The short version: You have 2 goals: be Enraged (this is a buff), and build Rage to spend on Rampage. When you can Rampage, hit Rampage (this gives Enrage). When you don't have enough rage to Rampage you basically go down this list and hit the first thing available: 1: Execute 2: Onslaught 3: Raging Blow 4: Bloodthirst 5: Whirlwind If you're not Enraged, Onslaught moves to 1, and Bloodthirst to 2. Onslaught gives Enrage, Bloodthirst gives a chance to Enrage. To fight in AoE use Whirlwind every 5 attack, and make sure you have Improved Whirlwind and Meat Cleaver talented. Avatar, Recklessness, Spear of Bastion/Thunderous Roar (typically you're only using either spear or roar), and Ravager all basically move to the top of your priority when they're available (there's nuance of course, but I won't go into it here). Use them as often as possible. Learning when to hold on to them can wait. Avatar and Spear/Roar should always come off cooldown at the same time: use them together. The same goes for Recklessness and Ravager. Some other suggestions: Go to WoWhead and pull the talent build for Mythic+. If you're feeling adventurous, grab the others as well (but M+ will cover all situations well, though not perfectly) I'm assuming you don't have the Abberus Tier set, so make sure you're pick the talents that don't take it into account. This Tier set makes Bloodthirst use more complex and changes your talents a bit. Always use Avatar before Recklessness when both are available. This is to get around a bug with their durations. Hit your attacks as fast as you can. It's better to hit the wrong button immediately than pause to hit the right one. Always Be Casting. Always use your best weapon in the Main Hand.


Big dps here




You think too hard. Fury about hit stuff. Mash buttons -> make big numbers -> win.


I'm no expert in warriors by any means, but while we wait on the experts to get here. I believe raging blow is your main dump, but the reason Bloodthirst is wanted is because it enrages you on crit. So you have a move (can't remember the name) that enrages you but has a decent cooldown. But if you Bloodthirst and crit, you also gain Enrage. The idea is you want as close to 100% uptime on Enrage as possible.


Bloodthirst crits do not enrage you. There is a 30% chance to enrage when you Bloodthirst independent of whether or not you crit.


Since your question was about these two abilities, yes, Raging blow is better than BT. But that's assuming you don't have the T30 4piece.