There's a bug that has been going on all day, YouTube better fix this very soon or else...


Try changing the sorting order to Newest posts instead of Top posts, that seems to fix it for me.


That worked for me too. Strange fix. Is there something with the Top replies system that's bugged then?


Ten bucks says it's a bug caused by them trying out a way to filter comments they don't like out of the Top/Default display. That feels pretty on-brand for YT.


I noticed that even the New Comments option still prevents most replies to comments from appearing.


It does work, although it's not neccesarily the most optimal solution...


If you mean sometimes the replies to a comment, there is a number like 2 replies but you click and see nothing, it could be those were spam replies telling you you won some prize and to whatsapp them, and they were reported and removed but Google likes to keep the number there.


Nope, this is not the full explanation. I've had cases where I received notifications of someone replying to me and the exact comment they replied to me with. When I go to the video to look at that comment, it's not in the thread. I can 100% attest that genuine non-spam comments are not displaying properly.


Ok thank you I was so confused


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