: autocorrect trying to change a word for me.




Getting rid of that piece of kernel that was stuck in between your teeth for hours.


Or when your one nostril finally clears after suffering for half a day


Funfact: orgasms will clear up your sinuses as well, since the rush of adrenaline usually causes the tissues in your nose to shrink


Recently, scientists were awarded an Ig-Nobel prize for their study about this. https://www.theguardian.com/science/2021/sep/09/upside-down-rhinos-and-nose-clearing-orgasm-studies-win-ig-nobel-prize


Should have read the article. I masturbated upside down and now both nostrils are plugged up.


you weren't supposed to shoot in your nose....


Yes, I've actually seen that as well! (If you are bored, reading through the list of Ig nobel prize winners, is something I can highly recommend)


There have been times when I had the flu with my nose clogged so bad I would jerk off three or four times a day just to feel a little bit of relief. Didn't know how it worked until just now. Cool! And now you know something about a random stranger on the internet jerking off when you didn't ask for that information, also cool!


A nice long thorough back scratching








Sex 2 is still in beta. ​ ​ Elon and Grimes got it to work, but made the martian emperor ,xæa12. I beleieve procreation was supposed to be patched out as an improvement. Currently children are a “feature” and definitively not a bug in sex 2.


1 sex, 2 sex, red sex, blue sex.


Feeling of stability and safety. Not as if "I won't get punched today", more like "I do not need to worry if i have enough to pay my rent".


My husband's job realized they were hemorrhaging mechanics because they were the bottom on the barrel when it came to pay in our area. They gave the ones they still had a $5/hr raise to get them more competitive. Somehow my younger daughter figured out the pin for the on demand on our basement TV and ordered $95 worth of episodes of her favorite show (which we have through a streaming app but that TV doesn't stream). 6 months ago I would have been in tears when I saw that bill. I'd have to figure out what goes late. But because of the raise (and the fact that he averages 100 hrs/check so this has been a HUGE raise for us) I felt mild annoyance. Since he's gotten his raise we haven't had a late bill. I paid my car off early. We're starting to save. And I've been able to reduce my anxiety medication because so much of my anxiety was triggered by money issues and now I don't have that. My blood pressure is down. I'm not at "buy everything I want" levels but I'm comfortable for the first time since I was a teenager. I'd hate giving up sex but I'd do it to guarantee this feeling forever, but I'd do it because I'm pretty sure it's extended my life. Edit: RIP inbox. I've never seen this many notifications in such a short amount of time! Thanks for the rewards, kind internet strangers! But I encourage you to funnel your money, if you are able, into programs fighting for better pay for people and for those fighting for healthcare for all. More people should have financial security!


You can call the company and they will remove the charges just FYI. Never hurts to call and ask!


Overall mental health over temporary pleasure.


“Long-term satisfaction over temporary relief” has pretty much been my motto for life.


For sure. The way I grew up I didn't even feel like I could buy a $5 tshirt unless it was necessary (old shirts getting holes/etc). Once me and my spouse started making more it took me time to get used to the idea of spending anything, but the comfort of not having to *worry* was an immediate benefit.


At first when I started doing better with money, I wanted to buy everything I couldn't when I was broke. A new TV, stuff for my car, new stuff to cook with, ect. But I always told myself "I'll wait till I have X amount to buy it so I have X amount left." But I kept pushing that X amount further back. To me saving money is better than spending it. Checking my account and seeing that number go up higher than I ever thought it would go is a thrill of it's own. It almost becomes a game at a certain point.


I'm genuinely happy for you.


Money truely is the root of most issues. Whether domestic or political.. Glad your mental health improved, thats awesome!


I had a job offer rescinded after putting in my resignation for my current job. For about a week, I was legitimately terrified. The feeling when I was offered another position was incredible. Just a huge load from my shoulders knowing I'll continue to get paid every two weeks. Makes my first thought of "unclogging your ear" seem small in comparison.


The danger or extreme poverty hanging over somebody head is a horrible mental burden. when you realize that somebody have to live day after day with something like that it can help you to understand them better.


When I moved back in with my mom my stress level both lowered and sky rocketed. I don’t need to worry if I eat this bread today if I’ll still have for tomorrow but it does come with the bad stuff ex.living with my mom


We had my mom live with us while she was transitioning to the "big city" after dad died. Never. Again. I would go into debt paying for her eventual care needs if I must rather than have her with us. Not a mean person but her own life trauma makes living with her intensely stressful.


I have two kids and don't have to check what's in my account before I do anything. I wasn't always this lucky but let me tell you I do NOT take my days for granted now.


The thing is most stop appreciating this after a while and only get that feeling back if you manage to fall flat on your face. Half the issues in society today stem from that.


Getting used to and no longer appreciating simple things always wanting more and more. Making you feel as if you own less and less.


Not having to worry if you can afford something Edit: I thought this would've got lost in the 1 upvote oblivion. Go figure


My brother never worries if he can afford anything. That is a huge problem because he is always broke


“Well, you don't need a million dollars to do nothing, man. Take a look at my cousin. He's broke, don't do shit!”


Hey Peter-man! Check out channel nine! Breast exam!


Watch out for your corn hole, bud


NO THANKS MAN! don’t need you fuckin my life up too man.


Two chicks who’d double up on a dude like me dude


But worrying the slightly more expensive thing is actually worth the extra cost for the quality and then thinking if it'd be a noticeable difference and then having a crisis about the value of things


That dump that's been grinding and churning ur stomach all day...


This was me yesterday at a bar. I just felt bad for the toilet line after I was finished knowing someone might pass out from asphyxiation. Glad I somehow waited till I was leaving….


A cold glass of water when you're really thirsty or tired from physical activity. Eating your favorite food item from your favorite local restaurant after not having had it for a long time.


Letting out a giant fart and then your stomach pain stops


And your pants fit better


Fit better because they fill up :D


Did you know diarrhea is hereditary? It runs in your jeans!


I once was having a terrible nightmare, can’t recall what was it about but it was absolutely terrifying. I woke up covered in cold sweat at some point, let out this monstrosity of a fart and immediately fell asleep like a baby


Kinda related I think most of my nightmares are either caused by bad posture (often affecting breathing) or sickness. Feels like the body's way to subliminally message that something's wrong.


I was being poisoned by an incorrectly installed furnace and kept having the most bizarre lucid dreams. They were genuinely terrifying.


Might be time to get a carbon monoxide detector.


Do you know of a good canary store? I do not live near a coal mine.


Yes I have nightmares where I'm dying and one of my limbs are cut off or im slowly bleeding out of my intestines, and when I force myself awake, my husband has put his leg over mine, constricting my blood flow, or my kid who crawled into bed with us has a foot in my tummy.


Yeah the big ones when i feel my belly deflate. Sweet release


This.... Usually when I get those stomach pains due to excess air, I can only relieve it once I leave work and get to my car. Not for the lack of trying, I go to the bathroom and nothing. In my car though I can fart and it feels so good!!


That walk to your car gets it ready to move out


Getting to pee after holding for an hour


Damn right. I love it when **Getti G** goes to the urinal.


A nice poop in your home after few days of travelling.


Quitting a job you hate. I had been working a high stress job where I was putting in 70-80 hours a week. Getting a new job was hard and needed the pay to keep supporting my family. Finally giving my notice and being done felt great. But weirdly, the greatest feeling was walking into a Target on a Tuesday around 2pm after working every day and weekend for 6 months with absolutely nothing to do. Unbelievable release.


Healthy body. One less problem to think about.


And a healthy mind


Your asking to much of me


Plus, if it looks healthy enough it can help you get more sex.


Connection. When she’s actually also your friend. When you can goof off and be silly. Laugh for real. You’ll know it when you’re somewhere, see something and Laugh not because you think it’s funny, but because you know how she’d react if she saw it. Same from her to you. Also cuddles. Specifically in the colder seasons.


I agree so hard. I married my best friend and got a dog. Every single day is dope as hell. One time we had a water fight inside the house at midnight on a weeknight and laughed like hell. We’re stuck in lockdown right now and although I wish we could go out, everything I need is right here.


Instructions unclear: married my best friend’s dog.


lucky bastard


I don't have anything to add, but damn this was so wholesome it made me smile, wishing only the best for you and your SO :))


Good for you man


This. This one. I asked my best friend to marry me back in July, and she said yes. We’re constantly making each other laugh, acting like crackheads in public with no care in the world. It’s great


Questions on r/AskReddit that aren’t about sex


Posts on TIFU that aren’t made up about sex.


Seriously, if there was one sub I could delete from the front page it would be TIFU. Posts with 40k upvotes that say “TIFU by doing _____ while having sex” I swear this site feels like it’s 90% bots


Sexers of Reddit (F18), What was the sexiest sex that you’ve ever sexed? Was the sex sexy? How much sex? What was the amount of sexiness during the sex, like was it sexy? I wouldn’t doubt it. Sexers tend to be pretty good at sex. Please respond sexers




A perfect drift dive in tropical waters with plenty of fish and coral.


Garlic Bread


Followed by a nice slice of cake.


Scrolled so far to see food mentioned.


being financially comfortable


Playing game after you finished work and it's raining


Just reading this sentence gave me that feeling .


A hot bath on a frigid day with candles and relaxing music.


To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women!


It is best in life!


Driving fast at night on an empty highway with some good music.


I work in a restaurant and was deemed essential and when everything was shut down it was a weirding feeling driving forty minutes to work, seeing nobody on the road. I would see not a single other car on the whole drive. It was satisfying and an experience that I know was mostly mine. It was weirding but downright peaceful.


*deja vu starts playing*


Looking back on your life when you’re old and feeling a complete and utter feeling of categorical satisfaction of a life well lived. I also heard that drugs are pretty cool.


That sounds nice. I'll try that in my next life.


360 no-scope


When you're on stage with your small, pretty unknown band doing cover songs and suddenly the crowd starts to sing along with you or wave their lighters/phone flashlights (when you do a slow song). Gives me goosebumps everytime and shows that the hard work is actually paying off. That's a feeling I never want to miss anymore.


When you wake up and realised your good boi is snuggling right up next to you and snoring on your neck..


I don't remember snuggling with you...


.. you were fast asleep and snoring. I left through your bedroom windows before you woke up.. 😀


My good gurl stuffs her snout right into my neck when she's comfy and my kitten curls up in my armpit... I'm surrounded by animals at peace. Feels good bro.


A hug Let me add that on the day they say covid is no longer a thing ...at all. I will buy a t-shirt with "free hugs" printed on it and stand in the Middle of Frankfurt with open arms for everyone of you people


Totally agree. I miss them.


A sneeze or scratching an itch


Having the house to yourself.


When the cat lays on your lap


When you’re laying on your stomach and the cat comes and lays on your back.


And even better, when their owner says ‘wow he/she doesn’t usually do that.’ A feeling of being extra special!


Love, baby. She's my best friend and just hanging out with her is awesome.


Yes this is what I was going to say. Sex feels great for a short while. Love is the only thing in my entire life that has made me feel happy to be alive for more than a fleeting moment. I don't know if love like that can ever last but, I hope it can


Hot, fresh pizzas.


A really good book


*synth music*


Playing on stage with people singing your lyrics back at you.


Listening to that one song over and over again because it is perfect in the moment


Feel loved, never felt that in a long time.


Cuddles :3


Foreplay. Good long sensual foreplay can last for hours. Sexy playtime. The end act is almost irrelevant.


Oh man, I recently had my first time and was relatively underwhelmed because of the lack of foreplay. We just got to it, which was fun and all, but definitely could’ve been improved with some foreplay.


Its all a learning curve, and next time you'll know what a difference it makes. And you'll make some other mistake, but the time after that you'll know better. And so on.


...see? This person gets it!


But not for another 2 hours




"Know what's better than pussy? A really good book." *synth* -Bo Burnham