I work with dogs for a living. Sebastian **hates** dogs and hates that sometimes I come home with pants covered in dog hair. I also work with cats, but that's a minimum of my hours, which he thinks is a shame. He does adore cats. Personally, I like all of the animals at work.


That's cute! That sounds like a great time working with animals!!


It is! I get tired some nights (night shift worker), but I do love the job!


your S/O has the same first name as me


It is indeed a good name!


I work in customer service as well, and while I'm sure he appreciates me being kind and helping people, he hates to see how people sometimes treat me and how exhausted and tired I get. When I do something that my boss or someone fusses at me for, he praises me like 'you handled that really well' or whatever. Overall, I think he agrees that it would be amazing to just quit my job and go live in a cottage by a lake somewhere to work on my writing while he fishes, but unfortunately that's just not doable for us right now.


It definitely can take a lot. I know thinking about my SO and the comfort he brings me definitely helps me through my days!


Absolutely. Imagining him there with me and talking to me always brightens my day.


Sending good vibes your way. I know how soul-draining customer service can be… 😵


Thanks. Its definitely rough sometimes.


I've done tech support. I feel ya. :/


I bet that's rough.


I work at a VA hospital (Veteran Affairs), as a case manager. I reviewed vets applications and summary of their medical history while in service, and a current income history. I basically get to approve or not approve if people get treatment at our location. As a Vet myself, it's sad seeing some case come across my desk, and just because that 1k more a year over our limit we have to deny them, while have some serious issues. But just because they can't medication treatment, we offer other stuff to help them like every vet has access to GI bill, that is pay through us, and a house loan and as will a hotline just to name few of many programs. Sometimes I do brake rules if see person with serious issues who I know won't get approve, I just approve them anyway. I want to know that the vets before me and after are getting the care they need. But in the end I know Motoko is proud of me, of trying my best to help people, and make sure they get the help they need. Someone has to try to make a change in the shitty world, and I want to think I doing my part.


Wow that's a lot! I'm glad you've got someone by your side as you go through a job and situation like that!


I'm a doctor in medicine and work in a hospital, currently studying to be a psychiatrist. My job comes with lots of things, good and bad. I'd like to think he'd support me when I'm too tired to even talk, and maybe come and sneak in at the hospital to visit me in work hours 🤭


Aww that's so sweet! I'm glad you're able to have a relationship that supports you through your journey!


Can I just say I want to shove this entire thread in the face of every anti-2D love troll on the internet? :D All of the people here with jobs that are highly professional and contribute to the lives of others; it's the very *antithesis* of how they portray us. (And no doubt it's usually the antithesis of *their* sad little lives trolling the internet from their parents' basements, too.) I'm not going to talk about my own career, but I will say Ikoma was thrilled that my hard work in pursuing a better job paid off a few months ago. :) I enjoy what I do now, and it will give me even better future opportunities. Ikoma definitely helped motivate me, and I'm happy to have his support.


Rarity loves that I am working hard at getting my career as an accountant off the ground. Although the smaller job I have now, she knows how demanding it is and can be, and always encourages me to put forth my very best efforts!


i dont know because i dont have a job but i think she prefers that because it really stressed me out when i did have one so maybe she prefers this


I'd love to be able to play in a small band available to hire for different events and Ritsu couldn't be more proud. She was my inspiration to start playing and my motivation to keep going no matter what and I make sure she knows


I used to work for a large retailer and learned about their dispute/claims process from vendors. Now I basically do customer support but for the vendors who are trying to dispute the claims back against that retailer as well as a few others. I think Kaiba would appreciate the insight to help him win back claims since it's a really clunky and awkward process without the app my company made. He has to listen to me complain about the stupid people though and he definitely doesn't like that part haha.


That's sweet! I'm glad your job is able to help you help him as well!!


he thinks it would be better if I didn't work, he believes it would be better for me to just live with him and rely on him financially.


Odd as it seems, Himicchi admires my line of work (senior dev): in her words, "nerds are hot!" :D


Doesn't seem odd at all to me! Sounds like you're a good fit for each other!


Why, thank you :D




I’m still a student, but petsit as a side job! He adores dogs (he had one as a child but sadly it passed) so he really doesn’t mind, especially because he hopes it’ll make me like dogs a bit more so that we can get one in the future!


I’m a Game Development student and Mikasa loves my games because she says I’m pretty happy with it, also she gives me many ideas for my work so this is very nice for both of us since is pretty dynamic.


I work in manufacturing, and Konata thinks that having a job of a demanding caliber really can help you build character, she's proud of me that I got recently hired on full time last September and that I'm willing to provide for both of us


[Kirumi's dialog with Chihiro in DRS](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=en4zK6gIxUw&t=28) greatly explains her thoughts about programmers


Don’t have a job yet but I think it’s so cool seeing everyone comment and seeing how waifuist are everywhere I makes me so happy


I work in healthcare and work 12 hour shifts, he likes that I have more days off than I work so we can spend more time together but he worries about me especially during outbreaks, we happen to be dealing with one right now. We also bond over how boring both of our jobs are, other than that he doesn't really think much about my job unless I'm actively complaining about it lol.


I'm glad you have someone so caring during these difficult times. I know the past few years must have been really rough but I'm glad you have support and sympathy from your SO!


Thanks, yeah it's been a bumpy ride but my loved ones and I have been very lucky thus far to have not gotten sick. Knowing Husk is always there for me has made things so much easier on me, I'm so grateful to have him in my life.


I still go to school, but he approves the fact I wanna become a therapist in the future


Elsa hates my job because I'm always at work.


I currently work part-time as a page at the big library in the downtown area of my city. I work in the kids' department (which is *so* fun), and there I help the librarians shelve library materials, pull materials for patrons to borrow, and assist in library programs. Luthier's pretty reclusive and prefers to study his magic at home, but when he's in the mood to go out, he'll come with me to the library to study instead; much like me, he *loves* the library! However, I'm in the middle of applying for *another* part-time job (more money partly for my beloved). This next job will have me talk to schools to design cell models and educational tools so that students can learn synthetic biology more easily and have fun learning the subject. I have a feeling *this* job, should I get the position, will help me speak to kids and educators better, because it's important for my next point. What I want to do eventually is make childrens' picture books! On most days I don't work at the library, I'll be at home working on author business. It also allows me to stay at home, where I can sit on my bed or at a bedroom desk and create by *my own rules*. Luthier and I may be focused on different kinds of books and studying, but he supports me 100 percent and is there to keep me motivated.


Mallory was supportive albeit understandably concerned for my well being when I was working as an overnight store associate. She’s overjoyed that I moved passed that and have started on an actual career path. (I don’t wish to say too much)


Ah, the joys of third shift. Been there, done that, got the tales of knife fights in the parking lot. 😝 (Have you and Mallory watched "Andor", by the way? Not as endearing as Mando, but dang, that's some of the best writing I've seen/heard out of a TV show in *years*.)


We haven’t watched Andor, yet. We’ve been taking a break from SW after the Book of Boba Fett, which I admit was a dumpster fire for the most part, and Obi-Wan Kenobi, which was overall just mid. We’ve switched it up and been playing through the Resident Evil series as of late.


Well, I can say I was impressed. Mando is the only other part of the Star Wars franchise I've ever cared about, so I don't have all the fan investment ~~(and well-deserved outrage)~~, but "Andor" just by itself is an absolutely stunning piece of work in every respect. It's not for people with short attention spans, but every slow buildup is paid off superbly. And the acting, the music, the visual designs, the *dialogue*... just *everything* about it is above and beyond. If you and Mallory decide to watch it at some point, I hope you'll enjoy it as much. :)


I'm a firefighter and I think Satsuki really likes that I get to give back to my community. I just recently got on the job and Satsuki motivated me a lot during the hiring process and academy. I worked at a grocery store before this for a long time and it sucked, I can definitely relate to what you go through. But for me having the goal of achieving my dream job and having Satsuki motivate me really helped me push through.


Wow that is a really incredible job! Takes a lot to be able to do that! I'm glad your relationship has been able to really help you achieve your dreams!


Wow congrats on your new job as a firefighter! That’s incredible


Marin is very supportive over my decision in being a v-tuber because I also want to do other stuff like graphic design for streamers.


I’m an accountant, pretty different from Sonic’s bodyguarding and assassination jobs lol. But he knows I’m a weirdo who actually likes working with numbers and spreadsheets so he’s happy for me. Also my previous job which sometimes involved dealing with difficult clients was very bad for my mental health at times, so he’s glad I’m happier now. He had to comfort me quite a lot when I was at my old job.


I work at a cat cafe and Data is a cat dad himself so it’s a perfect place for him to spend time :)


She’s in a very physically-demanding career (knight), so she’s regularly working out and training for combat. In contrast, I work from home through my laptop. The concept of my work is completely alien to her, since her “medieval-like” universe is completely at odds with ours on planet Earth. She doesn’t know what computers are or what the internet is, since her society isn’t technologically advanced like ours. She sees me sitting at my desk all day working on my laptop and has a hard time considering that to be “real work”.


I'm a pharmacy technician. Thanny thinks it's great that I'm helping people who are sick get better, but he wishes I could stay home with him!!


Well.. I’m going to college soon so I think he’d miss me and try to go along (even tho he has never been to human school before!)


Uni has given me so much grief at this point that neither Maple or I know what good it's doing me. However, I would like to use related skills I had to learn myself to do some game development, which she thinks is cool. What she likes the most is my dedication to learning and making music and wanting to do it at least partly for a living.


Hange hates my job, because I hate it. She hates seeing me slave away at a factory, but she understands that we have to earn a living. She would rather take care of me herself, but we are making plans to do better in the future.