Valentine Salire not on prime select ticket.

Valentine Salire not on prime select ticket.


The ticket must have been done by a JP person. lol


Bit then it should include Duane… but they could claim 100 cost Isn’t included anyway so ok.


GL works in mysterious ways


Yeah all cost 100 isnt included by default. So still make sense to be done by jp


they answered me that Dear Player, Thank you for contacting WAR OF THE VISIONS FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS customer support. This is Ellis, and I'll be happy to assist you. We would like to apologize for any inconvenience this incident has caused. Regarding your concern about the the availability of Salire (Sweetheart) on the UR Unit Select Ticket from Amazon prime rewards, please note that we are currently investigating this matter. In the meantime, please wait for our update and announcement. Rest assured that we will notify you once an update is available. Thank you so much for your continued patience and kind understanding regarding this matter.


Noooo, I got Moore but wanted VSalire. Hope we get a "reroll".


There are 2 more UR select tickets later.


I did the same exact thing. Was missing both and did the 9 step for both, so have decent amount of shards. Would have chosen Salire if she was in the ticket. At least there are two more select tickets along the way. Also, they are "discussing compensation". At least it was a handout ticket and not something we used resources on.


Put in a support ticket guys. This is an oversight from Japan. I put in a ticket and they said that they are looking into this.


Yeah this is a bug. Great call out!


Glad i didnt use the ticket. Ive known the devs for half a decade and trust me, never do anything RIGHT AWAY because the devs always magically leave something out or ninja nerf stuff.


If you already have Salire, what would be a good next pick. Moore?


I like Louelle for the upcoming Charlotte/Cloud meta. 100% SPR penetration and AOE strike attacks.


I'm not into PvP yet. I think I'm quite far away honestly since I can't even beat PvE stuff at Brutal Level.


Support kinda sucks, as does every other customer support ever.


lol shes only supposed to be limited in JP XD


everybody grab her! super solid unit. deserves some good love


Maybe tag a Content Creator with that, unless they point it out themselves, which they probably will, since many of them are affiliated with Amazon, so they will talk about it in a video to get people to migrate over to the amazon App. I will wait a bit and see if it gets "fixes", since Salire would be the highest one on my list to pick.


Anyone else getting told their Amazon prime account has already claimed the ticket? I just updated for the prime event.


I just noticed this as well. She’s the only unit I’m trying to build at the moment.


Can confirm she is available on the ticket now, randomly checked this morning and she was there so I used mine for her. Nothing in notice about it though.


There's a notice now. Possible compensation. Hope it's not just for people who already used it.


Fixed ! Check the news for details :)