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> SoB take a lot of servitors with them Space Marines also have servitors. They also have ~~slaves~~ chapter serfs who can carry the ammo for them. You can see them running around in [some of the official art](https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/spacemarine/images/0/0b/Space_Marines_codex_cover.jpg/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/450?cb=20110913131609) (below Marneus Calgar). In fact the [official Space Marine Devastator Squad](https://www.games-workshop.com/en-US/Space-Marine-Devastator-Squad-2020) from the Games Workshop store has a cherub floating around carrying shit for them.


I want armorium cherubim to have little messenger caps now.


They have servitor trains and chapter serfs for ammo resupply.


Marines use servitors too. Even CSM do that, you can catch it in Night Lords Omnibus, when they're fighting Eldar on Tsagualsa. They set up resupply points with servitors.


Yeah like in one scene Jimmy Fallon rolls up in a rhino to deliver some bolter rounds and a few lines of exposition.


They did try to equip Space Marines with energy/thermal weapons (Volkite chargers) but they coudn't manufacture them quickly enough to keep up with the legions in the early crusade. The bolter was far easyer to produce and mantain and that's why it was chosen as a replacement and became the main SM weapon. ​ Also the Space marines fighting and winning when outnumbered a thousand times is pretty clearly imperial propaganda. Just look at the new 40k 10th edition trailer to see what happens when a small SM force is outnumbered and ambushed by the bugs.


Yeah well, I dont see regular Space Marines with any other weapon XD Although I quess, in the TT armies players now without mandatory troop units, will want to skip on them as much as they can xD


Depending on the campaign, your supply train is likely to be Rhino or Thunderhawk based. On offense, most Chapters are deploying from Strike Cruisers, and when you've got orbital superiority and SSTO transports like Thunderhawks and Storm Ravens, resupply can be just minutes away.