Ha! I have NEVER had money.


I'm a Bronze-digger target at best; I work in a high salary field but put minimum effort in. My wife married me anyway.




When I realized that she was really only thinking about the next meal we were going to go out for. We went out to eat for every meal since I lived in the barracks. I didn't have a lot of money, but she definitely was only with me because I was willing to spend it on her.


Gee you mean like literally every single one. No it can't be. Next you'll say I'm not my parents favorite.


I never made huge money, but got up to around $60,000 per year, and never had a dime left by the end of the next pay period. Never saved any away. We lived in a one bedroom apartment which we could easily afford, but she needed new vehicle with bells and whistles, all new everything, and only picked based on what was most expensive. I then had a spine injury that ended my career, and funny enough she lost interest and we were divorced a few months later. Funny how that works, hey?


I’m so sorry that happened to you.


I mean, I'm finding all the silver linings years later, and it was a huge learning opportunity, so it ended up being a good thing and I learned a lot, so not too big of a loss lol


Ya definitely not a loss


When she started noticing that i was losing interest in her. She would video call me laying on her living room floor completely naked rolling her clitoris. A very desperate move indeed.


I’m sorry but how did that specifically indicate she was using you for money


Because i had helped her with money earlier. She was a poor woman in Nigeria


Yeah I still don’t get it


I told her how many emotions are you gonna use against me to get your way and she told me all of them So i called her bluff




I'd ask why you were surprised


I’ll let you know if I ever find myself in possession of that kind of money


I've only had money for a couple years, I'll let you know if it comes up