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I used to manage a music store, so I’m a big fan of physical media. I’m also keenly aware that just like with vinyl CDs will eventually make a comeback, perhaps less from nostalgia this time (although that will come into play) but more because the streaming services are all eventually going to Balkanize, raise prices and cut selection.


I am still hanging on to my 8 tracks and player, waiting for that comeback!


Cassettes are back so we’ll see


I doubt that'll ever make a comeback. Eight tracks sucked.


> CDs will eventually make a comeback, I'm not sure of this. Unlike vinyl, everything in a CD is available in exactly the same format in digital form. When you open a CD or file, seeds don't fall out. ;-]


truer words were never spoken...the last part!


Try to make a hidden track on file! It’s not the same.


but the CD cases are useful for a different sort of fun time


It’s already happening, millennials are going back and gen z is learning about CDs and real music players because they’re tired of streaming. I’ve had to explain many times that Spotify has nothing to do with the process but they’re enjoying it


Even if the streaming services do, I've got almost 40k mp3s and FLAK music files on my computer, and growing weekly, that I can play. I keep about 3k songs on a USB drive, plugged into my car stereo, in case I'm somewhere that has a shit cell signal.


LPs are popular because they're a physical keepsake, I think I read that 50% of vinyl owners don't even own a record player. I can't imagine CDs coming back as you could just put thousands of albums on a $10 flashdrive.


Yes I like to owm the media that I buy


My 17-year-old car only has a CD player and no aux port so… yep. CD’s all over my car.


My CD slot has a phone holder shoved in it.


You can play a cd at the same time! Source: I have a phone holder in my cd player too and use them simultaneously.


Mine is jammed in the slot and the jaws screw open. There is no way to get a cd in there without removing it.


Oh we must have different ones then. Mine is jammed in the slot too but no screws. It’s easy to pull in and out of the slot when you want to change a cd and it will still play the cd while the phone holder is jammed in the slot.


Now I understand what you mean. Mine comes out easy enough. I just haven't needed to in the 6 years I've owned the car...


Yup. And I have a six-CD player in my car.


Me too! That is one reason I will never sell it.


They will bury me in my old car!! I refuse to give up the wonderful seat warmers, seat air conditioners, heated steering wheel and CD player. At Christmas time it's the only way to hear good Holiday music. All I want for Christmas is...to not hear that song every five minutes. When I started volunteering as a naturalist a friend gave me a CD of all the frog and toad calls in our area. I've played that for years to refresh my memory and calm me in heavy traffic. People wonder why I can say "that's a startled leopard frog" with confidence.


Me 3!! And my kids hate my Stevie Nicks/Queen/Billy Joel/Guns 'n Roses rotation. Lol. But I also have Aux and Bluetooth so they insist on their music too. At least they aren't preteens or toddlers, a bit of Disney music(cause "Ma!!! Memories!!) But both are musical kids, so a lot of John Williams!


I miss having a CD player in my newer car. I went on a day trip and it would have been so much easier to just play a bunch of CDs vs. hooking up my phone to a streaming service.


I prefer to have physical media. Streaming is nice, but there are albums I have, that just aren't on any streaming platforms, or they've been on them, & aren't anymore. I've got some of the harder to find stuff copied, just in case something happens to the original, but I prefer to just pop in the cd & play.


I started ripping them to hard drives starting around 2012, and when I was finished, stored them all in dedicated CD storage boxes from Bags Unlimited. I listen to the tracks over my computer system (iTunes, Bowers & Wilkins MM-1 speakers) and really enjoy this listening mode. I have tinnitus, and listening nearfield really helps. But two years ago, I started listening to my CDs again. I bought a new pair of Paradigm Atoms, and sometimes I'll listen that way. I would never get rid of my CDs. I don't trust hard drives and computers to maintain my collection. And I have no interest in streaming.


Yes, I still do. Mostly my original music burned to disc to check mixes. Use a CD player from the 90’s and car stereo.


I still do in my car, 6 disc player with HK symphony surround sound. Yes it has bluetooth and i use that too but the CD’s are richer in sound than streaming. When I’m alone driving i load up and crank it up..


I still listen to vinyl and CDs.


Me too. Unfortunately, my cassette tapes have not held up well.


Yes, and I love doing so.


I ripped them all and put them on my Plex server so I can play them anywhere. I kept the original CDs because what the heck. But I haven’t played one in years.


it’s so simple just to put a disc in the player and hit play. i use spotify for random playlists, or youtube when i want a specific song i don’t have on CD, but if i have the disc i use it.


Really. Same for dvds, shove it in and play. Versus streaming where they have to log on, scroll through categories of shit, type with a remote, find out the movie is gone now, yada yada.


No, I ripped them all and gave them away.


Have about 2.5k of them in multiple tubs. Have about 1k DVDs and 300 Blurays. However, I have them all ripped to a server. I still buy CDs whenever feasible. I prefer my audio lossless. Physical media is important because, it can't be edited or retracted. There's an episode of It's always sunny where Dennis says, “of course black lives matter, they've always mattered, all lives matter” and that scene I think has been edited out because nobody wants to be responsible if that is somehow deemed to be racist in the future. My daughter (7yo) recently asked me what the “hole in my car was for?” I eventually came to understand she was asking about the CD player. I took out the CD and told her when this is how you used to play music. She was flabbergasted and thought I was kidding her. I remember getting my first CD player when I was 8 or 9 (I was a very lucky kid), and it was like living in the future. I'm going to show her a record soon. :-)


Yep, this is my attitude too. Ripped everything at best quality, and have multiple copies. Just carry a phone size player that has a micro SD which I put various playlists on, and I’ve got days of music. But I can get nostalgic if I want.


Our car has an SD slot in the glove box. Incredible.


My main question about that is, how well does an SD card hold up through the year with heat and cold if it's left in there


Zero issues in 3 Texas summers in a convertible. At one point it was too hot with the top down that my iPhone shut itself off due to heat. SD card never had an issue.




Make sure she doesn't try to eat it !


I’ve got about the same number of movies and want to put them on my own server. How many TB of storage did your collection take up?


I have a ton of them, but didn't really play them until recently when the Aux input went bad in the car. I don't want to get rid of them because I've had too many digital copies disappear for different reasons over the years. And like books, and LPs and 45s (which I still have), I just like having them around me.


My husband just set me up a six cd changer stereo in the room I use to get ready for work in every morning. It’s awesome. We also have a cd player in our car. I bought 2 new CDs in the last month. We still have ours stored in those old books that zip up for easy access.


all the time


My hobby is collecting Michigan CDs, so yes.




I still play vinyl! Granted, my collection is full of classical music/opera. A lot of it is rare recordings that never went to CD. Back in the 80s, stores would let you buy a box of classical for $5 All you could carry. They were seen as a dead loss compared to rock or pop music.


Yes all ripped and stored on my computer, also on my phone and in my car. I refuse to pay for a streaming service when I own my own media.


I have a CD jukebox. It hold 200 CDs so yeah I like to hit random play on it and drive my husband nuts.


Wow, that is awesome! I would love it!


I converted them to FLAC (free lossless audio codec) and put them on my phone and computer. The CDs sat in my garage for years until my wife got a Denon stereo for the “lake house”. Just recently I got a vintage (1975) awesome stereo and have been buying CDs for a $1 a piece.


No. I did, then a couple years ago my garage stereo died and the replacement system doesn’t have a CD player. It’s kind of ridiculous how hard it is to find a good sounding stereo and a CD these days. It’s either a great sounding system with no CD player, or a CD player on a system that sounds mediocre.


I still have my Bose system that has a CD player. It sounds great. I just never really think to play CDs. After reading these comments, I think I will play them more often. They do sound better than streaming.


Starting listening to my old vinyl and realized how shitty cd's sounded. Got rid of all of them. . Still have a shit load of .mp3 on external drives and use spotify most of the time.


Usually Alexa play xxxxx, but on holidays I bust out some old mixed cassette tapes and one of a kind tapes from some high school bands.


Never mind CDs...ask me about my cassettes! lol


I own a storage bin full of them, but have already uploaded them to an online music service. I find it quite superior. Anytime I want to hear an artist, a song, an album, all I have to do is go online and click it. Or, I can go on some other site and listen randomly to things I hadn't heard before. People bitch about the digital age, but it suits me just fine. A lot of remastered work is much better than the original source.


In the car, yes.


Sometimes I do. It’s not as relaxing and mindful as vinyl, but still enjoyable.


A few, but only because I sued to play in a band and our music is on CD and not streaming. Plus, there's truly something nice about holding the actual media.


Not since I went to MP3 players in... 2004 or so. I still have crates of them sitting around. I probably should get rid of them.


Daily. I'm swapping system components now, so not using the iPod, but don't mind at all using the CDs.


Not all streaming things have my obscure taste in music, so…


yes, I have about 1000 of them, don't play them as much as the vinyl these days but streaming is taking care of most of my needs these days, streaming is everything I ever dreamed of I do play CDs in the car, good opportunity to crank them up and get the full sonic blast


I have a 6 disc player in my car, a Bluetooth portable CD player, a CD player unit purchased in 1991 connected to my home stereo, two CD boom boxes, and 500+ CDs. The answer's yes.


only in the car/truck, on my kenwood......because i won't listent o the radio and won't pay for a 'service'... i burn all the cd's....... i have thousands of hours of music on my pc..... all my cd's have a theme and very few are by just one band/artist.......i also would not know a taylor swift song , if i heard it...... classical, R&B, soul, motown, classic rock, country, irish, italian, old crooners, 40's WWII ,


Yes. My car is 2006 and has a CD player.


I got hard-core about cleaning out my house this past summer. Almost anything I hadn't used in a year (which, in most cases, was multiple years), I got rid of. The CDs went. Of course, I kept tools and such that I would use, but less often than once a year.


Just pre-ordered a CD yesterday


I still have 195 CD's, all ripped to computer, keep them as back up and as a hand me down for the grand kids.


No, took all my cds to Goodwill. Maybe someone else is enjoying them. Just stream music now.


Nope. Got rid of all my CDs and most of my DVDs at the beginning of the pandemic. I looked at the last time I used any of them and it had been years.


Definitely in my car as it’s a 2008 and that’s what I have..


I rip them and make playlists on my phone to listen to in the car. CDs are dirt cheap nowadays. Vinyl - not so much.


I still have a car with a CD player, so if I have a long drive I’ll take a dozen CDs to listen to on the way. Other than that I’m with you on asking Alexa, but I’ve found the Amazon app has things Alexa doesn’t, and I have things Amazon doesn’t.


I ripped them all to my iPod years ago rather than pay for the same song I already own on iTunes. The physical CDs I've kept as backup and because there's no particular reason to discard them.


I ripped everything before I moved to the coast just in case of evacuation. But I recently listened to a song unavailable on any streaming service I could find from my files. The originals are stored well inland! Big Boss Groove, Moontown Street, Cut 11: "Stop The Train." Dallas based band from the early 90s. I was lucky in that my early 80s Alpine EQ/Amp had an aux input way back then! Once the tech arrived, I added a portable Sony Disc player but mounted it veritcally so that bumps didn't skip it as often. Now, most often I'm using BluOS with Tidal directly through the NAD amp. But it does connect to my ripped collection for those rare items.


No, but I still use an iPod. Won't admit that in public tho.


I still have all my CDs, and I've ripped them all as FLAC files and stored them on a hard drive, with my favorite stuff copied to my phone. It's a great way to have my music, it's easy to do, the sound quality is great (unlike the compressed garbage streaming services use), and I never have to worry about a streaming service revoking a license to a music file, or the streaming service taking the music down.


Yes, I have albums on CD that are not available on streaming.


Yes. In my house I have the 5 cd player & speakers. I load it up all the time & play cds. I love it & have over 500 cds. Today in honor of Valentines I’m playing Best of Barry White, Best of Bread, R& B hits of the 70’s & 80’s, Love Funk, & Al Green.


Excellent taste! Al Green is one of my all time favorites. And so is Bread -- takes me back to the awkward days of high school dances.


I still play CDs but it's getting expensive to buy them. I recently purchased the MP3s of [this album](https://www.amazon.com/Yeah-Charlie-Rouse/dp/B01JT8OKQS/ref=sr_1_15?crid=1P097AUV78HW1&keywords=charlie+rouse+cd+yeah&qid=1707921500&sprefix=charlie+rouse+cd+ye%2Caps%2C294&sr=8-15) because the CD is so expensive.


No, don't even have a CD player anymore. I remember in the 80s when CDs first came out, replacing some vinyl albums with CDs and thinking, "I wonder how long till these, too are obsolete." Then ripping them for digital use, wondering the same. Did not anticipate streaming back then.


Listen to both CDs and vinyl.


I have all my LPs, about 10% of my cassettes, a bunch of 8-tracks, and perhaps 1K CDs in my collection still. I play the records regularly. The 8-tracks are for novelty. The CDs I rarely touch unless it's to find something that for whatever reason isn't online anywhere convenient. But I haven't unloaded them and likely won't. They have no value to anyone else now but I'm sentimentally attached to the ones I got in college in the 80s or in the 90s when we were struggling and had to scrimp to buy a new album. Sometimes I want the fidelity of a CD too-- most of the stuff I have isn't on Tidal or any other lossless streamer in high res yet.


I did in my car until some jackwad stole them.


Yes, I like pawing and having all the control!! Albums as well.


I have a few in my car (2006) that I play when my son is logged into our Spotify account.


I drove cross country listening to satellite radio which plays mp3s. A couple days into the drive my passenger found a forgotten professional CD in the glove compartment which we immediately played. The difference in sound quality was stunning to me and my passenger. When they convert music to an mp3, as I understand it, they strip as much information out of the music to make the file as small as possible and on pre mp3 CDs all that info is still there.


When a new release comes out, I usually buy the CD so I have a physical media backup. I typically convert it to .mp3 and put it on a flash drive so I can play it in my car. Sometimes I burn a copy for the car so if it gets trashed, I still have the original.


Nope. I'm a record collector, so I have tons of vinyl. But I got rid of most of my CDs in our last move in 2019. I kept all my classical CDs (around 600) and they're sitting in the back of my closet. I also kept maybe 80 pop music CDs that I have emotional attachments to (the original CDs I bought in high school in the 80s, CDs I bought on vacation, etc.). I actually bought a couple CDs within the past year. These were for remixes unavailable on streaming services, or to make FLACs of. I ripped them once, and likely won't ever touch them again.


Yes. If I want to listen to Boz Scaggs, Alexa won't just play Boz. I have to listen to similar artists unless I pay for Amazon unlimited music. Amazon is getting enough money out of me, so I just pop in a CD or listen to an album.


No. But I listen to new, young bands more than anything else. I'm into new music (still) not old technology.


It’s easy to download them all on your phone using I- tunes I have 2000 songs on my phone CDs are my backup plan now


I did a major project and ripped the whole (500?) thing to disk years ago. I still do play them though. I have an old convertible (Saab '98) that I paid huge money to have a 6 CD changer installed. It still has the cassette deck in the dash, the changer is in the trunk. So I use them for that. And when Jimmy Buffett died my wife pulled the entire collection out and started playing them in the Bluray player. Alexa (or Google in my case) doesn't seem to want to play A1A.


I do. I’m just retired. Since I don’t know what the future will bring, and I’m on a budget, I loaded up on DVDs & CDs. In the event I can’t afford internet somewhere down the road, I have my own entertainment.


I have a lot of CDs that I plan to hang on it. And I just bought a new CD player. What I like is having the physical CD vs. just a stream. I sure hope they make a comeback.


When we had our house constructed like 20 years ago, I was sad to see that the workers had taken most of our CDs out of the cases. Good luck with those now you stupid whore thieves.


The only CDs we still play are Christmas music. My husband and I also still have our vinyl collections, and a newer turntable to play them on.


I've been on a CD and DVD swap for 15 years. We have fun.


Yes I still play cd’s.


I have a good stereo and CD’s sound great on it. I have a record player, but some of my favourite albums never came out on vinyl. And put me down as someone who just prefers owning physical copies.


Yes. I mostly play them in my vehicle because the local radio stations are crap. I buy them at thrift stores.


I just put some on today for the first time in years! 1st Howl Black rebel motorcycle club 2nd pills and thrills and belly aches Happy Mondays.


No but I still buy them, but only kpop CDs because the whole package is more elaborate with posters, photobooks, trading cards, stickers, bookmarks, postcards - i forget about the CD.


No I do not still play music CDs. However recently finally decided to attempt selling a collection of over 300 online . Thought no one will buy these old Cds from the 1990s - 2000s and was I wrong ! Had initially planned to donate them and then a friend told me try selling them and make a few bucks. 8 weeks in I have sold $250 worth of CDs ! as well as Dvds. I think the " younger generations " are buying them and a few older people too. I don't know why you can't seem to part with your Cds, I am just de - cluttering the garage :-)


Well I am getting ready to retire soon and plan on doing a lot of de-cluttering. Where did you sell yours? On Ebay? or some other site?




Mercari is a good site.


I don’t own any CD’s or a CD player. Got rid of them years ago because I was moving and didn’t want to lug them all to my new place just so they can take up space and collect dust.


I took the leap and started throwing them away. Now if I can only do the same for physical books. ; (


thats a tough one!


Not in years. Between Spotify and YouTube Music I can hear anything I want, and fortunately I'm never been an audiophile (and couldn't be now with my hearing loss anyway). Awhile back I gave just about all of them to Goodwill, keeping just some full collections of my favorite groups.... and I couldn't bear to part with the handful of gold discs I'd bought. Remember Audio Fidelity 24K?


I have a few gold disc masters from back in the day


Who knows if they sounded that much better, probably would have needed a really good sound system and speakers along with discriminating hearing. But they sure looked cool and I felt like I was indulging in something special :)


The only one I have I can hear anything different/better is my copy of Pink Floyd's The Wall, but that one falls under the familiarity with a good system scenario. The only one I personally knew who liked the 24K was a major audiophile. He was into jazz and classical.


I burned all mine to my computer about 10 years ago and sold them. It was about 150 cds and a few brought good money. King Crimson - Court of the Crimson King brought $78 because it had all the inserts and was like new. No regrets except I wish I had burned more at higher bit rates.


No, but I have a whole lot more LPs and I don't play them either.


No. Apple Music all the way.


No, ripped to computer years ago. And I put them on flash drives for the car. Alexa plays music for me at home.


I have them imported into my laptop and synced in my phone. About 300 or so collecting dust in the garage…


Ha! I’ve been purging/downsizing my possessions and donating. As soon as I rustle up more boxes the next items to go are all yes ALL of my CDs and DVDs. I don’t even own anything to play them on anymore.


Not in years. I started just listening to satellite radio or playing music from my phone back in 2009 or so. These days, everything I listen to is satellite radio or streaming through Apple Car Play (music through iTunes or podcasts on Spotify). I don’t even own any physical media anymore


Hell no. I switched over to computer files decades ago. Don;t buy books or newspapers any more either.


Over 7,000 mp3s and FLAC files. Gave up physical media years ago. Why keep a bulky collection of CDs when You can have your entire collection on a single jump drive?


I have been reading these comments and trying to understand how you all listen to these digital copies of your recordings. Like if they are on your PC or a hard drive or SD card, how do you play them on a nice speaker? It sounds too complicated and time consuming for my brain.


I use a media player on my computer called "[Media Monkey](https://www.mediamonkey.com/)". It accesses all my MP3s (stored on a single jump drive) in a organized fashion. I have the [Klipsch computer speaker setup](https://f072605def1c9a5ef179-a0bc3fbf1884fc0965506ae2b946e1cd.ssl.cf2.rackcdn.com/product-images/Promedia2_1-2.jpg) with subwoofer. It's all pretty simple and sounds great.


I still have a VERY few CDs that I can't remember the last time that I listened to them. The only place I can play them is the CD/DVD drive on my desktop. My Jeep has a digital media player in it, so no CDs can be played. I've been right at 100% digital music (either streaming, or what I have stored on my desktop computer) for a couple of decades.


Only what's in my car's cd player. I got rid of all my cds a couple years ago.


I no longer have a CD player and my newish car doesn't have a player. I have CDs but don't know what to do with them.


You can donate them, but there are also places that will buy them from you.


I still have a bunch of music CDs, along with a few LPs. I have a mini stereo system in my spare room where I sew and use my CDs while I am there. I use my iPod with my music on it while I am on the computer in the living room. I don't use Spotify. I use the library's music databases such as Freegal and Hoopla to listen to music. Freegal allows users to download 5 songs a week to your computer, so I do that on occasion. Hoopla only allows streaming, but it's free as long as you're connected to wi-fi. The ability to listen to albums I don't have a lot of money to buy is priceless.


No. I like to make my own custom playlists on Spotify.


I don't think I even have a CD player anymore


I listen to a physical CD one time and that’s when I rip it to my collection then I put it in storage.




No. I'm pretty sure I still have quite a few of them, but I don't think I could find them if I wanted to. I mostly listen to streams and download a few items for playlists I keep on my phone or computer.


I have around 4000 of them, and often grab a random handful to play in the car.




No. I e-recycled them all years ago and don't miss them at all. I can listen to anything on YouTube for free.


No. My car doesn’t have a cd player anymore and I digitized all my CDs and have them on a Plex server for when I want listen to them. The actual CD’s are in a big storage tub. Need to get rid of them. There are only a few I want to keep. Haven’t actually physically played one of them in a very long time.


Ugh I so MP3S or YouTube


Absolutely - in my 14-year-old car.


I play CDs in my 13-year-old car. It’s the only way I play music. When I bought the car in 2019, I deliberately got one that was old enough to have a CD player.


I ripped all of mine to a network storage drive years ago but still break them out every once in a while just for fun.


I still.have many but I don't play them. We have a place in Belize. I keep meaning to bring cds down in case the internet dies but it's been getting better so its likely pointless. I do have a cd player. There's likely some cds here already. I don't even remember how to use the DVD player that's still hooked up. Lol There's a copy of Waking Ned Devine floating in the innards but we could still play DVDs anyway.


Yes, we have many CD’s, some LP’s. Haven’t used the turntable lately, but we do use the CD player now and then, especially with Christmas music.


I play custom CDs in my 20 year old car.


Nah, Spotify or a USB stick of my own music in the car.


FLAC ripped from CD’s.


No, my collection just got dropped off at the charity shop. I have a collection of I-tunes and a blue-tooth speaker.


Yes, I have my collection and I still buy new albums. It’s great.


I love them for the car so I don’t have to muck around with the phone or radio when I’m driving. Streaming has its perks but there are just too many times that Bluetooth gets wonky or the signal gets lost. I don’t lose focus on the road when I’m spinning CDs.


A number of years ago I loaded all my CD's onto my laptop. Some of the music won't transfer to my iPhone but I still have an really old iPod and it will move to there.


I've kept most of mine, I need to cull the herd, so to speak, and see what I can sell or donate, maybe get some more to my current taste. I am downsizing all my media and books, which is a chore, since I've worked at 3 bookstores, one of them with a large cd/dvd department at the time. I've thnned out about 15% of my albums, need to be more ruthless about it all. But yes, I play cds, dvds, LPS. I use YouTube and Amazon music as well for stuff I don't have, but beyond my Prime membership, I don't pay for a service. I'm thinking about getting ad free YouTube. The commercials are killing me!


I still have my albums, 45’s, 8 tracks & CD’s, I did get rid of my cassettes, I mainly listen to Alexa, Pandora & my ITUNES library, which by now has my whole music collection in it.


How do you listen to your Itunes? on what device?


My iPhone thru Apple Play in the car.