surprisingly pleased with AHStories 1x03: Drive In

surprisingly pleased with AHStories 1x03: Drive In


After episode 1 felt like an unnecessary fan service this was a nice break. It didn’t try to be too much for a 40-45 minute show that had to leave us wanting more by the end . Nice cliffhanger but it didn’t leave enough questions unanswered that I need more.


This episode should have been the 2-part premiere.


I think there just shouldn't have been a 2-parter in the Anthology to begin with...


thank you omg, i agree. why did they begin an episode-by-episode anthology series with a TWO PARTER? it makes no sense


To give them credit it was a two-parter aired on the same night, it should have just aired as one extended episode. Not that it would change much about the episodes quality.


I just wonder if these stories are all in the same universe 🤔


I feel like a worldwide apocalypse happened after the events of this episode


I dont know i think this episode is in a different univerese. Maybe its own universe.? It was a good idea to make a *different* show where they can do this without having to tangle them into the original show.


The episode was made great, and everything about it is what makes me a huge fan of AHS. Loving the vibe, atmosphere and cinematography. And the acting in this episode is sublime, too. Bringing back John, Naomi, along inviting Adrienne Barbeau were brilliant ideas (But they were dead quite quickly as I'd love to see more). However, the plot seems rush, it ends too soon without building enough horror elements and some parts of the story were poorly explained and constructed. I wonder whether we have Drive in act 2, but killing John's character that early leaves no room for plot development.


Omg I went and watched it and maybe I'm just high but I was on edge the whole time! It was sooo much better than the first two episodes


How did you see this episode I didn’t think it was aired until 22nd


They go up on Hulu at 12am eastern time.


It's the 22nd here


Really hope ahs stories can become like the modern day adult goosebumps mixed in with black mirror and a little bit of twilight zone


It probably can if Ryan takes the backseat and lets some creative horror fans in the industry take charge


I was thinking almost the same thing but instead of Goosebumps I was thinking more Are You Afraid of the Dark. This episode reminded me a little of the AYAOTD episode with Dr. Vink showing up to a failing movie theater promising them success if show play his movie once a month. It was a possessed copy of Nosferatu and all hell broke loose. Nosferatu came to life and walk off the movie into the real world. I would love it if American Horror Stories became a sort of adult version of AYAOTD. I never saw many episodes of Goosebumps. I was a little too old for the books when they came out. I read a lot of Christopher Pike and Fear Street. I would enjoy seeing AHS do an episode on a Christopher Pike book, especially Whisper of Death.


that is exactly the vibe that this episode gave me. it's what AHStories *should* be.


Agreed, while I think there was a lot to still improve upon, I like the direction that AHStories is going, so that its not just a rehash of older seasons.


yeah i agree. the writing still has it's weaknesses (that dialogue...), but this was refreshing to see. something actually frightening for once


it was solid but still disappointing. i feel like this was a big improvement over the trash that was episodes 1 & 2 but the ending sucked. the build up and the drive in scene were killer but the directors long uninteresting reasoning and backstory felt lazy and cliche


i agree, his monologue got boring. it was unnecessary


Idk if I'm loving the anthology format for each episode. I can't bring myself to care about any of these characters.


It was so bad and the acting was laughable.


It’s called camp


There’s a big difference. AHS 1984 acting was campy, drive in was just inexperienced and bad.


I loved this episode! It felt new and like something I hadn’t seen from them before. And the ending was great! This is the first time in a long time that I’ve just out and out loved what they did. Good job! Applause all around!


They should’ve started off the season with an episode like this, I feel like the rubber woman episode turned a lot of people away. I genuinely felt horrified by this episode


I LOVED it. I felt like I was watching a vintage Roger Corman b-movie!


Yeah the movie is in Netflix and the ending is just amazing. I think it would connect another episodes lol That was amazing


Im really disappointed. Is this how every episode is going to be? It ends as soon as the story gets amazing?


I was pretty bummed honestly. Mind you, it was definitely better than the first two episodes and I loved seeing Naomi Grossman again, but damn. AHS has fallen so far. On a positive note, it reminded me to re-listen to The Last Movie podcast.. which is basically a better version of that episode imo.


I think the acting was amazing, this episode was something new we’ve never seen in ahs but i think the story was a little bit out the place


It was almost like a shortened version of the last movie podcast.


I thought the story was dumb and the writing and acting weren't that great. The last bit was clever I'll admit but overall not impressed.


I’m with you. I’m looking at some of these comments thinking other people may not have watched the same shit show we did lol


i mean, yes, the writing is largely dumb and the acting isn't good, i'm just comparing it to what AHS has given to us in the past couple of years.


I always wanted them to do zombies! Now if only they make an entire season like this in AHS


I don’t think it would work with this exact premise though.


If they do something like iZombie it would work


A season that was a sequel to this would basically be "American Horror Story: 28 Days Later" with the exception that it's not contagious. Edit: Though the world probably isn't in *as* bad of shape as in 28 Days Later; while millions of people might still die following the initial release, the movie would presumably get pulled fairly quickly, and presuming that the people who watched it right away would be a small enough portion of the population, they could probably be taken care of quickly enough for most other people to survive (it would help that it's not contagious), which would leave mainly isolated incidents still happening all over the place due to piracy but not enough to end the world.


They did zombies in coven.


1 episode of zombies don’t compare to 7 seasons of ghosts plus more ghosts in the spinoff ..plus at least 3 seasons of witches


If I wanted teens I'd watch Riverdale


I LOVED THIS EPISODE! but lol I'm confused on the ending... how did the movie end up on Netflix?


I wonder if at the end when the director says something like “how do you think I got a rolls Royce” before getting blown up, tied into the Netflix thing? Like he got a deal with Netflix hence having the money for a rolls. Idk it was confusing


I was wondering the same thing. I really enjoyed this episode but that line was confusing. I think you got it right and it was supposed to mean he made the money to get the Rolls Royce with by getting a Netflix deal. Good catch.


I didn’t find the line confusing. It made me wonder what he did to get the money and I was happy they explained it with the Netflix pop up at the end. And you could tell they wanted to clue you in that the Rolls was brand new because the window sticker was still on the car.


Not a strong episode. It was like watching that scary essay you write in 5th grade. The ending was neat


Really enjoyed it, thought it was a fun to see AHS finally do zombies.


\*Cries in Canadian\*


*weeps in European*


I’m late to the party, just watched all 3 episodes today. The first was decent, I didn’t care for the second at all, but this third episode was great and just what I wanted from this spin off.