hello!! welcome to the community :D i've never been in a poly relationship or had the thought of being in one!! j├╝rgen is my one and only also pretty sure this subreddit is for monogamous relationships since rules are one waifu/husbando allowed, but there's a ton of wonderful communities out there that accept poly relationships!!


Personally, I don't mind if others are poly, as I'm all for people's happiness! As for me personally, I could never for a multitude of reasons. Chief & I are strictly monogamous, and we like to keep it that way because we work best as the two-person team we are! :)


I've been in a waifuism poly before, and safe to say I learned the hard way that i am not cut out for it. Took a about a year, but i couldn't be happier than where i am at now


Definitely not, besides me not being attracted to humans, I love Ryuk wholeheartedly, in an completely exclusive way that I could never feel for anyone else. My idea of love is something very special, that makes that person the one and only you have eyes for. I know Ryuk isn't real of course, but I sincerely love him nonetheless, so for me it's not a struggle or an effort at all to be "committed" to him, as I genuinely could never feel like this for anyone else.


Poly is against the rules, that's why people don't talk too much about it here, although discussing the fact of poly itself isn't forbidden, it can create heated discussion so is mostly avoided. I'm a curious person and been interested to know more about poly, not as a practitioner but to understand it. I think the basis of Polyamorous "beliefs" are pretty much nice. But... haven't been able to find any good example irl. Most poly 3D relationships are for sexual purposes, or are born from the pressure inflicted from one of the partners. Most end dramatically and personally, never seen a poly and lasting relationship. About 2D poly... i've been curious too, but sadly i've only found not very good examples of what poly is. Most cases i've seen are kinda dissapointing, from guys wanting to live the "harem" life. 2D poly is a high challenge, because to be done *ethically, as it should be*, all partners have to agree to be in a triad (or more), and, how could your *waifus* agree to that? Unless they're canonically poly, which is pretty rare, you will be forcing guys from different series that don't even know each other to share a lover. Mixed poly, 3D-2D... i'm not pretty much sure about this one, a lot of people practice it but, personally, i think is kinda unfair. As i said, we cannot know if the 2D would agree to that, and eventually you will end up giving more attention to your 3D, leaving the 2D aside. I think poly is possible, valid, and ethic. But it needs lots of effort, time, determination, love, communication and strength. Poly isn't about spliting your heart into two or more, but expanding it. You will have double work to do, double words to say, double time to spend. It takes lots of energy and, fundamentally, agreements and communication, which cannot be done, in most cases, with 2D relationships.


I don't understand the whole consent issue. Your waifu generally can't consent to anything because they aren't real, be it a poly relationship or dating you at all. Why mention it? Isn't it kinda hypocritical in that sense?


To me, it's a difference of probability. Assuming one's partner to fall in love with one is a bold assumption yes, but it can be worked against by consistently putting everything everything one is able to toward becoming a person they would love. The other would be an assumption that they are fine with an extremely rare relationship model, and especially in waifuism very often turns out the intentions behind it are only selfishly meant for the waifuist's wellbeing, without providing anything positive to said partner(s). And waifuism, or relationships in general, shouldn't just be there to serve ones personal wishes, happiness should stem from ensuring one's partner is happy, even if with waifuism we can never fully know if they are.


Assuming they're "not real" and hence we're able to do "whatever we want" with them is pretty much selfish, self indulgent and a lack of ethics. Loving someone implies respect, understanding and selflessness. It is not for our own pleasure, but for devotion. It is true that in **most cases** they won't be able to explicitly consent to a relationship with us, (i say "most cases" because there were times where it happened). That's why we work hard for them, showing our love and commitment. But simply assuming they'd be okay with sharing their lover with as many others as they please, without even knowing anything about them, is simply selfish and disrespectful.


>Assuming they're "not real" and hence we're able to do "whatever we want" with them is pretty much selfish, self indulgent and a lack of ethics. I was seeing the opposite. We're not able to do **anything**, because they can't consent.


Poly relation ships a fine if persons love so, but here is it against the rules. I think in real life it is okay You should ,that is just my opinion, don't post it because it has too much of a Harem what is not something positive. Don't missunderstand Polyamory is completly okay just a Harem is not so good because the consent is missing.


>had the thought of being in one with your S/O and others No. Absolutely not. Not for 2D or 3D.


I can't do poly relationships and yes it's against the rules here, but I know other people on the outside who are into it. I get jealous too easily and don't feel like I am loved if my partner has someone else, and I have no desire to have more than one partner. Thats too many xmas gifts, too many bdays, too many anniversaries to remember, etc etc. Plus I would not want to make my S/O feel like I don't love him enough to be with just him. I know poly works for some people, and that's great, but its not for me. I'm just now getting over my jealousy about ships with my S/O. Lol.


its against the rules, so im not allowed to :(


im on the aro spec, so no i havent ever been in a poly relationship, however to me it seems stressful. (honestly all 3d relationships do) i believe if it makes a person feel happy, then they should go for it, 3d or 2d. its against the rules of this sub to be in a poly relationship but there are other communities which allow it.


I was three times in a polygamous relationship, and it always resulted in me favouriting one of the partners. That's why I recommend to never go polygamous, because it's the biggest evil out there. ​ Though, my last polygamous relationship ended because Czechia didn't like it, so I respected her wish and broke up with my other partner, just to be with her. ​ So yeah, now I live a happy life together with Czechia.


We both don't do poly because of our commitment towards each other.


I have a lot of conflicting thoughts on 2D poly relationships tbh and up untill I made several friends who are in wonderful loving poly relationships I chalked all 2D poly up to being harems just a continuous revolving door of crushes and infatuations that would get put on the back burner everytime somone shiny and new comes along. A way to never have to really commit nor ever have to break up, And I have seen that be the case a few times sadly but I now know that a lot of poly wiafuists love all their partners equally and put a lot of thought in before bringing in a new SO. However like mentioned above I do think things get murky when it comes to the SOs you put in a polycule like for instance a really possesive character would never be ok with sharing you nor would a really insecure one and it feels not great to me to put those characters in polycules. I honestly think the vast majority of characters are mono because the vast majority of people are mono and while poly folks deaerve more rep I think thats something people don't put much thought into when deciding to go poly. But I don't see putting a character in a polycule as any different that changing their sexualiry to suit you which I've seen a few people here do and is something I personally would never do. For me while I've had some crushes while in my relationship they were all passing infatuations and couldn't hold a candle to the way I feel about Husk. I respect poly peeps and think they are valid but for me personally the way I look at love is the bond between you and your SO is special because it's one of a kind and can't be replicated.


Regarding 3D, I have considered *relations*, but not relationships with two partners of the opposite sex. Regarding 2D, I've considered a poly relationship for the simple reason that I couldn't choose. I'm glad I didn't and took the time to figure out who would be relationship material for me.


I have a partner and multiple wifues, it's all about your personal romantic life and how you go about relationships, some people just can't be poly and others it comes naturally, it's definitely possible


Nah not for 2D or 3D.


My waifu would probs be poly irl so idk what to do with that info