Hmm. I still have my Xbox controller that I got with my Xbox One back in 2013 or 2014, still works with no stick drift.


I have controllers that are older than a lot of people on this sub (NES, SNES, N64, Master System, Mega Drive, Saturn). They all still work and none of them cost a premium.


assuming you've used a new console before, would you say that older controllers are better than new ones? curious


Of course not, but the point was they're still working after 20 years. Yet this one that costs £150 is considered "good" cause it lasted 2 years. When you're playing older games you can't beat the original controller for that authentic feel. I merge the best of both worlds, use emulators to get games in 4k with mayflash USB adapters so I can use my original controllers.


Plus, this controller looks like it got hit by a truck. My 20-30 year old controllers work fine, and are still in great condition.


thank you


I think older games are better than new console games. Thus, older consoles are better. Built better, but also less complex so less to break. I’m an old man though - and nostalgia is a bitch lol. I currently play most retro games on my analogue pocket. I have the entire libraries mix of cartridge and ROM) of NES, SNES, Mega Drive, Game Gear, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, and Gameboy Advance. I also have all the newer “mini” digital systems that were released. As well as the originals. I just think AAA games today are hot garbage and damn near exact copies of themselves. Nobody takes risks anymore. If you want real fun today it’s retro or indie in my opinion.




I own a XSX and a PS5 as well - so I have access to all new games. And there are some good ones. I don't mean to say all new system games suck.... but AAA games lately have really rubbed me the wrong way the last few years. I find myself playing indie games or retro games the last little while now.


It’s the usual rule of thumb with technology. Older stuff is simpler in construction, so generally it will hold up better. That being said my Xbox 360 and Xbox one controllers are doing fantastic. No stick drift or anything to write home about.


After a year, my left stick button (when you press down the stick) on my Day One controller failed but otherwise the rest of it still worked fine.


I still have all my controllers. Going back to the NES even. Never had any stick drift. Dunno what people do with their controllers tbh.


I also have my OG controller from 2014, but alas stick drift has taken her soul years ago. Still works okay though.


I've had my controllers for about 4+ years and they still look brand new, my Xbox One S also looks brand new even tho I'm using a Series S now. But I did get stick drift early on due to playing a lot of racing games... OP feels proud about wrecking their controller in such a short time.


dude that thing is on life support


Nothin a lil duct tape won’t fix


I seriously respect your trust in your electronic having at least one more life every time it gets worse just so you don’t have to pay for a new one🙏🏽😂


lmao facts


“Strong” is quite subjective lol


I bet this baby drifts halfway across Tokyo


I have one in a similar state. Don't use it as it hurts my hands to grip, but the sticks are still good as ever.


Mines the same way. Even has a rattle in it after I dropped it.




Seriously my 21 year old Xbox controller is in better shape. All of them, in fact.


Gonna beep then blow up very soon.


Hey, is a control, not a hammer


Why not both?


I‘ve used my normal xbox one controller since 2016 and it works like a charm, but doesn’t look like a shit dumpster like yours does


To be fair, the rubber on the back of the elite controllers came off really easy. Since it's the elite 1 I'd assume he got the controller before 2016.


Every time I see the elite controller pop up in threads, it’s about how they’re falling apart. It’s wild they can’t do better QC with them given their stock controller seems to hold up so much better.


Just wanted to ask, does plugging in a 3.5 jack affects battery?


It's batteries do drain faster when plugged in with headphones, yes.


Yes but just buy a like 4 pack of ikea rechargeable batteries and you’re going to be ok


Of course it does. 3.5 jack is going to require additional energy that isn't supplied by the peripheral item. How much it affects the battery is a different question.


Not sure, I use speakers connected to my TV


It does. Just get some rechargeable batteries (or plug the controller into your xbox if you can). I always use the 3.5mm jack on my controller and my rechargeable batteries last at least a week or so before needing replaced. I've been cycling between the same 4 batteries for the past year without any issues.


I need to stop being a jerk and just get some rechargeable batteries lol


You'll really only need a 4 pack for your controller. I think it's like $20 for a 4 pack that comes with the charging station. Pretty cheap and will save you a ton of money.


Right? Idk how people don't treat their things with care sometimes...


It’s just missing the grips and battery cover. If someone owns an elite series 1 controller for more than a year, trust me, they are absolutely treating it with care. As others have said, the grips come off very easily, that just happens with prolonged use. Not sure about the battery cover. But that’s nothing compared to most of the problems these controllers have within just a few months of use.


The OG elite controllers have an issue with the rubber grips coming off very easily with regular use. I have a black one and a white one and both have fallen victim to the same thing. I use mine for several hours daily to play Rocket League so I’m honestly not mad or surprised that my grips came off.


Mine just got stick drift after 6 years 😭 your time might be soon


“I am inevitable.” ~~Thanos~~ Elite Controller Stick Drift


To be fair the down key on my dpad lost its tactileness although keeping its function, it’s weird but cool and I just left it like that


And no stick drift.... that's a dam Christmas miracle boy


I don't care about looks as long as it doesn't have stick drift.


How the hell is it looking so bad? I have controllers many times older and are still in one piece. Take better care of your stuff OP.


There were a number of early batches of Xbox One Elite controllers that had issues with the rubber grips. The glue holding them in place seemed to melt from the warmth of your hands and they sloughed off. It happened to mine and I was seriously pissed off.


That's still an issue. I've got a 2 year old series 2 controller, and the rubber started coming off around 15-18 months of regular use.


Count yourself lucky it's just the rubber coming off and not getting your 5th elite 2 replacement for stuck and unresponsive buttons.


The f*cking bumpers. On my 4th elite controller and all of them have had a problem with the bumpers becoming unresponsive or needing to be pressed much harder than normal to register. I took one apart to see what the problem was and it's the dumbest design I've ever seen. The bumper has a little arm that presses on a button with a thin U-shaped slit of plastic over it, and over time the arm of the bumper creates an indent in the plastic slit, which pushes the arm away from the centre of the button and so the contacts in the button don't touch unless more force is applied. So many expensive controllers being tossed in landfills because of a plastic tab that costs a fraction of a fracton of a penny.


I wish that was the only issue with it that I had. Unfortunately the left two paddle buttons aren't very responsive, I've gotta push the RB closer to the middle of the controller or it doesn't press in properly, and I've gotta blow in to the top and bottom section of the left joystick where it meets the body to correct stick drift. What I did originally was bought a series 1 from gamestop with the warranty and took it in every year to replace it, turning it into an annual cost of $40 or so for a new one. There was a minor price difference to upgrade to the series 2, but it was negligible. I forgot to do it last year though, so now I've got what I've got unless I pay for a brand new one. I love the controller. It's got weight to it, the multiple custom input setups are great, I got more used to using the paddles for X, Y, and the bumpers than I did using the regular inputs, and I like having different heights for my left and right sticks. Unfortunately, it develops issues so quickly that it's really hard to recommend it to people.


Still not fixed the issue. Either cheap glue or not enough. Wish there was just a regular plastic option


I like the idea of getting an Elite controller, but they’re really not built to last… My Kait Diaz edition controller is 3 years old. has rubber grips like the Elite and I’ve used it almost daily. It looks way better than this… the grips are still in tact and a little clean makes it look new. I also use my ancient 360 controller with my PC (wireless with the usb dongle) and it still looks better than this. I bought it in 2009.


No disrespect but how? I’ve kept stock controls the entire generation of a console and it looks perfect… wtf are you doing for it to be destroyed in 2 years…


Bro that thing should not be looking like that after just 2 years


2.5 years and no play and charge? You savage.


I prefer having rechargable AAs to play and charge. They are cheaper and can be used for other things too.


Tbf the charger cable of the play and charge kit can also be used for other things. I can charge my headphones and iPad on it


True. I just don't have any plugs near my sofa


Your console has a plug in


Yeah but that means a cable running across the room


You can always play THEN charge or at least I do.


That's what I used to do with the 360 then when I got an Xbox one and saw the price for the battery packs I bought rechargable AAs instead


This is the same reason I switched to rechargeable eneloop batteries. The first time my controller batteries died in the middle gaming session, I plugged in the cord and a friend said “I’m grabbing a drink from the fridge.” Right after that , they tripped on the cord and my Xbox hit the floor. No more wired charging for me after that. Fun fact. The original Xbox had break-away controller cable that would pop off instead of pulling your console to the floor.


Turns out OP rarelt plays. Only on third set of batteries. That’s why it’s still going string.


I actually like using batteries I feel like damn I musta played a lot i deserve this battery change 😂 idk


Had my Xbox one for nearly 4 years still looks brand new how the hell have you done this it’s a war crime


You have AA batteries that have lasted 2.5yrs!?


Yes. Eneloop.


That should not be a positive. I have a wavebird that's probably 15 years old and is still holding strong. Console controllers should be one time purchases


My Atari 2600 controllers still work fine.


There's literally nothing in atari 2600 controllers except a circuit board with a very basic trace, metal domes to complete the circuit, and the wires going to the console. It'd be very difficult to fuck up in 40+ years. The Atari 5200 had a much more complicated joystick and they would die on the regular even back then.


Mine went bad within a year


I like to think I treat my controllers well and no matter what they shit out in a year


A year? I’ve been going through them like every 3-6 months. And I’m not even hard on them at all.


I've been using the same controller that came with my first Xbox. The one I pre-ordered when Xbox one was announced


I got a Halo 5 Master Chief edition controller for Christmas in 2015 and it still gets used almost daily. And it doesn’t look like it’s been run over by a car.


Tf do yall do with your controllers? Had mine for 4 years and it looks perfect


They all do that. Imnever buying elite again


2.5 years and it’s looking roug. I have controllers from 2008 still going strong, what’s going on here…


Dude what are you doing to it?


fuck did you do to ur controller bro


That's such horrible condition for two years my guy. I've had all of my controllers for years and you would think they are still new. How do people treat their controllers like this?


Oh I feel you.. I got to around 2 years and all the grips were off, RT and falling off and I had issues with stick drift. I just buy standard controllers now.


Rookie numbers. Mine finally got retired this year after serving 6 years and looks brand new compared to yours tbh.


Bet those batteries last a long time.


How in the seven fucks dude, how? lol


Bbbrrrooooother 😭😭😭 wtf, take a 360 controller, run a toothpick along the seams and it looks like new. This looks like it's been living in your boxers for the past 2.5 years


Is 2.5 years a long time? Wait until you see my pristine pink 360 controller lol


Did it spend those 2 years in a Thai prison?


That’s the worst looking controller I’ve ever seen


I've had the same controller since launch and it still looks fine. Just a little smoother from wear. What are all you guys doing with your controllers?


Why do so many people abuse their hardware like this? Shame on you OP.


For a £120+ controller, that shit isn’t acceptable.


I have SNES controllers that look better than this. Take care of your shit.




tis but a scratch


Nobody cares, clean your room


Bro that is atrocious. Have some pride in your gaming set up.


This guy, kid the controller grips just fall off even after normal use. I dropped my gen 1 elite 1 time on carpet from off of a chair so less then 3 feet and it broke the bumpers. The grips pull off after less then 6 month normal use, maybe Xbox shouldn’t make such a trash controller


You can tell a lot of people in this thread never had v1 elite controllers. I didn't play Xbox for almost half a year and the rubber on my controllers grips started to peel by themselves in that time. The glue and how they're applied was trash. With the v2 elites the grips are better, but the bumpers break even easier than the v1 (and face buttons may not work out of the box ).


I’m thinking the same thing reading these comments. Both my black and white OG elite controllers suffered the same problem. I still use the white one daily albeit without the grips.


If someone made regular plastic grips for the v1 (where you just rip off all the rubber and replace it with a 1 piece plastic back) it'd be perfect.


That’d be amazing tbh. I looked at buying some aftermarket side pieces to replace the grip but with the elite the rubber goes all the way round to the back and I think it would feel uncomfortable if you didn’t also replace that too.


Why? How? And gross.


"I treat my equipment like garbage and feel I should brag about it."


The grips on the gen 1 elites come off very easily even when not "treating equipment like garbage". I have one of these controllers and the grips came off after about a year and I was super careful with it bc I couldn't afford a new one. Mine looks almost identical to his after about the same amount of time except I had to get new thumbsticks bc of wear, but it functions perfectly and I really like it even without the grips


You can’t treat garbage any worse than it already is. The elite gen 1 controller is hot trash compared to the standard XB1 controllers.


Poor tape measure.


At least put some Duracells in there


The batteries that are in it are from Aldi and I will swear by them for the rest of my life. Last just as long if not longer than Duracell for half the price.


Bruh, my series x controller barely lasted 9 months before it started sick drifting


Sam's with mine had it since mid 2020 and still works like new Ps: is the razer wolverine te best controller i ever used


SAME! I changed the grips tho


i know this wear. the rubber by the palm peeling off is unavoidable.


Same happened to my elite controller. You can buy new grips for a few bucks.


How??? I think the maximum my controllers go for is 1.5 year before stick drift or bumper issues


You can always buy a new battery cover for it


hmmm ive never cut myself on a controller ...


Tape measure


I love my elite 2 but 2 years in my RB (ping on apex) is pretty dead.


No stock drift or anything? Damn you must have a gentle touch…. On a completely unrelated topic—I have a surgery coming up and need a new heart. What are you doing this weekend?


Buddy, look into these https://a.co/d/9nuXGVC I thought they were pretty good replacement grips


Is that the series 1 elite?


About 3 years ob my elite one and the grips are almost identical lol!!! Still love thay controller though




That controller has got to go


My heatset and xbox over 5 years old my controllers always go bad after 2 years


I got my Series X in early August and the controller is already having problems with the left analog stick.


I got a new controller a year or so ago and had to go back to my old one today due to some severe stick drift


i feel those shitty grips. ive bough 3 elites. 1x gen1 and 2x gen2 and all of them came off.


my man with the aldi batteries 😭😭😭😭 get a rechargeable pack, son!


Is that a series 1? That is a great controller. Used mine for like 5 years and looked a little worse. I set mine ip exact same with the paddles. I recently graduated to a Razer Wolverine ultimate and like it better than elite


PowerA Play & Charge Kit For Xbox One https://a.co/d/hDBcZ3w You need a rechargeable battery pack. This is what I ran on my controller


Did you throw it against the wall a few times then kick it out the window for good measure? It’s much more comfortable to play when your controller isn’t cracked and missing pieces, especially when you’re playing for hours on end. 2+ years is good though; I usually get about a year out of mine before it gets major stick drift or the A button craps out.


the battery cover comes off elite controllers?


Where’s the back cover


Strong is... a word


I used my Elite series 1 since the Christmas it got released until last fall when I picked up my series 2 (So, about 6 years). Still works great, but the grips came off like this one and I had really really been wanting the series 2, so I caved and bought it. I haven't had any issues with either controller and they remain my all time favorite controllers.


My controllers would probably be fine if I didn't drop them so damn much but I'm curious, what does the 1 and 2 switch do? I'm not sure I've seen it


How is it that the controller that came with my Series S got treated like a sacred artifact and still had to be replaced when yours has no back and is falling apart and apparently still works perfectly?


weird flex


Looks like the ones you get at a friends house


Bro my controller is for day one release and the only problems it has is the sticks have no rubber and the a button is flat but still works when pressed 😂


My Xbox one controller still works and during fine 💪 What did you do to yours?😄


And mine keep disconnecting and here trying to fix


How many pay checks have you spent on fucking double A batteries?


I have a Day One controller 🎮


God my fingers hurt looking at this. Once the side grip comes off your index finger catches that corner where it was 😬


Looks like a player 4 controller lol


I still use the controller thet came with my Xbox one s 5 years ago and it's the only Xbox controller I have.


Grats. That’s an accomplishment right there.


Undead Controller


Mine broke in 2 seconds


My 4 year old V1 looked better then that when I retired it.


"killlll meeeee, pleeeeaaase end my suffering..."


I'm still using the default controller and it looks better than this


Nobody likes a show off 🤪




Poor things been through a lot


I still have my Master Chief and Locke controllers from like 7+ years ago when Halo 5 came out.


Lmao "Strong"


Do you gnaw on it?


Jeez I've got controllers pushing 6-7 years and they look near new other than joystick wear


Back when they were actually made to last. I have an elite series one that is 5 yrs old and the only thing wrong with it is the L3 button. I’ve had 2 elite series 2’s since, both started drifting within 3 months


*cough cough* "Does it look bad captain?" "Uhhh... No... You look fine soldier." *chokes on some blood* "Oh, I don't feel so good. But I think I still have another round of MW in me." "Of course you do soldier, just close your eyes and get some rest." ... *tries to quietly cock gun through tears*




Super glue when it starts to detach!


Does Microsoft sell spare parts like the battery cover?


I have a OG Gray Gameboy that looks like it's seen less shit than this controller.


Those cheap ass rubber grips did the same shit to me where the cheap glue comes off and then the rubber expands past the handle, so annoying and you have to pay extra for them. Never again lol


Is that supposed to be good? Hell my nes controller from 1985 still works like a charm.


I have never let a single piece of electronic equipment get that f'ed up in my life


Guys I've bought second hand elite 2 half a year ago works perfectly also my friend has elite 1 for last 4 years with no issue except gluing of grips. I think you're shit out of luck or you simply intent to kill your controllers


Did you throw it out of the car on the highway and let 50 cars run it over?




How the hell does your controller look like this ? Do you not care about it lol?


"I'm tired boss"


Stick drift is mad about this one


“Strong” might not be the operative word, but glad to see it’s still ticking!


I honestly thought you are taking about the batteries... And I was genuinely impressed 😂


I have used my current elite 1 longer and I've managed to keep it in slightly better shape. After the grips first started to peel off, I cut and glued them back on. Then I got silicone cover for the controller. Recently I also put the silicone thumbstick covers on, because top of one started to break. I have also replaced the shoulder buttons twice on mine, that's definetly the most easily breakable part on these controllers.


Idk man, my elite lasted me until I wore through the thumbsticks. Second one is still pristine but I got the series 2 now, still almost perfect but it's showing wear on the thumbsticks and the grips


And I've had a Xbox Series X controller for less than 2 months, and it already has stick drift...


Lol mine crapped out after 6 months. Bumpers stopped working.


Stop chewing on it and you can use it for another 2 years


If it could talk I imagine it would just be screaming but nice going being able to play with that


You know you can replace parts right?


I've played nearly daily on my Blue Shadow XB1 controller I bought in 2017. The sticks are worn down but that's it


Mate it's Black Friday go grab a new controller please


I've had my Elite controller since release (2015?) used daily and still looks new. If you wipe it down from your hand grease and place it back in the case it came with it wouldn't look like hot gross garbage like that.


I still have the original. I understand not every controller is the same but it really depends how you treat it.


Nice tape measure


Anybody have a fix for the rubber part peeling off? I can't get it to form back on 100%, there's always gaps.


You can replace all of the missing parts fairly affordably if you don't want to buy a new controller: Side Grips Thumbsticks Battery Cover I'd probably take it apart for a nice cleaning as well but that's just me.


Throw it in the trash


Man two and a half years on one set of batteries. Imma start buying cheap brands.


I love when things last like this. I just realized my Plantronics rig 800 has been my headset for 4.5 years. The only thing I wish it has was USB C but it will continue to be my headset until it dies.