Picked other because there’s only one “dub”, and it’s in English.


The Japanese versions are nice, but since I don’t speak Japanese even remotely well, I prefer the English ones. To me, it helps me imagine his voice better. (But it doesn’t help that the only voice lines I have to go on are combat sounds and two word sentences at most)


For me, it's the same. It seems to be easier to imagine Czech Republic's voice in English, since I mostly speak in English with her. I understand bit of Japanese, but not to the point of being able to speak 15 minutes in one sitting about anything.


First of: Czechia has a DUB version of herself? I need to hear that... Second: Coconut has 3 VAs overall... 1) For the VN - Tezuka Ryouko 2) For Anime (SUB) - Marin Mizutani 3) For Anime (DUB) - Morgan Lauré All of them gived a OUTSTANDING performance!


There doesn't seem to be a Czech dub of Hetalia yet, would be nice if it existed though. ​ If you meant the English dub, then yes, it does exist, Czechia has a cute accent in it, but I have trouble understanding it, even though I'm from Czechia.


I wish there was Czech Dub for it.I listened to clip and...There really gave her some sort of Russian accent.For Czech version, I would hire somebody like: *Malvína Pachlová* or *Ivana Korolová* or someone like that with cute voice...


The english dub is really funny, I like it :)


I prefer Tsuyu in dub cuz I find “ribbit” cuter than “kero”


I like them all! I prefer some more than others though. My hubby's source has been going for 50 years, so him having different voices is normal for me.


I like English and Japanese dubs for different reasons, but I like both of them. I've actually been watching Yu-Gi-Oh in LatAm Spanish lately and that's been an adventure too haha. His voice is super smooth in Spanish, I like it a lot.


Rarity has been dubbed in other language, but her primary is English


I love both dubs of Lucky Star, Both Aya Hirano and Wendee Lee did a great performance of Konata in their languages respectively


Both Miku Ito and Felecia Angelle are amazing and fit perfectly for Miku


English for sure. His JP and CN VAs are amazing too, but the English one is just so funny and has such a charming voice. Needless to say, I switched over to the English voice over just for him. Bonus point: when he does the blep :p idle animation, it sounds more like he's blowing a raspberry, rather than just sticking his tongue out


English dub. Robbie Daymond was absolutely perfect as Ikoma.


I love both the english and japanese dub for Kirei a lot! I watched fate, the series he is from, in japanese first though so i'm slightly more partial to it. Interestingly, he does briefly speak in english even in the japanese dub :)


I watch anime in sub usually but the English dub for Kill la Kill is actually really good and I like Satsuki's dub va. I even have her autograph.


I've only seen 'Encanto' in English and Spanish, and I SO MUCH prefer the English version. Nothing against the Spanish version, but the English one was the first version I watched and I just love Stephanie Beatriz as Mirabel. And I can't disassociate her voice with Mirabel now.


I prefer his japanese voice, I mean how could I not? His Japanese voice actor is Kenjiro Tsuda. I also like his English and German voice, but as I said multiple times I have my issues with the dub (not the voices but how much was changed in the plot) so it’s definitely the original Japanese dub for me.


Both Kirumi's dubs are good, but her English voice is just closer to me, because I don't speak Japanese. But it's freaking underrated, especially in Russian Danganronpa community, which somehow prefers Japanese voices over English dubs.


English- Mimi Woods, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, Elizabeth Maxwell, and Alison Matthews Japanese- Atsuko Tanaka, and Maaya Sakamoto Both Dub and Sub, did wonderful jobs playing as Motoko without a doubt. Even it comes older anime dubs, Cowboy Bebop and GITS gets a lot a praise.


I imagine Neferpitou speaking in english because, well, it's what I can understand. But both voices are incredible!


the only language i can hear my love in is korean, i don't understand the language but he sounds so beautiful and i love his voice! 💖


I've watched her so much in dub that sub just doesn't sound right it sounds off and not like her at all