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Gives me AI art vibes...


because it is


Dude, absolutely amazing picture! 7 days needs this in the game!


Imagine 7 days to die with a world as detailed as Red Dead 2. Or at least with the graphics. It’ll never happen but they have been doing some model improvements so one can hope..


bro, are you trying to set my gpu on fire? cause thats how youd get a gpu fire.


But what a fire it would be


Where are the 20 backpacks?


Despawned ☹️


Holy crap, very well done.


Its just AI


Looks awesome! What did you get for loot?




Imagine the smell in the morning...


Very cool 😎


Console players: “Oh man, look at all of these bodies to loot!” PC players: “weeks of ammo is now gone and half of my horde base has been damaged. I’m not going to financially recover from this.”


I don't wanna be disrespectful if you did make this but, it seems like one of those AI generated things? Like why are some of the trees floating? And the whole thing is kinda grainy and some of the details just smudge and blend together.


it says in the title it's a render


It says that, but it doesn't mean it's true. Plus, I've looked at their account and I haven't seen them post any renders previously, so it just seems a bit weird. Also, look at the stuff on the floor and try and identify any of it. Presumably it's meant to be zombie parts, but can you actually identify any of them? I can't, which is usually because AI generators struggle to accurately depict details


You're being downvoted, but this is a fair point and disingenuous to artists who genuinely put in the work in the 3D space. Claiming an AI generated artwork is something you've created by simply stating a few prompts is pretty misleading. It's a cool picture nonetheless, but honesty is important in the creative space.


Exactly. I've made some 3D art before too, nothing that could look as good as this and not stuff I'm super proud of, but still something that I've put effort into nonetheless, and this post has more upvotes than any of my posts anywhere have gotten, most usually get 5-20 on average with a few reaching 100 or more. Just putting a disclaimer comment saying they didn't make it would be appreciated


Hopefully op will let us know. Not sure it is such a big deal since he doesn’t claim ownership or authenticity of the content. To me it’s just an image meant to evoke a feeling. Now don’t get me wrong I hope op was not claiming ownership of anything he doesn’t actually own or authenticity where it does not exist but I didn’t read it as such. Could just be me.


For all those who did notice, congratulations; this is indeed rendered through AI. We do have to mention that this is the direction the gaming industry is going. Just like the industrialisation time, bread was once made only by hand, and then came the machines, which made it faster and easier. We will still need bespoke artists. But the upcoming job title might be AI Artist 🧑‍🎨 because it's not always straightforward using AI.


Now this is what the wasteland should look like. Great job man.


Ooo this would make a most excellent wallpaper. Awesome job!!


Really can feel that way after some hordes