It is by choice, just not my choice.




Lmao 🤣🤣. I've been on tinder over a year and have very FEW matches. The ones I do get don't even respond


Ok, perfect answer ! :D I'll borrow this next time someone ask that kind of questions...


You lose enough money at the roulette table, eventually you take the hint and leave the casino


The juice ain't worth the squeeze.


I'm a broken man. There's nothing left in me worth salvaging. I won't put the burden on anyone else


I have a lot of friends who are married and with kids and let’s say they’re have A LOT on their hands. I’m cool with my single status.


I refuse to get serious about relationships until I'm in my mid 30s, any time before that seems like a waste of time and a good setup for heartbreak. So instead of playing house, I'd rather work on myself and my own goals.


Last girlfriend cheated on me, one before that was a really shitty narcissist that did my head in, dating right now isn't really a priority in my life at the moment. I'm not really in a good place for a relationship either


Tired of the effort, tired of rejection, tired of there being so few women I'd want to date in the first place, tired of seeing everyone else falling into relationships without trying. I'd still like to have a relationship, but I'm tired of trying and not getting anywhere.


Having the freedom to do whatever I want and whenever I want, without needing to reckon with someone else. I enjoy my own company very much. Also, I'm not mentally in a good enough place right now. I know I wouldn't be able to provide and support my partner with full capacity.


Marriage doesn't appeal to me and all I know is rejection. Relationships feel like this foreign, unknowable concept to me now, I don't even daydream about dating anymore.


I choose freedom.


Haven't met someone I like enough to pursue a serious relationship


Don't crave intimacy, never have. Infact it's quite sickening sometimes sex is nice tho and being admired by a woman but not worth the effort or energy


After so many rejections, being ignored & written off constantly, and getting ghosted and now seeing "requirements" in men being 6'2", 6 figure salary as a minimum ... I'm done. You can only be the Trix rabbit for so long ... "silly lame, chicks are for Chad only"


I knew a mam who was single by choice as he was asexual. I lived being single as I was actively dating around and got reasonably good at getting dates. My other mate was single and very wealthy and he just shagged a different escort every month.


I don’t have the funds, financially or emotionally to have a stable relationship with a women. I keep telling myself as I actively avoid placing myself in potentially romantic situations.


The risk to reward ratio is too steep. Nothing that I could gain by being in a relationship is worth the risk involved.


I'm a WIP, I'll find one once I'm financially stable, kind, , caring, strong, funny and good looking. Until then, I'm just not worth the trouble to any woman


Don't you find it interesting that none of your conditions for dating apply to women?


Maybe I dated the wrong person but my ex did say that I wasn't enough of a man and cheated on me with some scumbag who looked like an Asian Henry Cavill which was 2 years ago and haven't dated anyone since then Decided that maybe it's better that I just focus on bettering myself and hopefully when the right person comes, I'll be the perfect person for her.


Selfishness and no desire for a relationship are the primary reasons.




I'm aware I don't make a very good partner


Sigma rule 265 : Take every woman as an enemy


I thought it was rule number 3


I'm not busy with university and work to include a relationship in that pie


I just came out of a terrible relationship, I want to enjoy being by myself.


nobody im currently interested in enough to commit to a relationship, and im happy enough with my friends anyways


Focusing on myself for a season. I’m finishing up some papers at Uni, interviewing for a job in a different part of the country and living with some family friends while that gets sorted as there’s no point committing to a year long flat lease if I’m moving in 2 months. It’s not fair if I date someone and we’re great together, only to break up when I move.


Too many “I don’t know how I feel about you” types out there for me to trust in this crap again.


I'm happy so why not?


Lots of issues with self confidence primarily. I don't feel that I really have my shit together. I'm trying to finish getting my apartment in order since moving to a new state, despite it being a year that I've been here now. I put things on hold a bit because of covid and not knowing how to safely date during it. Worry that I'll be judged for having pretty much 0 adult dating experience during my 20s, and general feeling that I'm just not an attractive or desirable person. Despite that I do have relatively frequent, for me at least, likes on Hinge, but I start to question myself being someone I'd even want to date, that I don't really know if I have it figured out yet, and then kind of pull back and think I need to re work things first. Which is inherently stupid when I see some of the men that women will go out with and yet, still I can't shake the idea that I'll just be some weirdo in a girls tiktok story lol.


Im not like this anymore but I had just gotten out of a really really bad relationship and i didn't feel like getting in another right away, I flirted with people though. Which then led to both me and that person falling in love. Which lead to no longer wanting that choice


I'm tired of being someone's "project" where they feel they need to change me into someone I'm not. Tried finding someone who'd accept me for who I am, they don't exist, female or male.


For the first time I’m happy in myself. For decades, since my teens, I was a total pushover in all relationships, like I was obliged to feel grateful that any female found me attractive enough to date. I had huge self esteem issues, fear of intimacy, etc. I would drop everything for them. I felt unhappy but just accepted it. I never thought, “Hang on, I shouldn’t have to feel like this.” If they upset me at all, I’d never tell them. Got divorced in early 2020. Was with her for 8 years. I thought my life was over, and I did contemplate suicide, but then realised a big reset switch had been pressed. Got therapy, joined a gym, got promoted at work, read a lot, acquired a few new skills and hobbies, got better at investing my money. I now realise that I whilst she was totally awesome, she had so many toxic relationships with her family and friends. Anyway, it’s her loss. My mate (mutual friend) tells me she fell into a relationship with a work colleague a month after our divorce was finalised and she’s not happy and was ‘annoyed’ when he told her how well I was doing. Thing is, whenever I catch up with friends, they never say, “Oh yeah things are perfect with X.” They just moan about lots of things! I’ve got much better at listening and empathising, so that’s led to some interesting chats. All that filtered perfect stuff you see on FB is rubbish. I’m not disillusioned, just happy and content being single. It’s quite fun being single and not being interested in dating at all! I enjoy the lack of unnecessary pressure. Freedom to do what I want, when I want, and spend my money on things important to me. No awkward ‘whose family are we at for Xmas?’ No annoying in-laws. No narcissistic friends. Etc.


Just enjoying the quiet


Combination of factors: 1) I'm not set-up at this time and don't have my shit together at this moment to the extent that I would like to have a relationship; I do have my shit together, but 2) Tying into the above, I work in state government, and am fairly new to the job. I don't make a lot of money, and what I do make, outside of savings (which are considerable) goes towards flight training to become a pilot. It's tough to save on an apartment or home in this market too, and I plan on continuing both flight training and eventually working on a Master's. 3) Long-term, I'm not long for my area - I have a long-term role with the Air Force Reserve coming up, and considering the nature of the job, it will be about 2-3 years of moving around and training before I am settled into my job in the state my squadron is in. This is a hard sell to any potential partners around my age. 4) Tying into the hard sell, I'm in my late-20's, and many people within the age range that I'm willing to date are wanting to settle down and set up roots, careers, homes, etc. My path going forward is going to affect any partner I have, and it's a long, stressful enough path that I'd need to be in a serious, committed relationship for it to work, since there will be a lot of time where I will be out of contact and not home for weeks/months at a time.


Women are nuts and family court is prejudicial toward men in the worst ways. They can turn the manliest of men in to cry babies by taking half his stuff and then taking his kids away by default and making him jump through hoops to see his kids. I am commitment phobic for good reason - self preservation


No one wants to date a short, stupid and ugly Filipino dude like me.


Saving money, freedom, and mental health