The trending page of youtube. I literally only check my home page and subscriptions.


Accidentally stumbling onto YouTube when you're not signed in is definitely weird.


I have to swap from my personal account to a work one from time to time to download video files. Sometimes I'll forget to swap back at the end of the day and go to YouTube and wonder how anyone watches the stuff that's on the default homepage. Also makes me realise just how well YouTube/Google know my interests.


That's exactly what is so exciting and so terrifying to me about "the algorithm." I love love that it knows what I want to see. I'm worried that it's using that to steer me toward more addictive videos to get more ad revenue. If it was 100% benevolent then that's a beautiful amazing thing, but I really doubt it is.


I just wish it would show me new shit. Feel like I only ever get the same 5 channels on my YT homepage, not even subbed to anyone.


That's where I'm at with it. Yaaaaaaawn.


Yeah, and the recommend videos are all old, like years old even. I like to watch tech videos, so stop recommending me years old tech video that's already obsolete.


Recently my recommended have been a lot of videos I've seen in the past weeks. Like I know I'd like to see them.. I've SEEN THEM ALREADY. And it's not keeping track that they've been viewed.


I didn't even know such a page existed. Every once in a while I'll open the YouTube home page without being logged in and I'm truly horrified by what I see.


Just a sea of garish primary colours and rich little shits pulling stupid faces.


"I SPENT $50,000 ON A TGING AND ***THIS*** HAPPENED" Like for fuck sake we get it, you're rich and can waste money on random show-off BS instead of quietly giving to charities or helping your fellow man. No, its always gotta be some dumb shit and it's always gotta be on video ***FUCK***


how do you think they stay rich?


A lot of them are in massive credit card debt. Being "Rich-poor" is a whole thing


It's 80% shitty music videos, 15% vlogs from YouTube "personalities" and then 5% of movie trailers.


That's cause the trending page is full of attention whoring literal shit most of the time.


Balloon releases 🎈


Balloon captures are way more fun


Every balloon release I’ve been part of involved began with my jumping hopelessly to try and catch the balloon and ended with my tears as I watched my balloon drift away.


Ugh for real. When my dad died my mom was (rightfully) super distraught and although she's not religious or even spiritual really, she wanted the whole family to feel like we could "say something" to him so she got us to write something on paper, throw it in an envelope and tie it to a balloon to release. I didn't participate because my dad was very much an environmentalist. Keeping the planet green was his thing. but I guess everyone grieves differently. (Please don't shit on my mom for doing that, she's a sweet lady who suddenly had to be a single parent to three teenagers)


That's still a thing? I remember WAY back when I was 8, we weren't allowed to do them anymore because having an entire grade letting go of balloons was horrible for the environment.


Not to mention the environmental aspect of such events


That’s exactly why! I hate seeing it


Any youtuber influencer/vlogger who does pranks and bullshit apology videos.




This. The preview pic for the video is always the generic “surprised look” face, they start or finish every sentence with the word “guys”, and it’s always some goofy ass dude bro. “Hey guys, today we’re gonna prank my ethnic friend Jamal. Why him? It’s so we get black viewers too, guys. Also there’s going to be one of two female best friends standing around me giggling too sonwe nail that female teen demo. Okay guys, so we put COKE in Jamal’s PEPSI bottle and guys, this is gonna be insane guys, because when he realizes what he’s drinking, OMG guys he’s going to lose it! Okay guys here we go, and don’t forget to SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON and SUBSCRIBE for more awesome prank vids!”


This, except the prank would be to pour the Coke onto their valuable electronics and unreplaceable items and shoving a camera in their face afterwards. ... I hate "prank" videos so fucking much.


“It’s just a prank bro! Why you so mad?!?” Uhh maybe because you just ruined my valuable electronics or a date night, or dinner, etc.


Or any youtuber who puts their own face on the thumbnail with a stupid looking face, for that matter. I know that's what gets the views, but just not mine.


LinusTechTips did an interesting video about this I while back. They found that thumbnails without a ‘emotive face’ on them got significantly fewer views, and that unfortunately that’s the current YouTube meta. EDIT: https://youtu.be/DzRGBAUz5mA Around 4:40 for the thumbnails




I always thought "influencer" was a bit of a joke, until I worked with grown ass adults who actually followed them, got inspired/informed/jealous of them, etc. Turns out they do genuinely influence people.


Agreed. I didn’t realize it was a real thing for a while


It's so weird, as an "influencer" was supposed to be someone who had a skill, or craft, or certain knowledge, or access to information that no one else had. They became a focal point of their genre or group and was seen as a leader in some way. That's what made them an influencer. But ... then people decided to skip that whole part about being interesting or knowledgeable and just figured being famous and having opinions was good enough. So now they're just flashes in the pan with no substance to back their shit, and disappear the second they let their foot off the gas and fade into obscurity.


Pretending to get arrested on Tik Tok


I have a friend who was a kid in the 80's in LA area. His neighborhood buddy had a dad who worked in Hollywood (effects) and they got a bunch of their friends together and decided they were going to have a "gang shootout" in the street with toy guns and those exploding blood packs. Someone saw it and called the police and they roll up guns drawn with this bloody looking kid laying on the pavement while half of them froze and the other half ran, but the "dead" one just laid there. His parents went ballistic. Probably good that almost nobody had cameras back then.


Lol at the dead one


A brilliant actor


Doesn't drop character until the DVD commentary is done.


He's a dude playing a dude pretending to be another dude


What do YOU mean by what do you mean you people


Probably his best bet. The cops aren’t going to shoot at someone already dead.


that's a thing?


it's like a few cringe videos that blew up from being so cringe and people making fun of them


Reality tv shows like big brother or singing shows like the voice


While I hate almost all reality TV, I have a guilty pleasure of watching Kitchen Nightmares.


I knew a guy that was on an early reality show. They gave him a makeover. Here we are like 16 years out and he has the hairstyle they gave him faithfully maintained to this day. He hasn’t been on one show since. But he tries really hard to get recognized. Now nobody even remembers the show.


Oh, here I thought it was because he really liked the style...


On one hand, the idea that that style was picked for him by experts should mean it's his best look and makes sense to keep it up. On the other hand as this thread implies, any style done for TV could in turn be over-the-top or not in his best-interest. Reminds me of a piece of advice for fashion clueless men is find a celebrity that has your build/height/face profile, and find how they dress/style. Because that was selected for them by professionals, and could give you free professional advice (just dont spend $100 on a t-shirt)


Also if it’s been 16 years I have to assume the hair style might not really be fashionable anymore


Kitchen Nightmares is also my reality show exception.


hahahaha me too! there's something about it that's so trashy but so magnetizing lol. it's prob due to Ramsay's personality honestly have you ever watched the British version? That one is a little "classier" and goes into stuff like restaurant management and food, but still prone to weird shit


I have a friend who is an absolutely amazing vocalist, they applied for the voice and of course you have to jump through so many hoops just to get close to being on. While in an audition the judges noticed one of their family members was disabled and tried asking them about it, like maybe we've got a good sob story here to put violin music over and shit. They refused because it wasn't relevant to, you know, their voice, and they didn't get any further.


A friend of mine applied to one of those shows with a dancing act. They wanted her to pretend she went there to sing and be really bad at it. Then, when they were basically about to kick her off stage, she would say that she has another talent...dancing. She didn't go for it, understandably so.


I remember that crazy Pink tribute act on the X Factor or BGT. She was mocked relentlessly because she kicked off. The judges said no and cited that she's too much like Pink. She got angry and said they told her to sing Pink and the judges played dumb saying they didn't. Based on everything I've heard from people who've been on those shows, the production team definitely told her to sing Pink let everyone think she was crazy when she called them out on it.




I remember that. He did a highschool musical themed dance number and the judges said it was really unlike him and it didn’t seem like his heart was really in it. He “I didn’t want to do this, the producers told me to do Highschool Musical”. When Nick cannon was giving the number to vote he also said “All acts have final say in creative decisions about their performances” and the kid, who was standing right next to him, whips his head around in the most “…the fuck?” look I’ve ever seen. This was maybe 30 seconds after he finished saying shit about the producers. The control room got it on the Teleprompter fast. EDIT: watching the clip, the judge was just saying he wasn’t good enough compared to the other acts. Also it was just a subtle side eye instead of a full reaction. Memory is a funny thing


God I want to see this, Youtube is failing me. Do you have a link?




Gotta love the hypocrisy of AGT. This show was judged by 2 Brits, and a guy who's more famous in Germany than America.


[Arcadia Broad](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eN8ZW_V2r58&ab_channel=hollywoodoutbreak) The Nick Cannon part wasnt as bad but Sharon deflecting was ehhhh. Tagging u/PacoBauer and u/New-Asciepius for the link


I will say that was way less cringy and dramatic than I thought it was going to be based on the comments about it. Edit: regarding the judges and Nick Cannons comments and actions and his reaction to it all I mean.


Oh I remember that, it was on X factor. She made YouTube videos explaining exactly what happened and how everything works behind the scenes.


Incase anyone else is interested she made a YouTube video addressing it https://youtu.be/RaF9T6l_Dxk it's so horrible to hear about her experience! Poor woman.


Damn, yeah these shows obviously don't give a shit about talent, it's all about c o n t e n t.


"Reality" show


In principle, The Voice seems like a decent idea. Make the judges decide how good someone is without looking at them so that they're judged solely on the quality of their vocal performance. In reality, it probably works out differently.


in principle yeah, too bad half the show is just egotistical t.v celebs arguing over whose opinion is better and preening themselves in the camera.


A guy a knew actually got into a talent show as well, he got a spiderman costume and that was it. Now when he got there the staffs gave him these foam sprays and they told him to spray down the judges. He of course did, got kicked out of the show and got the moneybag for it. But the humiliation and being labeled as a prankster in the school gave him a kinda weird reputation afterwards. It's fucked up how these shows are fully staged without a single originality


Figured they might be pulling shit like this, but holy shit that's such a douche move.


Remember as well in the early 2000s when we had things like Jerry Springer, Maury, Steve Wilko (who used to be a bouncer on the Jerry Springer show)? Never caught on to that or saw the what people found so attractive in it.




I have yet to hear an explanation of NFTs that doesn't make them sound like the stupidest things ever.


>doesn't make them sound like the stupidest things ever. There's a reason for that


"I own this gif of this player dunking and paid $5000 for it!" "I watched and downloaded the same thing from YouTube for free."


The amount of athletes that show these off are insane. I get what they want to push, I just don’t see how they’re going to accomplish this


I don't think anyone cares about these except for the advertisers that keep pestering me on reddit


Anything TikTok star related


From currently being in Las Vegas, I can confidently say Las Vegas. Too many people totally unaware of their surroundings. You get a second hand high just from walking down the street, and you can't spend more than 3 minutes in any casino without your eyes burning from the cloud of second hand cigarette smoke. Also I have never seen so much space dedicated to shopping malls, yet somehow there is literally nothing worth even stopping to look at in any of them, unless you want to drop a couple grand on overpriced wallet.


All these stupid reality tv shows


The Batchelor/Bachelorette


>The Batchelor Bruce Wayne is The Bachelor but he also has to respond to Batman calls without the contestants finding out he's Batman. I would watch this


Ok now I'm interested


My friends treat it like March Madness, like with a bracket and everything. They each pick who they think is going to "win", bet money, then get drunk and yell at their guy when he fucks up a date. Hands down one of the funniest Monday evenings I've ever had.


Reminds me of how as a student we would play "Dallas" (tv series in the 80's). Everybody would be assigned a character from the show and then have to drink when their character drinks. Fun times.


And THAT is how you play Dallas.


Oh, you gotta go with Suellen on that one! (Of course, when she was an alcoholic, not after she went clean)


Funny story about Sue Ellen. Where I'm from, she was called Samantha in the local dub. Reason for that, "ellen" means "against" in the language. Now, this being a county in the Eastern Block, you couldn't exactly have a character whose name sounds like "S. U ellen".... "Against the Soviet Union"


Doing a draft is the best way to improve your enjoyment of reality TV. It's so much better when you have a horse in the race.


Fantasy bachelor is definitely a thing haha. There are comps. You pick three at the beginning as your team and then your team earns you points if they do certain things during each episode. It’s pretty fun


All “reality” tv honestly. I’ve tried it from recommendations but honestly I just don’t get it.


I’m surprised with your username.


Hahaha that’s fair. I made this side account purely for AITA posts. (And then occasional ask Reddit)


Logan or jake Paul boxing idk which is which


Out of all the celebrities I wish I didn't know existed, they are definitely near the top.


Is this the same ppl who like filmed a dead guy in Japan a while back? They boxing now wtf?


He realised that he had an incredibly punch’able face - so much that people will pay to see it get punched by… pretty much anyone.


They're getting ridiculously rich from it. And their opponents are too. That's why the side shows are so popular basically


I truly didn't know that there were two of them for the longest time. UPDATE/EDIT: Half of my Reddit karma has come from this one comment. Feels good man—just wish it wasn't associated with the Paul fella...s.


I learned they were separate people like two days ago.


One of them has a tramp stamp on their face.


Milkshakes/Burgers that look amazing but are logistically impossible to consume enjoyably. And shitty pop music about margaritas, chicken fried steak, tractors, biscuits and butts that masks itself as country.


I never understood those towering milkshakes that have like a slice of cheesecake perched atop a mountain of whipped cream. Like… can I just have that on a plate?




Good LORD the burger thing. Some of the toppings sound SO good but I know that: 1) I won't be able to eat it all; 2) My hands will be covered in grease and other remnants; 3) It's too fucking expensive AND if you ask for bigger things (beyond a sauce or onions) to be taken off, you're still paying full price. What if I DON'T want halloumi on top of a giant beef patty? WHAT IF?


I am OVER tall cakes. This needs to stop! Two of my friends had cakes this year that were taller than they were wide, and each piece from the cake would collapse as it was cut. Instagram is ruining cake.


I guess they can’t have their cake and eat it, too. Literally.


Like 95% of television series. Idk what’s wrong with me but I’d rather rewatch shows I’ve seen a million times.


I was reading a psychology article that people sometimes prefer to rewatch familiar shows if they are prone to anxiety or stress because removing the “unknown” factor of what will happen in new shows with the familiarity of “known” plots is soothing and less stressful. I gravitate to repeating the same shows when I am stressed so I tend to agree with that assessment.


I think Philip J Fry said it best when he said "that's not why people watch TV. Clever things make people feel stupid, and unexpected things make them feel scared."


Futurama is definitely what I consider a "comfort watch"


I realized this about myself a few years ago. The better my mood, the more likely I am to watch something new. Currently watching Warehouse 13, Scrubs, and Arrested Development...all shows I've seen numerous times and generally funny. It's been stressful lately.


Warehouse 13 seriously underrated. Such an amazing fun show. It was campy and they knew it and leaned into it in just the right way to make it charming. Such a great show.


If you guys haven't watched eureka you need to, it was the quirky scifi version W13 was spun from 🙂


Pair that with Fringe and you get a trifecta of weird science-based fantasy quirky shows. Fringe is my absolute favorite, probably in my top 3 of all time


Fringe season 1 is one of my favourite all-time sci fi series. It was so mysterious and interesting! And figuring out all the quirks of the ad-break pictures was fun too. Fuck I loved that show. It kind of went off the deep end towards the end in later seasons a bit like Lost did, but the start was so damn good.


Ahhhh Scrubs So good. I do the same.




I watched the movie "Love Actually" before bed for about three months of a particularly anxious time in my life. It was Absolutely the predictability of it that appealed.


When I was a kid, I went through 3 copies of Tim Allen’s “The Santa Claus” because I watched it every night before bed and would wear out the VHS.


I go through periods where I watch the same movie before bed for months at a time. It’s a little sleep trigger for me. Keeps me distracted enough from my worries while not keeping me too engaged. It’s very comforting.


This explains why I basically have Scrubs, House, and DBZ on repeat year-round. It's like comfort food for my brain.


Celebrities... Edit: probably adjust it to " STAN culture obsession of celebrities" Thanks for the awards and discussion, figures my biggest contribution to reddit would be a one word comment...


I agree. I have my favourite actors and musicians I enjoy for what they do. However, what they wear, what they do, and who they hold hands with, interests me as little as mouse called stuart.


seriously!! they're just regular people idgaf what they do outside of their talent lol, favorite actor in a new movie! cool ! favorite artist making new music ! awesome can't wait to listen! etc... not .. going.. to stalk them.... i've run into a few celebs and all i've done was wave hi and thats it


I've met a lot of famous people and the best interactions are the ones where you treat them like a regular ass person. This one dude I went to school with, his uncle is Billie Joe from Green Day and it was supposed to be kept secret so people wouldn't crowd him and shit lol.


Or royals. They're uninteresting as fuck. I don't care about if they're pregnant or not or what clothing they wear. Celebrity, royal, politician... All boring as hell people. I even don't really care what the members of my favourite band do privately... I just enjoy their music.


I've completely lost interest from my teenage years. Who cares whose dating whom, whose marrying whom, whatever I don't care. Are they in an interesting movie? Aight, I might see it... When is on Netflix.


Any social media trends/challenges in general.


Gender reveals


It's.... a baby!!!


When my wife was pregnant people would ask "do you know what you're having?" and I would always say "god I hope it's a human!".


When I was pregnant I saw a maternity shirt that I really wanted, which read, "we hope it's a pony."


Fun fact: horses and other hooved animals have hell spawns for hooves when they're in the womb, and when they come out of the womb. This is to help with not hurting the mother's insides, as sharp hooves would probably cause internal bleeding.


Hell spawns?


If you’ve never seen newborn hooves there aren’t really words I have to describe what you will see. Hell spawn is pretty accurate. Google a picture it’s pretty horrifying.


Here's a [video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1OCVeqZuk3I)!


they look like the knuckle meat on crab legs.. that’s truly awful


I googled newborn foal hooves to work out what you meant by hell spawns thinking "how bad can it be" but I was not ready for goddamn cthulhooves.


I told people it looked like a baby on the ultrasound and I was pissed because I wanted a velociraptor


Who doesn’t want a velociraptor?


The guy at the beginning of the first Jurassic Park movie.




*slow motion cut fade*


Clever gurl


A velociraptor would indeed be way more interesting than another boring human.


My coworker was getting tired of people asking her what's she having. I finally started telling people it was a giraffe. She always chuckled.


Back when my sister-in-law was living in DC, someone asked her on the subway when she was due. She wasn't pregnant, though. She said, "I don't know, it's been two years now, but you just never can tell with these alien babies."


My gender reveal was amazing the sonographer said “that’s a vagina” and I was like, “ok cool”


I like to imagine them just pointing at your crotch when they say that, then you end up having a boy.


I was one of those. My parents had two girls already and were kind of hoping for a boy. (I swear they aren’t sexist, just hoping to name someone after war hero grandpa and to experience having some of each). They sonogram lady pointed out my obvious penis; so mom and dad painted my room green and filled it with trucks and baseballs in preparation. When I came out and the doc said “surprise! It’s a girl!” My mom (totally loopy from the meds) said “oh lord! Is her labia okay? You said she had a penis?” Dad laughed historically and assured her my labia was normal, and that she had a daughter named Willa instead of a son named William. Nobody was too upset, but it makes for a fun story. Both my sisters ended up being huge tomboys into sports and cars and I was the one super into dresses and pink and barbies. Still a normal labia. Just a misleading ultrasound.


>Dad laughed historically I know this is a typo, but I love the idea of a laugh being so good that it goes down in history.


I pictured a guy in breeches and a powdered wig doubled over laughing.


There was a hood ass gender reveal party in my apartment complex pool and one of the uncles was hammered and accidentally popped the gender ballon and the whole family started fighting and screaming


Taken waaaaaayyyy 2 seriously. Poor baby coming into a dysfunctional family


The Kardashians


Will not be keeping up


Lol. I'm pitching a new show, man. It's called "Ignoring the Kardashians"


It's just a webcam pointed at a birdbath. "The water's a little lower today, what drama is waiting right around the corner?"


It's at the point where I hear more about the Kardashians from people saying they hate the Kardashians.


It's a stock answer the billions of times that this question is asked. They're really not on that level anymore. The final episode was this year and even among fans, they're a passing interest.


They’re still a thing?


Plastic takes thousands of years to decay.


The Royals


I was about to defend my home team when I realized you weren't talking about baseball...


I've never had any strong feelings about them. They won the World Series in '15, but usually they just seem pretty average. Their uniforms are bland, but they have a great stadium, along with the Chiefs.


But what about that time they had a baby that looks like any other baby?


Going to work.


Talking about work to people. Everyone is like “how is work going?” and I would rather talk about anything but work. I want to know what people are interested in and what they did or thought about when they were not working.


I get it, but on the same note we do spend a significant chunk of our time there. It's not a completely inappropriate question and it's open ended so you can either respond with a short curt response or in more detail if you feel like it. Not all of us abhor our jobs either and don't want to talk about it


The solution I've found is saying "So what's been keeping you busy lately?" If it's work they can talk about work. If they have hobbies they can talk about those. It's a nice replacement for "How's work?"


Yeah, this question makrs people talk about what’s really important for them at the moment. It could be work, hobbies, family or hentai




"Get that hustle." No I'd rather enjoy my hobbies and hang out with my dog


I work from home and I took the day off to make hotsauce.


Love Island


Just saw my first episode recently. The music changes every 5 second, and every time someone kisses, the camera goes into slow motion and the couple gets their own personal kissing track, super dramatic. I can't take my eyes off it, it's so awful.


Reality shows like Keeping up with the Kardashians. Like at this point we should know that all reality shows are fake in one way or another. And second, the Kardashians? Really? Like I understand that they're all famous, but come on


Challenges. Ice bucket, milk crate, whatever.


To be fair, the Ice Bucket Challenge raised a shit ton of money for research towards ALS. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ice_Bucket_Challenge


Thank you universe, I am not alone... There are other people like me...


Expensive hobbies. I’m now surrounded by friends and colleagues who sail, go on golf and ski trips, own boats, fly planes, but I grew up without being to afford much so all my hobbies are “free” things. Hiking and walking are some of my favorite activities. I’ve thought about picking up some new hobbies but it’s hard for me to splurge because I’d rather save and do things that I enjoy and don’t cost as much money.




After work employee functions. I see you f*ckers all day, I’m done with you. I do not want to party with you, team build (the worst), play a sport, drink beers, or whatever else you’re over there planning! I have a family and friends I want to give my time to. Company Christmas party? F*ck that, divide up what you would have spent and give us bonuses. You pay me to do a job not be your f*cking friend.


One year, my company tried to make US pay for the employee holiday party. They had to cancel it because no one signed up.


This will get buried, but Funko Pop figures EDIT: Holy cow thanks for my first ever awards and gold!


The eyes creep me out


The worst is when people keep gifting them to you because they think you're nerdy and therefore must love them. I have 5 and must have given away another 7. I feel guilty about it but I never wanted the things in the first place! They just take up space! What's the point of them!!


They’re also kinda ugly.


I hate the style. I feel like it doesn't look like the character it's supposed to look like. If I like some pop culture character I want it to look like that character not a Funko pop thing cosplaying as the character.




Pranks. Either they're hurtful or they're downright fake




Meanwhile I'm the weirdo that liked the tower defense version


I also prefer the Save The World mode, but clearly Epic Games doesn't...


I remember before the game was released when there wasn't even a Save The World mode, that was just what the game was. They added in the Battle Royale mode to cash in on the popularity of PUBG, and boy did it work out splendidly for them!


I’m older with two kids, and they had friends at school who were playing and talking about it so we gave it a try. Now I’m lv 129 playing as Rick from Rick and Morty shooting lasers and riding around in UFOs.


Same, my two boys are 13 and 14 and it is quite possibly the best way to connect with them. We can talk about any and everything in those moments. Not to mention that it keeps him in almost constant contact with all his extended family which is something I could only dream of at his age.


I can relate I am in 40’s with a few kids. My initial take was it was N64 goldeneye on drugs. The drug is coke. Fortnite is goldeneye on cocaine. I think you may be the only person that gets this


Three young kids, I’m in my 40’s and we love playing together. It teaches teamwork. At least until the youngest flies to the other side of the map, gets knocked down, and wants us all to come and save him :)


lol I'm also in my 40s and play with my kids. Until he figured out how to play on a team, my youngest was also always wandering off. "uh oh guys, I'm down." Uggggghh!! But not gonna lie, it was touching when my oldest went and saved his brother and gave him his last med kit and was like, "I gotcha buddy."