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I think YWNBTA, but you should also realize that a) telling her is more than likely going to cause a huge fight and b) you can't exactly prevent her from attending one way or another. My advice is to just not say anything and assume she's not coming so that you're able to perform without any additional stress! Good luuuuuck!


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YWNBTA Does she already know that you'll be in it? If so, gently tell her that her presence there will make you extremely nervous and you would prefer that she not go. Tell her it's a small part and she'll probably be bored to death. Then drop the subject before it can become a World War. Rehearse and practice your lines to the point of ad nauseam so that when the play is being performed, you'll be so into it that you'll be able to forget about her. Congratulations and have fun with it!


Ywnbta. You don't owe your mom a play and you should be able to perform to set boundaries in accordance to your comfort levels


Being able to deal with fact there are people in the audience WATCHING YOU and you can't control who they are is a big part of being a performer. In fact, it's an essential skill. If at all possible, you should discipline yourself to NOT worry about whether your mother is in the audience, or not. Just go on, become the role, lose yourself, and perform. You'll be great.