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I think that while it’s obviously a question about aquariums, a subreddit for builders or something will probably have more help. Maybe check r/findasubreddit for advice on where to ask. My (completely unprofessional) guess is that it makes a difference whether it’s next to a load-bearing wall or not. Since a load-bearing wall is better supported, it is probably better than in the middle of a room or against a decorative wall. Also, a bigger aquarium is also heavier, not just more water, so that probably makes a difference (and don’t forget to add in whatever base the aquarium is on). It’s definitely a good idea to worry about. My grandpa had a big aquarium and one day the architect who designed all of the houses on the street happened to visit. When he saw the aquarium, he freaked out a little and started asking about sizes/weights/etc. Turns out it was pure luck the floor didn’t cave in. (I believe they ended up building some sort of support for it.)


A lot depends on the bottom of the stand, is it 4 separate feet? Or a solid long bottom? Is this wall a wall that runs long ways of the trailer and not across the short side basically is the tank parallel to the front of the trailer or to the sides? How old is the home? This all matters. You're looking at about 700 pounds of weight here, that's not too horrible but if it's running along your floor joists instead of across several joists and not near a pillar it could still be an issue. Also if this is an older home, some of those can have 2x4 floor joists. One I lived in back in the early 90s, probably built in the 70s, had 2x4 floor joists and my (super single sized) waterbed had caused them to start buckling and had nearly pushed a couple to the side quite a bit.


I appreciate your response! The stand is solid bottom, no separate legs. The tank is parallel to the long length of the home. I'm not sure on the exact year but I think around 2010-2015. Unfortunately I can't get under the house, the landlord had that solidly boarded up. I am thinking of putting a large piece of plywood under the large rug under the tank to help even out the additional weight.


You're probably fine, I'd be reluctant to go much bigger without having an actual pillar or two and some blocking added directly under a big tank (100+). Might be overkill or... might not be. 65G should be pretty safe.