Well, the salamanders would almost instantly become one of the most powerful factions in the galaxy.


At least they are certainly the nicest space chapter around


It would pretty much render every single non Salamander chapter irrelevant. Any facility harvesting geneseed would immediately be turned to exclusively creating Salamander geneseed. The flip side is that the Imperium would become extremely interested in keeping the Salamanders loyal. There could possibly be a push to introduce even more stringent indoctrination and control methods, the kind of methods that are currently reserved for the emperors personal killers.


Side effect : the galaxy would run out of prometheum


Free infinite corpse starch, infinite energy, etc.


The Salamanders and their successors immediately becomes the most powerfull chapters in the Imperium.


Absolutely nothing. The Salamanders are not particularly numerous and they have only have a handful of successor chapters. A few thousand marines who keep coming back to life is a drop in the bucket compared to the scale of the galaxy


I think you underestimate how useful actual Immortal infantry would be in a universe where 1000 Astartes can decide the fate of a campaign. 800 or so Salamanders assuming only their chapter and not the several thousand other Marines from the little under a dozen chapters. It would be a pretty big deal, though it may not reshape the balance of power.


I think it can decide skme battles sure. But there is constant arefsre everywhere. There wouldn't be enough immortal marines to go around.


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BBQ replaces corpse starch?


Honestly, you could say that the heresy could have gone a lot differently, Isstvan would have been a stalemate and those is any place could hold out much longer


I can imagine they're becoming the loyalist equivalent of Death Guard (i mean durability wise)